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Dancing in the Moment

Dancing in the Moment

By Barefoot Coaching
Barefoot Coaching CEO, Kim Morgan interviews people from the world of coaching.

During the Dancing in the Moment podcasts, Kim sits down with people she admires and respects - talking about their story, approach and their insights into coaching.
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Dancing in the Moment with John Perry
John Perry describes himself as a therapeutic coach, but that does not do him justice. You only have to hear him speak to understand just how much knowledge and experience he has gathered over his decades of client work, as well as (even more impressively) the curiosity and desire to always be learning, to tweak and to hone his craft. John talks us through his view on how truly effective coaching focuses upon helping someone to focus less upon improving their self-esteem and more upon their self-worth. John describes the focus on self-esteem as being about constantly making improvements, moving forwards, and measuring worth by achievement. John tells us that working on self-worth is about helping the client to develop the sense that they are already worthwhile, that they were born worthwhile and that no matter what they do or don’t achieve, they are always worthwhile. If you take an interest in coaching as a discipline that can be used to truly transform the way that someone sees themselves, then this episode will be for you. John referenced many great resources for coaches and therapists during the episode, we have listed some of them here: Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl: The Doctor and the Soul – Viktor Frankl: Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom – William Glasser: Kim references a book too, and although she forgets the name during the interview, it is a belter: The Ego Trick - Julian Baggini:
December 17, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Sandra Whiles
In this episode of Dancing in the Moment, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan speaks to Executive and Team Coach, Sandra Whiles. Sandra’s cheeky letter to Kim resulted in this delightful conversation, described as a ‘splash of colour and light’.  Here Sandra takes us through her coaching journey, the importance of finding the type of work that ‘feeds your soul’ and how she has found running a business during lockdown. You will hear about Sandra’s new boundaries, about being more mindful and more in the moment and how she has enjoyed discovering new tools from the connections she has made during this year from across the globe.  It’s ‘beautiful stuff’, we hope you enjoy listening. Kim and Sandra got so caught up in chatting during the episode that they never got back to Sandra’s top tips for using an online platform to deliver coaching sessions, so we have included them here for you to see: Lots of breaks and movement Welcoming background that reflects your style and approach Post it reminders in front of you 5 minutes of mindfulness before sessions Keep things simple – technology, slides and sharing Check-in, contract, content – build trust and psychological safety Team Coaching – work with a co-host – one looking after the technology and the other delivering to the group and then swap roles Group sessions and meetings – open the Zoom room early and let people have a coffee and chat before the session starts Most importantly – smile and be kind You can find out more about Sandra and the work she does here.
November 20, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Jo Wright
In this episode of Dancing in the Moment, Barefoot CEO, Kim Moran talks to Business Coach, Co-Founder of Coaching Culture Ltd and Editor of Coaching Culture Magazine, Jo Wright. Jo speaks passionately about how she built and rapidly grew her coaching business in just over 3 years and all of the lessons she learnt along the way. Jo’s passion for making coaching accessible to all people really shines through in this episode and we hope that all coaches will take inspiration from Jo’s journey to inspire them to grow their own coaching businesses in the way that works for them. Jo’s business, Coaching Culture Ltd is a community where like-minded professionals come together to share best practice and learn how to drive a coaching culture within organisations. Coaching Culture Magazine is a free subscription that gives you access to information and articles about coaching, tools and techniques, insightful podcasts and webinars and lots of coaching resources. You can find out more about Jo and Coaching Culture Ltd here.
October 21, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Jon McNestrie
In this episode, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan talks to Agile Coach, Visual Facilitator and Barefoot Alumnus and Tutor, Jon McNestrie. Jon speaks passionately about his magical and life-changing experience on the Barefoot ICF-accredited PG Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching course following listening to the Audible version of ‘The Coach’s Casebook’ and being inspired to take his coaching to the next level. Jon is an Agile Coach which he describes as a ‘set of principles about working in a more collaborative way, empowering teams, delivering things in small cycles and constantly improving those processes.' You can find out more about Jon’s next Visual Facilitation event coming up in September here. Kim’s books, The Coach’s Casebook and The Coach’s Survival Guide are available to buy on Amazon.
August 14, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Anna Rasmussen
In this episode, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan talks to Anna Rasmussen who is the CEO and Founder of OpenBlend – a people centered performance tool that enables managers to support all aspects of an individuals development journey. Anna talks passionately about her journey after completing the Barefoot, ICF-accredited Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching Course back in 2008, and explains how asking for help and using her network helped build a hugely successful business that now works with large organisations all across the globe.  The natural drive Anna has to support people to reach their potential really shines through and she explains that although extremely hard work – it didn’t feel that way when approached with a sense of mission and passion to achieve something great. You can find out more about Anna and her business OpenBlend here:
August 4, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Lorna Davis
In this episode of our Dancing in the Moment podcast, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan talks to Lorna Davis who has had a 20 year global career in senior leadership roles. Lorna shares with us the importance of the listening space, collaborative leadership, transparency and vulnerability. Lorna speaks with passion about making change in business by encouraging, including and inspiring the most junior people, and also about finding the thing that fuels your movement and the thing that gives you direction – from which the actual mechanisms for action will be obvious. Spending time in Lorna’s company is a privilege and a delight.  I came away from this conversation feeling inspired and challenged me to be more, think more and do more about the issues ‘where my heart breaks.’ Lorna is passionate, modest, feisty and thoughtful and this podcast is a gift to all coaches.  As Lorna suggests, let’s plant some seeds, and see what grows.  Be led by your heart, values and what matters to you. In 2019, Lorna held a TED Talk on ‘A Guide to Collaborative Leadership’ and you can watch it here: You can find out more about Lorna and the work she does here:
July 20, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Danielle Barbereau
I absolutely loved talking to Danielle about the work she does and I really hope this will be of use to those of you asking ‘How do I choose a niche?’.  Here, Danielle speaks with passion about the work she does with people going through a relationship breakup, divorce or separation. I really feel that Danielle has done something wonderful and exceptional and her wisdom and experience in how she uses coaching to help people at a really difficult time of the lives is incredibly valuable. You can find out more about the work Danielle does here: ‘After the Split’ by Danielle is available to buy on Amazon:
June 25, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Matt Radley
In this episode of Dancing in the Moment, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan has an engaging and hugely informative conversation with Matt Radley, Managing Director of Matthew Radley & Associates and leading Executive Coach working with CEO’s, Executive Teams, and Boards. Matt generously shares his story before, during and after his experience on Barefoot’s ICF-accredited Post Graduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching course, and how he went from not knowing what coaching was on the first day to ‘bravely’ leaving his job and becoming a successful coach and business owner. This is a must listen for anyone interested in working as an associate in other coaching companies as Kim and Matt also discuss the standards, values and behaviours they look for when selecting associates. You can find out more about Matt and his business here:
June 16, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Gary Cole
I loved this conversation with Gary Cole, Founder and Director of Archipelo!  Please do listen to this if you are a coach who has thought or said any of the following things: I’ve just finished my coach training, how can I be taken seriously as a coach? I am not very good at selling myself/I am not sure how to sell coaching I’ve got a bit of impostor syndrome Gary generously shares his own experiences - with straight-talking honesty, enthusiasm, fierce belief in the power of coaching and a great sense of fun. I felt really motivated to do more and be more after speaking to Gary – I hope you do, too.
June 1, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Yannick Jacob
In this episode of Dancing in the Moment, Kim talks to Yannick Jacob - existential coach, positive psychologist, coach trainer, supervisor and author of Existential Coaching. They talk all things coaching and specifically address the “Is this coaching or is this therapy?” question.  We love Yannick’s explanation of how an existential approach can bridge the coaching/therapy ‘gap’ and what is that gap, anyway?! Enjoy listening to Yannick’s wealth of knowledge, delivered with lightness, energy and a great sense of fun! Find out more about the work Yannick does here: or
May 11, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Palena Neale
In our latest episode Kim Morgan talks to Barefoot Alumna, Leadership Coach and Forbes Coaches Council Contributor, Palena Neale. Palena is passionate about development – of individuals, organisations, communities and societies. She works as a leadership coach and mentor, a senior capacity development consultant in the global development space, and a lecturer. Palena also helps individuals and organisations to consolidate and communicate their strengths and to use the power of learning for personal, professional, and organisational growth and transformation. In this episode, Kim and Palena discuss her journey from being in a job that wasn’t right for her, to taking our PG Cert in Business & Personal Coaching and all of the trials and tribulations of setting up her own business. This podcast was recorded some time before the Covid-19 outbreak and discusses building a business, which for some, is a challenging topic right now. However, it does touch on persistence and resilience, which are more important than ever right now.  We hope you enjoy listening.
April 22, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Cathy Lasher
In our latest episode of Dancing in the Moment, Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan talks to Barefoot Associate and coaching supervision expert, Cathy Lasher.  Cathy is an experienced executive coach, steeped in coaching process and methodologies. Cathy works with businesses from all sectors and has more than 20 years experience of helping enterprises improve their performance through enhancing the leadership capabilities of individuals. In this episode, Kim and Cathy discuss what coaching supervision is all about and the many different forms it takes as well as how you can use it to your advantage and become a better coach. 
March 20, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Claire Breeze
In a new episode of Dancing in the Moment Kim talks to Claire Genkai Breeze, Corporate Contemplative, Coach, Writer, Partner Relume Ltd, Trustee of The Mindful Life. Barefoot CEO, Kim Morgan commented: “Recording this podcast with Claire Genkai Breeze was a delight.  Claire is a courageous and fierce thinker,  is gently rebellious, loving, compassionate and wise. She challenges the status quo and habitual thinking with eloquence, pragmatism and respect… and all with a twinkle in her eye.  She made me think, challenged me, inspired me to do more and made me laugh until I cried.  (Btw I think we edited most of the giggling out of the podcast!) I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.  Thank you again to Claire for this gift. 🙏
February 14, 2020
Dancing in the Moment with Julie Starr
In our third episode, Kim sits down with Julie Starr to talk about her experiences on becoming a coach, her journey so far and her advice for new coaches entering the industry.  Julie is a widely-respected authority on coaching, mentoring and personal development. Her seminal books are used in training programmes worldwide; and is a regular conference speaker. Julie is a featured coach on LEAP! – a documentary about coaching. see Also an author of fiction, Julie’s  debut novel is for young adults: Magic To Memphis. Royalties from the sale of the book support charities providing food, shelter and education for street children and orphans, including Food For Life Vrindavan, Children Of Mother Earth (COME International) and Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home. The latter two causes are also supported by Starr Consulting. Music:
August 6, 2019
Dancing in the Moment with Julie Stokes
In our second episode, Kim sits down with Julie Stokes to talk about her experiences and her journey so far.  Julie speaks about how to speak about loss if you are a coach, working as a coach with the whole person, what it means to be an exec coach and the importance of maintaining curiosity.  Julie Stokes is a partner & executive coach at The Preston Associates and her coaching is shaped by her deep understanding of how people and systems respond to change. This comes from over 30 years’ experience as a CEO, Non-Executive Director, and as a Consultant level Clinical / Health Psychologist. Her clients appreciate her intuitive radar of working out what it means to be them, in their particular role, navigating increasingly complex systems successfully. This is matched by an ability to gently yet firmly’ hold up the mirror,’ helping her clients to see opportunities for greater business performance alongside personal happiness/well-being.  Music:
May 3, 2019
Dancing in the Moment with Jackee Holder
Barefoot Coaching CEO, Kim Morgan speaks with Jackee Holder an executive and leadership coach, coach supervisor, coach trainer, action learning set facilitator, intuitive facilitator, writer, published author, interfaith minister and creativity expert. Jackee works nationally and internationally with teams, groups and individuals. She is also the author of Soul Purpose, Be Your Own Best Life Coach & 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well.  Kim and Jackee discuss how coaching can be made more accessible for everyone. 
April 12, 2019