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Barber For Good features interviews with Barbers who are contributors, creators, and givers in their communities. We believe barbering extends beyond the chair.

Hosted by J Bryson Baker founder of
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P. Michael Boone - “The Legacy Builder”
About  P. Michael Boone (also known as “P”), is a successful, self-taught barber, entrepreneur and an advocate for social change for underprivileged youth. Born in and raised in North Philadelphia, P has over two decades of experience in the barbering industry that has evolved to a grooming care business and the creation of several products. Responding to a burden he felt as a child "P" started the Junior Barber Academy.  The Junior Barber Academy™ teaches teens and adults how to cut hair.  With these skills they will be able to cut themselves, friends, family members or just offer their services to those who are less fortunate. "P" also formed his own Foundation in his own namesake.  The P. Michael Boone Foundation focuses on motivating, inspiring and coaching children to never give up and aim for the stars because within each of them is a gift that through a positive role model can be developed and built upon. Links  Donate to P. Michael Foundation P. Michael Boone's Book: Fred's First Haircut P. Michael Boone Grooming Products P. Michael Boone's Barbershop: Haute Barber Good Morning America Appearance  Rachael Ray Appearance  Follow P. Michael Boone Instagram  Haute Barber Instagram  barberforgood Instagram  EVERYMAN Instagram 
April 14, 2020