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Behind the Bra

Behind the Bra

By Barbells for Boobs
There is a lack of education about the benefits of physical activity for breast cancer patients and survivors and little access to safe and effective fitness instruction. Health and fitness protocol are currently not part of most breast cancer treatment and survivorship plans.
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Kristin, Stage 4

Behind the Bra

Dr. Amydee
Being “cancer-free” is not enough anymore.  Does that sound like a controversial statement to you? Want to learn why?  Tune in to hear Keisha, the Mental Performance Coach at Barbells for Boobs and oncology pharmacist and cancer fighter, Dr. Amydee, in our latest edition of Behind the Bra Podcast. You will learn how exercise and nutrition impact hot flashes, the truth about alcohol consumption by those impacted by breast cancer, the importance of eating protein and why you don’t have to beat yourself up with exercise to lose weight. Find this episode within any of your podcast resources then subscribe so you don’t miss any future shows highlighting the Resources After Diagnosis (RAD) Program at Barbells for Boobs. Learn more about @amydeepharmd and her annual powerlifting fundraiser benefitting Barbells for Boobs, @deadlift4cancer today. #barbellsforboobs #deadlift4cancer
October 21, 2021
Pink on Pride
“He (my son) will be raised by two women. I’ve seen it happen where someone is raised with two dads, two moms, there is this automatic thought that “Oh no, they’re going to be gay too.” If that’s what he wants, then that’s what he wants.” “Disclaimer with this Pink on Pride Behind the Bra Podcast: There will be a lot of sex talk. Breast cancer is a very sexual diagnosis. Breasts are a part of a sexual being.” - Z She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34. Five years later, Melissa Barreras-Espinoza considers herself in remission and is looking forward to motherhood with her partner Jaclyn and newborn son, Rogan. To put it proudly, Melissa is a lesbian woman who has a newborn and is in remission from breast cancer. NOTE: I am not 100% sure on the name/spelling of her partner. For our June Beyond the Bra Pink on Pride podcast, Melissa joins CEO and Founder Zionna Hanson to discuss a set list of topics. Get ready for a funny, open, honest, tear-jerking and relatable conversation. There will be many takeaways and learning opportunities but Melissa capped off her conversation with Z with the following message. “I would like to reach out to the men and women (particularly the women listening), who know in themselves they love other women and they are afraid to come out about it,” said Melissa. “You will feel so much better if you live an authentic life. Even if you lose a couple of people, like I said before ‘Peace’. You will meet a lot of other people who in the community, once you allow yourself to be in the community, or just be yourself, you will respect and love yourself so much more. That’s the message I want to close with. Love is love. Your organization accepts everyone as they are and I love that about you guys.” Be sure to subscribe to the Barbells for Boobs YouTube channel to catch this Pink on Pride Behind the Bra podcast fresh off the mic. You can also head to our website and spend some quality time with our entire library of podcasts under the programs menu. If you are taking it on the run, the Behind the Bra podcast can be found at Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, Tunein and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.
June 01, 2021
Aimee, Stage 1
Aimee is a breast cancer survivor, fur mommy, and a health and beauty publicist from upstate New York. She grew up in New York City and has been in the beauty and fashion industry for nearly 25 years. Life was going smooth for Aimee and her husband when she unexpectedly found a lump on her breast. Soon after, at her regular screening, Aimee would hear the life changing news that she was living with breast cancer.  Join us on this weeks Behind the Bra Podcast as Aimee shares her story, including how she stumbled upon Barbells for Boobs and how her love of fitness has been reignited through the BFB RAD programs.  Aimee's  biggest lesson from breast cancer? "Don't be afraid of the small things; to try something new."  #barbellsforboobs #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor # BehindtheBra #podcast #SheMovesUs
March 24, 2021
Kristen, Stage 3A
Kristen is a wife, mom, CrossFit athlete, scuba diver, and veterinarian from New Jersey. She first noticed a lump on her breast shortly after she stopped breast feeding her daughter at the end of 2019, but it wasn't until her husband noticed that Kristen decided to go in for her mammogram. Less than a month later, in January 2020, she heard those life changing words: "You have breast cancer." Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast and hear Kristen's incredible story as she shares how she walked through a cancer diagnosis and treatment during a global pandemic, how she got involved with Barbells for Boobs, and how she has learned to be okay living with the unknown.  #barbellsforboobs #BehindTheBra #podcast #breastcancer #inspiration #SheMovesUs
March 10, 2021
Laurianna, Stage 1
The Behind the Bra Podcast is back!! We are starting 2021 off with an incredible story from Laurianna. She is a mom, friend, athlete, badass firefighter/paramedic, student of life, and a breast cancer survivor. Laurianna grew up involved in athletics, participating in gymnastics and running track in high school and then rowing in college, before she began testing for local fire departments Southern California.  Laurianna reminds us that whether in day to day life or throughout a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, doors will open exactly when they are supposed to. Join us for the Behind the Bra Podcast this week as Laurianna discusses the jaw dropping statistics of cancer in the fire service profession, how she learned to set boundaries in her life and focus only on the things that inspire her, and most importantly, how she learned to be patient with herself.
February 17, 2021
Kate, Stage 2
Kate is a mom, coffee lover, breast cancer survivor, and all-around badass from Houston, Texas. She is a mom to two kids and teaches 8th grade language arts. Kate was first diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2019, just three years after her mom's diagnosis.  In the midst of treatment, Kate had to face her failing marriage, the death of her beloved family dog, as well as all the trauma a cancer diagnosis brings. But in the midst of it all, Kate discusses how these life changing effects refocused her attention to her kids and her schooling and how she is learning to love life through it all. And how she is doing it all with the support of her parents and her RAD BFB family.  In this weeks Behind the Bra Podcast, Kate emphasizes the importance of showing up for yourself and learning to speak up if you feel like you are not getting the help and the care you need; and that being present is what of the best gifts you can give to those around you.
December 18, 2020
Sarah, Stage 2
“We have to go through dark moments in order to grow. To be better” Sarah is a breast cancer survivor, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a special needs mom originally from Michigan. She first met her firefighter husband while working as a paramedic and they now live in Ohio with their two daughters. When Sarah was twenty weeks pregnant with her second daughter she was told her daughter might never walk or talk due to a condition called hydrocephalus. The first year of Meghan’s life, Sarah and her husband were living in survival mode: going to three doctor appointments a week, managing their jobs, and raising their older daughter, Addison. Sarah felt a lump in her breast while nursing Meghan and on her first visit to the doctor, she was told it was a milk cyst. Keeping an eye on it, she went back six months later and this time the doctor felt another lump. This time it was breast cancer. Sarah met her diagnosis head-on with her support system right beside her. Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week and hear how Sarah navigated going through treatment at just 32 years old, all while raising her two young kids. And listen and she shares the GOOD that came from her diagnosis, including how she learned what it means to be healthy.
December 11, 2020
Sherri, Stage 1
"When your world is falling apart, is when the healing begins." Sherri is a Breast Cancer survivor, Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor, mom and wife from Cleveland, Ohio. She is also an athlete, a yogi, and an avid crossfitter. Sherri grew up involved in athletics, participating in gymnastics through high school and later becoming a dedicated runner. So when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 21 years old, her world stood still. Sherri's lymphoma treatment consisted of mantle radiation, which put her at an even higher risk for breast cancer, to which she was no stranger; Sherri lost both her grandmother and aunt to breast cancer. In August of 2018, she heard those words 'you have breast cancer.'  On this week's Behind the Bra Podcast, Sherri shares her experience being a two-time cancer survivor, the trauma effects of a cancer diagnosis, and how through it all she has still learned that gratitude is the most important thing to embrace.
November 26, 2020
Natina, Stage 2
Natina was born and raised in San Jose, Ca and after experiencing some childhood trauma she found comfort and control in a world of sports and athletics. She grew up playing soccer, and running track and cross country. Natina found a sense of freedom in fitness and eventually even joined the Marines, serving for five years. Natina now lives in South Carolina with her husband and three sons and continues to crave fitness to help keep her grounded. While the world was entering an unknown chaos back in March of this year, Natina was faced with a fear even more personal, when on March 6th she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Tune is to episode 3 of The Good Series from the Behind The Bra podcast as Natina discusses navigating her diagnosis and her treatment during a global pandemic and how she was able to find so much GOOD around her this year: including learning the importance of self care and how love might just be the greatest gift received.
November 11, 2020
Amanda, Stage 2
"It's ok to take up space in this world and advocate for yourself. Learn how to ask for help." The Behind the Bra Podcast: GOOD series, episode 2 kicks off with Amanda. Originally from Northern California, Amanda bounced around the west coast for about ten years before settling in Temecula. She is no stranger to hard work. Amanda first began pursuing a degree in music performance at California State University Long Beach, but eventually moved back up north to Sacramento, after her mom got sick, where she earned her Masters in Child Development.  While taking care of her mom and working full time, Amanda had a few health scares of her own, before being diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in March of 2019 at only 32 years old.  Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast to hear Amanda's story, how she learned to advocate for her health, and what the GOOD was that came out of her breast cancer diagnosis.
October 28, 2020
GOOD - Wendy
We are kicking off the Behind the Bra Good Series with Wendy Nielsen, a registered dietitian, photographer, and CrossFit athlete from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Wendy was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in September of 2018 at the age of 40. Having watched her mom navigate a breast cancer diagnosis 13 years earlier, Wendy opted to have a double mastectomy in order to forgo other treatment options.  It took a while for her to come out of the dust of her diagnosis, and through two surgeries, Wendy admits she was mostly living in survival mode, thinking that she'd forget all about this time of her life once it was all over. But as we've heard from most of the women in our programs, the emotional effects of a diagnosis last a lifetime.  In this first episode of the GOOD series, Wendy discusses all the good that has come from receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, her growing relationship with her family and learning the meaning of self-care. To hear more about the good, tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast 2.0: The GOOD Series. And to learn more about Wendy's story, check out episode 20 of the Behind the Bra Podcast.
October 21, 2020
Lori, Stage 2
"You can make the CHOICE to be positive" Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week as Lori Shaw is joined by her awesome husband Nick and together they discuss the struggles of a breast cancer diagnosis while also highlighting the good things the diagnosis has brought to their family. Lori and Nick are a perfect example of a healthy and active couple and the fact that breast cancer does not discriminate. They first met in New York City where they were both living at the time. Lori's active lifestyle led her to a personal training gym where Nick would eventually become her personal trainer. Lori is the author of several cookbooks, including one mini-ecookbook that was just released on Monday (10/12) and Nick is the founder of RP Strength, a nutrition and diet coaching app. His book, Fit for Success, will be out in early November.   When Lori had pain in her armpit and a small lump, the doctors assured her it was nothing and the health care system even pushed back on her decision to have an ultrasound. Shortly after advocating for her health, Lori was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Join us as Lori and Nick discuss cancer during Covid, what it takes to run a successful business, and how looking at the good in a time of despair is the healthiest thing you can do for your family. Don't miss this long-anticipated, incredible Behind the Bra podcast episode! #barbellsforboobs #breastcancer #nonprofit #charity #breastcancersurvivor #BehindTheBra #podcast #RaiseTheBar
October 14, 2020
Robin, Stage 2
"You need to be your own advocate for your health" Robin is a mom, physical therapist, competitive athlete, and a breast cancer survivor/ thriver who reminds us that breast cancer DOES NOT discriminate. Robin grew up in a military family and lived in 10 different states before entering college. Her dedication to gymnastics as a young girl gave her drive and purpose. It not only prepared her for her physically active future, but it also taught her structure and discipline in school, in athletics, and in life. Robin's history competing in gymnastics set her up for success in the world of CrossFit and eventually, she became competitive in CrossFit as well. Like a lot of the women in our programs, Robin admits that at the time of her breast cancer diagnosis, she was the healthiest she's ever been. When she first discovered a lump on Christmas Eve in 2015, she had just finished the '12 days of Chrismas' WOD. Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast and listen to Robin's incredible story as she stresses the importance of advocating for your health, that it is OKAY to get a 2nd opinion, and that breast cancer doesn't discriminate! #barbellsforboobs #breastcancer #charity #behindthebra #podcast #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerTHRIVER
October 07, 2020
Kristin, Stage 4
"Breast cancer made me realize what was important in life. People will remember how you made them feel" Kristin is a badass warrior of breast cancer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up an active kid, Kristin was always involved in sports and at 14 even decided she wanted to be a bodybuilder.  No matter the goals set before her, Kristin prides herself on always accomplishing them. From pursuing a career as an Air Traffic Controller to eventually reaching that goal of being on stage at a bodybuilding competition, she lets nothing stand in her way. It was only 2 months after her first competition and 2 months before her second, that while in the best shape of her life, Kristin heard the words "you have breast cancer."  Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week to listen to Kristin's story while she explains how she navigated multiple breast cancer diagnoses and how she refuses to let her metastatic diagnosis stop her!
September 16, 2020
Katie, Stage 1
Mother, athlete, currently going through treatment "Realize you can't control everything and that's okay." Katie is a mom and an athlete from New Hampshire and she is currently going through treatment for Stage 1 Breast Cancer. She grew up an athlete. Always active and involved in sports, Katie has valued health and fitness her whole life. After being involved in CrossFit for a short time, Katie and her husband became CF coaches and eventually opened their own gym.  At 34 years old, Katie was in the best shape of her life when, on March 25th of this year, just days after Covid-19 forced the country into a lockdown, Katie's world was turned completely upside down when she heard those life-changing words, "You have breast cancer."  Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week and listen as Katie shares how she coped with her diagnosis while dealing with a global pandemic, and how she has always tried to find the positives in negative situations.
September 09, 2020
Angela, Stage 2
"Cancer has been a part of my life, but it is NOT my life." This week's Behind the Bra Podcast features Angela who is a complete and total badass!! She is a motorcycle riding, weightlifting/powerlifting mom, and athlete and breast cancer survivor for over 20 years. With a ton of athletic achievements under her belt, Angela is proof that breast cancer does not discriminate. After her diagnosis at just 29 years old, Angela showed what it meant to be an advocate for your health. She went through 4 doctors before she was finally given a lumpectomy! Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast and hear Angela's story and listen as she explains how a preacher machine may have saved her life and how breast cancer is a good enough excuse to go buy your dream car.
September 02, 2020
Mary, Stage 0
"Don't take life for granted. Be strong. Be mindful of those around you" Mary is a personal trainer and community health educator originally from Staten Island, NY and now resides in central New Jersey. Mary embraced her athletic ability at a young age, recognizing that sports gave her confidence and ultimately saved her life. On September 10, 2001, Mary enlisted in the Army and served for 6 years. Did you know that women in the military are 20-40% more likely to get breast cancer?! When Mary was born, doctors told her parents that she wouldn't amount to much, because of a facial birth defect. With the unconditional love of her parents, Mary was taught how to be strong early on.  Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week as Mary shares with us her incredible story of perseverance through childhood struggles, discrimination, and how she navigated a breast cancer diagnosis at just 33 years old.
August 26, 2020
Sarah, Stage 1
"Shit Happens; things fall into place" Sarah is a breast cancer survivor and fitness enthusiast from Seattle, Washington. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sarah has traveled and lived all over the world. From South Africa (her favorite) all the way to Taiwan. She settled in Seattle nearly four years ago when her job in Occupational Health and Safety pointed her to the Pacific Northwest.  At just 31 years old she got a feeling that something wasn't quite right with her body and she confidently brought her concerns to her doctor. Having been an athlete for most of her life, and involved in CrossFit for several years, Sarah was in the best shape of her life, when she heard the unexpected words, "You have Breast Cancer." Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast and listen to Sarah's heartwarming story as she candidly explains the struggles of decision making that a diagnosis brings and how sometimes all you have to do is flip a coin.
August 19, 2020
Emma, Stage 0
"Don't sweat the small stuff. Be true to yourself. It doesn't have to be a death sentence." Emma is a wife, mom, athlete, and survivor from Redondo Beach, California. She came to America from Australia to pursue a Kinesiology degree and this path eventually led her to become a PE teacher, as well as a school counselor. A long family history of breast cancer motivated Emma to seek early detection methods and at 25 years old Emma began getting her yearly mammograms. Because of her knowledge about the importance of early detection, her physical education background, and her fitness level, when she went in for her first biopsy, the words "You're not supposed to be here" were heard often.  Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast and listen as Emma shares her unbelievable story about how she didn't know she had breast cancer until after the fact and how the choices she made to be preventatively saved her life.
August 12, 2020
Katelyn, Stage 2
"I've learned so much about patience. We need to be less busy" Katelyn is a 30-year-old wife, sister, survivor, and athlete from Poland, Maine, and was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at just 29 years old. Katelyn has considered herself an athlete since childhood, participating in nearly every sport and even pursuing soccer and softball into college. She was introduced to CrossFit 10 years ago when she and her sister were looking for a good way to stay in shape. A well-rounded athlete, Katelyn also pursued her dream of running a marathon.  Katelyn and her husband had just bought a new home, Katelyn was staying busy at work, and was in the best shape of her life when she found out she was pregnant. Right when life seemed to be on the right track, Katelyn was faced with the most heartbreaking loss a woman could endure. And THEN came those words, "You have breast cancer." You do not want to miss the Behind the Bra Podcast this week to hear Katelyn's inspiring story of heartbreak and healing as she unveils how she walked through her diagnosis while dealing with everything else life had to throw at her.
August 05, 2020
Miranda, Stage 2B
Miranda MacKay – look for gratitude in the little things Miranda is a Michigan native, living just outside of Detroit, and while she always considered herself the outdoorsy type, it was a long time before she finally started to recognize herself as the badass ATHLETE she is. After being dedicated to her corporate job for most of her adult life, Miranda switched gears at 35 years old, quit her job, and began yoga teacher training. It was the next day that she found a lump in her breast. Listen to this week’s podcast as Miranda openly discusses her breast cancer journey with us, and holds nothing back! From being in the best health of her life to hearing her doctor tell her she’ll have to wait a year after surgery to attempt a single push up, Miranda walks us through all her fears, decisions, and “what ifs” after her initial diagnosis. And listen and she reminds us all that athletic ability comes in many varieties.
July 22, 2020
Stefanie, Stage 1
“Don’t take the little things for granted.” Stefanie spent most of her childhood in Michigan involved in athletics.  Her cheerleading talents took her from base to flyer in high school, and eventually she ended up coaching high school competitive cheer, where she met her husband, who she’s been with now for 22 years. Stefanie still refers to this as some of her favorite memories of her lifetime. Like a lot of women, Stefanie always put others above herself. Working, while taking care of her husband and 3 daughters, Stefanie put her health and fitness on hold. That is until she found CrossFit. Finding the CrossFit community five years ago catapulted her into a time she describes as ‘never fitter in my life.’ And then she heard those words: “You have breast cancer.” Listen as Stefanie explains how she learned not to take the little things for granted and that breast cancer does not discriminate. And join us for this intimate conversation as she explains her decision to go flat.
July 08, 2020
Molly, Stage 1
Throw your fit, then put your big girl panties on. Feel life when it’s hard, but don’t stay there.   Go find your happiness.   These are bold words from Molly Fulton, who shared with us, her beautiful story about overcoming trauma and learning how to be grateful for a breast cancer diagnosis. When Molly enlisted in the Navy, she was told she'd be a good fit as a Naval Secretary, but she knew she wanted more, and eventually, she served in the Navy as an Airman. Life was moving right along when, at only 19 years old, she lost her first child while she was 5 months pregnant. The heartache continued when, just a few months later, her mother passed away. After spending some time in Arizona and giving birth to two amazing children, Molly moved back to the east coast with her kids, hoping to provide them with better education, and escaping an abusive marriage at the same time. Life started to come together while she built a career in health and human services, finished her college degree, and eventually remarried. Life was GOOD. This was until her brother passed away at the age of 42. Her life turned upside down. Devastated, she did her best to "feel the pain, but not stay there and put her big girl panties on." And right as she began to heal, she heard those words,: You Have Breast Cancer.   Tune in to hear the rest of Molly's story, and listen as she shares how she "put her big girl panties on" and found the GOOD that comes out of her diagnosis.
June 17, 2020
Alicia, Stage 2
I have more passion to live. 7 years after losing her father to cancer, Alicia found herself sitting with her Oncologist talking through her treatment options for breast cancer.   She and her husband had just returned from their honeymoon and they were both in the best shape of their lives.  She admits the wedding had a lot to do with that. It was the day before Thanksgiving in 2018, at the young age of 36,  when she heard the news that would change her life forever.  She and her husband were planning for a family at any minute.  Everything stopped.  That holiday weekend surrounded by family and food, they were both able to process the news and armor up for what would be a year of treatment and a few more years of waiting to even try to become parents. Tune in to Alicia’s incredible story of living life day by day.  Let her remind you not to worry about the small stuff, and that it’s ok if people aren’t there for you.  Her breast cancer diagnosis brought many great things.  She found out who her real friends were, how to fight no matter what, and how to be the best version of yourself.
June 10, 2020
Maureen, Stage 2
You are tougher than you think. Maureen was a new mom with big dreams with her new born daughter.   She was struggling with her new role more than she was expecting.  Nothing was going as “planned” from birth to breastfeeding to the simple pleasure of enjoying motherhood.  Was something wrong? 9 months after giving birth, she found a lump on her breast.  She was sure it was nothing.  She was healthy, young only 34 years old, there is no way this was a concern.  She was an avid marathon runner, CrossFitter and had healthy habits.  So, the day she went in for her Mammogram she was sure to come out of it just fine. 3 appointments later, she heard the words, You have breast cancer.  Take a listen in on her incredible story of motherhood and breast cancer.  How to win at both and how both experience have given her the ultimate life lesson, that everything is temporary.  Enjoy the good and know the bad doesn’t last forever.
June 03, 2020
The Good Season - Prelude
The GOOD that comes from being diagnosed with Breast Cancer?! How does that even make sense? Isn’t it an oxymoron? *** Our Behind the Bra Podcast is entering its second season and this time it’s all about the GOOD things that a breast cancer diagnosis can lead to. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the challenges and heartache that breast cancer brings, which is why, in season two, we are inviting back a few of our guests from season one to come talk about the GOOD they have found in the struggles they have gone through. I’ll be kicking off this first episode by sharing my experiences with breast cancer. I was only 29 when my best friend Cecy was diagnosed. She was 26, and was initially denied screening because of her age. I took my fear, pain, and anger, and I channeled it towards something bigger. Something that would eventually become Barbells for Boobs. Years later, while I was helping women every day through this organization, my sister Jenny was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and later passed away in April 2018. Finding the good in this seemed impossible at the time. But our amazing community let me know that good was possible. That is the goal with this second season: The Good Series. The goal is for survivors and co-survivors to share their stories and bring a light of hope to women early in their breast cancer journey. We want you to know that you are not alone in your fear and in your pain. And we also want you to know that there will be good that comes out of this – even if you can’t see it right now. Join us each week as survivors share their stories of how breast cancer positively impacted their lives. And help us bring hope to those who are just beginning their breast cancer journey.
May 20, 2020
Kelsey, Stage 1A
“Don’t let fear hold you back” were six words Kelsey Hackem would have never thought she would be saying after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old. Her life in Columbus, Ohio was simple and beautiful. She belonged to an awesome CrossFit community, was practicing law at a non-profit, and was in a great relationship. She never imagined that going in for her annual check up would be the day that changed her life. Kelsey considers herself lucky, that despite her young age, she was still insisted by her midwife to get a lump checked out that was felt during her clinical breast exam. She never considered anything would come of it. Listen in on how Kelsey did not let her breast cancer diagnosis stop her from training through treatment, moving across the country and becoming an avid cyclist, and how she reminds us the importance of advocating for yourself. Her story will be sure to inspire you to “not let fear hold you back!”
May 14, 2020
Margarita, Stage 2B
Growing up in Puerto Rico, Margarita's extraordinary zest for life was evident from early on.  After traveling the world as her husband served our country in the Air Force, she, her husband, and their two daughters settled in Missouri. Margarita never could have imagined that at 43 years old, while she was in the best shape of her life, that the lump she found on her chest would be breast cancer.  Join us as Margarita shares with us how after finishing treatment just 4 months ago, she has learned that every moment matters, and how she has always been exactly where she needed to be.
May 06, 2020
Michelle, Stage 0 & 2
At the young age of 32, Michelle McGree was about to take on the hardest endeavor of her life, a second Breast Cancer diagnosis.  Which meant 3 months of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and hormonal therapy for years to come.   Michelle walks us through her decision to study fishery biology, get a double mastectomy after her first diagnosis at age 28 and become an advocate for breast cancer research.  You will learn some cool things about fish and how to be the person you are meant to be.   Breast cancer has it’s gifts and this was Michelles gift.
April 30, 2020
Jessica, Stage 3
We can all do hard things. Come join Jessica Pinkall as she explains how this became her mantra. She will take us on a walk through her life, beginning with her early athletic achievements, through her struggles with her body image and even her awesome victory in the biggest loser challenge with her local radio station. The day she was diagnosed would change her life forever. Listen in to hear how Jessica was able to manage motherhood, continue teaching, and stay active at the young age of 37, all during one of the worst times of her life.  Jessica’s story will relate to each and every woman out there.
April 22, 2020
Wendy, Stage 0 DCIS
Imagine for a minute that you are in the best shape of your life.  You've never felt better than you do right now. In this moment. You spend your days as a healthcare provider in the ICU. You give so much of your time to helping others. And you love it. During all of the peace and beauty, you stay strong as you witness your mom go through a breast cancer diagnosis.  Then it happens. One harmonious summer day, your life changes. You feel a lump. Join us as Wendy talks through the shame and guilt she felt from catching her diagnosis early. Hear how she didn't allow her emotional struggles throughout treatment to define her future and how she ultimately reinvigorated her passion for crossfit and photography.  Tune in to be reminded that life is short - so just go for it! The Behind the Bra podcast can be found on all major distribution channels where podcast are found (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify). Listen and subscribe. #barbellsforboobs #behindthebra #podcast #cancer #breastcancer
April 13, 2020
Jen, Stage 3
Ever wanted to meet a New York Radio City Rockette?  Well, now you've found your chance on this week's podcast.  Come join us as Jen takes us down memory lane. Her humble beginnings as the youngest of 10 CHILDREN started in PHOENIX, AZ and her unbelievable talents later catapulted her to RADIO CITY’S “GREAT STAGE” in New York City. By the young age of 35, her dance career was ending, and she began her transition to being a mother of 3 and a PreK Teacher.  Together we will listen as Jen shines a light on how her breast cancer diagnosis helped her take better care of herself by teaching her to not sweat the small stuff, ask for help and realize how insanely strong she was (and is) - especially with the help of CrossFit Momentum and the wonderful team she met there.
April 07, 2020
Leslie, Stage 1
Get ready for an hour of life lessons.  Leslie teaches us the power of the word "AND" & how what we are planning in life might not always be what we get. This extraordinary teacher shares her story of how she advocated for herself not once, not twice, but three times before she heard those life changing words, "You have breast cancer."
March 23, 2020
Kelly, Stage 1
Imagine you are living in another country miles away from your family and close friends and you get life changing news.   Kelly shares her experience of living her best life in Australia and getting diagnosed with breast cancer then shortly after getting another cancer diagnosis half way through her breast cancer treatment.   Her story will shock you and remind you how tough are bodies and minds really are!
March 16, 2020
Tory, Stage 1A
Get ready to be inspired. From the moment of Tory’s birth to her diagnosis and the decision to uproot herself from the East Coast to the West Coast. She reminds us all that no matter the road ahead, we are in the driver seat.
March 09, 2020
Nicole, Co-Survivor
Nicole Acoin founder and CEO of Healthy Steps Nutrition shares her mother's breast cancer story of grace.  She has dedicated her life to helping others through nutrition.  Her work is dedicated to her mother's life and legacy.  Barbells for Boobs is proud to announce our official partnership with Healthy Steps Nutrition.  This month we launched RAD Nutrition, a program that will support the unique nutritional needs of a breast cancer survivor for life.
March 02, 2020
Jenny, Stage 4
Grab a quiet place and a tissue as we share the story of three sisters. Our Zionna, and her sister Charlene share Jenny's story of love, courage, and loss as she fought Stage 4 breast cancer.
February 25, 2020
Joe, Co-Survivor
In this episode we are changing things up a bit.  Meet Joe.  Joe is a public figure, entrepreneur and owner of NXTLVL Sport & Fitness. As an avid fundraiser for Barbells for Boobs, Joe's inspirations to help others turned toward his mother when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer.  Follow Joe through his journey and life as a co-survivor.
February 04, 2020
Patty, Stage 2
In this episode of the Behind the Bra podcast, we have the dynamic duo Patty and Javier.  Patty is a Stage 2 breast cancer survivor and shot caller!   Her husband of one year,  Javier is a co-survivor and Patty's biggest supporter.  Both Patty and Javier share their experiences with a breast cancer diagnosis and life post-diagnosis.
January 27, 2020
Sandra, Stage 2 TNBC
The Fighting Fox: Sandra Zori Pharmacist by profession, and a Crossfitter by pleasure. Sandra is a mother of two young girls and a wife, living a regular suburban life in Michigan when diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018 at the age of 34.  Sandra calls in and talks with Zionna shares her story and her efforts to share gratitude and experience with breast cancer.
January 20, 2020
Jill, Stage 3B
In this episode, Jill David joins sits down with Zionna.   We also welcome Jill's husband Christian to the episode and our first co-survivor on the Behind the Bra podcast.  
January 13, 2020
Lily, Stage 3B
Lily Yang, breast cancer survivor, coach and nutritionist joins Z today to discuss her diagnosis at the age of 26.  Born and raised in Korea, Lily shares her diagnosis and treatment using the Korean healthcare system.  
November 22, 2019
Kim, Stage 1
Kim is a mother of two awesome adults, an educator & Level 5 Master of CrossFit.   In 2009 Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer after being misdiagnosed.  Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, Kim shares her breast cancer story, her journey in CrossFit and how she will continue to raise awareness for breast cancer.
November 15, 2019
Alison, Stage 1
ALISON, STAGE 1 In this episode of Behind the Bra, Zionna talks to Alison for our first ever remote podcast. Alison lives in McCook, NE and she shares life before breast cancer, treatment and her involvement in our Dx to Rx program.
October 31, 2019
Deanna, Stage 1
Deanna, diagnosed at Stage 1 (5 year survivor) and mother to twin daughters Violet and Annabelle (age 9).   Deanna has been a recipient of the Dx to Rx scholarship program and training through her treatment, post diagnosis at The Los Al Gym with her coaches.   On this episode, Deanna talks with Z about how she found and became apart of Barbells for Boobs.   
October 26, 2019
Philecia, Stage 4
Candlemaker & Full-time Breast Cancer Thrivor. Part 1: @philecia shares her days modeling, wearing black, riding motorcycles and doing CrossFit before being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  Learn how her diagnosis finally came about at the age of 30 and the immediate treatment post detection.
October 21, 2019
Melissa, Stage 0 DCIS
Watch your caboose!  Zionna sits down with survivor, freight train engineer and owner of some glow boobs.  Plans got derailed but they kept chugging along sharing Melissa's incredible story being diagnosed with breast cancer and her treatment.
October 11, 2019
Bora, Stage 1
Bold Bora.  Initially meeting Bora at the RAD Collective and hearing her story, she has become a shining light in the Barbells for Boobs survivor group.  After multiple surgeries and a cancer diagnosis, Bora has had to refocus her role, purpose and identity.  She knows God has a plan for her through all these health trials, but she is committed to taking things one day at a time.   
September 29, 2019
Christina, Stage 0 DCIS
Z sits down and talks with the Board Chair of Barbells for Boobs, Christina Ballard.  Christina shares her diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 47 and her involved with the organization.
September 26, 2019
Cecy, Stage 0 DCIS
In 2009, Z’s world was changed. Her best friend, Cecy, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26.  Although she had insurance and a referral from her physician, Cecy was initially denied breast screening services by medical professionals and was recommended for “mammography at age 40”. Not satisfied, Cecy advocated for her health. Due to her persistence, she discovered that she was living with breast cancer. In this episode, Z and Cecy discuss their origin as friends, family and some new surprises to come!
September 24, 2019
Welcome to Behind the Bra.  Zionna Hanson discusses past, present and future of the organization and Behind the Bra.
September 21, 2019