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Bad Bitch Gone Goddess

Bad Bitch Gone Goddess

By Bad Bitch Gone Goddess
Life Love & Spirituality from a Real Bitch Talkin’ Some Real Shit.
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EP04 Who is Responsible for Your Trauma?
Trauma, responsibility and boundaries.
September 5, 2021
EP03 Demons Give No Fucks About No Sage Smoke
An episode on demons and demonic energy. What is it? How to get rid of it? Etc…
July 28, 2021
EP02 Pronouns/Boundaries
My thoughts on preferred pronouns and a discussion about what boundaries really are and how to have them.
July 18, 2021
EP01 Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
Let’s just not pretend I’m the same bitch as before the eclipses 😆 For podcast archives, courses and more visit
July 10, 2021