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EP 5: How to Improve Your People Skills Even if you are an Introvert (Emotional Intelligence)

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By Barbara Gini
Weekly Micro-Podcast where service-based business expert & coach, Barbara Gini, shares her success secrets with housekeepers, cleaners, Maids and other Home Service professionals & business owners: gain more respect, earn more money and elevate your service from "So-So" to "Five Star"!

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EP 5: How to Improve Your People Skills Even if you are an Introvert (Emotional Intelligence)
This week: We talk about how to improve your people skills, why its important and 5 easy ways to raise your emotional intelligence. Further Reading: This is a quick, fun and informative quiz. 20 images that you look at and select which emotion is expressed. (You don't have to give an e-mail or sign up for an account!)  Emotional Intelligence Quiz  - (GreaterGood.berkeley/edu) 
July 29, 2019
EP 4: 5 Ways to Deal With Toxic People
In today's Episode: Toxic people-clients, vendors, employees, love to push our buttons and gain attention & steal our time, energy and happiness by getting us to react to their illogical whims. Learn what to look for and 5 effective ways to manage a toxic client.  Additional Reading:  How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People (  How to Deal with Difficult People (Without Becoming One Yourself) Jack Canfield
July 22, 2019
EP 3: Why You Need to Put Down Your Phone
In this week's episode: what happens when you get distracted,  the true cost of your distractions, and three ways you can be more focused, less stressed, serve clients better & enjoy your work more! Further Reading: How Distractions at Work Take Up More Time Than You Think (I Done This Blog)
July 15, 2019
EP2: The True Meaning of "Service".
In this week's episode, we discuss what "service" truly means,  how to  shift from a persecuted mindset to a service mindset, how to release the  stigma of being a service professional and what you can do to have a  more client-focused approach to your work.  
July 8, 2019
EP1: Welcome to the Eclectic Domestic's Podcast
This week we  define the terms, "micro business" and "micro-preneur", talk about the  purpose of this podcast, give you a bit of my own background story,  briefly discuss why mindset is so important, and highlight some of the  topics of upcoming episodes. 
July 1, 2019
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