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Barbarian Rhetoric

Barbarian Rhetoric

By Nathan
Savage thoughts from men, fathers, brothers and friends, all working to provide helpful insight to assist others on their journeys.
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Barbarian Rhetoric

#014 "Elder Knowledge" w/ Joe Shoemaker & Scot Ortlip

Barbarian Rhetoric

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#015 "Turning Wrenches" w/Doug McCoy
Nathan hosts Doug, aka Mugs. We take a look at his journey to becoming a mechanic. Some funny stories along the way.  Some of the differences between dealer & Indy shops. A pause for technical difficulties and then the best way to become a mechanic today.  Follow Doug on IG @thelearnedkiltsman Follow Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric Website
September 13, 2020
#014 "Elder Knowledge" w/ Joe Shoemaker & Scot Ortlip
Nathan hosts Joe, a father, leader, elder of knowledge & Scott, a young man with a passion and thirst for knowledge.  The mindset & action of being a ritual elder to the discussion of initiations the men have as they grow. Follow Joe on IG @siger_eda_valhalla Follow Scott on IG @thescortlip Follow Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz
September 6, 2020
#013 "Philosophy's Labrynith" w/ Michael Cooper
In a roller-coaster of a philosophical conversation, Nathan and Michael dig into history with "Failure of The Enlightenment."  Follow Michael on Twitter @Charliedelto Follow Nathan on Twitter @steeljanz
August 29, 2020
#012 "The Russian Connection" w/ Avtoritet
In this episode Nathan sits down with phenom Avtoritet to discuss Mega Threads, cigars and family. Follow Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz Follow Avtoritet on Twitter @TheAvtoritet
August 22, 2020
#011 "Beast Mode Engaged" w/ Joel Blanton
Nathan talks with the Baby Silverback himself, Joel Blanton, about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, leadership, energy, and connecting with nature. Follow Nathan on twitter & IG @steeljanz Follow Joel on Twitter @BlantonJoel & IG @baby_silverback Become savagely clean at
August 14, 2020
#010 "Bold & Adventurous" w/ Nick Lowary
Nathan is joined by Nick Lowary to discuss mountaineering & leadership. Follow Nathan on Twitter @steeljanz Follow Nick on Twitter @nicklowary Sponsored by
August 8, 2020
#009 "The Endless Cycle" w/ Jay L
In this episode, Nathan sits down with Canadian cyclist Jay L to discuss his passion for cycling and music and how they shaped his life, as well as the start of his "1000km in a Month Challenge." Follow Nathan on Twitter @steeljanz Follow Jay on IG @jays_backyard_adventures Follow the blog at Become Savagely Clean at
August 1, 2020
#008 Round Table Discussion 2 "Fathers & Daughters"
Nathan sits down with four men to discuss a topic yet to be touched upon, and one of great importance:  being fathers of ONLY girls. Follow today's guests on Twitter: Phil @EvolvedPhil TW Becket @TW_Beckett JimeeGee @JimeeGee John @Sonisrising2019 Visit our website at Become savagely clean with ©2020 Barbarian Rhetoric. All Rights Reserved.
July 25, 2020
#007 "The Christian & the Pagan" w/ Joe Shoemaker & Joseph Smith
Nathan hosts Joseph, a Christian pastor & Joe, a Pagan weightlifter, as they have a civilized, common ground discussion regarding their differing beliefs. Follow Joseph on Twitter @JDManly18 Follow Joe on IG @siger_eda_valhalla Follow Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz
July 18, 2020
#006 "Is It All Speculative?" w/ Neovictorian & Graeme Smith
Nathan sits down with Graeme Smith & Neovictorian to discuss a variety of topics from The reHumanist Manifesto & Scientology to sex scenes in literature & surgical assassination. Follow Nathan on Twitter @steeljanz Follow Grame on Twitter @smith_graeme Follow Neovictorian on Twitter @neovictorian23 Sanity on @amazon Reality on @amazon Intelligence - in the works Mentioned book by SG Smith Te Kereru Book 1 - Shaking the nest Te Kereru Book 2 - Shaking the nest
July 11, 2020
#005 "Rise of the Argonaut" w/ Jayson the Argonaut
Jayson the Argonaut is a fitness & empowerment coach who also hosts a podcast of his own, The Primal Fire. In this episode he sits down with Nathan to discuss Independence, fitness & the importance of mentoring. Follow Jayson on Twitter @theprimalfire Follow Nathan on Twitter @steeljanz
July 4, 2020
#004 "Fathers & Sons" hosted by Nathan
Nathan, Anthony, Colton, and Jerry, all fathers of teenage boys, sit down to discuss the trials of being fathers to teen sons, as well as the tests these young men are facing and will face going forward.  Nathan All in one place Guest: Anthony Migliorino Twitter  @peacefulfathers Website Jerry Twitter @men_of_grit Website Colton Twitter @ColtonDGreat
June 27, 2020
#003 "Looking to the Future through Peaceful Fatherhood" w/ Anthony Migliorino
Nathan and Anthony sit down to discuss the polite savage's upcoming website, peaceful fathers and parenting and looking to the future with our sons and daughters. Nathan All in one place Guest: Anthony Migliorino Twitter  @peacefulfathers Website
June 21, 2020
#002 Sanity & Reality w/ Neovictorian
In this episode, Nathan sits down with author Neovictorian to discuss his novels Sanity &Reality among other topics.  Nathan All in one place Guest Neovictorian @neovictorian23
June 13, 2020
#001 Round Table Discussion 1 - World Decline
Steel Janz & Jayson the Argonaut co-host this episode featuring four of our Barbarian Rhetoric brothers to discuss world decline, lack of masculine presence & the strong conquering the weak. Nathan All in one place Jayson the Argonaut @theprimalfire Guests Joseph Smith @JDManly18 Anthony Migliorino @PeacefulFathers Joe sigur_eda_valhalla Scott Barker @GileadBays
June 6, 2020
"Do You Know Your Final Death Song?" by Steel Janz
Do you know what's coming, and more importantly, are you prepared for it?
May 23, 2020
"Men Want to be Heard & Given Actionable Advice" by Chris DeCicco
Is masculinity naught but a "curable" social construct that should be mandated and thus destroyed by those who choose to be intimidated by it? Chris DeCicco says no, and we stand with him.
May 18, 2020
"To Him Who is in Fear" by J. M. Shoemaker
A powerful write-up on fear, how it affects us & how to go forth in spite of it.
May 4, 2020
"If You Are Miserable, It Is Your Own Fault" by Padre
The first in a series of audio blogs from the writers behind Barbarian Rhetoric.
May 2, 2020