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The Bad Mom Podcast

The Bad Mom Podcast

By Anastasiya Aniccimov
Exposing abusers one interview at a time with real stories of survival, courage and growth! Join me in my mission to bring peace to victims by spreading awareness and preventing the cycle to perpetuate in our children through education.
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S2:Ep10 - Service to Many Leads to Greatness
NJ’s Local Hero, Elsie Cruz shares her experience in the US Navy that helped discover her passion from her time served and her current efforts in NJ to help our veterans get the care they need. She exposes issues in the VA that our soldiers are facing such as the lack obgyn services for female veterans and accessibility to proper healthcare and issues such as sexual assault mishandling in the US Navy. #supportourtroops #supportourveterans #jerseystrong #breastcancersurvivor #navyveteran #veteransupport #veteranoutreach #womenveterans #mentalhealth #sexualassault #healthcaremanagement #ptsdwarrior #militaryproblems #militarypodcast
October 07, 2021
S2:Ep9 - Exposing the Bro Culture in the US Military
What do you think of when you see a man in uniform? You assume he is highly respected and lives up to the standards of a soldier and is a protector of the public right? Wrong. Putting on the uniform is just a costume for some people in the military and some soldiers are abusing their family members as well as other members in the military. I'm exposing my abuser and helping other survivors expose them too. Let's Get it!! #militarysexualassault #domesticviolence #rapeculture #useyourvoice
July 31, 2021
S2:Ep 8 - No Longer Trapped in Anxiety
Meet Veronica Aguilar, who mastered anxiety, like it's a form of art. Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults in age 18 and older. It also affects children because many develop it while growing up. Veronica was aware of her anxiety at a young age and watched her family members suffer from it. She decided to find a way to live with it and overcome it. She is a published author of her book Trapped in Anxiety at age 18. She is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping others achieve success and become a master of managing their own mental health with her life advice found in her book. Join us in our discussion to crush the stigma of mental health and bring hope to the next generation in conquering their demons and achieving their dreams no matter what obstacles are in the way.  Follow Veronica on IG @imver0nica
April 30, 2021
S2:Episode 7 - Krazy Girl Therapy Sesh
Marci Wolff Ober, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 30 years of wide-ranging clinical mental health experience. Marci has worked with a wide variety of people in many roles and settings, is a certified yoga teacher and enjoys speaking and educating the public on topics of importance. Marci is the author of the book, “The KrazyGirl Survival Guide, ” the how to manual for all aspects of mental health and wellness, and the founder of the KrazyGirl Project, a 501(c) 3 non profit, dedicated to busting mental health stigma and providing teaching tools for wellness available to all around the world. Visit Marci at join the conversation at
April 09, 2021
S1:E10 - Kia the Positivity Coach
Kia, an inspirational immigrant from Iran tell his story of how he broke the cycle of domestic violence by overcoming adversity, becoming a Christian and achieving his dream of being a soccer player in America!
March 17, 2021
S2:E6 - Farm Fresh Wife Beater FOR SALE
Meet Nikki, a badass mama shares the actions she took to take control of her life after she ran out of excuses for her abuser. She endured a toxic, physically and emotionally abusive relationship for nearly two years because there were children involved and naturally she tried to make things work. Eventually, the more excuses she made for her partner the more she realized that her child deserved better and she had to get out of that relationship or face more problems. There is no excuse for any kind of abuse especially physical abuse. When Nikki was left with no choice but to contact authorities for help, she suffered backlash from friends and people she trusted in her life who did nothing to help her when she asked for help. She came out about the abuse publicly on social media to address the overwhelming gossip around her small town. I have a lot of respect for Nikki for her courage to speak up because her abuser threated to kill her many times.  #domesticviolenceawareness #wewillnotbesilent #bethechange #dontsufferinsilence
March 17, 2021
S2:E5 - Dark Knight of the Soul
Axel Kelveen tells his domestic violence survival story from his dramatically abusive marriage rising from suffering to healing and being the best father he can be for his young daughter. Axel spent the last decade doing investigative research into various topics like spirituality, cultural diversity, globalization and decentralization. contributed to many volunteer organizations like Verge Cryptocurrency and Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. He has an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. He is certified in TV and Film Acting and Modeling through John Casablancas. He is the inventor of The Universal Portable Smart Carseat which is currently in development. He is an Aspiring #Entrepreneur  starting up a new organization called Four Winds Media which aims to become a network hub empowering honest investigative journalists, new age, next generation content creators, producers, music artists and young entrepreneurs to make connections and fund charitable organizations which help combat things like #humantrafficking and #domesticviolence. You can find him on the “Clapper” app @fourwindsmedia 
February 22, 2021
S2:E4 - How to Fall In-Love with Oneself - Collaboration
Join us on our Valentine's Day themed collaboration on How to Fall in Love with Oneself.  Livestreamed on February 11, 2021 QUANTUM NURSE PRESENTS Ladies in Podcast LIVESTREAM Collaboration on “HOW TO BE IN-LOVE WITH ONESELF” Anastasiya Aniccimov Podcast: The Bad Mom Podcast Blossom Bamboo Podcast: Past the Pause Grace Asagra, RN, MA Podcast: Quantum Nurse: Out of The Rabbit Hole from Stress to Bliss. Mary Tapa Podcast: Insight Out Alignment Tomoko Podcast: SongWriter’s Room
February 16, 2021
S2:E3 - From Stress to Bliss - Quantum Leaps with Quantum Nurse
Grace Asagra interviews me on topics such as shifting mindsets, empowering others, spirituality and my progress on my entrepreneur journey. Follow Grace on her own podcast Quantum Nurse @  Quantum Nurse is an awareness platform where holistic empowering conversations for, but not exclusive, working men and women, with the responsibility of caring for loved ones suffering from seemingly hopeless Dementia. 
January 30, 2021
S2:E2 - The Test Tube Baby Trump Supporter
A 21 year old New Jersey resident, raised by same sex parents and a former Obama supporter shares his views on politics, the current state of our country. Don't forget to spread love. Your politics are not you. We have to be aware that peace and unity is the only way we survive. Talk to strangers. Stop with the hate already. Trumper or not, we all live on the same planet. We have to come together.
January 22, 2021
S2:E1 - The Proud Boys and Who They Really Are
Let's pause the media narrative and take a second to speak to a Proud Boy. After attending the Washington D.C. rally and needing to be escorted around the U.S. capitol, I found it necessary to make sure America knew who the Proud Boys really were. I don't like bullshit and I don't like media bias. Here is a real American patriot telling us what a Proud Boy really is. #proudboys #antifa #blm #dcrally #trump 
December 17, 2020
S1:E15 - Seeking Justice for SPC Enrique Roman Martinez
The FBI is offering a 25K reward for any information linked to the death of Enrique Roman Martinez, age 21, a 82nd Airborne Paratrooper last seen near Cape Lookout National Seashore. Stationed in Fort Bragg and almost finished with his army contract, SPC Martinez had plans to go to college and move in with his sister Griselda this fall. His SIX "friends" reported him missing on May 23rd while on a camping trip he never told his sister he was going on, although they were super close and frequently called each other to talk. SPC Martinez's attitude changed about the military about a year before from positive to negative and looking forward to the end of his contract.  His body was dismembered and his head washed up on a nearby island and found after 6 days. The army is giving his family the runaround like they did to the other 9 service members missing at Fort Hood in KILL-een, TX. 4 months, no arrests, no answers. SPC ENRIQUE ROMAN MARTINEZ DESERVES JUSTICE! 
October 11, 2020
S1:E14 - Noel Rodriguez, a Military Ally
Meet Noel Rodriguez, a military ally from Hudson County who is passionate about military reform provides research and information regarding crime-ridden Fort Hood involving the deaths of numerous missing soldiers. #iamvanessaguillenlegacy #justiceforvanessa #iamvanessaguillen #iamvanessaguillenbill #iamvanessaguillen #militaryreform #justicereform #washingtondc #timmiller #militaryally #NatalieKhawam #draintheswamp #forthood #kelinetx #hellsangels #badnditos #thugriders #whitesupremacy #mexicancartel #SHARP #sexualassault #murder #soldierslivesmatter #sexualharassment #justiceforenriqueromanmartinez #justiceforkamishablock #justiceforelderferndez #justiceforshelbytylerjones #justiceforchrissawyer #justiceforbeningofreddydelacruz #justiceforbrandonrosecrans #justiceforgregoryscottmorales #justiceformejhormorta #justiceforfranciscohernandez #justiceforcorltonchee #justiceformiguelyazzie #justicefordanielwilliamwildeman
October 10, 2020
S1:E13 - Eric Thomas Exposes Sexual Assault in the Air Force Academy
Meet Eric Thomas, US Air Force Academy cadet worked as an undercover informant during his time there to reduce sexual assault, underage drinking and drug use comes forward with shocking information on the cover ups that took place in the academy eventually leading to his honorable discharge 6 weeks before graduation with no explanation or criminal charges against him. Adam Derito in Episode 12 spoke up, now Eric Thomas. How many more cadets are there that never got to live out their dream of serving their country but instead becoming collateral damage during these sexual assault cover ups? Where is the #metoomovement to support these victims? Why didn't the ObamaBiden It's on us campaign do anything about his inquiry? Does the military have a swamp to drain worse than the government? #donaldtrumpfixthis #drainthemilitaryswamp 
September 23, 2020
S1:E12 - Adam Derito vs. USA!
Meet Adam Derito; currently an industrial wastewater specialist in Denver and a Parachute Rigger and Paratrooper for the Colorado Army National Guard. Despite having been cancelled by the United States Air Force Academy for his investigation efforts to reduce sexual assault, drugs and underage drinking in the US Air Force Academy while attending the academy on a free ride scholarship, this American hero had every slap in the face he never asked for for doing the right thing. His story really raises questions on how far the military will go to cover up sexual assault and what else? How many victims have committed suicide due to this systematic issue and what can we do about it to reduce suicide rates and assault not just on campus but on our military bases worldwide and civilian campuses. #sexualassaultawareness #USAF #deritovsUSA 
September 10, 2020
S1:E11 - Rising from the Ashes
A dedicated mother, Jen, in my eyes a Phoenix, survives almost every type of abuse and gives her message of hope by suggesting better ways to cope and heal.
August 27, 2020
S1:E9 - How Children Deal with Domestic Violence during the Lockdowns, Virtual Learning & Parent Tips
London's owner and operator of Flowergirl Childcare, Elzbieta Jankowska-dunaj, also a mother herself gives her expert tips. Topics covered; virtual learning and parent support for working/stay at home couples during lockdown, importance of staying connected to your child and their feelings, parental alienation, and of course domestic violence and how it affects the children involved.
August 10, 2020
S1:E8 - A New Zealander's Domestic Violence & Corona Perspective
Let's talk about how New Zealand is holding up with Corona Virus, Domestic Violence issues and Child Protective Services & the Justice System in another country. Often, Americans are too concerned with the issues perpetuated by our biased media and get blindsided by not using multiple sources for information. Our media runs our country, controls our minds and ideologies. Join me in a real conversation about schools reopening and corona pandemic related issues all over the world with my friend from New Zealand
August 08, 2020
S1:E7 - Samantha Swain
Samantha Swain, a writer of true crime, a published author and mother from a suburb in Chicago who worked in the Criminal Investigation Division as a psychologist comes on the podcast to talk about her mission! She dedicates herself to survivors just like me and she’s a true inspiration to me As of late,  she has become a Collaborative Coordinator of various timely and challenging topics (Anthologies); namely, Domestic Violence, Narcissism, Regrets & Depression, and the lifestyle of BDSM. Thus far, one Anthology (Domestic Violence) is currently published and available on Amazon. Proudly, in addition, the first Anthology has been able to serve as a gateway to more coverage on Domestic Violence which will include more shared experiences on Domestic Violence - men against women, women against men, physical abuse, parent against child, and financial abuse, which seems to be something that people do not consider as abuse. Each topic will have a team of writers. I am currently one a team for the next book in her series! 
August 08, 2020
S1:E6 - Three Strikes, You're out!
Jessica tells her story about her escape from her abusive 17 year marriage to a mentally unstable alcoholic with substance abuse issues. I met her recently and she just got her first place without him through the help of local services. There is help. You just have to make the decision to choose what's best for you and your kids. Don't choose to live with a monster and give up your freedoms for good. There is hope!
August 01, 2020
S1:E5 - Through Hell & Back
My friend Lizzy Jane tells her story of survival and escape from her husband with her two children. She is one bad ass woman with a positive perspective, knowledge and strength from her experience with domestic abuse for more than a decade. 
August 01, 2020
S1:E3 - The Children's Interview: Part 2
Exposing abusers one interview at a time... This time it's my own children talking about their experiences with parental alienation that caused them psychological and emotional issues. This interview was on camera but we just read the script. Part 2 in my daughter's interview #stopbeingsilentaboutdomesticviolence #familycourts #baddads #badmoms #domesticviolenceawareness #abuseisabuse #parentalalienation
July 22, 2020
S1:E4 - Tough Lessons in Young Love
Meet Lexi, a young successful mama that tried to do her best with an unplanned 1st baby but got set up by her baby daddy when she tried to be on her own.  He used Child Protective Services to try to take custody from her but his own mental health issues got in the way. 
July 21, 2020
S1:E3 - The Children's Interview: Part 1
Exposing abusers one interview at a time... This time it's my own children talking about their experiences with parental alienation that caused them psychological and emotional issues. This interview was on camera but we just read the script. #stopbeingsilentaboutdomesticviolence #familycourts #baddads #badmoms #domesticviolenceawareness #abuseisabuse #parentalalienation #badmompodcast #justicereform #justiceforall #useyourvoice  #PTSD #socialjustice #DonaldTrump #terriblescriptreading #truthbetold #therapygonewrong #childabuse #childmanipulation #shamethis
July 21, 2020
S1:E2 - A Soldier's Nightmare
A father tells his story about the kidnapping of his son by his own wife with the help of a crooked cop.
July 13, 2020
S1:E1 - Mission: No Regrets!
Fuck being silent about domestic violence. Let's talk about the way abusers continue to abuse after the relationship's demise. They love the power and control and they use the court to perpetuate it. Who suffers now?
July 11, 2020