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The Story of the New Earth

The Story of the New Earth

By Seth Balthazar
The telling of the Story of Humanity's quantum leap into a totally new consciousness in which we create a limitless reality.
A guidebook in these times of transition which illumines the themes and threads necessary for skillful shift into a golden dawn for Man.
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There is No Virus Greater Than Fear (The Coronation of Humanity)
This is not about the coronavirus It’s never really been about a biological virus at all.  It’s about YOU.   It’s about your relationship to fear, and your relationship to yourself.
April 12, 2020
Stewards of the Earth
We are stewards of the Earth  An exploration of Humanities disconnection from the Earth, and the destruction that results from the ignorance of our Earthly Mother
May 28, 2019
Introduction: The Story of the New Earth
Once upon a time…. An introduction to the Story of the New Earth
April 26, 2019