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Bag of Bricks

Bag of Bricks

By GJBricks
I'm Greg and I am an AFOL with a life long passion for LEGO which I share through my this LEGO VLOG and the GJBricks channels. The Bag of Bricks name comes from the bag my mum bought me when I was 2 which formed a life long bond. This Podcast will cover the things I find interesting in LEGO including news, new sets along with any community questions, suggestions or feedback. It also includes experiences collecting and training my army of little LEGO builders (I've got 3 kids). Join me as I share my love of building with LEGO. Check out my YouTube channel for more content.
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Where'd you go? | Bag of Bricks #11 | A LEGO Podcast
So I have been AWOL for a few weeks not really doing much. I need to tell you why and what's happening to change things! MY LEGO MISSION MUST GO ON!!! Check out the Vodcast on YouTube for more content.
October 4, 2020
Getting (dis)organised and trains | Bag of Bricks #10 | A LEGO Podcast
This episode of the Bag of Bricks is all about being organised. Or rather disorganised as more often happens. I'll talk about my LEGO AFOL life, trains, what's been happening and the news. It's not planned or scripted. Just me being natural and talking about all things life and LEGO! And LEGO life. If you want to watch or comment on this, go to the YouTube video (and subscribe). #lego #legopodcast #gjbricks
June 22, 2020
SpaceX, LEGO City plans and Rumours | Bag of Bricks #9 | A LEGO Podcast
In this episode of Bag Of Bricks I talk about the amazing things SpaceX has done. What's happening with my LEGO City, Studsburg and when you'll see it again. Rumours from the LEGO world and what's happening with the GJBricks Channel. #lego #podcast #gjbricks watch online: 🎙Bag Of Bricks Podcast Become a Patreon supporter Shop online with LEGO Shop@Home If you buy using my affiliate links I get a small commission to help support my channels!
May 31, 2020
All Change! | Bag of Bricks #8 | A LEGO Podcast
A lot has changed for me in the last few weeks, but it means I'll have more time to focus on my family and LEGO! There's been some fantastic sets announced as well! The new Monkie Kid line and the upcoming Haunted House ride! 
May 17, 2020
LEGO Pirates and the wrong bug | Bag of Bricks #7 | A LEGO Podcast
It's an interesting time we're in. By that, I mean that LEGO has brought us a new LEGO Pirate set in the form of the LEGO Ideas Pirate Bay set. Oh, and there's the Covoid issue as well. How are you holding up? Join me for this week's Bag of Bricks Podcast! #podcast #lego
March 29, 2020
Remember to be nice! | Bag of Bricks #6 | A LEGO Podcast
A couple of things happened in the last few weeks that made me realize that we need to be nice to each other. Especially with all the panic, the media is inciting in people about Coronavirus. The LEGO community is a shining example of being nice to each other. And some other ramblings about my LEGO AFOL life. Check out the Vodcast version
March 15, 2020
The meaning of LEGO | Bag of Bricks #5 | A LEGO Podcast
In this episode, I talk about what LEGO means to me. How it inspires me, helps me and how amazing it is seeing it fuelling my kids' imaginations! Which makes me so happy and also remember how it inspired me. Watch on YouTube
March 2, 2020
Taking the fun out of having a LEGO channel | Bag of Bricks #4 | Podcast
Taking the fun out of having a channel Bag of Bricks Podcast #4 This is all about how putting too much pressure on yourself can take the fun out of having a LEGO channel on YouTube. And why I've been a little less active recently.  Be sure to check out the GJBricks YouTube channel where you can watch the Vodcast version of this episode.
February 8, 2020
The 8 Stud LEGO Dilemma | Bag Of Bricks #3 | Podcast
In this podcast I talk about what we've been building, did I stick to my plan of reviews, Mocs and other stuff. It rained in Australia (Hooray). And 8 Stud Lego Builds. Something that has polarised some people. My thoughts and some examples. Follow me on YouTube:
January 19, 2020
Conquering The LEGO Backlog Challenge | Bag of Bricks Podcast #2 | Podcast
In my second podcast/vodcast I talk about what's been going in the GJBricks household, and that eternal challenge... Is Conquering The LEGO Backlog Challenge actually possible? I've been trying to decide how to tackle mine and my procrastination. Listen on to hear my thoughts and the approach I'm going to be taking with mine.
December 29, 2019
Let's get this Podcast started : Bag of Bricks #1 | Podcast
This first episode of Bag of Bricks covers my inspiration for why I started the GJBricks YouTube channel, website, and others. And why I wanted to start a podcast, some things about my channel and what I want to share with you, my community!
December 16, 2019