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The Fall of Western Civilization

The Fall of Western Civilization

By Jeremiah Espinoza
The bane of America's existence: millennials just sitting around discussing pop culture.
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"We Live in a (Dystopian) Society"
Vendettas, trains, legos, and more come up during this week's discussion: our favorite dystopian films.
April 29, 2020
The Rise of Superman
Spider-Man fans, we need to talk. Superman is now the nation's most favorite costumed crimefighter. In this episode, we discuss the whys and hows that led to the dethroning of the long-standing king in the medium. 
April 6, 2020
The Worst Pandemics in Film
Would it be harder to survive the demonic virus in REC or the Rage strain in 28 Days Later? Does Contagion or The Last Man on Earth take us down a darker road for humanity? Andy and Jeremiah discuss the pandemics in film that, in short, would absolutely suck to actually have to live through.
March 25, 2020