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What is Possible?

What is Possible?

By Barclays
Each month Barclays Corporate Banking picks a topic and asks 'What is possible?' for society, industry and the economy. Our host, Nazreen Visram, will guide us as we explore some of the major challenges facing the world and how corporates can respond.

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Diversity in the Workplace in the time of Covid and BLM: What is Possible?

What is Possible?

Macmillan and Teenage Cancer Trust | What is Possible?
In this episode, we hear from Macmillan Cancer Support and the Teenage Cancer Trust on how charities have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and how Barclays has supported them through its largest ever community relief effort, the £100m Community Aid Package. Interviewed by our regular host, and Head of Charities, Nazreen Visram, Macmillan's Paul Grundy and Teenage Cancer Trust's Karen Ruskin discuss the challenges they have faced around fundraising, providing virtual support, and supporting their colleague and volunteers. Discover more about how Barclays Corporate Banking is supporting our charity clients at
September 20, 2021
Developing inclusive cultures: What is Possible?
In this episode we hear from experienced and award-winning magazine editor Marie O'Riordon, who has edited titles such as Marie Claire and Elle; alongside Professor Sharon Mavin, who is based at Newcastle University as professor of leadership and organisation studies. Sharon has spent a career researching the experiences of women leaders, women working with women, and gender dynamics in large organisations. The pair discuss their careers, diversity and the topic of intersectionality in a fascinating conversation that will help business leaders to understand the importance of diversity in corporate life.
August 15, 2021
Hospitality and leisure's bounce back: What is Possible?
As restrictions are lifted in England, we speak to our Head of Hospitality and Leisure to ask what is possible for the sector as it recovers from the pandemic? Arguably one of the hardest hit sectors of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has experienced huge transformation and showed an ability to adapt to changing restrictions and consumer habits during the past 16 months or so. Read more about this topic at
August 3, 2021
Choose to challenge: What is possible?
Gender equality benefits all aspects of business, yet the impact of Covid-19 has shed light on many inequalities that continue to put women at a disadvantage. This International Women’s Day, Nazreen and her guests consider how changes brought about by the pandemic can translate into opportunities for businesses and help forge a more equitable world of work. In this episode, we hear from Leana Coopoosamy, Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing Specialist for Clifford Chance, on how organisations can ensure a hybrid working model is best equipped to serve their employees. Tom Wilkinson, Head of Energy & Infrastructure at Barclays Corporate Banking and the Lead for the Corporate Banking Gender Council, also shares his views on how male allyship can help to support female progression. Our speakers end by pledging what they ‘Choose to Challenge’, honouring the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day.
March 8, 2021
Cyber Resilience: What is Possible?
In this episode we discuss the scale of the risk from cyber fraud - and some of the methods by which you and your business can avoid falling victim to the fraudsters. Even with the best defences in place, unfortunately human error is one of the most common openings for fraudsters. In this episode we hear from cyber fraud expert, Jane Frankland, on how fraudsters exploit weaknesses in the chan. And we'll also hear from Barclays' Chris Dunman, a specialist who works with clients to improve their cyber resilience; he'll share some tips on how best to protect yourself and your colleagues. For up to date info on fraud trends, please visit our website by searching 'Barclays Corporate Fraud Awareness'.
February 18, 2021
2021: What is Possible after this year?
The cliche of how unprecedented 2020 has been for individuals and businesses is well-worn, and it's hard to imagine how 2021 could have more surprises for us, but nevertheless, in our final episode of the year we will try to look ahead to next year. Economist Henk Potts joins Nazreen Visram to discuss everything from the impact that Covid-19 has had on the global economy in 2020, to the US election results, and Brexit. Please note this podcast has been recorded on 16 December, before any final news about a deal or no-deal scenario had broken, and before Tier 4 restrictions were announced in the UK.
December 21, 2020
Innovation and empowerment: What is Possible?
Whilst the pandemic has placed immense strain on the majority of businesses, it has forced rapid transformation in order to adapt to the new, digital world. Research has shown that companies who have adapted through innovation and empowerment have been most successful in thriving during this time, rather than just surviving. But which of these changes do we really want to hang on to as Covid-19 becomes history - which of these adaptations do we want to become permanent transformations? From the basics of e-signatures, to the re-strategising from physical businesses to online platforms, innovation has been turbo-charged by Covid-19. Empowerment has led to process and product improvements, acceleration of decision-making, and a heightened resilience from employees. We need to ask ourselves what this pandemic has done positively for the culture of our businesses, and what do we really want to hang on to? We invited our host and Barclays experts to dive into the different ways companies across sectors have mastered adaptation during this time.
December 1, 2020
Diversity in the Workplace in the time of Covid and BLM: What is Possible?
In what has been a seismic year for the Black Lives Matter movement, our host Nazreen Visram welcomes two colleagues to discuss whether 2020 and specifically Covid-19 has seen diversity and inclusion take a backseat or whether it has actually increased the focus. Research suggests some companies have put some of their diversity initiatives on hold. In what is Black History Month in the UK, we discuss how the Black Lives Matter protests have added urgency to concerns over inequality, both in society and the workplace, and whether Covid is being used an excuse to put D&I on hold, or if it could be the catalyst for positive and lasting change. Our guests are Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy and David Shinkins, who alongside their day jobs are, respectively, Co-Chair of Barclays’ Black Professionals Forum and Co-Chair of Barclays Corporate Banking’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.
October 22, 2020
Beyond Brexit: What is Possible?
Most companies are focused on the challenges of Brexit, and meeting them will be highly important, but there are also potential opportunities ahead with new trade deals that will bring new exporting and importing opportunities. In this podcast, recorded on  Friday 11 September, Barclays' Global Head of Trade and Working Capital and Sophie Wheeler-Traherne from Barclays' Government Relations team, join Nasreen Visram to discuss what the global trading economy might look like after December 31st 2020.
September 25, 2020
Covid-19: the Recovery: What is Possible?
Welcome to our new podcast, where each month we'll be picking a major theme impacting businesses and the world and asking, 'what is possible?' In this episode, we look at how retail, hospitality, and professional services buinesses are set to navigate the Covid-19 recovery. We also speak to our Head of Sustainable Finance to ask if the recovery is set to be a green recovery? Find more insights from Barclays Corporate Banking on our website at
September 7, 2020