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Balance by Bec and Laura

Balance by Bec and Laura

By Bec Morris & Laura Holland
The world of wellbeing has become a confusing place, with quick solutions and questionable methods being shared all over social media. This podcast features life stories, expert advice and some unconventional conversation that can help debunk some of the myths and make it a little easier for you to work out how to progress on your wellness journey.

Hosted by Bec Morris, a Holistic Health Coach, and Laura Holland, a Positive Psychological Coach — two health and mindset fanatics who aim to make wellbeing accessible and understandable for all.

Bringing you balance, without the BS.
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The one with our first guest - The Completion Coach!
The first guest had to be special, so who other than Wendy, The Completion Coach herself to share her invaluable wisdom. Wendy is a phenomal mindset coach and consultant, and has coached Bec with great success. The trio discuss those all too common situations such as getting in your own way, labelling yourself and the fine line of getting too deep in personal development - among many other relatable issues that crop up for those of us trying to get out of a lifestyle we're ready to move on from. You can find Wendy at @thecompletioncoach - just be prepared for your life to level up! — Follow us on Instagram: @_becmorris @livewell.withlaura
July 12, 2021
Why yoga is so important for our wellbeing, and could be for yours too
Bec and Laura share their experiences with yoga, both very different, but both showing how much of a positive impact it has on their mental and physical health. From using it as an every day practice to leaning on it when times get really tough - there are so many ways to enjoy this form of movement. Bec shares her experiences with her yoga journal and gives you tips on how to use your own, as well as sharing a quick passage she's written after a practice - giving you an idea of how to begin. Also some exciting news about next week's podcast is shared - so tune in! — Follow us on Instagram! @_becmorris @livewell.withlaura
July 05, 2021
Breaking through overwhelm in a locked down world
Overwhelm can be really tough to deal with at the best of the times, but after living with restrictions and our lives completely changing for over a year now, it can sometimes seem impossible. In this episode, Bec and Laura chat about their most recommended methods to keep a level head, the emergency tools they lean to when things are feeling a bit too much, and the fact that everything you're feeling right now is totally valid. It's been a really hard year, and the recent news of having normality delayed for even longer was difficult to take for some. But whether you're scratching at the door to get out, or feeling a sense of dread about returning back to what was 'normal', there are things you can do to help. — Don't forget to use the secret word to get a free meditation download! — Follow us on instagram: @_becmorris @livewell.withlaura
June 28, 2021
Believing you deserve some balance in your life
The online wellness world often has us believing that you have to pick between having a social life, a career, a family, and being balanced, and only the elite influencers can "have it all" with the picture perfect routines and rituals.  Not only is that extremely disempowering to see on a daily basis, but can have you starting to believe that balancing all the different spinning plates in your life is possible. In this week's episode, Bec and Laura bring some reality into the picture, sharing how they've created routines that work for them, and aren't as regimented as the social media world shows. They also discuss a fundamental foundation around mindset in order to feel well and truly balanced - believing you deserve it in the first place.  You can find the details on Laura's coaching program here: Follow us both on Instagram: @_becmorris & @livewell.withlaura    
June 21, 2021
Finding the time for balance in a busy life
“I just don’t have time for that” ...does this sound familiar? As coaches, we promote healthy practices and habits that keep you feeling great — but what if you already have a full schedule that's burning you out? Finding the time to introduce self care can be tricky, so this week we're stripping back your calendar and giving out tips for introducing new habits in a slow and steady way, that don't push you to exhaustion. Learn how to tackle procrastination, make time in an already vibrant diary, and deal with those unexpected events that crop up when we really could do without them.
June 14, 2021
Meditation, for people who can't meditate
Have you ever wanted to experience the benefits of meditation, but found that you struggle getting into it? Never fear, there is a method for you out there. Bec and Laura talk about how the practice impacts their lives, and unpack some of the common myths around it. Spoiler alert - you don't have to be sat still with your eyes closed to meditate! You can find the details on Bec's course here: — Follow us both on Instagram: @_becmorris @livewell.withlaura We always welcome feedback and requests for episode topics!
June 07, 2021
What really is “balance without the BS”?
In this pilot episode, Bec and Laura discuss what balance really means to them. Hear their stories of how they entered the wellbeing world, and how this podcast will be a great resource for those of you looking for help with your journey, without any of the BS we see a lot of in current trends. Follow us both on Instagram: @_becmorris @livewell.withlaura We always welcome feedback and requests for episode topics!
May 31, 2021