By Justin Basch
After growing a digital agency for more than a decade, Justin Basch launched the BASCHAMANIA podcast; a predominantly-wrestling based podcast throwing a curveball with guests outside-the-sport every now and then.
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After growing a digital agency for more than a decade, Justin Basch launched the BASCHAMANIA podcast; a predominantly-wrestling based podcast throwing a curveball with guests outside-the-sport every now and then.

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'Jump Around' with Chris Bono | Ep. 22
Chris Bono has had a wild career as both an athlete and a coach. Over the past decade, Coach Bono has continued to jump levels as a coach, much as he did as an athlete, using the same principles and mindset throughout both. He's not done yet and fresh into his second season as Wisconsin head coach, he's more excited than ever! It was fun diving into a plethora of topics in this conversation.  Conversation Flow & Order of Topics: - Accolades the Proudest Of - Wrestling in Pennsylvania & Florida - Biggest Contribution to Success - The transition from Athlete to Coach - Evolving as a Coach - Most Important Time as a Coach - Establishing Culture - Big Loss to Iowa - Giving Seth Gross a Second Chance - Coaching Seth to Win NCAA’s - Thoughts on Social Media - Excitement for the Future
December 5, 2019
Getting to Know Darian Cruz | Ep. 21

NCAA Champion & Olympic Hopeful Darian Cruz stops by the BASCHAMANIA podcast for Episode 21. It was great to spend an hour with Darian getting to know him and peeking behind the curtain of the mind of someone who already has such a storied career and isn't done yet! Anyone who spends an hour listening to this episode should walk away with a ton of golden nuggets. General Order of Topics: 1. Thanksgiving Traditions 2. Letter to Wrestling 3. Wrestling Taking Dedication 4. You can’t teach Work Ethic 5. Guys Bend. Or Guys Break. 6. Overcoming Adversity 7. Not looking at the big picture 8. Micro Speed, Macro Patience 9. Importance of Support System 10. Contrasting NCAA Finish Junior Year to Senior Year (1st to 5th Place) 11. Preparing for the Olympic Trials 12. Building Brand while Preparing for Olympic Trials 13. Leveraging Social Media 14. The Trials Ahead 15. Getting 1% Better Every Day
November 29, 2019
Chatting with Gable Steveson | Ep. 20
It was great to chat with Minnesota's Gable Steveson after qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials at the Bill Farrell.  Gable has won Junior and Cadet World Championships and now has sights on Olympic Gold, all while also keeping a focus on winning an NCAA Championship in his home state of Minnesota this March. Great 20-minute+ conversation with the 19-year-old phenom on Episode 20! Among other things, we dove into:  - How it feels to qualify for the Olympic Trials - When he knew he could make it this far in the sport - Rebounding from big losses - The impact of not losing that impact - Growing up in an era of social media influence - Proper perspective while using social to grow a brand without getting distracted - The level of focus on brand-building - The road ahead to Tokyo 2020 - Training with Brock Lesnar - Desire to compete with the WWE 

November 21, 2019
Catching up with NJRTC's Reece Humphrey Ahead of The Bill Farrell | Ep. 19
The Bill Farrell is this weekend and everyone in the wrestling community is HYPED about it. NJ RTC Head Coach Reece Humphrey is no exception.  People are noticing there is something in the water in New Jersey and quite frankly, it's Reece! Reece is a 3x World Team Member and 3x US Open Champ and he knows wrestling. He also really knows freestyle wrestling.  Reece and I catch up a bit and talk about his background and recent transitioning to coaching at the NJRC and the path that led to it. Topics on this episode include: 1. Growing up Wrestling In Indiana 2. What Led Reece to Ohio State University 3. RTC Life In Reece’s Day
 4. Knowing when it’s time to move on to a different location?
 5. Path to the TMWC and NJRTCWhy the move from TMWC to NJRTC. 6. Transitioning from athlete to coach - what’s that like? 7. Why such an incredible year for Jersey, and even the NJRTC? 8. Guys coming on board the NJRTC 9. The impact of NJRTC & Jersey on Wrestling in 2020 10. Discussing the Bill Farrell 11. How to Help the NJRTC 
November 13, 2019
20 Minutes with Alex Dieringer | Ep. 18
Days away from competing at 86kg @ the Bill Farrell in NYC and starting his quest to the Olympic Trials in April, I caught up with 3x NCAA Champ Alex Dieringer. Alex and I talked about his start in wrestling in Wisconsin, what led him to Oklahoma State, the transition to the RTC after college, his recent success and setbacks in wrestling and what his thought process is heading into 2020 competition. Listen in!
November 8, 2019
WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco | Ep. 17
Grateful to have WWE Hall of Famer & Current Talent Scout for the WWE, Gerald Brisco, on the show! Tis former Oklahoma State Cowboy knows college wrestling and now recruits the best of them! The topics and order of our conversation was as follows: How did you get started in Wrestling? How did you make to the Oklahoma University Wrestling Team? How did you get started in Pro Wrestling? What was the road like to the WWE? What was the path to the back-end WWE office/talent scout position? Recruiting Brock Lesnar, Sheltan Benjamin and other stars Being Involved In The Montreal Screwjob/Attitude Era Storylines Transitioning Back to Back-Office Work/Talent Scouting What To Look for When Scouting WWE Talent How Has The Progression Been in Talent Recruitment w/ the Rise of WWE Interest Why Would Someone Wanna Work With The WWE What Should Someone Do If Wanting to Be Recruited into the WWE?
November 4, 2019
Catching up w/ David Taylor | Ep. 16
David Taylor is not only as successful of a wrestler as it gets, already having won titles from the State level to the NCAA & Big 10 level on up to a World Championships & currently training for an Olympic Championship, The Magic Man is also an accomplished Entrepreneur involved with multiple companies.  My friend David and I caught up today and covered a variety of topics in a short period of time! Topics include: - Thoughts on Having a Baby Girl - How Rebhabbing the Injury is Going - Staying busy during Injury Recovery - How DT Balances Everything He Does - How DT Learned to Balance Everything - Getting Back To Training & Prepping for Olympic Trials - How The  World Championships Prepared The Magic Man for the 2020 Olympic Championships - What it Means That The Olympic Trials are in State College 
October 30, 2019
A Chat with Nico Megaludis | Ep. 15
Unlike many training for the 2020 Olympic Trials in State College, NCAA Champ Nico Megaludis is doing double duty.  Along with training to beat the best in the world and make the Olympic Team and fulfill his goal of being an Olympic Champ,  Nico has a full-time career as a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual in Pittsburgh. Nico and I sit down to chat about how he balances the full-time financial career and training to get better, what his current perspective is on training & life, how he's feeling post-injury, his move from the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club to the Pittsburgh Wrestling Club and much more. 
October 19, 2019
Anthony Cassar In The House | Ep. 14
1 Jersey State Tournament, 1 Jersey State Championship. 1 NCAA Tournament, 1 NCAA Championship.  2 "senior years", 2 incredible stories. Anthony Cassar has a story unlike any other in the sport and brings laughter, fun and gratitude when sharing it. Heading into one more year of eligibility at Penn State, Cassar's focus isn't shifting away from winning. In fact, he's doubling down as he has all sights locked in on improving and winning the Olympic Trials in April and securing a spot in the 2020 Toyko Olympics! This is his story.
October 12, 2019
Getting to Know Spencer Lee | Ep. 13
Iowa Hawkeye Spencer Lee is one of the most known & accomplished college wrestlers walking this country. At just 20 years old, he's already a 2X NCAA Champion and a 3X Junior/Cadet WORLD Champion. While he has more accomplishments than most can dream of, his biggest quest - Olympic Gold - is still his primary focus. We talk in Episode 13 about everything from his start in the sport to his vast displeasure with social media! 
October 7, 2019
A Yianni D Experience | Ep. 12
In this episode, one of the biggest freaks in wrestling stops by. Normally, the term "freak" may be a bad thing, but with Yianni - only the term freak can be used to describe his presence in the sport - from what he does and how he does it on the mat - to his knowledge off the mat.  It was great to catch up with Yianni after a whirlwind of a year including his second NCAA Championship, beating the #1 guy in the world (Bajrang) at Beat The Streets,  winning the prestigious Yasar Dogu, and a prolonged 4 month USA World Team wrestle-off. Yianni IS wrestling, and this is the BASCHAMANIA podcast. Enjoy Episode 12!
October 2, 2019
Zain Retherford Stops by | Ep. 11
The Zain Train has been rolling for years and isn't slowing down any time soon.  The 3X NCAA Champion, 2012 Cadet World Champion, 2x and Current Senior World Team Member just got back from the 2019 World Championships and it was time to get caught up! From growing up on the farm and developing farm strength, traveling to Pittsburgh as a youth wrestler, his dominant Penn State career as a 3X NCAA Champ and the upcoming Toyko Olympics, we cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Put those airpods in and come aboard the Zain Train!
September 27, 2019
Helen Maroulis Gets Transparent & Vulnerable | Ep. 10
"I cried & cried." Helen Maroulis has had the highest of highs winning both World & Olympic Championships and quite frankly, the lowest of lows as well. She's no stranger to not only wrestling the best of the best on the mat, but off the mat wrestling with God. I so appreciate Helen's willingness to get transparent and vulnerable on Episode 10 of the BASCHAMANIA podcast as we chat her past and future, including the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Olympics! Tune in to this episode that's full of faith-centric golden nuggets!
September 23, 2019
Catching up with Olympian Frank Molinaro | Ep. 9
in 2016, Frank Molinaro was a 9 seed who upset the field and claimed the 65kg spot on USA Wrestling's Olympic Team. In 2020, he may not be seeded as low as 9, but he's again in one of - if not THE - toughest weight classes in the sport. Frank will have to beat the likes of Zain Retherford, Yianni D, Jordan Oliver, and Anthony Ashnault to name a few.  We chat in this episode on his mindset & perspective going into the competition season leading up to the Olympic Trials in April in State College, PA. Recently stepping down as a coach at Virgina Tech and moving to Oklahoma to get a fresh set of coaches, Frank and I chat on the move to Oklahoma and what it means. The 'Gorilla Hulk' and I also chat on the importance of having a Christ-centered life and always relying on God for what's next - no matter where you are! Arguably though, the most interesting topic on this episode was the topic of how Frank almost threw the towel in, but he didn't... I ask him why & how? 
September 16, 2019
A Conversation with Roman Bravo-Young | Ep. 8
He's one of the most exciting wrestlers in college to watch, and he still has 3 more years to put on a show. If you're not on the RBY train just yet, you should be! On this episode, RBY and I sit down to chat about high school vs college wrestling, having fun and maintaining the proper perspective through victory and defeat!
September 13, 2019
Inside the Mind of Jordan Oliver | Ep. 7
2X NCAA Champion Jordan Oliver is one of the biggest  personalities in wrestling. He's had his highs and lows. Hoping for his  biggest high yet with making the 2020 Olympic Team, Jordan and I discuss  all things past, present and future! If you're a JO and/or wrestling  fan, you won't wanna miss this episode! 
September 7, 2019
A Conversation with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules!) | Ep. 6
Happy to have TV's HERCULES on the show today! Kevin Sorbo is an actor who has been seen in 100's of commercials, TV shows, movies - you name it. Most recently, he has been appearing in a number of faith-based/family-centered movies like Let There Be Light, God's Not Dead, & Soul Surfer. Unashamed of being a Christian & Conservative, Kevin has never let any snubbing or Hollywood Blacklisting ruin his fun or steal his joy. Sorbo simply continues to seek to fill that void in good wholesome content! Listen in on today's conversation for more!
September 2, 2019
Seth Gross: A Redemption Story. | Ep. 5
It was great sitting down and chatting with Seth Gross and hearing his (redemption) story from his perspective. Seth Gross was one of the nation's best wrestlers at 133 lbs, attending Iowa University. A night of unprecedented partying got him kicked out and led him wondering if he'd ever have any success again. The story of redemption that follows is incredible!
August 26, 2019
A Conversation with NCAA Champ Anthony Ashnault | Ep. 4
On Episode 4 of the BASCHAMANIA Podcast, we talk to 2019 NCAA Champion Anthony Ashnault. Undefeated in high school winning 4 state titles in one of - if not thee - toughest state tournaments in the country, Anthony has made a name for himself in the sport of wrestling and has become a household favorite... especially in the state of New Jersey. At this point in his career though, he’s looking to make a household name for himself in the entire US. How? Give this episode a listen! 
August 22, 2019
Talking Faith & Mindset with Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs | Ep. 3
On Episode 3 of the BASCHAMANIA Podcast, Olympic & World Champion Jordan Burroughs stops by! Jordan and I chat about all things mindset and faith. Topics including: not letting social media distract you, how and where to find your worth, how Jordan seeks to transcend wrestling, the importance of his faith in his wrestling career & family, the role faith plays in his day to day grind, and more. A definite must-listen for any wrestling fan and/or any Christian! 
August 17, 2019
Talking Wrestling & Faith w/ 3x NCAA Champion Bo Nickal | Ep. 2
On today's episode, we have 3x NCAA & Big Ten Champion, Bo Nickal of Penn State. Bo is one of the best in the sport and we sit down and chat about his careers' past and future. We also focus in on the importance of God in his life and when and what he learned the most from God. 
August 12, 2019
A Conversation with UFC Veteran Jim Miller | Ep. 1
UFC Veteran Jim Miller comes on the show for the first episode. Justin & Jim have a great conversation about wrestling, MMA, hunting, cooking, family, Jim's future and more. Enjoy the show!
August 3, 2019
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