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By Basically Brown
Basically we're Brown Women discussing Brown life, topics, & opinions ... We hope to educate, influence, and create healthy dialogue. While we speak from a Brown point of view, we look to all Colors of Life to gain valuable insight on this journey we call life ... one conversation at a time. Let's discuss!
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Basically, Tastes Like Chicken.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we sat down to discuss organ transplants in the brown community, hymens, and Popeyes chicken. Tune in!   As always, we did not disappoint with the Brown Bosses  Ditch The Diet Kitchen - The thought of creating meal plans can be intimidating, but Ditch The Diet Kitchen is on a mission to make meal planning easy for everyone - Beautiful inspirational products created to inspire the visionary within.   *Follow us on Instagram @BasicallyBrownPodcast  Twitter @Basically2Brown  Please send questions and comments to
November 19, 2019
Basically, Always is Now Sometimes
This week on the Basically Brown Podcast, we are discussing many things happening in America. How do you feel about Always Pads removing the female symbol? What are your thoughts on the new Kanye? What are your thoughts about Atatiana Jefferson's case? Discuss with us!! CHECK OUT THIS WEEKS BROWN BOSSES!! Barry & Associates Inc Real Estate Denver CO. Malik Tilley - The Curl Box Questions, comments, brown boss? Hit us up! @BasicallyBrownPodcast on Instagram &
November 10, 2019
Basically, To Forgive & Forget?
Questions, comments, brown boss? Hit us up! @BasicallyBrownPodcast on Instagram &
October 28, 2019
Basically, Challenging The Vision.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we are discussing vision! If you can see it in your mind, you can make it a reality. Bring your vision to life. & Do you have a vision board? Discuss with us! Follow our Brown Bosses for the week when you follow us on Instagram. @BasicallyBrownPodcast. Got a brown boss, question or comment? Email us! Thanks for your continued support.
October 13, 2019
Basically, When Is It Okay To Snitch?
Hey guys!  We are back, and on track! As always thank you for supporting. This week we are discussing culture, and also what it means to be a snitch. Is it ever okay to do it? Let's Discuss! Brown Bosses: Heavens Table Catering and BBQ LLC 414-732-7109 and also Whitney Rollon creator of The Lady RollNation Fitness Trainers Questions? Comments? Brown bosses? Hit us up! @BasicallyBrownPodcast- Instagram
September 23, 2019
Basically, We're Back.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we're back for more conversations! Politics, The NFL and Jay Z, and what in the world is going on with CVS and Walmart.  We also had time to get in a quick game of Would You Rather, which is totally easier said than done. Don't worry our Brown Bosses for this week won't disappoint!  Chakeria Woods - A one stop shop for your personal Reawakening.  Chakeria's website promotes love, healing and health, by providing education and illustrations through art and videos. Also check out her book Bella Memoirs - Chakeria invites you on her journey of self discovery, acknowledgement, change, and growth.   Available at 
August 21, 2019
Basically, The Interlude. Part 2
It's part 2/2 In this special 2 part show! Join us in this freestyle show as we chat about relationships, taboo topics, and life. Thank you for supporting The Basically Brown Podcast. Please send your questions, comments, and concerns to   Follow us! @BasicallyBrownPodcast on IG Follow us! @Basically2Brown on Twitter
August 4, 2019
Basically, The Interlude. Let's Reminisce Pt. 1
Keep calm, WE'RE BACK! In this special 2 part show, join us as we reminisce on our lives, friendships, relationships, and futures.  How did we meet? What's our favorite memory?  Hear funny stories about our 10 year friendship.  ***Again, this episode has been broken down into 2 parts, so definitely tune in next week as well. Thank you for supporting The Basically Brown Podcast. Please send your questions, comments, and concerns to   Follow us! @BasicallyBrownPodcast on IG Follow us! @Basically2Brown on Twitter
July 30, 2019
Basically, You Are What You Eat?
Welcome back to another episode! This week we're discussing the foods we put into our bodies. What is your diet like? What will it take for you to be more conscious of the foods you eat? Discuss with us! Check Out This Week's Bosses Fit by Tone’y Fitness trainer & coach Empowering women to train hard & live healthier lifestyles, one day at a time Tayshawn @primefitness_mfg Amazing Certified Personal Trainer 830 Feslers Parkway Suite 106 We'd love yo hear from you! Instagram: @BasicallyBrownPodcast Twitter: @Basically2Brown
July 14, 2019
Basically, My Bad.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we’re discussing sorry. Are there levels to the word? Or is “sorry” just that ... Sorry? In our Brown Bag Talk ... We gave our thoughts about sticking with someone who doesn’t want the child you have together. As always, we did not disappoint with our Brown Bosses ... @godthinksiam on Instagram - Feminine faith inspired designs
July 7, 2019
Basically, It's Just My Personality
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast, we're discussing personalities. If someone asked you when they met you, "what's your personality type," what would you say/how would you feel? what makes your personality right or wrong? is it hurting you or others? if its hurting you, would you be open to accepting that criticism from someone? grab your snacks, & tune in, it gets juicy! check out this week's Brown Bosses!! Setting the bar llc – consultation services Aspiring individuals to reach their full potential by setting the bar in health, education, spirit, finances, relationships, personal development, community, family etc Tootsiee Pop Mobile Bartending - Shadajah Durham Brown Bag Talk, Brown Bosses, question, comments , suggestions? we'd love to hear from you! @basically2brown twitter @basicallybrownpodcast IG
June 30, 2019
Basically, Hannah, Jose, or LaKeshia ... I'm Qualified, Nice To Meet Ya.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we are all about Growth & Acceptance. We kicked off the show by discussing Kyle Kashuv.  The Parkland Shooting Survivor who was previously accepted by Harvard has recently lost his chance at attending the Ivy League School due to racist tweets he posted when he was younger. He's since apologized citing surviving the shooting as a major change in his thinking, but Harvard isn't budging.  We talked about it, but what do you think?  Do people really evolve in thinking ... Or are we to assume that a tiger never changes its stripes? Hannah, Jose, or LaKeshia ... name association.  Do you judge people based on their name alone? A Caucasian woman named Lakeisha feels like she's experienced "The Black Woman" ... But does a name outside of your skin color qualify you to speak on life experience outside of your own? Brown & Corporate is our main topic this week ... How has things changed? Or have things changed?  How can we continue to go up from there? We're talking about our experiences & we'd like to hear yours too. Of course we've got Brown Bosses (you never have to ask) check out these AMAZING minority owned businesses Nannas Babies Inc. - A wonderful nonprofit organization! Programs by Nannas Babies will improve the lives of children through enrichment, events, and activities! - Shante' Jackson has the look for your at an affordable price. She creates styles you probably never EVER thought you could pull off! Questions, comments, concerns, and brown bosses are always welcome IG: BasicallyBrownPodcast
June 23, 2019
Basically, What's Love Go To Do With It?
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast, we're asking, 'What's Love Got To Do With It? or is it love conquers all? Is it better to have a man/woman with all the goods? Money, nice car, nice body or do you prefer building with a person? Do you take notice how you can be [subtly] influenced to date a person w certain 'goods?' What are your limits when it comes to staying down for a person? Brown Bag Talk were discussing Rihanna and her recent achievements. Also, it may soon be legal in NY to pay for sex! What are your thoughts? Tune in with us every Sunday! Never forget our 2 amazing brown bosses!! one united bank introduced the queen card in March during womens history month with Queens such as: Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Harriet Tubman etc @oneunited Drulon - custom clothing and shoes @drulonclothingshoes questions, comments, suggestions, concerns? @basicallybrownpodcast on Instagram @Basically2Brown on Twitter
June 16, 2019
Basically, the art of letting go.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast, we're cleaning out our closets ... Or are we?  What about YOU? When's the last time you've done a little Spring cleaning? Yes throwing out those shoes that are a little too snug, but you've had forever may be hard ... But how do you declutter yourself of people?   How hard is it to let go ? Is letting go the key to living  your best life?  In Brown Bag Talk we weighed in on The Central Park 5, Linda Fairstein, and Ava Duvernay's When They See Us series on Netflix.  Our Brown Bag quickly turned to Blue because there was no way we weren't going to talk about The Tennessee State University, Renauld Clayton, and over $86,000 worth of misappropriated funds.  Let's discuss! No worries, we still had time to share two amazing Brown Bosses with you.  Jaquilla J. Ross - Milwaukee, WI   Ross Financial LLC / University of Milwaukee - Amazing professional assisting small businesses with a variety of financial services  Me And The Bees Lemonade - Mikaila Ulmer @Mikailasbees on Instagram ... Delicious lemonade stemming from a South Carolina family recipe that has made its way into supermarkets. basicallybrownpodcast on Instagram @Basically2Brown on Twitter
June 9, 2019
Basically, Self Honesty Is An Important Policy
This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing honesty. Are you more honest with others than yourself? How Sway? What does it mean to be honest to yourself? As always, we have a juicy topic to discuss for our Brown Bag Talk! Grab your snacks, and tune in! Bossin' While Brown GoJo Ethiopian Cafe Nashville TN Corey Collins Roofing work 262-617-0283 Have a boss you want highlighted? Brown Bag topic? comments/questions? Were excited to hear from you! IG: @BasicallyBrownPodcast Twitter: @Basically2Brown
June 2, 2019
Basically, Worry About The Bun In Your Own Oven.
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we're letting our thoughts free (as if we haven't before) .... From wigs and braids, to half and half (we're not talking about creamer), to the modern day woman, and even buns on our back ... And in the oven. We've got a lot to say ... So Let's Discuss! As always we couldn't leave you without a new Brown Boss to try Confident Mobile Notary - Milwaukee, WI La Bella Vida Photography - Nashville, Tn   
May 26, 2019
Basically, What’s An Animal To a Human?
This Week on the Basically Brown podcast, we're talking animals x humans. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why? Is there a difference between humans and our 4 legged friends? What do you think?  Discuss with us! Bossin' While Brown Mika's Ministeries Clothing with motivational quotes & inspiring bible scriptures Slim & Huskys Pizza Have a brown boss in mind? Questions, comments, ideas?! Hit us up! BasicallyBrownPodcast - Instagram Basically2Brown - Twitter
May 19, 2019
Basically, RESPECT ... I'll give it to you when you give it to me.
Happy Mother's Day from The Basically Brown Podcast!! This week on the show we're determined to find out what respect means to us and how it continues to be one of the unspoken rules in the Brown Community.  We've all been in those uncomfortable conversations where we feel we're being disrespected, so how do you stand up for yourself while respecting your elders?  Is that even possible?   In Brown Bag Talk we're talking Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina ... Friendship or something more?  This lead us to ... Let's just say the topic of having your cake and eating it too? No spoilers here! You'll just have to listen! Yes, we covered a lot this week ... But don't worry, we still highlighted 2 amazing Brown Bosses for you to check out! Bertony Faustin of The Abbey Creek Vineyard in Portland, Oregon. Renee Watkins Traveling yoga IG: AbbeyCreekWine
May 12, 2019
Basically, Confident.
"So I like what I see when I'm looking at me when I'm walking past the mirror" -  Mary J. Blige How do you feel when you're walking past your own mirror?  From hair, to body, to clothes, the world gives us plenty to be insecure about ... And social media has done nothing to make it better, so how do you keep it together with a smile?  This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we're breaking down confidence.  It may seem like a simple topic, but there's layers to this confidence game ...  Join us as we start scratching the surface. Don't forget to check out this week's Brown Bosses  Elegant Candle Studio hand crafted candles and center pieces ! And also check out DJ Hollywood (FB: Joe Hollywood) - Master of all genres & The Last DJ you want to sleep on  ***As always please send your questions and thoughts to    Follow us on Instagram >> @BasicallyBrownPodcast   Twitter >>>> @Basically2Brown
May 6, 2019
Basically, it's all about the Benjamins.
What are spending habits like in the community? We’re taught to live in the moment, why aren't we encouraged to focus on financial freedom, generational wealth, credit scores etc? Why is it easier to get a $50,000 student loan than a $10,000 business loan? Let's talk all things finance in our communities!  Check out this week's Brown Bosses paparazzi ice cream specializes in rolled ice cream & Because Nashville is the hottest place to get your hot chicken, it’s only appropriate we acknowledge Prince’s Hot Chicken founded by James Thornton Prince Got questions or comments? Feel free to contact us at  Follow us on Instagram @BasicallyBrownPodcast  Twitter @Basically2Brown
April 29, 2019
Basically, ain't no lovin' like the love I got
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast love is in the air ... Or is it?  Who better to weigh in than us?! During our weekly Brown Bag Talk,  we're talking  Wendy Williams and her alleged pending divorce.  Over twenty years of a marriage, a mistress, and baby?!  At what point is a woman just fed up? Or is it better to keep it cheap and keep?  How do we even keep tabs on the amount of love we're getting?  And how do you determine how much love is too much? Check Out This Week's BROWN Bosses Harlem Chocolate Factory New York, New York Tonisha McGraw Triple T's Tasty Treats 618-741-1360
April 21, 2019
Basically, We Need To Break These Generational Curses!
This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing the brown community & breaking generational curses. How do you break them? Discuss with us! Check out This Weeks Brown Bosses! Above The Heart llc Marriage, premarital, group counseling +  & Mignon Francois   Questions, complaints, comments? contact us: iG: basicallybrownpodcast   twitter:basically2brown 
April 14, 2019
Basically, Don’t Touch My Hair!
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast, we're talking about the death of Nipsey Hussle, how will his assassination impact The Culture going forward?  Was it a conspiracy based on the documentary he was producing about Dr. Sebi, or was it just another act of senseless violence that continues to plague the Brown community? Also ... Brown Hair Don't Care, but how do we really feel about the touching of our crowns aka Our Hair?  What's acceptable? And how do we manage our own individual tresses?? Let's discuss!! Check out This Week's Brown Bosses    Steve White Films photography + videography Jasmine Darden & Samaki Nash - mobile shoe boutique If you or someone you know would like to be a Brown Boss or if you have an idea for our Brown Bag Talk please contact us: Instagram : BasicallyBrownPodcast Email: *As always thank you for your support!
April 7, 2019
Basically celebrities x idols, who do we look up to?
This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing celebrities and idols. This weeks Brown Bag Talk revolves around the topic of reviving Polygamy! This Weeks basically brown topic is: Basically, Celebrities X Idols, who do we look up to? Should we look up to celebrities as our role models? Should we stop the facade and see celebrities as human beings? Should people with a certain status be held to a certain degree of 'righteousness?' Find out our perspective during this episode! Check Out this week's Brown Bosses! Ferguson Cleaning Services services ranging from basic cleanings, eviction cleanouts, car detailing, painting etc. 708-314-5081  & Contact Trinidad Ochoa Montano on Facebook for a toothpaste that will have your teeth thanking you! Coffee stains, wine stains, even bracket marks from braces can be a thing of the past (and your breath stays fresher and longer than store toothpaste)  If you have questions, comments, brown bag talk topics, you can always contact us at: ig: basicallybrownpodcast twitter: basically2brown
March 31, 2019
Basically, It’s My Dollar and I’ll spend it Where I Want To
This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing the brown community & supporting brown bosses. Is it expected? Is it necessary? Discuss with us! Check out This Weeks Brown Bosses Life Empowered Consulting Services Lorena Abraham Mexican buffet Fairview Heights IL Questions, complaints, comments? contact us: iG: basicallybrownpodcast twitter: basically2brown duration 1h 4m
March 25, 2019
Basically, the choice is yours
This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we're discussing the necessity of college?  Is it for everybody?  Does college attendance equate success? We're also kicking off our "Hide It, We'll Find It" series.  The stigma is that if you want to hide something from a person of color, put it in your books, because we don't read.  We're looking to kill that by discussing books of substance on our show.  We're starting with Shook One - Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me, by Charlemagne Tha God.  Mental health has been a widely discussed topic lately in the brown community, from Taraji P. Henson founding the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, to celebrities like Lloyd, Kanye West, and even the Rock speaking out on how mental health issues has plagued them and their families.  We look to join them in conversation and personal experience.   Won't you join us?  Check Out This Week's BROWN Bosses Ashley’s Creations llc Event Planning & Decorating 414-394-3968 Milwaukee WI Rebecca Clark Be Heard llc Children's bookclub 1h 6m
March 17, 2019
Basically, Wyd Sunday?
This week we're discussing the corner stone of the Brown community ... The Church.  We'll cover our upbringings, discuss God/The Universe||our creator, whatever you refer to, Jesus, son of God, and different types of religions. Why are we not in the church like our parents or grandparents were?  What's it going to take for us to get back in the doors?  With scandals, misappropriated funding, and other issues ... Do we still have faith in the church?  Let's discuss! Check out this week's Brown Bosses! Vince Lamar Clothier - Specializing in Men's formal clothing (prom, weddings, + accessories etc) IG: vincelamarclothier Danielle McGee - CEO - Drives customers and revenue to small brown owned businesses by providing awareness & coupons.  **If you or someone you know is a Brown Boss we want to know about them! >>  Or tag us on Instagram @BasicallyBrownPodcast *Brown Bag Talk - Got a question or idea for a topic? Need advice?  We want to hear from you!  duration 1h 14m
March 10, 2019
Basically, Times Up!
This week we're provoking thought and inspiring action around the topic of: The Brown Community x #MeToo Movement x Times Up! Who played a role ?  Where did it start?  And with Lisa Borders' resignation where do we stand now?  Let's talk about it! Check out this week's Brown Bosses!!! La S. Elevated Healing (414) 502-8428 Milwaukee, WI Brown Estate Winery (Newly Partnered with Delta Airlines) IG: @Brownestate   *Wer'e always on the look out for Brown Bosses, Brown Bag Talk for our discussion segment, and new topics for future episodes ...  Please do not hesitate to contact us: The basicallybrown  IG: @BasicallyBrownPodcast Twitter: Basically2Brown Duration 1h 5m
March 4, 2019
Basically, Love Starts Within
"Basically, Love Starts Within," provokes thought around the topic of: The Brown Community x Self-love + Helpful Hints. Check out this week's Brown Bosses ShackFitness iG: Shack_fitness Milwaukee, WI Stacey Wines Nashville, TN Contact us: iG: basicallybrownpodcast twitter: basically2brown Duration 1h 3m
February 24, 2019