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BamaLoveSoul Radio

BamaLoveSoul Radio

By DJ Rahdu
I get new music almost daily, in all genres and styles and will use this podcast as a vehicle to share the amazing music I receive. The podcast will lean towards, Soul, Jazz & Hip Hop and occasionally feature interviews with some of the scene's hottest artists. Tune in and enjoy!
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Covers 011
I had a great time putting together this mix of covers to share with y'all. I've been told this mix has something for everyone and I'm glad it's able to connect in that fashion! All of my favorite genres are represented and most have been flipped on their heads like Kandace Springs' version of Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor. I played it a little loose this time so some aren't straight covers but have been heavily inspired by the original. Plug in, tune out and as always please spread the word! Download HERE
July 24, 2020
Covers 007
No trick, DJ Rahdu delivers a treat of 19 amazingly mixed cover tracks to enjoy as the weather continues to drop! In classic Rahdu fashion, these covers range from soulful to jazzy featuring favorite artists like Tall Black Guy, Jesse Boykins III, Carmen Rodgers and their interpretations of D’angelo, Erykah Badu, Little Dragon & more. Grab your favorite pumpkin drink or confection, and cozy up in front of the fire to discover AND reminisce. Tall Black Guy will be joining DJ Rahdu on The Diamond Soul Experience this Friday so looks out for the audio next week. To make sure you don’t miss any episodes of the show, make sure you subscribe on iTunes. Please rate and comment while you’re there!
July 23, 2020
Covers 006
Covers 6 once again contains jazzy recreations of some of your past and present favorites. In addition, Durand Bernarr provides his unique flair on Rae Sremmurd’s Throw Su Mo while we wait for a his next proper release and Joyce Wrice pays tribute to our favorite producer in common, Devante Swing. Slap on the headphones, press play and cover up with these musical goodies
July 23, 2020
Covers 005
I visited Dusty Groove today and was unhappy to see Jose James’ Billie Holiday cover album, Yesterday I Had The Blues had already sold out. I was able to listen to some snippets on iTunes but digi downloads are not available in the States yet. His version of Body and Soul is amazing! I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz lately and covers of standards occurs frequently within this genre. This installment of Covers falls heavy on jazz versions of some of your favorite tunes, so join me on the chill-out tip and enjoy
July 23, 2020
Covers 004
It’s been awhile since we’ve compiled a Covers playlist and to prepare you for the holiday weekend we decided to reconcile that. Covers 4 showcases amazing artist’s takes on everything from rare grooves to Hip Hop and what they do with this tracks is amazing. Download Covers 4 and discover new artists to add to your playlists
July 23, 2020
Covers 003
After almost half a year we’ve returned with another compilation of covers from some of your favorite musicians. It’s always interesting to see what interesting things are done to place their individual spin to a familiar treat. This edition features covers by Tall Black Guy, Miles Bonny, Nicolay and many more. Enjoy
July 22, 2020
Covers 002
The concept is the same on part 1 or our Covers compilation. We've assembled others' takes on some of your favorite tunes but these have a particular jazzy or acoustic take. Grab this and take a walk on the jazzy side! Enjoy
July 22, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Covers 001
If mimicry truly is the sincerest format of flattery, then a cover song should certainly qualify as one of the purest ways to convey it. We looked around for some of the best examples and came across a plethora, so many in fact that we couldn’t possibly use them all in one set. Some tracks stay close to the original format, taking just slight liberties, others push the boundaries a bit more, while a few are tried and true staples re-drawn, re-shaped and reimagined. Enjoy!
July 22, 2020
On My Hard Drive Ep.2 (4 Songs For Social Justice & Bilal - Love For Sale)
Around this time is when I get inspired to do a social justice mix in thew vein of my Mental Evolution series. I figured Episode 002 of On My Hard Drive would be a good place to set some songs I would definitely include if I were to do a mix soon. I've also been mining my Hard Drive and came across Bilal's shelved 2004 album, Love For Sale. This album is too good for people to miss due to being unaware of it's existence. Enjoy the gems and spread the word! Show notes at
July 1, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Soul Power ’13
Over the past few weeks, there have been a few really dope James Brown remixes to cross my inbox so I decided  to grab a few of my favorites (old and new) and pay tribute to the Godfather.  Here's 30 minutes off flips, chops, remixes, blaps and tributes by Waajeed, Kev Brown,  Madlib and many more. Enjoy!
June 25, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished Mix)
I left my iPod in the house Friday night as I was rushing to DJ the Julie Dexter/Jaafar concert. Choosing not to listen to the radio, I blindly selected a CD from my Jeep’s console. It was unmarked, so when the intro began I nearly crashed my Jeep because I hadn’t heard this mix in years. This mix was created around 2005-2006 and is a sexy soulful number featuring artists like Spacek, Cottonbelly and Silhouette Brown. Gypsy Eyes was created to be a Love Jones inspired mix, however when (one of) my external hard drive(s) died I lost the mix. Luckily there’s this CD that I burned when I initially started working on Gypsy Eyes; the music mixing is complete, but the drops/movie snippets aren’t there. There’s no tracklisting on this one because admittedly I’ve forgotten some of the tracks.
June 24, 2020
DJ Rahdu - The Suite Spot: Maxwell Remixes Mix
In 1996 I was fiercely committed to East Coast Hip Hop and discovering the breaks used to create it. I had a friend who worked at a local music shop at a strip mall perpendicular to my job, and during my scheduled break I would visit, kick the Willie BoBo and in turn be laced with whatever I could carry out. I remember one evening, while staging the purchasing of a large amount of Hip Hop and Breaks, seeing a white cardboard display at the checkout for an artist I’d never heard of with unique, attractive packaging and a really cheap price point, like .99 or so. I picked up the CD single, mulled over adding it to the pile, decided I would never have the opportunity to listen to it with the large amount of music I was amassing and set it down. Months later when Urban Hang Suite was released, I realized the error of my decision. UHS signaled not only the introduction of Maxwell, it was also a harbinger of the Neo Soul Movement. In addition, the Ascension maxi-single I passed up, ironically included a remix by Hip Hop’s most respected producer, Dilla. Over the next 2 years, Maxwell continued to drop maxi singles from UHS with alternate versions and remixes of its beloved tunes much like the Hip Hop 12”s of that time. As time went on and I became immersed in music overall I discovered there were others touched by Maxwell’s music who decided to share their spin on his music. It’s a combination of these remixes, covers, and edits I have mixed and share with you today. Enjoy!
June 23, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Pearls: Sade Remixes, Flips & Covers
As a child I spent countless hours glued in front of the television watching videos on MTV, but when we finally got BET in '84 I was introduced to a crew of Smooth Operators that would have a long-lasting effect on me and legions of others. Appearing in constant rotation was one of the most aesthetically pleasing acts, unbound by genre, that continue to confound music lovers to this day. Was Sade Folk, Soul, Jazz, RnB, a combination of all of the above or none of them at all? It never mattered as long as they continued to provide their mysterious trademark sound. 6 albums and 4 Grammy's later, they're still one of my favorite bands and a constant source of inspiration for up and comers. Pearls is a testament to the countless number of acts, regardless of genre, that have been touched by Sade. Their remakes or remixes is their homage to a sound that can not be encapsulated but forever enjoyed. Dance, love or chill out to this
June 23, 2020
DJ Rahdu - sOul fanaticS frequencies (Guest Mix)
Much love to my brother, DJ BlaqT for offering me the opportunity to rock a guest mix during the launch of Ubuntu Beats Radio FM in South Africa on his sOulfanaticS frequencies show. I pretty much throw the kitchen sink at the listener for an hour with an eclectic mix of breaks, hip hop, soul & remixes. I hope you enjoy the mix but make sure you support and listen to, the only station in South Africa playing independent, alternative music from around the world. The station keeps it funky and my man BlaqT represents dope sounds everytime sOulfanatics frequencies begins.
June 21, 2020
On My Hard Drive Ep.1 (Film Scores/Soundtracks & Jazz is Dead 002 ft Roy Ayers)
On My Hard Drive is a podcast/web series that allows me to discuss the discoveries I make as I take an involved listen to the music on my hard drive. Welcome to the first episode where I briefly discuss film scores & soundtracks that landed in my inbox from some of my favorite Jazz musicians. I will also show how the latest Jazz is Dead compilation featuring Roy Ayers fits into this overall theme. On My Hard Drive Episode 1 was a true learning experience, one of the toughest new experiences/challenges I’ve tackled since the quarantine began. Please enjoy, subscribe and spread the word Show notes available at
June 21, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Sound Traveler Series #27 (RecordBreakin)
I feel whenever they are behind the turntables, it should be the DJ's desire for the crowd to sound travel, to literally be taken on a musical journey. Directing their attention to awesome treats and helping them discover cuts never considered all while keeping the flock away from wack jams like a glorified tour guide should be the DJ's objective. So, this is like a little time traveling as well, eh? I believe my entry in this great series provides you the chance to chill, dance, groove, reminisce, fonk and more all within a 1 hour timeframe. To be honest, while putting this together I found a lot of songs that have become favorites, and I hope you’ll listen and find some favorites as well. I think one of my strong suits is weaving genres together while retaining a cohesive groove, which I feel is important when creating a mix. Hopefully you’ll feel the same and ride this one for the full trip. ENJOY – Rahdu
June 21, 2020
DJ Rahdu – Discogs Mix 71
I honestly had no clue what to include on my mix for Discogs. I had an idea of course, but was unsure of exactly how I wanted to present/express myself. I've done a boatload of Nu Soul/Hip Hop mixes, and several mixes of the new jazz artists on the scene and didn't wanna paint myself in a corner artistically. When I think of Discogs, vinyl immediately comes to mind so I decided to start with a funk jazz/rare grooves set and kinda feel my way out from there. I went to my lil' DJ studio, opened the window, let the sun in and what you hear is Discogs Mix 71. This mix is the perfect soundtrack for your Spring and Summer - outdoors or in your ride with the windows and top down. I hope you enjoy!
June 21, 2020
Skoolwerk Apparel x DJ Rahdu – Sun-Ra T-Shirt & Mix
The inspiration:Born and raised in my city, Sun Ra is a constant muse and musical icon whose philosophy included thinking outside of the box and not being confined to another’s ideas. Coupled with the increase of albums being hailed as classics or failures within hours of release I imagined a musical listening society that allowed an album a reasonable incubation period before bestowing a designation. This Listening Society would serve as a means to discuss music and share ideas with like-minded individuals IN PERSON. Think book club, but instead of discussing a literary work, we would chat about an album in that fashion. In a time when everyone is so quick to rate and judge an album, I felt a need to return to an era when an album was properly digested and discussed before it received a dubious distinction based primarily on groupthink. Music is subjective, of course, so no one is right or wrong but it’s always fun to dialogue. T shirts are available HERE in an assortment of flavors
June 21, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Swoon Unitz
1. Swoon Unitz Intro 2. Erykah Badu - Me 3. Hil St.Soul - Black Rose 4. Peter Hadar - Laugh Together 5. Raashan Ahmad - Close 6. Jazz Liberatorz - Cool Down 7. Esthero - Superheroes (GAS'D remix) 8. Deborah Jordan; Kamara - Rise 9. Kissey Asplund - You & I 10. Lemongrass - This Way 11. Black Spade - True Friends 12. Coultrain - Lilac Tree 13. Dwele - Free as a Bird 14. Circle Research - I'm Your Density 15. J-88 (Slum Village) - The Look of Love (The Liquid Crystal Project Remix) 16. Byron the Aquarius; Nadine Charles- Make It Right 17. Prefuse 73 - Last Night 18. Sy Smith - Fly Away With Me 19. Attica Blues - Blueprint 20. Velben - Come Around 21. The Rurals - Mother Sun 22. Sene; Kissey Asplund - Demon Love 23. Stacy Epps - Addicted 24. Flying Lotus; Dolly - Roberta Flack 25. Samon Kawamura; Aloe Blacc - Try 26. The One - Drippin' 27. Shingo Suzuki - Eternal Sunshine 10/26/2008
June 17, 2020
DJ Rahdu - 30 minutes for Dill Withers (Dilla Mix)
R.I.P. Dilla. Since Jay Dee’s passing in 2006, DJs have been releasing mixes/compilations of his music nonstop. Normally, what you’ll hear are more of the hip hop cuts, but I wanted to showcase more of the soulful tracks he’s produced. We interviewed Dwele shortly after Dilla passed and he said, “You’ve probably nodded your head to more Dilla tracks than you realize,” so make sure you check out his discography. Enjoy! 02.10.2008
June 16, 2020
DJ Rahdu - BamaLoveSoul Minimix
This mix began as a blend of instrumentals. After I'd selected the 9th Wonder instrumental reworking of Vicki Anderson's Stop on By and Babu's refixing of Dionne Warwick's You're Gonna Need Me, I decided to go another route. Both of the originals have powerful female vocals which immediately put me in the mind of Northern Soul. Leela James and Georgia Anne Muldrow (1/2 of G&D) are current artists that I could easily see handling the reigns after Sharon Jones releases them. Strong drums, pianos and horns throughout and spacey at times, this mix is a 30 minute treat for the discerning listener. Enjoy! 1/29/2008 1. Vicki Anderson; Bobby Byrd - You're welcome, Stop On By - Mother Popcorn - Vivid Sound 2. 9th Wonder instrumetal - CD-R 3. DJ Babu - Dee On - Beat Tape, Vol. 1 - Nature Sounds 4. Erykah Badu - The Healer - Nu Amerykah - Universal/Motown 5. Pete Rock; Leela James - No Tears - Soul Survivor 2 - Rapster 6. G&D - Time - Message Uni versa - Look 7. Coultrain - Lilac Tree - The Adventures of Seymour Liberty - Ju Ju Dust 8. Byron the Aquarius - Turn Back Time - CD-R 9. Sa-Ra; Rozzi Daime - So Special - The Hollywood Recordings - Babygrande 10 DJ Spinna - Starz - Compositions - Female Fun 11. Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah! Got you All In Check! - the Coming - Elektra/WEA 12. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Raw Ingredients - Stampede - Tru Thoughts 13. The Bamboos; Tyra Hammond - Head In the Clouds - Rawville - Tru Thoughts 14. El Michels Affair - Detroit Think Twice - Sounding Out The City - PID 15. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - How Long Do I Have to Wait For You (Ticklah Remix) - Daptone Records Remixed - Daptone Records
June 15, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Fedora
It's finally Spring! Unfortunately, we're trapped inside and are unable to enjoy this really great weather we've been experiencing lately. Thankfully, I've compiled a mix that will provide one less quarantine worry, Fedora! It's a smoothed out, Soul/Jazz/HipHop groove guaranteed to keep your head nodding while appreciating this imposed break.
April 11, 2020
The Shure Shot DJs (Suaze x DJ Rahdu) – Episode Red
During these crazy times, comfort comes from knowing something, anything is constant and unchanging. That's what The Shure Shot DJs provide, steady sound treats, even in the midst of a pandemic! Even though we can't rock with you in person, we can still deliver a Jazz podcast that will bring a smile to discerning ears. Enjoy, and we'll see you at the next spot once we can reconvene in person.
March 22, 2020
Biggie Tribute (Throwback Lunch WUHT Hot 107.7 FM 3.9.20)
Here's a mix I did last Mon on WUHT Hot 107.7 FM to pay respect to the late, great Frank White. Enjoy!
March 16, 2020
The Shure Shot DJs (Suaze x DJ Rahdu) – Episode Orange ///Jazz Vibes
Birmingham’s The Shure Shot DJs would like to share a curated Jazz mix that’s sure to please. Episode Orange is a delicious gumbo filled to the brim with bebop, funk jazz, original Hip Hop samples and today’s Young Lions.  Rahdu & Suaze mine their encyclopedic knowledge of the genre to provide an enjoyable hour-long ride for novices and connoisseurs alike. Join the Shure Shot on an audio expedition to explore what’s been called America’s indigenous artform. 
February 28, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Style Sessions 15
Sorry, I'm behind on releasing this episode but there's so much that goes on behind the scenes! There's a lotta good music that's dropped recently and here are a handful that have been reducing the hard drive space on my iphone. It feels good to hear Steve Arrington's voice on a track - Thundercat gets all the props for keepin legendary voices on his releases and there's also a really good remake of one of my favorite Jazz tunes included. Dig in and spread the word  Thanks to Liquid Beat for always sharing the wealth! Playlist at
February 6, 2020
Style Sessions 14
I keep it funky on the 14th episode of The Style Sessions with gems like new music from Mac Miller to tried and true crate pulls like Days Like This. Please like and share The Style Sessions on your favorite social media to help others find out about the show! Check me out M-F at 12PM CST on the Throwback Lunch via and get your DJ Rahdu stickers at
January 26, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Style Sessions 13
This episode of The Style Sessions contains quite a few new joints, some oldies but goodies, as well as remixes and mashups. I wove this tapestry together as well as I could to provide you the best listening experience on this sonic journey. Please leave a comment on Apple Podcasts, like and share The Style Sessions on your social media so others can find this weekly podcast!  Tune in weekly because I have some big things taking place soon // PLaylist at
January 20, 2020
Style Sessions 12
This episode of The Style Sessions finds me after diggin' around in my old crates, finding some real tasty gems and placing them alongside new joints I'm sure you'll love. Press play, step inside The Style Sessions, enjoy and tell a friend. Don't keep the Style Sessions a secret! Thanks to Chameleon08 and DJ Ken Masters for leaving reviews on Apple Podcast! Playlist at
January 13, 2020
DJ Rahdu - Style Sessions 11
Welcome to the first Style Sessions of 2020! This installment features  old and new treats that will sound super good coming through your preferred sound system. Please make sure to spread the word, comment on Apple Podcasts and share the word to let people know about The Style Sessions. See ya next week! Playlist at
January 6, 2020
DJ Rahdu - All Star Party Mix 01- 03/04
Every Friday & Saturday night I'm on Hot 107.7 FM in BHM for the All Star Party Mix. This weekend I played music ranging from Badu to Busta Rhymes, BIggie to DaBaby and a whole lot more. Check it out here and make sure to tune in every weekend for more mixes. If you're not in the area, you can listen at // Yo yo the Nupes!
January 5, 2020
DJ Rahdu - The Style Sessions 10
Welcome to the 10th episode of The Style Sessions filled with summa the gems I’ve been rockin’ lately. This is my first podcast since switching to Anchor so please make sure to visit and leave a review and spread the word. Have a safe New Years and I’ll catch y’all back here next time! Playlist at
December 30, 2019
All Star Party Mix 12/20-21
Every Fri & Sat Nite I'm on Hot 107.7 FM in Birmingham for the All Star Party Mix from 12-2a. This wknd, I spun some Free Nationals, Kaytranada, ‪Anderson.Paak, The Game, Black Star, & Gangstarr in the mix along with Gucci, Doja Cat, Ty Dolla$ign, 8Ball &MJG, Khalid, Biggie and more. Here's a snippet of what went down. Tune in this wknd if you're in BHM or check me out on ‪‬! ‬Tracklist at      
December 23, 2019
DJ Rahdu - Covers 10
I never really planned on doing another Covers, although it is one of the more popular mix series on the site. However, while listening to and removing the songs from my phone so I can start fresh in 2020 I began to discover so many covers I really dug and decided to share. The result is Covers 10, a nice, smooth, jazzy mix of songs that should make for an pleasurable listen while making your hops, skips and jumps this holiday season. Be safe while traveling and enjoy! Tracklist at
December 13, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Some Jazz 25
I’m preparing for my Jazz gig this Thursday and felt compelled to record some of my practice for the first Some Jazz since May. I’m surprised I’m 25 eps in but, this is just a testament to how much great Jazz music is out there. A lotta usual suspects on this one, some newfound treats and just an overall good cross section of the genre in it’s modern state. Enjoy
November 17, 2019
DJ Rahdu Guest Mix for Oonops Drops
Check out this guest mix I did along with DJ/Producer, Flevans for Curator/DJ, Oonops on Brooklyn Radio. Oonops starts it off “with 90 minutes of brand new, upcoming and classic vinyl tracks from Dub, Soul, Funk, Disco, Boogie, Afrobeat to Instrumentals,” folowed by Flevans’ “who serves a delicious housy, funky, discotizing set for your dancing shoes.” I end things ” with a tasty cross-section from soul, funk to hip hop.” Check out the mix below, peep his site HERE and show my man Oonops some love for holding down the culture!
November 5, 2019
DJ Rahdu - Style Sessions 009
...And we're back! Sorry for the wait but there are some really big things on the horizon for the podcast. Thanks to everyone who has liked, shared, and played The Style Sessions during the break. Super shouts out to those who placed comments and rated on Apple Podcasts to help the show move up in the rankings! Great treats on this entry, so whatcha waitin' for? Press play! Playlist at
October 4, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 008
This latest episode of the Style Sessions finds me sharing a mix from a few years back that is a testament to the fact that good music never begins to sound old. Recorded in 2013, this mix still sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded. Check out the full length mix HERE
August 19, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 007
Loads of new goodies this week, including new music from Omar, Georgia Anna Muldrow, Murs and more. I went down a Mobb Deep rabbit hole and threw one of my favorite cuts in the mix along with a classic Philly cut by The Mountain Brothers. I was watching Wu Assassins, horrible CGI and all, and was reminded of how much I loved their song, Galaxies, back in '99. I share it with you now to enjoy on this one hour journey into my crates.
August 12, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 006
This episode of the Style Sessions showcases some of the new tunes that were released this past Friday as well as some favorites from the depths of my hard drive. I also pay respect to fallen comrade, Ras G whose passing, like his passion for creating music, is felt by many. Rest easy bro! Playlist at
August 5, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 005
As usual, the weekly Style Sessions podcast delivers a sure shot mix of old and new joints to make this listening experience super pleasurable. Press play and get immersed in Rahdu’s expert blend of Soul, Hip Hop , Beats, Blends & more. Playlist available at
July 29, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Phife Features Mix
There have been many musicians that have passed on recently, but the passing of Malik “Phife” Taylor hit me hardest because ATCQ was an integral part of me grasping and appreciating creativity and individuality while in High School where standing out can be social suicide. I never went full Bohemian however, but took some sartorial chances and came out unscathed. Of course, Tribe were more than their clothes; They provided a sound that influenced countless spirits, crafted a soundtrack for your Instinctive Travels and showed fans everywhere that brotherhood is not pretty but it is strong. Phife and Tip were more than brothers, they existed as the primordial Yin & Yang, polarizing parts of a ubiquitous whole that captured the hearts of many. Peace to Phife and his indomitable spirit. Enjoy, and pour out a lil Dr Pepper for the 5 Ft Assassin Download HERE:
July 26, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 004
Ash Walker – Under the Sun ft Laville Ghostface Killah – Conditioning Greyboy – Geneive ft Bart Davenport Notorious B.I.G. – Goin Back to Cali (King Most Remix) Jordan Clark & G-noF- Let’s Talk Tuxedo – OMW ft Leven Keli & Battlecat Tom Browne – Thighs High DJ Mitsu the Beats – Cultivate Efecks & Jack Diggs – Musical Youth Bilal – Hands of Time Calvin Valentine – Napkins Big K.R.I.T. – Everytime ft Baby Rose Eric Roberson – She Couldnt Hear Me QSTN – Say Chuck Children of Zeus – Hard Work Donavon – BAD Earl Sweatshirt & Apollo Brown – Cleo’s Robes ft Freddie Gibbs The Expansions – Cannonball Tensei – Liquid Tongues ft A Billi Free Elzhi – SARAH ft Dwele Godtet – Oubladi ft Mariam Sawires Ebo Taylor – Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara (Chillum Trio Afrobass Flip) Lonesome Echo Productions – Love ft Pharoah Sanders, Lonnie Liston Smith, Apani, DJ Spinna Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Nu Wajb Remix) Jesse Fischer – Midnight Blue – Cross Currents
July 22, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 003
Jamiroquai - Tallulah Twit One - Bad Forster Common - I Used to Love H.E.R. (Buscrates Remix) Emmavie - High Off This Kenny Lattimore - Can't Get Enough GDNA x Beat Attic - Home (The Colour Purple REwurk) Little Brother - Altitudes De La Soul - Much More (Daniel Crawford Remix) ft Yummy Emapea - Please Chill SGJazz - Last Sunset Jesse Fischer - Inflection Point ft Marcus Strickland & Nate Smith Me'Shell N'degeocello - Please Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood Neue Grafik Ensemble - Hedgehog's Dilemma ft Brother Portrait Souleance - Cigar & Cognac Reuben James - Burn ft Keyon Harrold RHI - Swagger Illastrate - It's Fine ft Boog Brown & Amdex Misha, Monma, & Jussi Halme - Funny Funk '18 ft 6maki Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Ntozake (For Ntozake Shange) sir Was - Deployed ft Little Dragon Marcos Valle - E Voce Sergio Mendes - The Frog ft Q-Tip & Will.I.Am Nate Merecereau - Of Course That's Happening
July 15, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Some Jazz 23: Herbie Hancock Remakes & Covers
My first encounter with Herbie Hancock was in 1983, as a 6 year old, watching his Rockit video on MTV. Completely unaware of his 21 year history, I would either dance around the room or stand, mouth agape in awe of the mannequins/robots, DST’s scratching and that catchy synth line. It would be almost 20 years before I reconciled that the guy with the headphone mic in the video was the same guy who wrote Dolphin Dance, which was covered by Ahmad Jamal and sampled by No ID for one of my favorite Common songs, Resurrection. Hip Hop’s sample culture allowed me to discover more of his compositions, but when I grabbed his book, Possibilities in 2015, I developed a more complete picture of the man from the Rockit video. Miles gets a lot of credit for electrifying Jazz but Herbie did a lot as well, embracing and even seeking out technology and incorporating it into his performances and recordings. I recently read Herbie is working on an album which will feature Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Snoop and Flying Lotus who has already received a Hancock composition, Tesla. Herbie Hancock’s ability to thrive in an often uncompromising music genre, and enhance its sound by continuing to look forward without restraint has influenced many musicians. I’ve included many here, but there are so many others. I’m loving the new Jazz scene right now. Enjoy Some Jazz 23 and seek the new blood…
July 11, 2019
DJ Rahdu - Style Sessions 002
The Roots - Dont Say Nuthin (Tom Caruana Remix) Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Rock Along Full Crate & Mar - Aftersexin' Micki Miller - Vibelude (Parris) ft Parris Bowens The Jackson 5 - I'll Try You'll Try (Maybe We'll All Get By) Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra - Yellow Joint Sivuca - Aint No Sunshine Otis Junior & Dr Dundiff - The Touch PotatoHead People - Do My Thing ft Kapok & Illa J Tall Black Guy - Marvin's Speak Easy Tope - Church Girls Seba Kaapstad - Heckman Dpat - Bodyheat Mick Jenkins - Plain Clothes Ta- Ku - Sunrise/Beautiful ft Jordan Rakei Jill Scott - Cross my Mind (Mikula Remix) Al Green - Look What You Done For Me Benny the Butcher - Crowns for Kings ft Black Thought Exile - Bom Bomb Yasiin Bey - Ms Fat Booty (Biko's Old School Bounce Mix) Common - Pyramids Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us Soulpersona x Princess Freesia - Fire MNDSGN - Snaxx w U ft Asal Hazel Tensei - 40000 Harpedelic ft Brandee Younger
July 8, 2019
DJ Rahdu – Style Sessions 001
Welcome to Style Sessions where I'll share the music that's Decreasing MY Hard Drive Space. This episode was originally supposed to be 30 minutes, but I kept finding gems to stuff in here. That's a good problem! Enjoy, spread the word, comment, rate and all that there. Playlist at
June 30, 2019
DJ Rahdu - Some Jazz 24
This episode of Some Jazz begins with a segment of a Dizzy Gillespie interview I discovered yesterday which added more rationale to a social media status I happened to read this week. I'm sorry, I cant recall who wrote the status or which platform it appeared on but the status advocated for piano being taught in schools to provide a firm foundation for budding musicians of all genres. I'm not a musician, so I don't know why the status stuck with me, but hearing Diz speak on its benefits days later was like a confirmation of sorts. Maybe one day I'll learn piano. Diz is considered one of the greatest trumpet players of all time, and an innovator of the genre as well as quite the jokester. In '63 he began a "tongue in cheek" campaign to run for president, with his platform built on bringing attention to the Civil Rights Bill which eventually passed the following year. His campaign buttons, bearing the slogan, "Dizzy Gillespie For President" were created by his booking agency as a gimmick. However, the proceeds from the sale of the buttons went to CORE, SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and are now collector's items. Enjoy my latest jazz compilation and illustration this Memorial Day! Blast at the cookout and on your commutes for an hour of some of the illest jazz sounds you'll partake of today. You know I had to get some afro-cuban in there for Diz, RIH Tracklist at
May 27, 2019
DJ Rahdu - Some Jazz 22: The New Jazz Sound
I remember picking up Robert Glasper's In My Element and being surprised to hear the Hip Hop, soul and elements of other genres dispersed throughout the album. Although, already a Jazz fan, I was elated at hearing my generation's music represented in an art form that was previously, largely guarded from exploration and breaking form. It seems from that moment until now, as the 2010s come to a close, Jazz has reversed its position and also permeated itself into the prevalent genres of music. Glasper aside, Jazz musicians have become the new rock stars it seems - Common even took Jazz musicians (Glasper, Karriem Riggins, Keyon Harrold, Derrick Hodge, & Elena Pinderhughes) to perform at the White House. The soundtrack to Kendrick Lamar's critically acclaimed album, To Pimp A Butterfly was largely composed and performed by the West Coast Get Down, and some of your favorite emcees can't perform without cats like Robert “Sput” Searight, Nate Smith & Maurice Brown. To the delight of many 80s babies, bassist Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, gathered Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins for Show You the Way from his 2017 masterpiece, Drunk. The Grammy award winning bassist has worked with everyone from Badu and Bilal to Jhene Aiko and Suicidal Tendencies. The new lions are younger and influenced more by the sounds of Dilla and Hip Hop than Davis and Be Bop. Two sides of the same coin, I suppose because the music must grow or remain stagnant and give credence to the frequently espoused sentiment, "Jazz is Dead" which we know to be untrue. This mix could scarcely contain all the artists I wanted to include, but it's a nice jumping off point to discover a lot of great, current musicians that will strengthen or create a passion for America's original art form, Jazz. Richard Spaven - zeebra iii Ross McHenry - Intercosmos (Prayers Ep Version) Keyon Harrold - Bubba Rides Again NAUTILUS - We Live in Brooklyn Baby Kazumi Kaneda - Ink Ribbon Daniel Casimir - Cable St DJ Harrison - Kalimba Tale Terrace Martin - A Tribe Called West ft Keyon Harrold Eric Lau - Noma ft Ben Hadwen Takuya Kuroda - Thirteen Black Milk - Sonny's Dream ft Robert Glasper & Dwele Butcher Brown - Rule #1 Jesse Fischer & Sly5thAve - Sly Maurice Brown - Serendipity Brandee Younger - Dorothy Jeanne Christian Sands - Gangsta Lude Gas Lab - Jazz Cats ft Marcelo Gallo Trevor Lawrence Jr - Cornerstone ft Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, Nico Segal Stro x 14KT x Mark De Clive Lowe - Part Two Nate Smith - Bounce: Pts I & II DJ Cam - Cantaloop Island ft Tassel & Naturel Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - No Love
November 12, 2017
BamaLoveSoul MiniMix (2008)
This mix began as a blend of instrumentals. After I'd selected the 9th Wonder instrumental reworking of Vicki Anderson's Stop on By and Babu's refixing of Dionne Warwick's You're Gonna Need Me, I decided to go another route. Both of the originals have powerful female vocals which immediately put me in the mind of Northen Soul. Leela James and Georgia Anne Muldrow (1/2 of G&D) are current artists that I could easily see handling the reigns after Sharon Jones releases them. Strong drums, pianos and horns throughout and spacy at times, this mix is a 30 minute treat for the discerning listener. Enjoy! 1. Vicki Anderson; Bobby Byrd - You're welcome, Stop On By - Mother Popcorn - Vivid Sound 2. 9th Wonder instrumetal - CD-R 3. DJ Babu - Dee On - Beat Tape, Vol. 1 - Nature Sounds 4. Erykah Badu - The Healer - Nu Amerykah - Universal/Motown 5. Pete Rock; Leela James - No Tears - Soul Survivor 2 - Rapster 6. G&D - Time - Message Uni versa - Look 7. Coultrain - Lilac Tree - The Adventures of Seymour Liberty - Ju Ju Dust 8. Byron the Aquarius - Turn Back Time - CD-R 9. Sa-Ra; Rozzi Daime - So Special - The Hollywood Recordings - Babygrande 10 DJ Spinna - Starz - Compositions - Female Fun 11. Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah! Got you All In Check! - the Coming - Elektra/WEA 12. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Raw Ingredients - Stampede - Tru Thoughts 13. The Bamboos; Tyra Hammond - Head In the Clouds - Rawville - Tru Thoughts 14. El Michels Affair - Detroit Think Twice - Sounding Out The City - PID 15. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - How Long Do I Have to Wait For You (Ticklah Remix) - Daptone Records Remixed - Daptone Records
October 22, 2017 x DJ Rahdu – Connecting The Dots (D’angelo Original Samples & Covers Mix)
In my ongoing process of cleaning up all of my music in all of its mediums, I found myself playing CD-Rs in my Jeep to determine which were OK to discard. Kool & The Gang’s Sea of Tranquility begins to play and I’m listening, trying to figure out who did this instrumental cover of D’angelo’s Send It On. (Yeah, right?) I did a Shazam (lol) and when I saw it was K&TG, the idea to do this mix was born (Inspiration is everywhere). I knew a lot of the samples used, but went to to locate any I missed as well as any extra obscure sources. I ended up with just enough for what I thought could be a cool project. The mix quickly turned into a chore amidst the loss of several loved ones and I considered giving this up because I just didn’t have the energy. While listening to a DJ Premier interview on Hannibal Buress’ Handsome Rambler podcast, Primo begins talking about how D’angelo ended up with the Devil’s Pie beat and I viewed it as a sign to keep going. (Too coincidental to be a coincidence, right?) I persevered, arranged and rearranged the order of songs, & sought interviews and samples I didn’t own before I finally reached out to Chris Read (DJ #1), Head of Content, at and voila. In the end, the mix turned out to be quite therapeutic and I discovered a lot of great tunes in the process. Thanks to everyone who put up with my grumpiness during this process, and Dewan for listening to the mix in its various manifestations. Shouts out to RonOne, graphic design extraordinaire for the assist on the graphic design! (…even though I did the heavy lifting lol) I hope you enjoy! – DJ Rahdu “For our latest guest mix, DJ Rahdu of the crew of tastemaking soul aficionados ‘Bamalovesoul’ delivers a D’Angelo themed mix. Over three quarters of an hour Rahdu explores D’Angelo’s influences with a mix that joins the dots between tracks the Soulquarian has sampled or covered alongside his own tracks with live versions and interview extracts for added flavor” –
October 13, 2017
DJ Rahdu – The 2000 LB Crate Podcast 003
This week's podcast is filled with old and new Samples, Remixes, Instrumentals, Samba and more. Plug in, love what you're listenign to and spread the word! Subscribe & Rate HERE Producer Dru - Fruits & Veggies Illa J - Sam Cook Claire Renee - LOL Rejjie Snow - Purple Tuesday ft Joey Bada$$ & Jesse Boykins III Orion x Kazumi - The Fourth World Mamas Gun - Let's Find a Way (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix) Resolution 88 - Changing Times Pt 1 FatNice - Time U Miss Tom Misch - South East Smiles Davis - Morning Blues ft BOSCO & TOLA Ty - Inner Love (Samba) Azymuth - Vila MAriana (De Tarde) Jamiroquai - Everyday Columbia Nights - Wait A While The Mixtapers - Trinity bw/ Blackalicious - Feel That Way Ronald Bruner, Jr - Doesnt Matter Cassiano - Onda NxWorries - Link Up Omar - Gave Up My Heart (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)
May 12, 2017
DJRahdu – The 2000 LB Crate Podcast 002
Join us this week for a fun excursion into Rahdu's crates featuring Your Old Droog, Nas, Karriem Rigins, Tall Black Guy, El Michels Affair & more!
May 5, 2017
DJRahdu - The 2000 LB Crate Podcast 001
The 2000LB Crate Podcast is the vehicle I will use to share some of the music I purchase, receive from submissions, or discover as I tag & organize my hard drive. Tagging and organizing my hard drive has proven an equally tedious and fulfilling task as I've unearthed so many treats I'd simply forgotten about. 2017 has also been a good year for music with so many good tunes being released. Shouts out to Simon Harrison' Basic Soul Show and GQ tha Teacha for keeping me up on a lot of albums/singles that would have simply passed me by. Enjoy ep1, provide feedback, like, tweet, rate and share
April 28, 2017
Covers 9
Fall is ending and the temperature is lowering as we prepare for Winter's cold embrace next week. This time of year is also known as Cuffin' Season, a time when you find and/or grab that special loved one with the hopes of acquiring, at the very least, warmth and, at most, presents that reflect your lover's affection. BamaLoveSoul is providing a little of both! Covers 9 is a gift of music inspired by some of your favorite tunes and some you may have never heard of. This compilation is a great mix of Jazz & Soul versions, perfect for generating some warmth while discovering new artists with bae. Grab it below and spread the word!
December 16, 2016
DJ Rahdu - Some Jazz 21
"Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us." - Martin Luther Free musical healing from DJ Rahdu. Enjoy! Intro The Cookers Quintet - Meridian Jon Benjamin - I Can't Play Piano, Pt4 (Trill Baby Trill) Ashley Henry - St. Anne's Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle - Aural Denial Myele Manzanza - A Love Eclectic (LIVE) Takuya Kuroda - No Sign Carmen Lundy - Soul to Soul Ross McHenry - Clean Break (For Ornette) Shabaka & The Ancestors - Joyous Elvin Jones - Slumber Reginald OMas Mamode IV - Omas Sextet (Time Rhythm & Change) Rudy Royston - Rise of Orion Common - Letter to the Free ft Bilal, Karriem Riggins, Robert Glasper, Elena Pinderhughes, Derrick Hodge & Keyon Harrold
November 13, 2016
DJ Rahdu - Top Down (Sept 16)
As Summer turns to Fall, the weather has been perfect for liberating my Jeep by removing its doors and hard top. The only thing able to improve this feeling is the accompaniment of good music and I’ve created an incredible soundtrack for driving my Jeep in this fantastic weather. It’s also great for travels in your convertible or traditional automobile. I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing my music lately, allowing me to dust off some old jams to share alongside some of the really fascinating new releases. Checkout The Blackbyrds and The Moments alongside Tall Black Guy, MNDSGN, Wax Tailor and NoName all weaved together tightly in a tapestry I call Top Down. Please enjoy and spread the word Intro Moonchild – I Will Never Know(Tall Black Guy Remix) Wax Tailor – Worldwide ft Ghostface Killah The Jazz Knuckles – Demo 5 Moka Only – No Sidelines The Blackbyrds – Soft & Easy Lando Chill – Early in the Morning Benny Sings – The BeachHouse (MNDSGN Remix) MNDSGN – Use Your Mind (Twentyfourseven) Common - Come Close (Professa & Philippe Edson Remix) NoName – Forever ft Ravyn Lenae & Joseph Chilliams The Moments – Sexy Mama Kiiara - Gold Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle – Times A Wasting Mild High Club – Head Out James Tillman – Ms. Malaise Andy Compton – Music Is Our Passion ft Han Litz Osunlade – A Day Without You Anderson. Paak – Am I Wrong (Sammy Bananas Bootleg) Robert Glasper Experiment – Day to Day Mo Kolours – Foundation (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Version) BROOKZILL! – Saudade Songbook ft Count Bass D
October 18, 2016
BamaLoveSoul presents Some Jazz 20
Enjoy today's Music Monday offering, Some Jazz 20! This entry is packed to the brim with fantastic Jazzy vibes to keep the "blues" associated with today away. BamaLoveSoul favorites SouthWes Terminal are in the mix, alongside Laurin Talese's fantastic cover of Bilal's Love Poems as well as Mark de Clive Lowe and friends leading things off! New music from Derrick Hodge, Deborah Jordan, and Butcher Brown are also thrown in to keep you up to date with the latest, greatest. Get plugged in and turned out
August 15, 2016
DJ Rahdu - Covers 8
Like a cool glass of lemonade on a warm Souuthern Summer's afternoon, Covers 8 is the perfect, refreshing tonic for your hectic day! Covers 8 contains remakes of some of my personal old and new favorite tunes; Everyone from Gil Scott Heron and War to N.E.R.D. and Schoolboy Q is represented by an artist affected by their music. Kick off your heels or loafers, pop in your earbuds, enjoy their take, download and spread the word. Thanks for listening
August 2, 2016
DJ Rahdu - The Unpacking
The Unpacking is a mix I recently created to have something to relax to while returning clothes, albums and equipment to their proper place after performing several consecutive gigs or just a weekend of travel. Unpacking is inevitable and like most things, it's easier to do when good music is involved. This mix is equally effective for mentally unpacking and unwinding after a long day, or shedding prohibitive thoughts in preparation for an ambitious endeavor. Press play, enjoy this cocktail of Soul, Jazz, Funk, & Hip Hop and prepare to move to the next step. Thanks for listening to The Diamond Soul XXXperience!
May 22, 2016
DJ Rahdu - Shifting Gears (Mix)
The passing of Malik "Phife" Taylor affected me more profoundly than the death of any previous musical celebrity to date. I never met him personally but bonded with A Tribe Called Quest's aesthetics as a Freshman in high school. During this period of self discovery I began to select music that was derived from my tastes, not the influence of my peers and immediately felt a connection to the "Bohemian" band of brothers. Their nonconformist approach to style and music set them apart from their counterparts who embraced them wholly and showed others, me specifically, that standing out isn't always the polar opposite of fitting in. The sentiment was much-needed at the time and still holds true to this day. Phife's passing sucked the desire to listen to, enjoy, and share music from me. Only when I began to prep for my DJ gig in St Louis this past weekend did I begin to rediscover the joy I find in music. Grief affects us all differently I suppose. This mix is my release of the sadness I felt and a true expression of my love of music. Thank you for your patience during this time and I'll resume providing consistent quality content on BamaLoveSoul shortly. Until then, enjoy
April 21, 2016
The Diamond Soul XXXperience 037 // Freddie Joachim Interview | 01.29.16
Tonight's Diamond Soul XXXperience features prolific producer Freddie Joachim, who I place in my top 10 favorite producers list. You may have heard him on Joey Badass 2015 B4.Da.$$ or read about him on Okayfuture's best Erykah Badu remixes post. I sit down with him and find out what producers he's listening to, discuss technology and find out who he would like to work with. Listen and enjoy then rate, review and subscribe on iTunes
January 31, 2016
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 036 // Brandee Younger Interview | 01.22.16
After summoning the courage to perform in an Alice Coltrane tribute in 2007, tonight's guest, Brandee Younger has become a force on the NYC music scene. You may have heard her on the intro to Common's Finding Forever, or even with John Legend, but you must make time to preorder her upcoming album Wax & Wane. Her sophomore project is described as a fusion of Jazz, Hip Hop & Funk and I call it a "must listen" for any fans of her idol Dorothy Ashby. We discuss her idols, the obstacles of toting a Harp to gigs, her upcoming album and much more! Brandee Younger - Oriental Folk Song Columbia Nights - Didn't Cha Know Mark De Clive Lowe - Move On Up (Opaque Remix) Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (Stro Elliot Flip) K-Def x AG x Damu the Fudgemunk - Gotta Get Away Kev Brown x Grap Luva - Power Packs 101 (Kenny Keys Mix) Ta-Ku - Fourteen Jill Scott - Slowly Surely Andra Day - No Make Up (Kendrick Lamar Cover) Diggs Duke - He Wants to Live Like you Brandee Younger - He Has A Name (Awareness) Brandee Younger Interview pt 1 Brandee Younger - Dorothy Jeanne Brandee Younger Interview pat 2 Brandee Younger - Soul Vibrations Blackalicious - Swan Lake The Dangerfeel Newbies - Swingin With the New jacks (Kai Alce's Distinctive Remix) Yusef Rumperfield - Coffe Room Goodbyes Outro Static KXNG - Dead or Alive INI - Fain' JAX Towa Tei - Chrysalis Brandee Younger - Wax & Wane Jose James - It's All Over Your Body (Oddisee Remix) Sweetback - Au Natural ft Bahamadia Kris Bowers - Forget-Er ft Julia Easterlin Flako - Twelve O'Clock Shadow ft Miguel Atwood Ferguson
January 24, 2016
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 035 // Cecilia Stalin Interview | 01.15.16
Last Friday I interviewed Cecilia Stalin who I first discovered on Swedish electronic duo, Koop’s 2001 sophomore album waltz For Koop. She’s released several Jazz oriented projects since then including John Coltrane tribute Step Like a Giant and last year’s amazing The Story of Love with Daz-I-Kue of Bugz in the Attic and DSXXX Episode guest Khari Simmons. This year, she returns with The Love EP to shine as she shows us she is not easily confined by any genre or label. Enjoy! Cecilia Stalin - Summer's Coming Byron the Aquarius - Don't Fall In Love (Prelude) Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra Wake Self – I Still Love Her ft Miles Bonny Floacist – Good Love Soul Quality Quartet – I’m Not Here Bebel Gilberto – Ceu Distante (DJ Spinna Remix) Mabanua – Trap Mecca:83 – Love Story 4Hero – Morning Child Koop – Waltz for Koop ft Cecilia Stalin Cecilia Stalin Interview part 1 Cecilia Stalin x Khari Simmons x Daz-I-Kue– Norwegian Wood Cecilia Stalin Interview part 2 Cecilai Stalin – You Are ft Jesse Boykins III – Amorous Yamin Semali – Work in Progress BJ the Chicago Kid – Send It On (D’angelo Cover) Muhsinah – Plan B (Kev Brown Mix) The Roots – Act Too (Love of My Life) ft Common Anderson.Paak – The Waters ft BJ the Chicago Kid Extra Medium - Know Thy Self ft Miles Bonny & John Robinson Torae – Entitled ft Teedra Moses Nicholas Ryan Gant – Better Amel Larrieuz – Weather Cecilia Stalin – Fall Into Deep
January 20, 2016
DJ Rahdu - Mental Evolution 3
I like to put a lot of thought into each entry in The Mental Evolution series because they're really personal and extend beyond just the mere expression of my usual, musical preferences. I've procrastinated creating a new one for the past few years but have been filing selections away in my mental file cabinet for the day I actually attempt the endeavor. Enter Raheem Karim of Music Life Social who hit me Tue evening and asked me to have a mix to him by Fri LOL. As we discussed his expectations, he asked for something to commemorate the celebration of Dr. King's birthday and I immediately thought this would be the perfect opportunity to download and unleash these ME3 tracks from my brain. I completed this in much less time than usual, so please excuse any execution errors but I hope the message is received, in the words of Brother Farnell Newton, in Peace + Love. Thank you for listening! 80's Babies (Tall Black Guy x Dee Jackson) - Darkie DJ Jazzy Jeff - My Peoples ft Raheem Devaughn Children of Zeus - Still Standing Dwele - My People Richard Pryor x Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - A Nigga in His Own Mind Mos Def - Mr. Nigga ft Q-Tip Electric Conversation - ...from Africa Reflection Eternal - Africa Dream J-Live - Ya Momma So Black Larry Gold - Ain't No Stopping Us Now ft Black Thought Erykah Badu - Amerykahn Promise Paper Plane Project - Happiness is Love ft Aloe Blacc Rapper Big Pooh - Stop Oddisee x Phonte - Requiem Kendrick Lamar - Be Alright (Jarreau Vandal Remix) D'angelo & The Vanguard - The Charade Farnell Newton - Peace + Love ft Jarrod Lawson Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment x Angela Davis - Prison Came to Young Black Men Patrick Paige II - Sunshine Jose James - The Dreamer
January 17, 2016
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 034 // Farnell Newton Interview | 01.08.16
We're excited to bring you our first show of 2016 featuring trumpeter, educator, and label head, Farnell Newton. Find out his inspirations, some of his philosophies and how he linked up with Bootsy Collins, Jill Scott and up and coming musician Jarrod Lawson. We pay respects to Nick Caldwell of The Whispers and supply you with new music and classics in The Diamond Soul fashion. Enjoy! 1. Jarrod Lawson - When Will You Call ft Farnell Newton & Chance Hayden 2. Makaya McCraven - Standing on Shoulders 3. Raphael Saadiq - Be Here ft D'angelo (Ruck P Remix) 4. Damu the Fudgemunk - Colorful Storms 5. Captain Supernova - 2016 Talkbox Dreams 6. Onra - Keep on Loving Me Farnell Newton Interview Pt 1 7. Farnell Newton - Peace + Love ft Jarrod Lawson & Tony Ozier Farnell Newton Interview Pt 2 8. Tope - Take your Time ft Farnell Newton 9. Dwele - Soon I'll Be... 10. Anderson.Paak - Seven Nation Army 11. Yusef Rumperfield - Brazilian Butta Groove 12. Astrud Gilberto – Corcovado (Tokimonsta Remix) 13. Murs & 9th Wonder - Wait...Back It Up 14. Kayo - Go Home ft Miles Bonny 15. Jesse Boykins III - The Perfect Blues ft Gora Sou 16. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Havana Cool Out (Reginald Ommas Mode IV) 17. 7 Days of Funk - Hit Da Pavement with Bootsy Collins 18. en2Ak - Once a Week 19. Jonna - Through the Night (KZR Late Night Dub) 20. Jill Scott - Golden (Sir Piers 'Curious' Remix) 21. The Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing (Werkha Remix) 22. Diggs Duke - Water For Sale 23. a l l i e - Keep On 24. Abe - Mother****** 25. The Notorious B.I.G. x Foreign Exchange - Be Funk 26. The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk (Ali D Remix) 26. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - No Question
January 10, 2016
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 033 // Elaquent & Marcus Machado | 12/11/15
On this episode of The DSXXX, DJ Rahdu chats with Canadian producer Elaquent and Brooklyn guitarist Marcus Machado about their recent releases, Less is More and 29. Join him as he peeks behind the window to discover the motivation behind these albums and gain insight into their chosen musical aesthetic. Find out Elaquent's musical nemesis and what dangers to avoid while playing guitar with your teeth while enjoying this week's musical selections
December 14, 2015
DJ Rahdu - Shop Music 001: Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop Instrumental Mix
One of the most amazing stores I've ever visited was a The Blue Marlin, a boutique sneaker store in Rome, Italy. Everything about the store was couture including the music, which the owner and I discussed although there was a small language barrier. I've often fantasized what the music will sound like when I own my store and decided it would sound something like this, at least weekly. After creating and enjoying, I decided it would be cool to pass this mix along to shop owners to play in their shops as well as to patrons to enjoy while perusing wares. This comes right on time as the holiday season is upon us Shop Music is a 1 hour mix of jazz, funk and hip hop instrumentals from DJ Quik to Tall Black Guy. Enjoy, play in your shop, add to your mp3 player, and listen responsibly.
November 15, 2015
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 031 // SoulPersona Interview | 11/06/15
Soulpersona just released new album, Momentum featuring Deborah Bond, Pete Simpson, Princess Freesia and more. DJ Rahdu raps with Soulpersona to find out how he established the heralded, rare groove sound that make his releases instant classics. Enjoy stories from Soulpersona about gaining insight from Roy Ayers, chance meetings with his favorite artists and the impetus behind Momentum. Go to itunes to rate, subscribe and comment on the podcast to help us get more great interviews and gain more attention. SoulperFreesia - Don't You Wanna Be My Babe? Joyzza & The Joyous Juice - If I Ruled the World Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight (Soulpersona Remix) Vikter Duplaix - Fade It The Foreign Exchange - Milk & Honey ft Shana Tucker Soulpersona Interview 1 Charlie Wilson - I Still Have You (SoulPersona Remix) Soulpersona Interview 2 Jamiroquai - Too Young to Die (Soulpersona Remix) Soulpersona Interview 3 Soulpersona - Ride In Time Dilouya - Over the Sun ft Omar Rahsaan Patterson - It Ain't Love Social Lovers - Baby Tonight Dwele G - twuneandunda D'angelo - Brown Sugar (Incognito Molasses Mix) Erykah Badu - Umm Hmm Ledisi - Stop Livin In Your Head SoulPersona - Let it Go ft Deborah Bond Piff Gang - Elevator Music ft Princess Freesia
November 7, 2015
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 030 // Tall Black Guy Interview | 10/30/15
DJ Rahdu sits down with one of the hottest producers in 2 countries, Tall Black Guy! Take a peek behind the curtain and find out the inspiration behind the man championed by everyone from Gilles Peterson to ?uestlove to get behind the boards, what not to do when collaborating with him, and one gem he learned while sitting with the greats! 80's Babies - I Digress Zo! - This Could Be the Night ft Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Phonte (Tall Black Guy Remix) Columbia Nights - My Groove ft SassyBlack 4Hero - The Action ft Ish AKA Butterfly J Dilla - 36 Soulpersona - Ride in Time ft Princess Freesia & Carl Hudson Tall Black Guy - WaterNoEnemy Tall Black Guy Interview 1 Skyzoo - Spike Lee Was My Hero ft Talib Kweli Tall Black Guy Interview 2 Tall Black Guy - Pay Me Back My Money 14KT x Tall Black Guy - Chop Field Butcher Brown - Pimp Canes Osunlade - Jus' Anuda Groove N'dambi - Call Me The Foreign Exchange - Asking For a Friend (Stro Elliot's Roller Rink Rework) Illa J - Universe Young Jazz Giants (Cameron Graves, Stephen Bruner, Kamasi Washington, & Ronald Bruner) - YJG Turbojazz & Kae - Les Blackan The Side Steps Quintet - Follow The Jack Moves - Doublin' Down Coultrain - Green (Tall Black Guy Remix) Big K.R.I.T. - No Static ft Warren G BB & The Underground Kingz - Get Out the Way A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics to Go (Jesse Fischer Mix) Sleepy's Theme - Simply Beautiful Tall Black Guy - Talk Together Jose James - Trouble (Deep Shoq Remix) Slum Village - Too Much ft Keely Tall Black Guy - The Motor is Running Erykah Badu x The Main Ingredient - Tyrone (Aint My Style Mix) The Blackbyrds - Summer Love
November 3, 2015
DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience 027 // Jesse Fischer & Mark de Clive-Lowe Interviews | 10/09/15
Tonight's Diamond Soul XXXperience features Jesse Fischer and Mark de Clive Lowe, two artists who refuse to be confined by genre and push the musical landscape forward as a result. Find out their thoughts on being DIY vs Indie or Major label and more as they rap w/BamaLoveSoul's own DJ Rahdu. Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirits (Jesse Fischer Remix) - Soundcloud Byron the Aquarius - Daylight - Soundcloud D Maurice aka DMO! - Shades of Gray - Download Philippe Edison - Wonder Woman - King of Kings - Filthy Fortune Records ...::Jesse Fischer Interview::... Jesse Fischer x Sly5thAve - Watermelon Man - Vein Melter - Tru Thoughts ...::Jesse Fischer Interview::... Jesse Fischer - Suite for Blue Planet feat Takuya Kuroda - Day Dreamer - Rope a Dope Shaolin Jazz - Love & Heat - Byrd Over Staten Mark de Clive-Lowe - Prayer - Church - Mashibeats The Dining Rooms - Space is the Place - Do Hipsters Love Sun (Ra)? - Schema Jill Scott - Golden x The Politik - Money (Mark de Clive Lowe Mashup) Aaries - Dont Give it Up (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix) - Messages Vol 8 - Reel People Music Bobbito Garcia y Su Alala - Park Pick-Up Player (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix) - Park Pick-Up Player - ALALA records Atjazz x Mark de Clive Lowe - Sweat No Sleep(Atjazz Astro Remix) - Sweat No Sleep - Atjazz Record Complany Mark de Clive Lowe - Get Started ft Omar & Sheila E - Renegades - Tru Thoughts Estere - Reptilian Journey (Jordan Rakei Remix) - New Species - Name Your Price ...::Mark de Clive Lowe Interview::... Mark de Clive Lowe - Brukstep (Atjazz Astro Remix) - Church Remixed - Mashibeats DJ Mitsu the Beats - Rendezvous ft Mark de Clive Lowe - New Awakening - Planet Groove Erykah Badu - Afro (Jalal Remix) - R​.​O​.​U​.​G​.​H (GAME OVER) - Name Your Price Abnormal - If Only Day Dreams Were Real - Narcissistic Euphony - Name Your Price
October 11, 2015
DJ Rahdu - Love Letter 18: The Bilal Collabs
Bilal’s unique vocal style has made him a commodity within the musical community. The evidence is in the number of featured appearances he’s racked up on our favorite, notable artist’s tracks over the course of a decade and a half. It’s difficult to comprehend, though, why he’s not a mainstream, household name. His desire to maintain his artistic integrity plays a part of course, in addition to a fickle market that advocates popularity over originality. To further argue the point that more recognition is due, The Philly Phenom is more than he appears; not only is he a vocalist, he’s also a songwriter, musician and producer. Talented and instilled with a desire to create diverse music that transcends genres, Bilal is a force to be reckoned with. With 5 albums over 14 years, he’s at a one album almost every 3 year average, but the staggering number of features and productions he’s churned out is staggering. Press play and observe as Bilal blesses each track, like a chameleon, with the prefect hue to complement the soundscape provided. It’s been a true honor compiling and researching this mix as I have learned a tremendous amount about Bilal Oliver and have developed a healthy respect for him. I hope you will as well.
July 20, 2015
BLS Presents Some Jazz 17: YNQ!
Some Jazz 17 delves into the catalogues of Madlib’s many jazz personas, mosy notably Yesterday’s New Quintet. You really have to give it up to the brother for doing so well at tackling the massive strata of the Jazz genre. Madlib as YNQ represents a bridge between Jazz and Hip Hop, and as a torchbearer in this sense, his efforts should be applauded. DJ Rahdu does just that in this Love Letter to his genius and passion. For the sake of cohesion, given the hour long time frame given, this set focuses more on the funky, rare grooves, Mizell, Hip Hop building block side of jazz. Enjoy and spread the word!
March 11, 2015
Some Jazz 16
Today is Super Bowl Sunday so I present a Super Chilled out Some Jazz for you to enjoy. Composed of many recently discovered artists, I hope this compilation adds joy and stress free vibes as you root your team to victory. To those completely oblivious to the game, like myself, pop this in during Sunday dinner and marinate to the selections with a nice red. Satoshi Yoshida - The Source Matthew Halsall - The Move Nat Birchall - Ancient World Allsopp, Vosloo, Stanley, Giles - The Sleeper Impermanence Trio - In The Light With the Dark On Sebastian Spanache Trio - On Such Short Notice The Cookers Quintet - Mudbug Shuffle Verneri Pohjola - Another Day Rudy Royston - Gangs of New york RJ Spangler Trio - Back in the Day
January 31, 2015
Some Jazz 15
I recently completed Herbie Hancock's book, Possibilities. It's a testament to what can be created while remaining open-minded and adventurous within rigid and standardized institutions. Contributions from Herbie and other Jazz mavericks are what allow us to enjoy Jazz in it's multi-tiered splendor today. Their ability to create music to transcend the country clubs and jazz joints are what keep the genre popular today and constantly inspiring future generations.
January 19, 2015
Some Jazz 14
For this month's [some] jazz, Farnell Newton pulls out some new material from many great artists. So whether you like the Soulful Vocals of Jarrod Lawson or the genius keyboard playing of Cory Henry you will surely love this episode of [some] jazz. Even our very own Farnell Newton is performing on this episode with the Ezra Weiss Sextet. Otis Brown III "The Thought Of You - Part I (feat. Bilal) Ezra Weiss Sextet - Don't Need No Ticket [Live] Cyrille Aimee - Off the Wall Sharel Cassity - Over the Rainbow Gordon Lee With The Mel Brown Septet - Low Profile Joe Magnarelli - Miles Mode Dara Tucker - Time Is On Our Side Jarrod Lawson - Walk In The Park Jason Moran ft. Meshell Ndegeocello - Ain't Misbehavin’ Nicholas Payton - Six (from “Numbers” ft. Butcher Brown) Cory Henry - Gotcha Now Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit
August 31, 2014
Some Jazz 13
Every now and then the [some] jazz series will feature labels around the world that are putting out some of the finest in jazz music. The Posi-Tone catalog provides both new fans and devoted listeners with something they can count on to deliver the energy that exists in the current world of jazz. This episode of [some] jazz is curated by trumpeter, label head and friend Farnell Newton Joe Magnarelli - Easy Transition Nick Hempton - Five Ways Through Harsimus Cove Ralph Bowen - Yesterdays Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band - Maestra Brian Charette - Ease Back Michael Dease - Roppongi Jared Gold - Cubano Chant Walt Weiskopf - Night Vision Steve Fidyk - Love For Sale Sean Nowell - In the Shikshteesh Peter Brendler - Walk on the Wild Side
July 31, 2014
Some Jazz 12
The jazz world recently lost the legendary Horace Silver, a pianist, composer and bandleader who was one of the most popular and influential jazz musicians of the 1950s and ‘60s. May he R.I.P. and continue inspiring generations to come. This episode of [some] jazz is curated by trumpeter, label head and friend Farnell Newton Horace Silver - Señor Blues Cécile McLorin Salvant - I Didn't Know What Time it Was NEXT Collective - Marvins Room Mimi Jones - Nothing Like You Kevin Louis - Bodhisattva Wonderful Sounds Moonchild - The Truth Norah Jones - Peace (Horace Silver) Snarky Puppy - Lingus Theo Croker Feat Dee Dee Bridgewater - Moody's Mood For Love Lil John Roberts - Space (feat. Musiq Soulchild, Stokley, Anthony David & Eric Roberson) Madlib - Song for my Father (Horace Silver)
June 29, 2014
Some Jazz 11
For this month's [some] jazz, Farnell Newton concentrates on the vocalists and pulls out some familiar gems as well as some unexpected treats that will completely win you over. Not only is Farnell preparing a new [some] jazz for you monthly, he has also began a new label with Tony Ozier: FN|BeatsGalore. Here's to our hardworking homie! Show him some love in the comments section Rachel Eckroth - Future Emily Braden - Georgia O’keeffe Sly5thAve - Deme feat. Denitia Maria Quintanilla & Renato Diz - Flor De Lis Harvey Mason feat Chris Turner - If I Ever Lose This Heaven Lauren Desberg - Come Running To Me Cyrille Aimee & Diego Figueiredo - Just The Two Of Us Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait Unplugged Nancy King & Fred Hersh-There Will Never be Another You Jaspects feat. Chantae Can - Find My Way to Love
June 2, 2014
Some Jazz 10
Shouts out to trumpeter, label head and friend Farnell Newton for compiling this episode of [Some] Jazz 10! Relying on his vast knowledge of the genre, Farnell curates an hour long podcast that will keep you grooving while taking notes on new music that needs to be added to your library. Enjoy! Takuya Kuroda - Rising Son Joe Locke - Broken Toy Marc Cary - For Moseka Matt Slocum - Ghost Dance Noah Bernstein - Jubilee Marquis Hill - Return Of The Student B.J. Jansen - Ronin Anton Schwartz - Swamp Thang Kerry Politzer - Two Worlds Braxton Cook - Wide Open (Summer of ’95)
May 23, 2014
DJ Rahdu – Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers
Jill Scott made a comment during her performance on VH1’s Storytellers about her music selection process that stuck with me – She said that even without her, the music has to have a story of it’s own for her to write to it. Apparently she picks them well; Jill has the uncanny ability to connect to numerous demographics, an uncommon skill in today’s stratified musical climate. I’ve heard some joke that Jill’s songs are about either food or sex, and yet others that say Jill speaks to and for them. Honey Molasses is a compilation of the artists that feel that Jill’s songs could somehow help tell their story. Thanks to DJ Rahdu for selecting and mixing them for our listening pleasure. Welcome to the soundtrack of Spring!
March 16, 2014
Some Jazz 9
We’ve received numerous requests to provide a followup to our Some Jazz series. While relaxing around the house today and catching up on “new” music (I’m 3 months behind BTW), I decided to compile some ear pleasing treats from some of the cats that are presently keeping this genre alive. Make sure you look up and support these artists and their work! Also, stay on the lookout for Kris Bowers’ Heroes & Misfits dropping in March and my Vinyl?Check! 002 Jazz compilation coming soon from dusty vinyl straight to your eardrums! Cecile McLorin Salvant – I Didn’t Know What Time it Was Nat Birchall – Peace in Nineveh Henry Rasmussen – Abstractions Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet – Circuitous The Claudia Quintet +1 – Job feat. Kurt Elling Divergence Jazz Orchestra – Dear Miss Upstill Kris Bowers – Forget-Er feat. Julia Easterlin Darcy James Argue’s Secret – Construction +Deconstruction Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – The Itch
January 1, 2014
DJ Rahdu – Follow Me: D’angelo Flips, Remixes and Tributes
Much like his musical heroes, D’angelo has influenced so many, and it’s these fanatics that will mine Mr.Archer’s release for any musical nuggets of note and spread his gospel. It’s also these musically gifted fans that have remixed, flipped and covered his previous offerings to add their interpretation to his musical dialogue. Enjoy Follow Me, our tribute to the fans that have been inspired by and hopefully inspire D’angelo and encourage him to release the next album we’ll be enjoying even 18 years later.
October 27, 2013
DJ Rahdu - Mental Evolution 2
Here’s a mix I found from the early 200os while cleaning up. Compiled while I was in school for African American studies, it’s quite fitting for Black History Month and is an enjoyable listen overall.  Enjoy! Disclaimer: This is a decade old CD rip  DJ Rahdu – Mental Evolution 2 (Mix) Mental Evolution Intro A Tribe Called Quest – Ham & Eggs Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack – Be Black For Me Donnie – Cloud 9 Black Star – Brown Skin Lady Angela Davis – Targeting Women Various Artists – Freedom The Roots – Pussy Galore Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y Sarah jones – Blood Mumia Abu Jamal – A Rap Thing Mental Evolution Interlude Aretha Franklin – Young Gifted and Black Dick Gregory – American Lies Boogie Monsters – Mark of The Beast (R.S.V.) Common – Gaining One’s Definition (G.O.D.) feat Cee-Lo Obeah the Intellectual – Probable Cause Richard Pryor – Niggers vs Police Talib Kweli – The Proud Boogie Down Productions – You Must learn (Live From The Caucus Mountains) Chasing Amy Movie Excerpt Earth Wind & Fire – Keep Your Head to the Sky artwork by Gilbert Young
February 6, 2013
BamaLoveSoul presents AfroBeats Vol.1 Preview
DJ Rahdu has been working on a project for awhile now that fuses "afro beats" from his favorite bands with popular acapellas to create a stunning listening experience. Check out Quantic and BrownOut x Snoop Dogg in this preview and get prepared for more AfroBeats soon!
August 26, 2012
The BamaLoveSoul Bossa Mix
Prepare for a hour long mix of modern interpretations of Brazilian tunes as hot as midday weather! Perfect for grilling and pic-nic ing | BamaLoveSoul is bringing the fireworks! Enjoy!
July 3, 2012
DJ Rahdu – Something The Roots Made
From The Square Roots to The Legendary Roots Crew, the Philadelphia hip hop band has always been well deserving of their highly respected status. When I listen to The Roots now, like most artists, their style has changed and I find myself yearning for their older Organix – Illadelph Halflife sound, y’know the soulful stuff. It was also around this time that they were cranking out remixes for others that really added to their quickly growing acclaim. Here is a quick mix I put together for the fans of The Roots who may not be aware of some of these remixes or for those who have heard that they exist but could never locate them. Enjoy!
September 23, 2010