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Bad Dice Podcast

Bad Dice Podcast

By Ben Curry
The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast
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Lumineth Realm-Lords review with the play testers
The new Age of Sigmar battletome Lumineth Realm-Lords is now on pre-order and we are joined by 4 of the team who play tested the book.  We cover the lists and combos that jump out as being great as well as giving examples of in game experience with the army. 
June 20, 2020
Seraphon Battletome Review
Bad Dice are back!  This first episode behind the mics in over 3 years and were are here with a review of the new Seraphon Battletome.   Joined by Playtesters Jack and Paul, we dig into the new book and talk about lists that we have been running already.  
March 07, 2020
Episode 0 - Bad Dice is Back
We are Back! New episode up soon
March 07, 2020