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Almost Home

Almost Home

By Banner Studios
In Banner Media's debut audio production, we follow Rover-a solitary space explorer-as she records her findings and musings in a series of personal audio logs. As Rover and her AI companion wander from planet to planet, marvelous discoveries lead to new revelations about the past generations, as well as the future of her personal mission.
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Episode 3
Spurred on by her recent discoveries, Rover finds and explores a large abandoned Navigator base, which leads to a discovery that will redefine her personal mission
January 2, 2021
Episode 2
On a new, more temperate planet, Rover undertakes an extended expedition to a fascinatingly alien subterranean realm. While there, she has a marvelous musical encounter.
December 26, 2020
Episode 1
Rover records her first audio logs, in which she muses about her isolation, starts a tour of her ship, plays a game with her AI companion, TT, and finds something very close to home in an otherwise inhospitable location.
December 16, 2020