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Baltic Triangle Liverpool

Baltic Triangle Liverpool

By Baltic Triangle
The Baltic Triangle Podcast brings you local business news from real people in the Liverpool City Region.

What is the Baltic Triangle?

Imagine an area where musicians rub shoulders with photographers, artists, fashion designers, digital agencies, architects, film-makers, young entrepreneurs, recording studios and there’s a bunch of drinking holes and eateries, nightlife venues, internationally acclaimed arts festivals and galleries to drop-by on. That’s us… Quietly, under the radar, just getting on with our stuff.
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Urban Farming In Liverpool

Baltic Triangle Liverpool

Episode 23 - 1 Step Recovery Homes and The Everyman Cinema
We meet the Liverpool woman behind a fresh new approach towards helping seasoned drug and alcohol addicts get back on the straight and narrow.....and we hear from the manager of the amazing Other Everyman  in the city centre, where you can watch your favourite movie and eat top notch food at the same time
December 22, 2020
Episode 22: Liverpool Author Jeff Young & Wordsmith Dave Harland
We talk to Liverpool writer Jeff Young whose new book Ghost Town -a Liverpool Shadowplay has just been published.  Jeff Young is a renowned writer for theatre, radio, TV and film. His theatre work has been produced internationally and he has had over 35 radio productions. TV work includes Eastenders, Casualty, Holby City and CBBC.  We talk to Jeff about the new book which is a memoir unlike most, it may be a recollection of what could have been or what had been. By Jeff's own admission, all recollections are subject to change? The book is a must-read for anyone interested in Liverpool history or even aspiring to become a writer. Buy the book direct here Dave Harland AKA 'The Word Man' is a fantastic copywriter and Linkedin Entertainer! Based in the Baltic Triangle, Dave has a unique ability to create amazing stories that will keep your audience engaged. Follow Dave on Linkedin to keep you smiling throughout your day.
November 10, 2020
Episode 21: Is the football pyramid in crisis?
In this month's Baltic Triangle podcast we hear two very different views on the state of our national sport from grassroots to professional football. We visit a brand spanking new state-of-the-art football skills centre in Liverpool which is being used by everyone with a love of the beautiful game from families to professional players. As we gain insight on why such as facility is needed, we start to understand the bigger issues with grass roots football. And we also hear from one of the country's most respected football experts, Dr Rogan Taylor from the University of Liverpool, with a sobering analysis of the effect of the lockdown on the professional game.  Dr Taylor Launched the Football Supporters Association in 1985 and chaired it for five years; author of six books (five on football); launched the world's first MBA in Football Business at University of Liverpool in 1997.
October 1, 2020
Episode 20 - Children's Author Natalie Reeves-Billing & Merseymade Entrepreneur Vicky Gawith
Guests on the Baltic Triangle podcast this month are the Liverpool children's author Natalie Reeves-Billing whose books include the acclaimed Monster Me series, and Vicky Gawith, the power behind Merseymade - the shop, cafe & artists studios which only sell locally-made products.
August 31, 2020
Episode 19 - Dr Edward Lynch Talks about the first few weeks on the COVID ward and Mental Health.
In this episode, our  Baltic Triangle hosts speak to Dr Edward Lych who has recently qualified to become a junior doctor at Whiston Hospital. Dr Lynch gives us his first-hand account of what it was like to be on the front line when the COVID outbreak first happened. Having become viral on Linkedin for his informative vlogs in the first week of the crisis, we hear about the hospital’s reaction to the outbreak and the fight for better PPE to protect the staff. There’s also some great insight into Dr Ed’s new venture, LYFE. LYFE is a leading social enterprise for all things in the world of wellbeing and lifestyle medicine, making verified information accessible to all. The idea comes from a multitude of life experiences that included a friends suicide and Dr Lynch wanted to ensure that there was information for mental health that separates its-self from the pretenders. The founders of the app wanted to provide users with medically backed information and activities in an online-sector that seems to be unregulated.
July 26, 2020
Episode 18: Simon O'Brien on Active Travel In the Liverpool City Region.
The tv presenter, actor and environmentalist believe there's no reason why the city can't become a world leader in traffic management. Liverpool city council is to set up a £4m fund to pay for a 65-mile network of lanes creating seven new pop-up cycling routes around the city. Simon's been speaking to the Baltic Triangle podcast team of Mick Ord and Mark Reason about his vision for the future as the city tries to emerge from lockdown and revive the economy."
June 7, 2020
Episode 17 - Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson Discusses Liverpool's pandemic recovery
Liverpool's mayor provides insight into how the city council has been working on supporting businesses with grants and advice. Joe Anderson also discusses the future of the Littlewoods building and Ten Streets and also how the digital, creative and hospitality sectors will be at the forefront of Liverpool's economic recovery. Our hosts, Mick and Mark ask Joe about the shortfall in funds from the central government and how they hope to lobby and put pressure on the Government to fulfil their promises. Read more on the Baltic Triangle Podcast Website.
May 6, 2020
Episode 16 - How will businesses in LCR cope through the COVID19 Pandemic With Professor Michael Parkinson
Our special guest on the Baltic Triangle podcast #16 is a Baltic Podcast Regular Professor Michael Parkinson from the University of Liverpool. Micheal is one of the country's leading experts in urban regeneration and in particular the Merseyside economy. We first interviewed Michael last June upon the release of his book, Liverpool - Beyond the  Brink, where he analysed the triumphs and challenges of the local economy - now, of course, made considerably more acute following the coronavirus crisis. There is probably no academic more knowledgeable about the Merseyside business environment  and so we felt it is important to get his view on where he thinks the local economy might be headed in these troubling times.....and while many of his comments do not paint a rose-tinted picture by any means, he believes there IS light at the end of a long, dark he told Mick Ord and Mark Reeson."
April 19, 2020
Episode 15 - Inside Connections & Liverpool Biennial
In episode 15 of the Baltic Triangle podcast, our presenters Mick and Mark meet the ex-career criminal from Liverpool who's turned his life around and is now helping to rehabilitate prisoners back into society by finding them worthwhile jobs ….and we hear from the woman behind this year's planned Liverpool Biennial which kicks off in July bringing an explosion of art onto our streets and buildings.
March 19, 2020
Episode 14. What it takes to run an independent publication
We hear so much about the decline of newspapers that it comes as something of a surprise to hear about a local paper that has just INCREASED its circulation by more than 300%. But that's the case with The Scotty Press which is published on our doorstep...and in this month's Baltic Triangle podcast we hear from the Editor about the past, present and future of Britain's oldest community newspaper. And we visit the head of an amazing organisation that does fantastic work to combat loneliness and isolation in our rapidly changing city."
February 2, 2020
Liverpool Music Scene With Eastwood Guitars and The Man behind the Positive Vibrations Festival
Eastwood Guitars are a international - and unique - company based in Nashville, Chicago and Liverpool. We meet Carl Cook, the Scouse boss of the European operations, based here in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle to hear their story. And keeping with the musical theme we hear from a Merseyside-based music promoter about the thriving grassroots music scene locally and why it's essential to support it. Read more about Podcasts in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle
December 23, 2019
Urban Farming In Liverpool
In our latest Baltic Triangle podcast our intrepid duo Mark Reeson and Mick Ord visit Liverpool's first vertical farm which is based in the heart of  the Lifescience UTC academy on Jamaica St. The team at Farm Urban are doing genuinely groundbreaking work growing vegetables that are pesticide-free in highly controlled conditions deep  in the crypt of the school. They aim to get their food out to all the schools in the city in a bid to improve the quality of the food they - and we - eat. Find out more about Urban farming in Liverpool
November 27, 2019
Episode 11 - Social Impact & Innovative Lighting
Mick Ord and Mark Reeson meet the Liverpool businesswoman whose idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is to donate 50% (yes FIFTY) of company profits back into the community - which is one of the reasons why she's been shortlisted for the Liverpool Chamber local hero awards...the only woman. And we also hear from the Baltic entrepreneur who's invented what he says is a game-changing lighting system which he's hoping the NHS will embrace.
October 29, 2019
Episode 10 - Robbie Davison the man behind Can Cook
In this month's Baltic Triangle podcast Mick Ord meets Robbie Davison the man behind Can Cook - the Liverpool-based fresh food catering company which is fighting food poverty by donating money from every single sale to providing nutritious meals for families in need on Merseyside and beyond. Robbie is a controversial figure whose views on the way in which ,for example, food banks are organised do not make easy listening. But whether you agree or disagree with him you can't deny his passion and commitment to fighting food poverty."
September 16, 2019
Episode 9 - Modigliani Opera Exhibition Liverpool
In this episode Mark Reeson catches up with Francesco Mellina about a new project he's involved in. A cutting-edge multi-media art show, Modigliani Opera, which celebrates the work of one of the 20th century’s greatest painters, will open for the first time in the UK in Liverpool. Modigliani Opera is an immersive multi-media show incorporating 360 degree cinema, video screens and virtual reality to explore the work and life of the Italian master, Amedeo Modigliani. The Modigliani Opera exhibition which will run until the end of September will be hosted in a specially adapted gallery space in Bold Street in Liverpool City Centre. The internationally acclaimed show has recently toured major cities in Italy, and it is the centrepiece of a programme of art events and exhibitions being promoted by the Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani in the city this summer.
August 2, 2019
Free Internet and the Science of Coffee in Liverpool
In this month's Baltic Triangle podcast we meet the man behind the Liverpool Internet Exchange who made sure that 3/4 million Liverpool fans could access free Wi-Fi during their recent Champions League  homecoming... He tells us about some exciting projects he's working on and why he believes Liverpool is still lagging behind other cities in terms of  Digital Connectivity -and what should be done about it.  We'll also be hearing from the local coffee shop entrepreneur Jack Brewitt who has just opened another branch in the city  and how he's looking to spread his wings even further. 
July 4, 2019
Professor Michael Parkinson Discusses Liverpool Beyond The Brink
In this one off special Liverpool Podcast, Mick Ord speaks to one of UK's leading experts on urban regeneration says the financial challenges faced by Liverpool City Council today are greater than those faced by the Militant Labour council in the 1980's. Professor Michael Parkinson has just published Liverpool - Beyond the Brink, more than 30 years after Liverpool - On the Brink, written at the height of the council's political struggles with the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher when the city teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. In the 80's the council were involved in a bitter financial tug of war with the government after what they saw as savage cuts to their budget and their policy of building council houses and sports centres and refusal to make cuts to their budget. The battle eventually led to the  47 Labour councillors being fined and banned from office by the district auditor.  Professor Parkinson is  now Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for civic engagement at the University of Liverpool and Ambassador for the Heseltine Institute for Publicy Policy and Practice. His new book looks back at how far Liverpool has come over the past 30 years and what needs to be done now to ensure more prosperity comes to the region. Although we've come a long way, he argues we still have some way to go to overcome the financial pressures facing the city and the challenge of Brexit. In this special edition of the Baltic Triangle podcast Professor Parkinson has been talking to Mick Ord about the hopes,dreams and challenges for the Merseyside region having spent much of his academic career studying the economics of the region. 
June 6, 2019
Baltic Podcast May 2019 Francesco Mellina & Liverpool Soup
 In our latest Baltic Triangle podcast we hear from the Italian scouser whose photographs of Liverpool's vibrant music scene have been attracting dizzying praise since the 1970's and what the revival of the microfunding network Liverpool Soup means for small businesses and organizations looking to get their great ideas off the ground... 
May 23, 2019
Baltic Podcast 4: Phil Redmond on Liverpool's Channel 4 Snub and how SME's are using Crowdfunding.
TV Producer and screenwriter Phil Redmond explains why he wasn't surprised by Channel 4's decision NOT to put Liverpool on its shortlist to be for it's new out-of-London headquarters. A recommendation on the National HQ and Creative Hubs will be made to the Channel 4 Board at the end of October .....with Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester vying to be the top prize. Redmond who created tv soaps Hollyoaks and Brookside say the Channel 4 process wasn't rigorous enough comparing it unfavourably with the UK's City of Culture bidding process in which he has been closely involved since its inception. Redmond has been speaking exclusively to Mick Ord on the Baltic Triangle's latest podcast where he also talks extensively about the significance of the decision not to shortlist Liverpool, the implications for the creative sector locally and the role that areas like the Baltic Creative Quarter will play as the city confronts a post-Brexit future. Also in the podcast, Mark Reeson speaks to the crowdfunding consultant who has recently set up business in Liverpool and who believes many SMEs and creatives can benefit from looking at crowdfunding as a serious alternative to mainstream lenders like the banks."
May 1, 2019
Baltic Podcast April 2019 - Hobo Kiosk & Patrick Hurley
 In this month's Baltic Triangle podcast, Mark Reeson visits the owners of one of Liverpool's most iconic (and hard-to-find) pubs and which is fast achieving cult status among the area's pub-goers, and Mick Ord meets the Chief Executive  of  a grassroots organization which supports community and social businesses in a unique way.  In our monthly Baltic Broadcasting Company podcast we are keen to reflect the astonishing variety of businesses that are springing up in the area and proving to the world - if proof were necessary- that Liverpool is a great place to do business in the creative and digital sector as well as the traditional sectors. Each month Mick Ord and Mark Reeson hear from the men and women who are helping to make the Triangle one of the most creative areas in the UK. They have compelling and revealing stories to tell and like any organization have faced challenges trying to make their businesses a success. Some are startups and others have been running successfully  for many years.  Hopefully their stories will inspire and challenge you wherever you live and work. We are particularly keen to foster a greater understanding between the Baltic and the more traditional long-established businesses in the city region and reach out to the rest of the world to see how we can live and work together. If you'd like to partner us or be featured in the next edition of the Baltic Broadcasting Company podcast get in touch and we'll reply before you can say BBC. Email Mick  - And we'll take it from there."
April 2, 2019
#Episode 7 Beer and Fashion in the Creative Industries
  Beer and fashion are the subjects of this months Baltic Broadcasting Company podcast brought to you by our resident beer swilling fashion guru’s Mark Reeson and Mick Ord. They’ve been speaking to two Liverpool and Baltic Triangle based companies at the sharp end of industries that have changed considerably over the past few years, a trend that is likely to continue. Changing Fashion The boys chat to female entrepreneurs Sarah O’Brien and Katie Roche who believe they’re about turn the fashion industry on its head with their start-up Make Thread. There’s a huge shift in the market, and the data suggests that shoppers are more inclined by ethically than non ethically For the Love of beer! They also speak the newly named Love Lane Brewery based in the Baltic. Love lane are purveyors of craft beers and also Gin and have some exciting plans for the future
January 15, 2019
Baltic Podcast Plugging the Skills Gap
This month our BAltic Broadcasting Company podcast is featuring 2 organisations working hard to plug the much-publicised skills gap by targeting children and young people. Mick Ord and Mark Reeson have been hearing how All About Stem and The Apprenticeship Hub are getting the message out about the opportunities available for businesses and also the challenges they face
June 28, 2018
Baltic Podcast Mixdown -Digital Skills Gap In Liverpool
This month Mick Ord and Mark Reeson from the Baltic Broadcasting Company look at how 2 Baltic-based organisations are tackling the digital skills gap to the benefit of the private and public sector in the Liverpool City Region...
May 18, 2018