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Basic Pitches

Basic Pitches

By Anna Mercier and Emily Thiede
Anna and Emily offer angst, tips, and laughter for your writing journey.
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18: When to Let Go... of Drafts
*WARNING* This week's episode contains drowsiness, lots of good advice, and some audio glitches. As such, it's not a "normal" episode. But what IS normal anyway? This week, Anna and Emily discuss when to gauge when to release projects into the hands of trusted CPs, the query trenches, and/or beta readers. THIS VICIOUS GRACE on GoodReads BASIC PITCHES on Twitter
June 15, 2021
17: Building Author Platform with E.J. Wenstrom
Anna and Emily talk with author E.J. Wenstrom about her new dystopian book coming in August as well as how to build an author platform. Bonus content: ADHD bumpers and a guest dog appearance! E.J. Wenstrom on Twitter E.J. Wenstrom LinkTree Fantasy + Girls Podcast
June 7, 2021
16: Writing Resources
Anna and Emily destroy their friendship... Wait. No. They ALMOST destroy their friendship while talking about writing resources that have helped them explore their craft. Scrivener Plottr Helping Writers Become Authors Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland Jami Gold Worksheets
May 24, 2021
15: Managing Professional Jealousy with Jessica James
Anna and Emily chat with author Jessica James about surviving the querying trenches, navigating the winding round of publishing, and turning your professional jealousy (yes, we all have it) into something good for everyone! Jessica James on Twitter Basic Pitches on Twitter THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads
May 17, 2021
14: Worldbuilding
Between giggle fits and "pew pew pew" attacks, Anna and Emily share their thoughts, tips, and perspectives on worldbuilding for all genres. Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. Follow Basic Pitches on Twitter.
May 10, 2021
13: Work, Life, ... Video Games? Chatting with Lyndsay Ely
Anna and Emily chat with Lyndsay Ely about balancing work, life, and all the side hustles and pressures that come with being a writer. Plus, you get to hear some behind the scenes info about her new book OVERWATCH DEADLOCK REBELS out June 1st, 2021! Lyndsay Ely's Website DEADLOCK REBELS preorder THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads
May 3, 2021
12: Finding the Right Agent for You
Uh, oh. Anna and Emily have their first Happy Hour episode. They talk about finding the right agent as well as red flags to be aware of when searching for someone to query. Also, they laugh... A lot... About pasta. THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. Basic Pitches on Twitter.
April 19, 2021
11: A Conversation with KL Burd
Anna and Emily chat with KL Burd about his writing journey, his positive spin to the querying process, and the new podcast he's apart of. KL Burd on Twitter The Afronauts Podcast on Twitter The Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermason Story Grid OPPOSITE OF ALWAYS by Justin A. Reynolds THE COST OF KNOWING by Brittney Morris
April 12, 2021
10: Narrative Closeness
Anna and Emily answer a reader question about how to achieve narrative closeness. Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads ( Add Basic Pitches on Twitter ( BOOKS MENTIONED: THIS SAVAGE SONG by V.E. Schwab THROWAWAY GIRLS by Andrea Contos GUNSLINGER GIRL by Lyndsay Ely RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by Casey McQuinston
April 5, 2021
09: The Spark with Jade Loren
Anna and Emily talk with special guest Jade Loren about ways to start new projects! Find Jade Loren on Twitter! ( Jade Loren's editing service! ( Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads! ( JellyNell on Etsy. (
March 29, 2021
08: Crafting Character Arcs
After discussing the new SHADOW AND BONE trailer, Anna and Emily discuss some clever ways to craft memorable character arcs. Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. ( Buy from JellyNell's Etsy shop. ( Follow Basic Pitches on Twitter. (
March 22, 2021
Announcements and Apologies
Anna explains how there's no episode this week, and she encourages you all to hydrate and support good books. THE LAST FINESTRA by Emily Thiede ( BEASTS OF PREY by Ayana Gray ( WE ARE THE FIRE by Sam Taylor (
March 15, 2021
07: Morally Gray Characters with Sam Taylor
Anna and Emily talk with debut author Sam Taylor about morally gray characters and complex villains, all of which can be found in her book WE ARE THE FIRE-- out now! Buy WE ARE THE FIRE by Sam Taylor and follow her on all social media platforms. ( Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. ( Follow Basic Pitches Podcast on Twitter. (
March 8, 2021
06: Wrestling with Revisions
Anna and Emily discuss all things revision from what revision is to tips and tricks on how to tackle it! Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. ( Check out JellyNell's Etsy shop. She made our cover! ( Add us on Twitter! ( Have writerly questions? E-mail us at!
March 1, 2021
05: Pitches with Ayana Gray
Anna and Emily welcome their very first, very special guest: the fabulous Ayana Gray, author of BEASTS OF PREY coming September 2021. Ayana talks about writing pitches, taking chances, and even gives us a peek into her upcoming debut BEASTS OF PREY. You don't want to miss this episode! Add BEASTS OF PREY by Ayana Gray on GoodReads. ( Preorder BEASTS OF PREY by Ayana Gray. ( Follow Ayana Gray on Twitter. ( Add THE LAST FINESTRA by Emily Thiede on GoodReads. (
February 17, 2021
04: Making Your Query Stand Out
Agent inboxes are busy, and your book deserves the best! That's why Anna and Emily are digging into into a few ways to make your query letter stand out. Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads ( Cover art by @JellyNellArt on Instagram. ( Add Basic Pitches on Twitter. ( RESOURCES USED IN THE SHOW: "Queries? Must We?" by Emily Thiede (
February 15, 2021
03: Pantsing? Plotting? Why not both?
Anna and Emily talk about the pros and cons of pantsing (writing without a plan) and plotting. Spoiler: they're both valuable, and we think you should learn to utilize both! Add THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads. ( Cover art by @JellyNellArt on Instagram. ( Add Basic Pitches on Twitter. ( RESOURCES DISCUSSED IN THE SHOW: "Story Corpse" talk by V.E. Schwab ( "How to Plan Your Novel Using the Three-Act Structure" by Emma Johnson (
February 1, 2021
02: Finding Critique Partners
Anna and Emily discuss where to find critique partners. Thank you to Alyssa for our WONDERFUL cover art. Please go support her on Instagram @jellynellart. She's got an Etsy shop that will soon be up as well as tons of great art for you to feast your eyes upon! Thanks, Alyssa! Make sure to add Emily's book THE LAST FINESTRA on GoodReads.  ( You can find us on Twitter at... @AnnaRaeWrites @ethiedee @2basicpitches If you liked what you heard, make sure to subscribe and give us a rating! We'd appreciate it!
January 18, 2021
01: Introductions and Critique Partners
Anna and Emily talk about where the idea for the podcast originated plus how to build strong critique partner relationships. Twitter: @AnnaRaeWrites  &  @ethiedee
January 4, 2021
Anna & Emily Make a Podcast Trailer
For months, Anna and Emily swapped voice messages about writerly angst. Now they're sharing their angst with you in a brand new podcast! Join them for writing tips, wandering analogies, and plenty of giggle fits. As you wait for our new episode, help us decide on a podcast name. Take our Survey Monkey below! Find us on Twitter! Anna Mercier: @AnnaRaeWrites Emily Thiede: @ethiedee While you're at it, go ahead and add Emily's upcoming debut The Last Finestra on GoodReads. Special thanks to Josh Woodward for his use of the song "Invisible Light" off the album The Wake.
November 16, 2020