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E16 - Breaking and Entering

E16 - Breaking and Entering
In this incredibly hard to upload episode - More Bike Stories! Rainbow Six Siege! Our very own Gaming Expo (Tickets start at £20 just paypal it to us and we will sort it). Yeah not the best description but I wrote a really good one and it got lost in the hellish uploading process. Hell I don't even know if its going to work this time so I should copy and paste this travesty somewhere just in case Anchor breaks yet again.
March 9, 2018
E15 - There was a Goose
This is a very special episode which mainly consists of a bunch of stories and such, featuring such characters as: The Goose, A Condom, An old Vietnamese bloke, severe body odour and Dean "Rocket" Hall. How does this all tie together? Well to be honest it doesn't theres loads of separate stories but they are all funny. Or maybe even hilarious but that's for you listeners to decide (please tell us its hilarious).
February 22, 2018
E14 - The Floatlands Episode
In this very special epsiode we manage to fail to live up to our new release shedule! What we don't fail to do is bring you guys a pair of super interesting indie developers from Slovenia! Doman and Tadej are working on a game called Floatlands and in this episode which I don't want to call an interview, more a casual chat, we talk about the game itself, behind the scenes and what it was like working with a publisher! We managed to sprinkle talk about other games throughout the episode, while busting out a surprise ending where we discuss our disappointments! (The optimism did not last long)
February 12, 2018
E13 - 2017 The Current Year
A very special triumphant return! 2018 brings with it…. A podcast all about 2017. Yeah. But hey we finally got around to the much hyped story of why Jack lived in a garage! And it’s a doozy! The majority of the podcast is our thoughts on the games of 2017, the good the bad and the mediocre! We also look forward to 2018 with games we are excited for, and games we are even more excited for! No negativity here, not on this podcast! (New year new us etc). The podcast will be moving to a fortnightly schedule now, but we will be aiming closer to an hour long each episode along with more guests and maaaaaaybe better production values but we aren’t miracle workers!
January 25, 2018
E12 - Anime are just cartoons!
In this very special 12th episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast' Jack & Tom are pushed for time so instead of CUMMING up with an idea they steal questions off 'Yahoo answers' and turn that into some sort of podcast format, we also discuss our disappointments because nobody has complained that we keep doing it so we're going to keep doing it, ALRIGHT!? Also this week features special guest 'The hosts desperately trying not to say the word fuck'.
December 14, 2017
E11 - Family Friendly Podcast
In this very special 11th episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast' Jack & Tom are joined by their mate Sam L to discuss Runescape & Minecraft over the years and some of their personal experiences on the games. We next decide to make the podcast more sponsorship friendly by adhering to OFCOM rules on bad words and naughty phrases with some hilarious input from the still with us Sam L. Also we finish on our disappointments because, it's our thing, okay? Is that okay? Can we have our thing? Yeah thanks. You Cum Licker
December 7, 2017
E10 - Where Is The Human Heart
In this very special 10th episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast' Jack and Tom talk about their game console history along with their favorite games on said consoles. As always we round out the show with a few disappointments and an exclusive story behind the reason 'Mortal Kombat' has a 'K' instead of a 'C'. WE MADE IT TO TEN EPISODES!!!!
November 30, 2017
E09 - Why Would You Do That?
In this very special 9th episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast' we talk about extreme sports games back in ye good ole days, the bad new times of extreme sports games. Some 'Normal' games that don't involve you defying the laws of physics (kinda) and to wrap it up as always are some more of our disappointments. This week also features special guest REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
November 23, 2017
E08 - eSports Drama
In this very special 8th episode of the Badly Optimized Podcast we are joined by Adam from Medway Gaming. In this episode we talk about the joys of creating a small League of Legends tournament, the drama behind the scenes, the mind of a LoL player, what to do if you get hacked & how best to react, some RTS games we enjoyed, CSGO voice chat, in game pay to skin and as always to cap off our podcast we delve into some of our disappointments.
November 16, 2017
E07 - Clickbait Title
Also known as Episode 7 - You won't believe what happens at the end! Damn podcast RSS has a 30 character title limit! Anyway, in this very special episode we talk about click bait Facebook gaming pages, what the UK equivalent of living in your parents basement is, a range of MOBA games and of course it wouldn't be the badly optimized podcast if we didn't finish with a couple more disappointments!! Tune in next week for a very special guest!
November 9, 2017
E06 - I'll Make You Sick Now
The very special sixth episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast, where we are joined by our friend Sam L to talk about Micro-transaction shame and generally shill the hell out of Dead By Daylight (Please give us money dev team). Add in a horror game called Deceit and memorable boss fights and we have ourselves a podcast! For a very special treat this eposide features Jack dropping in and out of the Podcast near the end!
November 2, 2017
E05 - I'll get you started
The very special late fifth episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast, because Jack was sleeping when he should be recording. We talk about games that got canceled and some we love but can't recommend
October 26, 2017
E04 - Bonus Outtakes!
A special two minute compilation of bloopers, singing and disconnection. We thought it was funny anyway...
October 12, 2017
E04 - I'll Edit This Out
The very special fourth episode of BOP, where we talk about movie games, game movies and game movie games! We then move on to some Kickstarter talk and some cheat based shenanigans!
October 12, 2017
E03 - The WarZ Special
The very very special third episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast, where Tom has emerged from his underwater dwelling where he recorded last week and we talk about 'WarZ' and 'Last Man Standing'.
October 5, 2017
E02 - Badge Of Dishonour
The very special second episode of 'The Badly Optimized Podcast, where we talk about some of the games that we truly got sucked into, then we go back into some multiplayer gaming and then to round it
September 29, 2017
E01 - Good Trash
The very special first episode, where we talk about some of our fondest gaming memories and favorite multiplayer moments, with a delve into some of our biggest gaming disappointment to finish!
September 24, 2017

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