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The Bandit Fiction Podcast

The Bandit Fiction Podcast

By Bandit Fiction
Each month we'll be bringing you up a selection of stories and poems from our collections. Featuring some of the best emerging and indie writers around, each work is specially chosen by our editorial team, and we're super excited to be able to share them through this exciting new medium.
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Episode 3

The Bandit Fiction Podcast

Episode 3
Sponsored by the wonderful We Love In Small Moments by Melissa Boles (coming May 2021), this month's episode features: Mark's Journey by Michael Bird The Infinite Woes of Being a Hero by David Christopher Johnston Where The Water Runs Clear by Stephen Brophy
March 29, 2021
Episode Two - Bury the Box, Unpopular Opinions, and The Thirteenth Story
We're so pleased to be back with our second episode, which this time features an interview with writer Joe Gibbs, a special shout out for The Wondrous Real, and three wonderful stories. This month's stories are:Bury the Box by Letitia Payne (read by...
February 20, 2021
Episode One - The Meeting, Bonobot, and I Did Not Write This Story
Sponsored by the wonderful Shannon Savvas, this month's episode features three amazing stories, as well as an interview with writer Robert Levett-Millett, and a special shout out to a fantastic indie publishing project, Streetcake Magazine. This month's...
January 9, 2021