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Featuring NBA legends, former and current players, coaches, scouts, GMs, and people behind the scenes, 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network covers NBA past, present, and future. From Xs and Os to crazy off-court stories and insights, we bring you never heard before detail that makes the NBA the best league in the world.
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Former NBA scout Antonio Williams joined Stephen for another episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. Antonio gave us a deeper insight into the world of NBA scouting and talked about his tenure as the Suns' basketball scout, explaining the organization's first-round selections over the span. He also evaluated the hottest prospects in the league today, giving us his predictions for the 20/21 NBA season. 00:21​ - experience playing point guard at Brandeis University 2:45​ - joining the Phoenix Suns as a basketball scout 6:50​ - how scouting departments are set up in the NBA 8:16​ - usual scouting process, go-to parameters when scouting 12:10​ - Europeans vs. Americans -- fitting in NBA systems 14:30​ - PreDraft workouts used to manipulate Draft positions 15:58​ - examples of counterespionage in the scouting and Draft process 19:15​ - coaches' involvement when deciding who to pick 21:47​ - taking Devin Booker 13th overall in '15  26:49​ - alternatives selections in the '15 NBA Draft 29:53​ - Booker's development thus far and his ceiling as an NBA player 32:53​ - taking Dragan Bender 4th overall in '16 - why didn't things work out 38:20​ - taking Deandre Ayton 1st overall in '18 - why not Doncic or Trae Young 43:49​ - taking Mikal Bridges 10th overall in '18 - fit with the Suns moving forward 49:56​ - the mental aspect of hitting wide-open shots 54:01​ - ego management of players having to accept lesser roles in the NBA 54:50​ - prediction for the Suns in the 20/21 NBA Season 59:36​ - picking the best player vs. picking the best fit 1:01:39​ - scouting Kevin Durant - his most talented prospect ever 1:04:34​ - talented prospects who weren't able to fulfill his potential in the NBA 1:05:44​ - the best prospect in the '20 Draft Class 1:07:59​ - LaMelo's situation vs. the situation of James Wiseman 1:09:12​ - The Antonio Williams Show, involvement with the E-Sports industry 1:12:49​ - the current state of the NBA, too many ball screens limiting the players' creativity 1:16:45​ - will the Nets' Big Three figure things out 1:19:25​ - who's going to win it all 1:22:57​ - predictions for the regular season MVP 1:25:03​ - Quick fire questions 1:27:25​ - Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT
March 4, 2021
Former NBA champion, all-star, and defensive player of the year, Metta World Peace, joined Harry for another 1-ON-1 with BASKETBALL NETWORK. Metta talked about life after basketball, new business ventures, playing his best basketball in Indiana, and his legacy as one of the best defensive wingmen in the history of the game.   Interview recorded on: 02/02/2021   00:16​ - Life after NBA, coaching and family 01:28​ - XvsX Sports platform for basketball players 04:50​ - 1999 NBA Draft → Chicago Bulls 06:47​ - Playing against Michael Jordan 08:23​ - Getting traded to Indiana, ’04 and ’05 season & being contenders 11:56​ - Playing for the Houston Rockets, T-Mac and Yao 13:09​ - T-Mac and Kobe comparison 14:26​ - Getting traded to the Lakers, playing w/ Kobe 16:53​ - NBA contracts, earning 77M during NBA career, Scottie Pippen 18:30​ - Metta on his defensive mentality & being the GOAT on defense 20:55​ - Playing overseas, internationalization of the NBA & guarding Luka Doncic 26:35​ - Quick fire questions
February 11, 2021
Current head coach of the G-League Stockton Kings, Tyrone Ellis, joined Will for 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. Ty had a great career in Europe where he also played for the Georgian national team and help them reach Division A of Eurobasket. 0:37 - Basketball Beginning/growing up in Dallas 1:35 - College Career NAIA Division 4:25 - Meeting with Mitch Kupchak/ Playing for the Lakers 5:23 - Starting the International Career 6:50 - Playing against Barcelona (Navarro, Bodiroga 8:19 - Difference between European (ACB, Euroleague) & NBA basketball 9:45 - Problems with getting paid in Europe (Italy & Turkey) 11:48 - Difference between European & NBA basketball 14:10 - Toughest matchups in Europe 15:58 - Quick Dejan Bodiroga story - He's a winner and gets things done' 17:20 - Difference between European and American fans 19:30 - Playing for Georgia National Team 21:50  - Meeting the Georgian president who was drunk at the time (ending up on a NY Times cover) 25:00 - Transition to becoming a coach (Five-year plan) 28:00 - Experience coaching Team USA with Jeff Van Gundy 33:00 - Ellis describes his coaching style 34:25 - Things he learned from Gregg Popovich to be a great coach 36:28 - Secret ingredients to developing a great player 39:42 - Tyrone Ellis doesn't believe in positionless basketball 42:49 - Evolution of Big Men in the NBA 45:00 - Getting players to buy into a coaches system (difference in black and white coaches) 49:29 - Evolution of the NBA in the future 51:39 - NBA's reaction to social and racial injustice 54:10 - Coaching and adapting through the pandemic 55:55 - Next step in his career 01:02:40 - The most talented players he had the opportunity to coach 01:04:15 - Quickfire questions 01:04:38  - Why it's impossible to stop LeBron James
February 4, 2021
1-ON-1 with ALEX ACKER
Former NBA and longtime EuroLeague player, Alex Acker, joins Stephen for another episode of 1-ON-1 with BASKETBALL NETWORK.  0:33​ The feeling of getting drafted 60th overall 5:14​ Playing pickups with Reggie Miller and other NBA stars 09:56​ Having Chauncey Billups as a mentor in the NBA 11:21​ The feeling of getting drafted to a contending team in Detroit 14:50​ The leadership in the Pistons locker room 17:04​ Rasheed Wallace - the trash talker 18:11​ When the vets tied Amir Johnson to a chair 19:49​ His rookie hazing experience, paying a six-figure dinner bill 21:19​ The physicality of the Pistons from the '00s 23:14​ The relationship with the late great Flip Saunders 25:55​ Bouncing between D-League and the NBA 28:07​ Playing alongside Darko Miličić and why things didn't work out for Darko 30:14​ Taking his talents overseas 33:13​ Adjusting to the European style of basketball 36:08​ One year run in Olympiacos 38:14​ Championship series against Panathinaikos in '07 40:28​ Euroleague vs. NBA 42:19​ On Dončić's comments how it's tougher to score in Europe than in the NBA 42:47​ The difference between European and NBA coaches 45:27​ Playing in Greece vs. playing in Spain 46:52​ Return to the NBA 49:10​ How different were the Pistons during his second-go with the team 50:49​ Getting traded to the Clippers 52:43​ One year run with the Clippers 56:42​ Winning locker room vs. losing locker room 58:12​ Players who put up empty numbers, playing in the social media environment 1:00:59​ Favorite European country he played in, the highlight of his run overseas 1:03:38​ The craziness of European fans 1:05:50​ One guy that never took his talents overseas that would’ve been a great NBA player 1:07:43​ The NBA today, favorite team 1:09:24​ Favorite player to watch 1:10:10​ Thoughts on the season thus far 1:11:10​ Thoughts on the current state of the league 1:14:13​ Quick-fire questions
January 25, 2021
1-ON-1 with DINO RAĐA
European basketball legend and Hall-of-Famer, Dino Rađa, joins Harry for another episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network.   00:24 Dino’s favorite moment during Split Jugoplastika playing days  01:31 What was it like being 22-23 years old and ‘on top of Europe’?  03:24 Crazy mentality in Split  04:14 Jugoplastika in the NBA from ’89-91  05:30 Weight-room philosophy in the NBA  06:40 One of the best paid athletes in Europe  07:56 What if: Coming to the NBA in ’89 and playing Bird, McHale, Parish and Johnson?  09:37 Getting traded to Philadelphia, losing mentality in NBA and going back to Europe  11:35 Not being driven by money  13:18 Averaging 27 points against Orlando & Shaquille O’Neal in ’94-95  14:40 Toughest match-up in the NBA, and why?  16:15 NBA today lacking physicality and the game being better back in the day  19:20 Averaging 20 and 10 in Boston, and not making the All-Star team  20:56 International players taking over the league  24:09 Luka Dončić playing at such a high level this early into his NBA career  25:27 Bodiroga & Dončić comparison  27:04 Future of the Croatian national team  29:31 On Toni Kukoč still not being inducted into the HOF  31:27 Relationship with Larry Legend and how he influenced Rađa’s career  34:10 Quickfire questions
January 18, 2021
1-ON-1 with SHAWN KEMP
We had the opportunity to sit down with 6-time NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp and talk about his new Cannabis business and the use of Cannabis-related products among NBA players today.  Shawn touched upon his time with the Seattle Supersonics, the impact they had on the NBA in the 90s, and the birth of his nickname The Reign Man. He talked about the NBA's electrifying dynamic duo with Gary Payton and advised on how to improve the Slam Dunk Contest today. Shawn talked about some of the most notable playoff series in his career, like the one against the Chicago Bulls in the '96 NBA Finals, and disclosed what it's like playing against other NBA legends.
November 11, 2020
NBA coaching legend George Karl came by the show! George talked about playing under Dean Smith and the impact Coach Smith had on his career. He briefly touched upon his pro playing career and explained why he retired at 26. Karl also shared some of his favorite moments while coaching Real Madrid, like going through training camp with Dražen Petrović and driving his Porsche during his first year in Spain.   Coach Karl provided insight into how the game has changed and talked about the extinction of old-school big-men. He discussed the SuperSonics and his approach when preparing for the '96 Finals against the Bulls. Karl continued with the Nuggets, gave insight into coaching Melo and going up against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in '09. He touched upon the evolution of the Denver roster, his favorite Nuggets team, his relationship with Demarcus Cousins, and, last but not least, if he plans to continue coaching again.    Earlier this year, George started Truth + Basketball, a podcast and audio exploration with George Karl, the 6th winningest coach in NBA basketball history. Make sure to check it out here:,, or
November 6, 2020
1-ON-1 with RICK BARRY
Basketball legend Rick Barry came by the show! Rick needs no introduction, but for those of you who need a reminder — ABA Champion, NBA Champion, Hall of Famer, 12-time-All-Star, top 50 player, the only player ever to lead the NCAA, ABA and NBA in points in a season and so much more.   Rick talked about the Orlando Bubble, the NBA Finals, LeBron James and what he calls the 'God's equalizer'. He shared insight into his Hall of Fame career, switching from NBA to ABA and back to NBA, winning the title in 1975 and being one of the premier scorers of all-time.
October 31, 2020
Jusuf Nurkić aka. The Bosnian Beast stopped by the show and discussed the NBA Finals, the Orlando bubble experience and the importance of staying healthy next year to battle for that #1 spot in the West. Nurk talked about coming back from his injury after not playing for 16 months and how the bubble atmosphere allowed him a smoother transition into play. He shared a few anecdotes from his childhood, his unbelievable basketball journey, and the agent who discovered him when he was 14-years-old. Jusuf shared a couple of trash-talk stories with Russell Westbrook, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant. He and talked about his explosion with the Portland Trailblazers, his relationship with Damian Lillard, and much more. 00:12 Thoughts on the NBA Finals, Laker Champs 01:17 Blazers & Lakers Playoff Series 03:00 Staying healthy next year and competing for #1 in the West 05:08 Being on the court again 16 months after not playing 07:00 What will the NBA look like next year? Playing in front fans again 09:00 Orlando experience, getting used to the bubble & the pandemic 11:26 Play-in tournament and having to win almost everything 13:17 Childhood flash-back, staring playing basketball at 14, crazy basketball journey 14:47 The agent that discovered him when he was 14-year-old 17:28 Nurk’s dad beat up 14 people in a bar once 18:17 Posting crazy numbers in the Adriatic league at 19, playing low minutes 21:41 The biggest adjustment when coming over to the league 23:03 Getting drafted, being the 5th Nuggets center, International greats paving the way 26:32 Talking to friends and comparing the NBA with overseas basketball 27:57 Sabonis what if & comparing old school centers with today's centers 29:54 If KD was born in Bosnia, Dame shooting from half court and LeBron’s longevity 32:50 Trash-talk in the NBA, trash-talking with Russ, KG and Kobe saying stuff in Bosnian 35:29 Playing with Nikola Jokic aka. The Joker and the other Balkan guys 37:29 Explosion in Portland and great fit with the team 39:36 Relationship with Damian Lillard 43:41 Coming back from injury and dealing with the broken tibia & fibula 48:57 Quickfire questions
October 23, 2020
Ganon Baker, world-renown basketball skills coach, sat down with Harry and talked about his beginnings, how he started by giving out business cards and challenging players 1-ON-1 to running Ganon Baker Basketball — one of the most established basketball services companies, sponsored by Nike and responsible for training over 15,000 players & coaches every year.   Ganon has worked closely with NBA stars like the late great Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Vince Carter, Amar’e Stoudemire, Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Penny Hardaway and many, many more.
October 19, 2020
We sat down with Danny Manning — 1988 NCAA champion with the Jayhawks, the all-time leading scorer in Kansas basketball history, #1 pick of the 1988 NBA draft, 16-year NBA veteran and 2-time All-Star. Danny talks about one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history with Kansas (1988 Finals) and shares his favorite accomplishment throughout his playing career. Manning provides insight into playing alongside Karl Malone and John Stockton with the Jazz, Charles Barkley with the Suns, and Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki with the Mavs.
October 15, 2020
We talked to Bryant Stith — University of Virginia all-time leading scorer, a member of the 1990 Team USA, retired NBA player and current assistant coach for Old Dominion University. Stith recalled his favorite moments with Denver and gave insight into why he feels that this year's Nuggets are very similar to the Nuggets team he played for. Bryant also shared a hilarious Dikembe Mutombo anecdote. He talked about the Mahmoud Abdul Rauf controversy in 1996 and drew parallels with the social justice uprising in the NBA today. Bryant shared valuable advice to the young kids out there on the top qualities he looks for when recruiting a player.
October 12, 2020
NBA Champion and 3rd pick of the 1987 NBA draft, Dennis Hopson, chats with Harry Volarevic about all things basketball. Hopson explains why he would've been more selfish if he had another shot at the league and talks about the instability surrounding the Nets franchise during his time there. Dennis shares what it felt like getting traded to Chicago and playing behind the best player in the world. He talks about his relationship with Michael Jordan and also provides insight into the coaching style of Phil Jackson, the Zen Master. Hopson shares the worst mistake he ever made during his time in the league and compares playing in Europe vs. the NBA. Dennis talks coaching, his biggest coaching influence, along with goals & ambitions for the future.
October 7, 2020
NBA Champion, Dorell Wright talks to Harry Volarevic about getting drafted straight out of high school and some of the biggest WOW moments during his rookie year. He opens up about the influence of basketball legend Pat Riley, along with a few anecdotes during his Miami years. Dorell shares what went wrong after winning the championship in '06 and talks about the influence Alonzo Mourning & Gary Payton had on his career.    Dorell predicts the Miami Heat to win it all and talks about Jimmy Butler's leadership style and keeping guys accountable. He provides insight into the Warriors dynasty, playing alongside the Splash Brothers and the impact Mark Jackson had on laying the foundation for Golden State.   Wright recently partnered with the Players' Tribune and started the 'Text Message Talk Show' where he's interviewed some high caliber guests like D-Wade, Udonis Haslem, CJ McCollum, Damian Lillard and Kevin Durant.
October 1, 2020
José Calderón, aka. 'Numero Ocho' talks to Harry Volarevic about transitioning from basketball, his new role with the NBPA, Harvard Business School experience, and financial literacy among younger players. Calderón shares his favorite moments from the golden generation of team Spain, talks about his NBA years and playing alongside Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade.   José explains why free throws are the easiest shot in basketball and why he always prefers a good pass before a good shot. He talks about his toughest matchup, the GOAT, all-time starting five, the best international player of all-time, and much more.
September 18, 2020
Dāvis Bertāns on his decision not to play in Orlando, his emergence with the Washington Wizards, the secret behind being a good shooter, his impending free agency, European midnight curfew, and much more...
September 2, 2020