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Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID

Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID

By Barrie Tankel, Joy Cox & friends
'It's time to Travel Virtually...escape from COVID 19… make your way to the Majorcan sun, walk on Cromer beach, listen to wild animals on an African Safari, hunt WW2 submarines in Orkney, lap up the vibrant coast of Cape Town, and swim in the warm blue waters of the small archipelago of Palau in the South Pacific and then if you're brave enough, come deep-sea diving in the Red Sea.

There's endless opportunities. Have you climbed Everest, swum with great white sharks or Journeyed into Space? Get in touch

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31. Sent to Siberia - Joanna Dobson
Joanna shares her trip to visit an Altai indigenous family living in the Karakol Valley, Ongudai Raiyon, Altai Republic (southernmost Siberia), where she lived and worked as a translator representing the indigenous people.  Joanna is a Russian to English translator and interpreter based on the North Norfolk Coast. She is currently writing a work of creative non-fiction based on her experiences of the Altai Republic and the Altai indigenous culture. She delves into themes of archaeology, homeland, visual arts and eco-translation. Instagram @altaipilgrim and for more Information on the book about Altai and my events Image copyright J Dobson Joanna is a member of LWS
June 12, 2021
30. Seville Spain - Katie Monk
Follow Katie’s romantic path down Seville streets in the height of Spring. Jasmine fragrance fills the air, Flowers bloom, Blackbirds sing, and we’ll look for Flamenco dancers before our drink in Citroen Bar to end a perfect afternoon. Katie is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent and Psychologies. Follow Katie on Twitter at@katie_monk or on her blog, Social media: Twitter @katie_monk
May 29, 2021
29. A Trek down the Nile - William Keeling
A Trek down the Nile (in 1983) - William Keeling William pays homage to the late Geoff Crowther (1944-2021), author of the travel guide ‘Africa on a Shoestring’, by recalling his own teenage holiday to war torn Sudan and Uganda in 1983. The 18 year-old William travelled from Cairo in Egypt to Khartoum in Sudan, before trekking from Nairobi in Kenya to visit the Kabalega Falls on The Nile in Uganda, and the Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. William Keeling was foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and exposed a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal in Nigeria in 1992. Having tired of reality, he turned to fiction. He is the author of The Gay Street Chronicles, a series of satirical novels of which the first - Belle Nash & the Bath Soufflé - is to be published in October, 2021.
May 21, 2021
28. Boat life on the Grand Union Canal - Ruth Stokes
A moorhen chirps outside your porthole, geese honk hello as they pass by, and now and again a kingfisher flies close in a flash of blue And if you're lucky, you’ll wake early enough to catch the dawn chorus as it bursts into life in the quiet morning air. This, this is boatlife on the Grand Union Canal, London. Welcome aboard.  Ruth Stokes is author of The Armchair Activist’s Handbook (Silvertail Books) and a content designer in the charity sector. In a former life, she was a journalist for the likes of the Guardian, The Ecologist and New Internationalist.
May 15, 2021
27. Stepping back in time. Havana, Cuba - Emadch Beck MacNee
Havana Cuba – Chauffeured to downtown Havana in a 1950’s Chevrolet Bel Air, the smell of freshly baked bread hits your taste buds, you admire the old architecture until the singing of 'Guantanamera' beckons you down a side street bar to enjoy a traditional Cuban highball Mojito, close to the blaring music, whilst breathing the aroma of Havana cigars. Do yourself a favour, step back in time and visit Cuba, you won’t be disappointed. Dr Emadch Beck MacNee, originally from Palau, was raised in New York. She studied marine biology at James Cook University in 2002, and now lives in Australia with her husband, two children, and two dachshunds. She and her husband enjoy cooking exotic meals and travelling the globe with their children.
April 25, 2021
26. Hugs from the Aegean Sea - Joanna Akoumianaki
Joanna Akoumianaki grew up in Greece and now lives in Perthshire, Scotland with her two children and husband. Water inspires every aspect of her life. She is a water scientist, a coastal hiker, a diver, a gardener, a maritime-fiction lover, and a writer of stories about travelling on water. You can find her on twitter @Joanna_Akoum and Facebook ioanna.akoumianaki. Acknowledgements for the production of this podcast: Steve Addison, Kostis Avissinos (Lousakiano Krasi, Nostos, and Couleur Locale (Lousakies)
April 17, 2021
25. Coach Trip to the South of France - Sue Du Feu
What could possibly go wrong travelling with the family on on a Coach Trip to the South of France? 
April 10, 2021
24. Fuerteventura Dancing - Joy Cox
Let's go dancing on the beach at Sunset Bar.    Come on don't be shy.   Just dance like no-one is watching.  
April 5, 2021
23. Arezzo, Tuscany Italy - Carole Stone CBE
Carole Stone travels to her holiday home in Caprese Michelangelo, a picturesque village and commune located in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, and the birthplace of Renaissance artist Michelangelo. Carole, a British author and freelance radio and television broadcaster spent 27 years at the BBC beginning as a newsroom secretary and went on to become the producer of Radio 4‘s flagship discussion programme Any Questions? She established her own 'think tank', YouGovStone Ltd, a joint venture with YouGov, the opinion polling agency in 2007. Her late husband, the broadcaster Richard Lindley MBE, worked on BBC Panorama for fifteen years, and was the first western television journalist to interview Saddam Hussein. He also featured on ITV news. Carole is a member of LWS. Other Podcast links 1st link below to my YouTube videos – I posted 11,  two a week from first anniversary of Richard’s death 8th November 2020 to firsts anniversary of his funeral 11th December 2020 Around 4 minutes each with the last one nearer 18 minutes as it had the sermon from Revd Dr Sam Wells at St Martin-in-the-Fields and the podcast of Richard talking to me that I used in the piece for you from his Richard & Friends podcasts. 2nd link below to my Carole Stone Grief, taking life in your stride podcasts 3rd link to’ Richard and Friends’ podcast below, has photos but they can be ignored He recorded just three about 8 minutes each, the one I used his conversation with me, plus one with political speech writer David Rogers about the last General Election and another about music he enjoyed with pianist Tom Wakelely. 4th link Richard and Friends podcasts - Richard and Friends without photos Singer on the Fantasy Holiday podcast is:   Alice Callari Girl on the Ukulele:  Flora Naughtie
March 20, 2021
22. Hong Kong - read by Richard Hernandez
Memories and fantasies of Hong Kong travel the narrator takes us from touchdown to ferry, through street fairs and beyond; on this retelling of a very special Hong Kong journey. My Instagram which I will use for cross promotion is: @rickyrrrr22 I also maintain presence on Airtime, as host of 1 hour live streams in the form of Tarot State of Mind, The Exhale, Multilingual Mingle, and RjtheRandonaut. Most likely I will be promoting this in Multilingual Mingle at a minimum.
March 13, 2021
21. Pakistan Narratives - David Harden
An early morning narrative from a hotel balcony in Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza District in Northern Pakistan. Dawn breaks, revealing the snow capped peak of Rakaposhi towering 7,788 metres above the roaring glacier fed Hunza River. Early Friday morning prayers in the city of Skardu in Northern Pakistan, considered the gateway to Concordia - the 8000 metre mountains of Pakistan's Karakoram range. David Harden started travelling at the age of sixteen when he hitch-hiked to Greece from London during a school summer holiday. After leaving school he set out from the UK to travel overland to Australia, but only made it as far as Afghanistan. After working in the corporate world (for fifteen long years) he's returned to what drives him forward the most: recording sounds, taking photographs and travel. His website: has a collection of sounds and photographs from his travels. Instagram & Twitter - davidharden123 and his Travel Worn Satchel Podcast is available to download via most podcast players.
March 7, 2021
20. Scuba Diving in the Red Sea - Diane Webb
HMS Thistlegorm has lain at the bottom of the Red Sea since sunk by German bombers in 1941. Now considered the planet’s most impressive wreck we are taken on 3 scuba dives amongst Crocodile fish, Batfish, Orange fish and aircraft guns that still point skyward in preparation for an attack. Diane Webb is a primary school teacher with a love of writing, travelling and diving. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
19, Cape Town Remembered - Kat Trigarszky
Suffering in a cold Swedish winter, a journey to Cape Town is remembered, touring Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, admiring Candyfloss pink houses. Watching Penguins and Ostrich in awe. Hungry for the mouth-watering taste of Cape Malay dishes.  Kat Trigarszky, originally from Britain now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. A freelance writer, editor and translator she was trying to break into travel writing when the pandemic hit and late last year decided to write a novel.  Kat also jointly hosts the ‘Swede-ish’ Podcast. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
18. Orkney Islands Surprise - Leigh Chambers
Scapa Flow, a body of water in the Orkney Islands, is best known for the post-war scuttling of the German Fleet in 1919. A lesser-known historical event took place in October 1939 when a German submarine U47 torpedoed HMS Royal Oak in that same water. Travelling to Orkney to research this event for her new novel led to the more intriguing story of the beautiful Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, built by Italian prisoners of war using scavenged materials. Leigh Chambers produces and presents a radio programme with a mix of music and conversation about books and writing She is writing a novel set on the island of St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides about a religious cult that took hold there in the seventeenth century. Leigh also chairs literary events. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
17. Llandudno Wales - Julia Thorley
Revisiting a childhood holiday destination for a weekend away Julia finds little has changed in this beautiful old uncluttered seaside resort. The sea, air and tranquillity only disturbed as a seagull stole their ice cream cornet. Julia Thorley is a professional editor of non-fiction books and publications, as well as being a writer of non-fiction books and articles.
February 21, 2021
16. Palau, a remote Island in the South Pacific - Sam Beck
This Archipelago of some 340 coral and volcanic islands lies in an isolated location of the South Pacific, 400 miles North of New Guinea and, reputed to be THE top scuba diving spot in the world, is encircled by a huge barrier reef system. Sam Beck, graduate of Wesleyan University, a young New Yorker and Palauan has spent many childhood holidays on the island. Here he takes us along on his dream holiday, swimming in a clear blue lake alongside friendly jellyfish.
February 21, 2021
15. Jersey - Sue Du Feu
Holidays at home are so easy when you are a child living just a few yards from the beach on a sunny island. Every day is a vacation. Jersey, a small island of 120 km2 attracts super sunshine. Sue du Feu was that child.
February 21, 2021
14. Rome Italy - Chris Hawton
The capital City of Italy has been a major human settlement for almost three millennia, as layers upon layers of buildings bury history, and surprisingly Persian Dynasties deep beneath a church. Such an overpowering experience. Chris Hawton is one half of the All-New “Doctor Who Book Club podcast". He can be can found at @caravanawesome on Twitter, @the_hoppy_hopster on Instagram.
February 21, 2021
13. Stockport Holiday - What? - Sue Du Feu
Sue takes us on a nostalgic trip with her brother from Jersey to...........  Stockport. ‘If you live on an island paradise, where do you go on holiday? Why, a gritty, damp northern town of course! Come back and experience it with me now ...’ Sue is an actor, writer and currently runs a Gite in France. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
12. Mexican Diversion - Susannah Rigg
An impromptu nighttime road trip in the Mexican state of Chiapas ends with a diversion that changes the direction of the writer’s life. Susannah Rigg is a freelance writer based in Mexico City. Her writing has been published by BBC Travel, CNN, Condé Nast Traveler and the Independent among others. She can be found on Instagram @susannahrigg or at her website
February 21, 2021
11. Disney, USA - Cara Watson
Disneyland has to be a child’s most exciting adventure. The pure joy of searching for Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, then Cinderella’s cream pink and purple Castle. Cara Watson takes us to the Happiest Place on Earth never forgetting the hypnotic tune ‘It’s a small World’ that sticks in our heads. Cara, an ambitious writer, has applied to do her Master’s. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
10. African Safari Animals - Barrie Tankel (E)
Whatever sounds you hear from your home or the park, nothing resonates like the early morning or evening animal noises in an African game park. Join Barrie Tankel as a companion on his game drive to find the wild animals of Zambia. Content warning - (E) explicit language used.
February 21, 2021
9. Mexico in a Wheelchair - Sarah Leader
It’s not easy to holiday in a wheelchair, especially when flying overseas to Mexico. Difficulties must be overcome when flying, with hotel inadequate accommodation and accessing a gondola. Sarah Leader has been wheelchair bound for the past 8 years, she continues to support her husband on his soccer tours.
February 21, 2021
8. Buckden Palace - Kezzabelle Ambler
Buckden Palace – Inhale the smell of sweet pink roses before enjoying a peaceful day in the 15th century Grade 1 listed buildings once home to Queen Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII. With Kezzabelle Ambler.
February 21, 2021
7. York, UK - Anna Rose James
Take a walking tour the City of York, visit Roman walls, York station and meet the people as you follow the paths and finally enjoy tea with six dinner Sid. Anna Rose James writer, reader, actor, co-author of 'UNKNOWN' (Stairwell Books 2021) and co-founder of Sonnet Sisters and Six Lips Theatre. You may know her voice from Tin Can and The Podvangelist. You can find her on Twitter @annaonscreen. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
6: Indian Ashram - Ailon Freedman (E)
A spiritual seeker takes a journey to the East visiting the Tantric Ashram of Osho. Ailon Freedman has explored a diverse range of yoga styles over the last 25 years. He began studying yoga at University, before studying intensively in India.
February 21, 2021
5. Greek Sailing - Suchandrika Chakrabarti
Stepping carefully up a wobbly plank in the port of Santorini, a passenger boards the boat sailing through the Greek Islands to Mykonos. Suchandrika Chakrabarti is a London-based journalist and trainer. She has reported and edited for national newspapers and international news agencies, trained journalists and non-journalists in essential digital storytelling skills, launched podcasts as the idea-pitcher / presenter, and now also as the producer / editor. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
4. Istanbul - Anne-Charlotte Gerbaud
Recalling her search for an old lady 'Hagia Sofia' a beautiful antique place of Worship. Anne-Charlotte Gerbaud invites us on her journey to finally meet a special old lady in person, the travels described in her beautiful French accent. A member of LWS.
February 21, 2021
3. South of France - Kezzabelle Ambler
A 16-year-old girl travels alone on an adventure to this summer playground. Kezzabelle Ambler - Performance poet, author of 'Permission To Speak', Weaving Words Facilitator, voice over artist, actor & creative coach. She is passionate about encouraging the arts to be expressed by others, hoping the pen will become a tool for life.
February 21, 2021
2. Cromer Norfolk - Joy Cox
A mix of childhood and adult memories on that special beach
February 21, 2021
1. Majorca: 'Baby its COVID outside' - Barrie Tankel
I've conjured memories of Majorca from before that time I was jailed by COVID 19, the new Secret Police Force. ‘If you leave home without a mask...
February 21, 2021