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The Basketball Doctors Podcast

The Basketball Doctors Podcast

By marco lopez
Welcome to The Basketball Doctors Podcast, our goal is to empower the basketball community with evidence-based information relevant to injuries, injury prevention, sports performance, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation, as well as, movement re-training to optimize performance of all skill level athletes
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Ankle Sprains Management ft Dr. Martina Randall
Have you sprained your ankle? In this episode we talk with Dr. Martina Randall board certified fellowship trained surgeon who specializes in the foot and ankle in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Randall, is a former college basketball athlete who brings a different perspective as she talks about management from her orthopedic doctor perspective but also as an athlete. We go over why someone should see an x ray following an ankle sprain. We also go over some of the issues that are not as common with ankle sprains such as peroneal tendon subluxation following an ankle sprains. Another key topic we discuss is when surgery is recommended following ankle sprains. Let us know if you have any more questions regarding ankle sprains and what topics you would like for us to cover.  You can find Dr. Randall through her instagram @doctorrandall or contact her through her practice at 
February 02, 2021
Osgood Schlatters 101 ft Jason Goumas
Do you have painful bump underneath your kneecap?  Do you have pain running, jumping or going downstairs? In this episode Marco discusses with Jason Goumas all things about Osgood Schlatters. We talk about some of the signs and symptoms and the actual pathology. The biggest misconception of Osgood Schlatters that the pain will go away on its own or that it will stop as you stop growing. There are big things that you can start doing right away for example stretching the quadricep muscles specifically the rectus femoris. Another big thing that is huge is getting the glutes working and helping out with the movements.   Jason Goumas, PT, CSAS New Direction Wellness and PT, LLC - Better Health Through Simplicity 859-437-0031
December 29, 2020
Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles Tendonitis ft Dr. Cherene Toscano
In this episode Marco talks with Dr. Cherene Toscano regarding chiropractic care in basketball as well as preventable injuries. One of the biggest things we talk about is the frequency of these basketball injuries and how they can be preventable. We go over key things in which we look for as signs and symptoms prior to one of these injuries occurring. For all basketball players, this is a must listen.  Dr. Cherene is a professional sports and entertainment chiropractor who focuses on biomechanics, biohacking, and deep fascial bodywork along with adjustments. The biohacking Bodyworker ℠, or simply “The Doc” currently plays in the Venice Ball League, is the team chiro for The Oxnard Orcas ABA team, and host for Metta Sandiford Artest’s XvsX Sports
November 18, 2020
Jumper's Knee 101
Do you have pain below your knee cap? Do you have jumpers knee? In this episode The Basketball Doctors Gabe and Marco talk about jumpers knee. They talk about what exactly jumpers knee is and the physiology behind the injury. They also talk about the treatment of jumpers knee, which does not involve rest. The biggest takeaway is that jumpers knee is not an inflammatory issue and must be treated different from regular tendinitis. Check out our jumpers knee program at Also check out our recent blog on jumper's knee
October 07, 2020
Knee Arthritis & Hoopers ft Dr. Ugo Ihekweazu
Does your knee pop/crack? Are you worried that you will get arthritis because of playing basketball?  In this episode Marco discusses with Dr. Ugo Ihekweazu Hip and Knee replacement surgeon at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. We talk about what is the reason behind why your knee pops/cracks. We also dive in deep on what places a person at risk for knee arthritis. Dr. Ihekweazu talks about why a knee replacement is needed and how it is performed. We also talk about meniscus issues and how it may increase your risk for arthritis down the line. The biggest key take away from this podcast is that continuing to play basketball will increase you risk for injury however it will decrease your risk for arthritis due to being active.  You can contact Dr. Ihekweazu on IG @drugoihekweazu or 
July 07, 2020
The Art of Shooting ft Connor Jean
Do you want to improve your shot mechanics? Do you want to become a better shooter? In this episode, Marco discusses with Connor Jean what he looks for when he is analyzing a jump shot. We go over whether you should bend at the knees or the hips when you pull up for a jump shot. Connor also discusses why having a good jump shot is so important in basketball. If you are an athlete that wants to improve your jump shot this is a must listen episode.  You can find him on IG @Connorjean1123
June 22, 2020
The Road To Becoming An Orthopedic Surgeon Ft. Dr. Thompson
Have you wondered what it takes to become an orthopedic Surgeon? In this episode Marco talks to Dr. Sean Thompson regarding his unique path in becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Thompson gives his advice for any aspiring orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Thompson stresses to any one who wants to become a health care professional to reach out and find mentors in their perspective field of choice.  Facebook: Sean Thompson MD  @seanthompsonmd  East Coast Bone & Joint Surgeons @eastcoastboneandjointsurgeons  contact IG: @thejointsurgeon, Twitter: @seanthompsonmd, and Youtube: Sean Thompson MD
June 15, 2020
Discovering Your True Identity ft Minority Psychology Network
Do you know your true identity? This is a tough question for basketball players in discovering what their true identity is besides playing basketball. In the NBA, DeMar DeRozan and KevIn Love have came out publicly and discussed the mental health issues they were dealing with. In this episode Marco discusses mental health awareness with The Minority Psychology Network. We talk about how to discover your true identity and ways to improve your mental health.  The Minority Psychology Network likes to say "Our Mental Health Matters" You can contact the Minority Psychology Network via , on IG @minority_psychology_network and website via
June 08, 2020
Why You Need To Be Strong For Basketball ft Mike Chatman
Are you in the weight room as well as playing basketball? In this episode Marco discusses with Mike Chatman Strength coach for Stanford University Mens Basketball. We discuss what are the important implications of beings strong in basketball. One of the key points we mention are how strength helps with force absorption and allows the athlete the withstand the demands of basketball.  You can reach Mike at via email at or follow him on twitter/IG mchat24
May 26, 2020
Managing Basketball In Game Injuries ft Marco Nunez
Have you ever sprained your ankle during a game and did not know what to do after? In this episode, we discuss with Marco Nunez former Los Angeles Lakers athletic trainer on his experience as an athletic trainer. Marco also discusses what is optimal to recover from a sprained ankle from the moment you sprain it to the time you play basketball the next time. Marco also discusses a company that he is working with to help reduce the risk for injury.  You can contact Marco Nunez via E-mail to or follow his Instagram: marcoanunez17
May 18, 2020
Strength Training for the Female Athlete ft. Jeremy Golden
In this episode Marco discusses with Jermey Golden Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for University of Virginia's Women Basketball Team regarding strength training for the female athlete.  Jermey discusses how he first assess the female athlete and programs specific to their needs. We discuss how strengthening for the female athlete is crucial to mitigate risk for injury. He also mentions why we should keep on moving and stay active during the offseason.  Thank you for listening. Please rate and subscribe us. Share with your friends and family.  Follow us on TikTok/Instagram @basketballdocs, visit us at and email us at
May 11, 2020
Student Athletic Experience ft Bobby Fisk
Want to know what to expect as a student athlete? In this episode we talk about student athletic experiences an dhow to optimize that experience to get the best out of it. Bobby goes into what he expects from his players and what culture he instills. Bobby has a unique background as a strength coach also being a basketball coach and basketball player.  email: Website - IG @njitstrength & bfisk4 youtube - njitstrength
May 07, 2020
Basketball Hand/wrist Injuries ft Dr. Amar Patel
Did you ever jam your finger? Have you had a wrist or hand injury? In this episode Marco discusses with Dr. Amar Patel all things wrist and finger injuries. We go over what exactly is a jammed finger, also if you should keep playing on a jammed finger. We also go into detail why Steph Curry took so long to recover from his injury. If you ever had a hand/wrist injury or want to learn more about these injuries, this is the episode for you. You can contact Dr. Amar at or follow him on IG: @amarapatelmd Follow us on Instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at or send us an email at
May 04, 2020
Home Basketball Skills Training ft Paul Easton
How are you preparing for basketball this offseason? Are you playing NBA 2k or are you training at home? In this episode Marco discusses with Paul Easton on what athletes should be doing at home. During this time that gyms are closed athletes can still find way to work on their overall basketball game. We discuss different ways to work on your handles through self home drills. Paul also explains his tips on how to study film to improve your game. Paul also hosts free at home basketball skills training session.  You can contact Paul through email: or follow him on instagram @drillsandskillsbball. If you want to learn more visit us at, follow us on IG/TIkTok @basketballdocs or email us at
April 30, 2020
Cultivating a Culture ft. Coach Chase Cameron
Have you ever had a really good workout in the gym by yourself or with your teammates? Where you felt super energized, competitive yet collaboration, and felt a sense of community? How about days where you really struggled to get into the gym or lacked motivation, and wondered to yourself what to do? Today's episode, Gabe and Chase conversation is centered around cultivating that positive feeling in a gym and during training sessions. We get into recommendations and tips for athletes, coaches and trainers on setting yourself up for success by finding out your true values, sticking to them, and having it show with everything you do. Finally, we briefly discuss a few bodyweight plyometric exercises you can perform that can improve your athleticism right away. You can find Chase on his IG @chasecameronperformance, email, and youtube (search "Chase Cameron").
April 28, 2020
You tore your ACL, now what?
In this episode The Basketball Doctors discuss the big question of what to do after an ACL tear. Gabe discusses the research behind being a coper and a non coper. A coper is someone who doesn't have an ACL but functions perfectly without it. A Non-Coper is someone who tears it and has immediate swelling and is significantly limited in function. Marco discusses why ACL Prehab meaning rehab prior to having surgery is very important and plays a HUGE role in the recovery after surgery. We also discuss our upcoming podcast for the week.  Thank you again for listening and following us! We hope you learned something from our discussion today and use this knowledge to get a leg up over the competition. We love to continue bringing information regarding all things basketball to a mass audience so please rate us, subscribe, comment and tell your friends. Let's Ball For Life! Follow us on instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at or email us at
April 27, 2020
3 Dimensional Strengthening w/Justin Landry
Justin Landry joined Georgia State Men’s Basketball as the Basketball Performance Coach in April 2019 after three years at UC Davis. Prior to UC Davis, Justin had stops at Troy University, University of Texas, Tennessee State University, Baylor University, Diablo Valley College and several high school basketball programs. Justin received his bachelor’s of science degree from Cal State East Bay in June 2012 before earning a Masters of Education in Sports Science from Tennessee State in 2014. He is NSCA-CSCS certified and has also received certifications in functional movement screen, reflexive performance reset and fascial soft tissue transformation. He is passionate about elevating the games of players by giving them a platform to get stronger, explosive, and move better. Ig: 3dstrong Twitter: coachlandry3
April 23, 2020
Sleep & Recovery ft. Dr. Jay Khorsandi
Have you had days where you've woken up feeling tired, fatigued, or lacked the energy to start your day?  Have you thought about how good or bad your sleep hygiene actually is?  How about identifying your daily habits in the morning and throughout the day, and how those subtle things can affect your sleep several hours away? In this episode, Gabe discusses with Dr. Jay Khorsandi on the topics of sleep hygiene, circadian rhythm, and discovering if you're an early bird, night owl or something in between. He gives us some tips on ways to optimize your sleep by addressing daily routines, night environment, and general diet. We also dive into what sleep apnea and snoring are, and ways to deal with it Dr. Jay Khorsandi has been in the healthcare industry for almost 20 years, he is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, The California Sleep Society and many more organizations focused on sleep advocacy. Along his journey he developed a fascination with sleep which has led him down the path of treating patients for snoring and sleep apnea using the most modern and innovative technologies. You can find him @sleepbiohacker on Instagram if you want to learn more about his daily sleep tips and wellness discoveries. You can listen to his podcast, “Best Night Ever!”, that is dedicated to helping people get their best sleep by focusing on the latest research, science, innovators and technology available for human optimization. Follow us on Instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at and email us at
April 21, 2020
Why Thoracic Mobility is Important for Hoopers
In this episode Marco and Gabe discuss why thoracic spine mobility is important for basketball players. We discuss how thoracic mobility will help improve the way you move on the court, decrease stress on the joints above and below as well as help you reach higher. We also discuss our go to exercises to improve thoracic spine mobility and neuromuscular control.  Visit us at, follow us on IG/TikTok @basketballdocs or email us
April 20, 2020
Nutrition in Basketball ft Briana Butler RD
Do you feel tired or sluggish during basketball games? Do you know when to eat and what to eat during and after a basketball game? In this episode Marco discusses with Briana Butler RD about all tings nutrition in basketball. We talk about what basketball players should be eating prior and after basketball games. We also go over why you should really focus in the foot you eat. Your body is a car and the gas you put in is the food you eat.  Briana Butler is a registered dietitian nutritionist, co-owner of Power Portions Meal Preparation and former professional athlete serving the Houston area. Briana holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance from the University of Southern California and a masters’ degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. You can find Briana and Power Portions on IG@ Power_Portions or visit at Follow us on Instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at and email us at
April 16, 2020
Ernie De Los Angeles MS, ATC, CSCS - Head S&C Coach with the King’s G-League.
Episode ft. Ernie De Los Angeles MS, ATC, CSCS - Head S&C Coach with the King’s G-League. In this episode, Gabe discusses with Ernie his journey to becoming the head S&C Coach for the Stockton Kings. We provide recommendation for coaches/trainers who want to get into the industry. Additionally, we break down what a typical day looks like, and how he manages his athletes, resources, and time to make the most out his situation. You can connect with Ernie via Instagram (@e_delos) You can find us on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at, or email us
April 14, 2020
Ankle Mobility with The Basketball Doctors
What’s up everyone, trying something a little different with us discussing key basketball related topics, summary of previous week’s podcast episodes, and glimpse into this week’s podcast episodes. This week is focused around ankle mobility. We dive into common limitations we see in basketball players, how we address it, and how it relates to performance and injuries. You can find additional information on our blog, posts this week on IG/FB/YouTube @basketballdocs, or email us at Thank you again for tuning in! If you enjoyed our conversation please rate, subscribe/follow, and share with your family & friends. Let’s Ball for Life!
April 13, 2020
ACL Rehab Meets Research ft Adam Barrack
Are you currently rehabbing from ACL reconstruction?  Is knee valgus also known as knee coming in good or bad? In this episode Marco discusses with Adam Barrack Biomechanist/strength coach on all things ACL reconstruction from research to rehab. We discuss how you have to selectively use research and see how it relates to the person you are training or rehabbing. Adam talks about what are the mechanisms in which we tear our ACL. We also discuss the major question which is if knee valgus or otherwise known as the knee coming in is bad or good? This is a great episode for any one that works with ACL athletes or basketball players that are concerned with their risk for ACL tears.  You can contact Adam via email:  Website IG @adambarrack @movelabla. 
April 09, 2020
Why basketball players should squat ft Brandon Joyner
In this episode Marco discusses with Brandon Joyner Head G league Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers about the squat. We talk about why the squat movement is important for all basketball players. We go into how different body types affect the squat. Brandon also discusses how he programs the squat into his regular strength and conditioning program.  In the end of the podcast Brandon goes into his squat progression. We also attached his squat progression in our instagram and website.  Key Points are making sure the ankle is mobile, maintaining bar path and drive knees into neutral alignment.  Brandon Joyner is the Head G-League Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers' affiliate, the Canton Charge. Over the past 10 years, Brandon has worked at every level of sport, from youth athletics through the professional ranks. He brings a background as both a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and also has had considerable success with golf, track and field, and powerlifting; producing athletes on both the LPGA and PGA tours, 6 track and field Olympians, and 2 USAPL Team USA selections. You can follow him on instagram @coachb133.  Please rate and subscribe to us.  You can follow us on Instagram/tiktok @basketballdocs, visit us at, and email us at
April 06, 2020
Concussions in Basketball ft. Dr. Nithin Natwa MD
In this episode Marco discusses with Dr. Nithin Natwa about all things concussions. Dr. Nithin talks about what causes a concussion and how not only football players are at risk but basketball players are at great risk for concussions due to the nature of the game. We also talk about what are the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what are the steps one should take if they have a concussion. This is a great podcast for anyone that has had a concussion or works with athletes dealing with concussions.  You can find Dr. Nithin Natwa MD Instagram @fantasydocs, Apple Podcasts: FantasyDocs.  You can follow us on Instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at, or email us at
April 03, 2020
Achilles Tendon Repair Recovery ft Stevie Ladesma
Do you know what it feels like to go through the achilles tendon repair process? DO you want to know the physical and mental obstacles the athletes face throughout their recovery?  In this episode Marco interview Stevie Ladesma current Cal Tech Mens Basketball assistant coach regarding his Achilles Tendon Repair recovery. Stevie was a Lakers skill trainer when he tore his achilles tendon when playing basketball. He worked relentlessly with Marco to recover from this injury. Stevie discusses all things that he went through his recovery from learning how to walk again, to going back to cutting. Stevie reflects and gives great advice to anyone that is going through this recovery process.  Please rate and subscribe us.  Follow us on Instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at and email us at
March 30, 2020
Deceleration and Landing Mechanics ft. Matthew Ibrahim
Are you landing safely, reducing your risk for injury, and learning how to transfer force properly? In this episode, Gabe discusses with Matthew Ibrahim the significance and decreased emphasis on training proper deceleration and landing mechanics. Furthermore, we discuss how to work on these skills and what are the steps after mastering the skill. This is a great episode for any basketball player that has been experiencing any discomfort int her tendons as we go over why isometrics are important.  Matthew is a PhDc of Human and Sport Performance program and Masters, has his Masters in Health Professions and Co-Founder of TD Athletes Edge. You can find Matthew Ibrahim on instagram @matthewibrahim_ or website You can find us on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at, or email us You can follow us on IG/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at or send us an email at
March 27, 2020
Preparation for Basketball ft Seth Furman
Are you ready to meet the demands for basketball this season? In this episode, Marco discusses with Seth Furman Lecturer and Sports Performance Coach for Salisbury University. We discuss what exactly does preparation mean and how it correlates to the demands of the sports and leads to sustaining durability. We also dive in on how the foot and ankle must be prepared for the demands of basketball. Seth discusses what he does in 6 weeks to prepare his players for the basketball season.  If you want a foot and ankle program check out our page for more information.  Seth Furman-Lecturer and Sport Performance Coach at Salisbury University For questions, speaking engagements, and consulting he can be reached at Follow him on Social Media. Insta: @strengthassembly  Twitter: @strengthassembly You can find us on instagram/TikTok @basketballdocs, visit us at or email us 
March 23, 2020
Current Health Pandemic ft Dr. Nithin Natwa
Do you know what is going around? Do you know the facts vs the myths regarding this virus? In this episode Marco discusses with Dr. Natwa regarding all things of this health pandemic and its implication on basketball. We go into the signs and symptoms that are part of this situation. We also talk about the steps needed to take when you suspect to have the signs and symptoms The biggest key takeaways are that social distancing is crucial as it helps stop the spread of the disease, wash your hands, and don't play basketball games right now.  You can contact Dr. Nithin Natwa on IG: @fantasydocs listen to his podcast on Apple/Spotify podcasts: FantasyDocs follow him on FB: @fantasydocs or Dr Nithin V Natwa MD. Employment: Henry Ford Center for Athletic Medicine You can find more information regarding us on, follow us on IG &TikTok @basketballdocs and email us at
March 18, 2020
Blake Bender Influence of Training Variables in Basketball Strength Training
Do you know how many reps, sets and tempo you should be using this offseason? In this episode, Marco discusses with Blake Bender, University of Charlotte Director of Strength & Conditioning of Men's Basketball about the different type of training variables such as tempo, rest, sets and reps in strength training for basketball. We also discuss the four different type of training blocks for basketball players such as pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season.  Biggest takeaway is that training is very specific along with the variables associated with it. Great episode for any athlete/coach/trainer getting ready for the offseason grind.  Here is a link to his professional bio: You can find him on IG @blaketbender or on Twitter: @Coachbender49.  You can find more information regarding us on, follow us on IG &TikTok @basketballdocs and email us at
March 16, 2020
Achilles Tendon Repair Recovery ft Arnulfo Cruz
Have you torn your achilles? Do you want to know what the rehab feels like mentally? In this episode Marco, interviews Arnulfo Cruz semi-professional basketball player regarding his journey following his achilles tear. Arnulfo is one of our athletes that we have helped through the return to basketball phase of rehab. Arnulfo is returning to his first basketball tournament after rehabbing and training for 10 months. His biggest takeaway is that one must attack the process. He states how he used Kobe Bryant's mamba mentality to keep him motivated throughout the process. This is a great listen if you are going through the rehab process and want to know what it feels like through the perspective of the athlete.  You can visit us at, follow us on IG/TikTok @basketballdocs and email us 
March 13, 2020
Nate Graham Why Movement Competency is Important in Basketball
How is your movement? How well do you move? Are you able to do a lunge, squat, hinge, and balance on one leg? In today's episode, Marco discusses with Performance coach for Warner Pacific Knights and Performance Specialist at EXOS Nate Graham about movement competency. Movement competency is the ability for the athlete to move in and out of positions without pain and dysfunction.  We go over what movements in the weight room must be learned for the basketball athlete to excel on the court. For example a jab step is a mini lunge and jumping up for a lay up is a single leg balance movement. This is episode is huge for any basketball athlete trying to improve their skills on the court this offseason by starting with the fundamental movements.  You can learn more about us on instagram @basketballdocs, visit us and email us
March 09, 2020
Mental Health in Basketball ft SportsPsychMDs
In this episode the SportsPsychMDs talk to us about what mental health is and its role in basketball. They mention how mental and physical health must be trained together to perform well. They also give us tools on how to improve our mental flexibility meaning improving our ability bounce back in basketball but also in life. One key point is the mental fitness exercises every athlete should perform so that their mind can allow them to perform at their best. If you are nervous when shooting a free throw or don't perform well in games this is a must listen! As they mention lets end the stigma and continue the conversation.  Contact information: 2550 Overland Ave Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90064 appointment line: 323-609-5936 email: IG/FB/Twitter: @sportspsychmds apple:
March 06, 2020
Basketball Athletic Development and Load Management ft Dr. Alvin Dike
In this episode Marco discusses with Alvin about basketball youth athletic development and a big topic of load management. This is a huge episode for any basketball athlete/coach/trainer that wants to improve their basketball performance this offseason. He mentions how he monitors athletes workload throughout the season and talks about the whole misconception of load management.  You can contact Alvin Dike, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS on instagram @dralvindike ADPT or at Cynergy physical therapy on IG @cynergyptnyc.  Thank you for listening in; please rate, subscribe, follow, comment and share!!  Follow the basketball doctors on Instagram @basketballdocs or visit us online at 
March 02, 2020
ACL Recovery through the Athlete perspective ft Melanie Meza
Episode 5:  Have you ever wondered what it feels like to return to basketball following season ending ACL reconstruction? For any athlete that is recovering from ACL surgery this is a must listen. For coaches and trainers this is a great episode to find out what goes through the athletes mind when recovering from this injury.  In this episode, Marco discusses with one of our basketball athletes Melanie Meza El Camino College Women's Basketball Student Athlete her journey following ACL surgery.  Melanie takes the audience through her emotions and how it exactly felt the day she tore her ACL. Melanie also discusses the rehab journey in regards to how you shouldn't compare yourself to others while rehabbing and everyone has their own milestones.  If you want to reach out to her, you can find her on instagram @mellanimeza. You can find us on instagram @basketballdocs, visit us at www. and email us at
February 24, 2020
Basketball S&C programming w/Coach Matthew Camargo
Episode 4: Coach Matthew Camargo - CSCS, Masters in Strength & Conditioning:  In today’s episode, Gabe discusses with Matt what it takes to be a strength coach in the private sector in managing athletes. We go over the in’s-out’s  of strength & conditioning programming for individual athletes or for a group/team during season and off-season. At the end, we dive briefly into foundational aspects of change of direction. You can find Coach Matt on instagram @coach_camargo. Follow us on @basketballdocs, visit us at, and email us
February 18, 2020
Speed Training for Basketball Players Ft Adam Menner
Episode 3 Adam Menner CSCS RSCC creator of Varsity Hoops.  Do you want to be faster in the court? Want to improve your first step this offseason? In this Episode Marco goes into full depth regarding speed performance training with Adam Menner. Adam is the Director of Performance at Varsity House and the Creator of the Basketball Performance Company called Varsity Hoops. Adam has experience working with thousands of individual youth, high school, ESPN's top 100, NCAA, D1 All Americans, and some NBA Athletes. He talks about the biomechanics of sprinting and common programing regarding speed training for basketball players.  Adam also talks about the differences between athlete health and performance.  Adam has also volunteered to send over a sample speed program for basketball coaches and athletes. Send us your email and will get it right away.   Adam Menner Founder Varsity Hoops Partner Business of Strength Director of Performance Varsity House Gym CSCS, RSCC Masters Certificate Business and Sports Law - Villanova University NASM PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist You can find him on IG: @adammenner or visit his Website:  Thank you for for listening, pleas rate, subscribe, follow, comment and share! You can find us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook with the handle @basketballdocs; our website is, or e-mail us at
February 13, 2020
Return to Sport Testing/Criteria ft Dr. Brian Schwabe PT, DPT, SCS
In this episode, Marco discusses with Brian the most common injuries with basketball players. We also go into a huge topic which is return to sport specifically basketball following injury. Brian discusses his criteria based approach in showing whether an athlete is truly ready to return to the sport of basketball following injuries such as ACL reconstruction.  Here is Dr. Brian Schwabe contact information.  For Clinicians: For Athletes: IG: Email: Follow us on instagram/facebook @basketballdocs or visit us at
February 10, 2020
Dr. Ray Roman - Sports Acupuncture and Doctor of Physical Therapy.
In this episode, Gabe discusses with Ray the general physiology and benefits of acupuncture and dry needling for athletes in-season, off-season, for recovery, or for rehabilitation. He mentions common impairments he sees in his basketball athletes over his other athletes (football, soccer, baseball). We dive into the importance of having a “team” (family, various coaches, and healthcare practitioners) around an athlete to set them up for as much success as possible. Thank you Dr. Ray Roman for taking the time to speak with us; you can find him at, instagram @balancepointherapy, or email to Thank you for listening in; please rate, subscribe, follow, comment, and share!! Follow the Basketball Doctors on Instagram @basketballdocs or visit us online at
January 27, 2020
What is The Basketball Doctors Podcast
Welcome to The Basketball Doctors Podcast. Your host to the podcast are Marco Lopez Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Gabe Ignacio Doctor of Physical Therapy. We created this podcast to empower our listeners with evidence-based information of all things basketball that include injuries, recovery, psychology, rehab, nutrition, sports performance and training. We will be interviewing key influencers in the basketball community weekly to help you  become a more well-rounded athlete at any skill level.  Todays Episode we introduce you to the host of the Podcast and The Basketball Doctors.
January 26, 2020