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BCF Fitness Podcast

BCF Fitness Podcast

By Barnes Corner Fitness
Barnes Corner Fitness Podcast about Fitness and Nutrition
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Ep. 3: In Studio w/ Army Lt. Col. Cully Neal: Collegiate All-American, School Teacher, Army Ranger, Coach.
In this episode we have a jam sesh with Army LTC Cully Neal.   We discuss his life through childhood, into College where he became a 2-time Collegiate All American, his first job and how that lead to a career as a high ranking Army Officer. Then we dive into how that training helps him motivate and inspire people as a CrossFit coach and why training like soldiers is the best prescription for the general public. You can catch Coach Cully in our early morning CrossFit classes.  He is not on the Social Media, but you can find an awesome profile pic of him on the website. Please give us follow and a 5 star review and keep listening!
May 09, 2020
Episode 2: Memorial Day Murph Challenge 2020
In this episode we discuss The MURPH CHALLENGE, what it is and WHY we do it on Memorial Day.   TRIBUTE, REMEMBRANCE, SACRIFICE. PATRIOTISM. The MURPH is more than a workout.  It is a tradition. We will also discuss how to prepare and how to modify to make it work for your skill and fitness level. May 25th 2020 will be our 6th Annual MURPH Challenge.  We are an Official Host.  For more information, please visit or visit our website We hope you enjoyed this episode.
May 05, 2020
BCF Fitness Podcast Number 1: GYM Etiquette
In this episode we are discussing some gym etiquette and some of our gym pet peeves. Please bear with us.  This is our first episode and we had some tech difficulties with buzzing mics and the episode got cut off at the end, but, all in all we had fun and hopefully made it entertaining.  Please leave us a comment if you have any suggestions to make us better.
April 30, 2020