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The Tyler G. Show

The Tyler G. Show

By Tyler G.
Welcome to a podcast where grown men obsessed with collecting plastic forms of their favorite DC heroes can discuss in a safe environment. Where we don't have to force our family members to pretend they care as we describe finding the last rare figure with a good paint job and no googly eyes. Should be a blast! Interviews weekly from toy photographers, toy collectors, and creators in general.
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Tyler G Show #19
October 26, 2020
The Tyler G. Show #18
In this episode we discuss the latest in action figures from Soap Studios, McFarlane DC Multiverse, Hasbro, and NECA. I show in hand samples of Soap Studios next Batman and Catwoman from their 1/12 scale Dark Knight Trilogy line with comparisons on articulation from fresh out of the package to after a week's use. We finish up with fan art, and we announce the winner of the @mcfarlane_toys_official Action Comics #1000 DC Multiverse Batman fan art drawing @toydelorean !
October 13, 2020
Tyler G Show #17
In this episode I explain my recent post on Instagram and then poke holes in excuses fans give me on why Robert Pattinson appears to be so weak in the trailer fight scene.
September 30, 2020
Tyler G Show #16
In this episode we discuss the past week in figures & hunting. I show two Diamond Selects DC Animated Universe Statues, a Harley Quinn and Justice League Animated Bats. I also show the latest Batman collaboration from Undone Watches which will be releasing September 24th 2020. I showcase a few more up coming items and tell of my successful failures hunting the area around me to no avail. I give my "Fig of the Week" and we showcase your fan art and I get back into the "How To" mood by giving you my "How to Beat the Algorithm" explaination, at least what I do that I feel helps in making sure the algorithm doesn't bury you.
September 19, 2020
Tyler G Show #15
In this episode we talk the latest in toy news from dioramas, to what is out there when you are hunting, new releases and pre-orders available now from various companies and much more!
September 09, 2020
Tyler G Show #14
I breakdown each announcement from DC Fandome by stating the things I loved and a few things I am concerned with. That's the podcast!
August 24, 2020
Tyler G. Show #13
In this episode I thank sponsors up front while discussing new @dioramaprints , @hiya_toys Predator figs, @numskulldesigns Horror Cosplaying ducks, 2 Free months of PREMIUM Skillshare and @soapstudiohk goodies before getting into the news in which I hinted at was only a rumor in the previous episode. I talk the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to what to expect in terms of DC action figures now. This weeks Batman Animated Series episode review is "A Bullet For Bullock" followed by this weeks Fan Art!
August 15, 2020
Tyler G. Show #12
this months fan art give away! After that I go into the latest news in figures! We talk WW84 Barbies with a reveal (sorta) of Cheetah. Disney has three new "Ultimate" figures from their lore, and a bunch of new NECA. If you haven't gotten your DC Direct Animated Justice League figures they're now up at Bigbadtoystore! We then go into all the latest news on DC Fandome and what we will see for sure plus what I personally hope to see! After that I review the Batman Animated Series episode "Sideshow" followed by "Fig of the Week" and we look at this weeks Fan Art!
August 07, 2020
Tyler G. Show #11
In this episode we go over, in great detail, my reactions to the SD Comic Con at home @toddmcfarlane DC Multiverse reveals, I review the BTAS episode "The Worry Men", plus we look at this weeks fan art with a free Batman figure give away this month!
July 31, 2020
Tyler G. Show #10
In this episode of The Tyler G. Show we discuss President Kanye, the latest in toy news, prep for Comic Con at Home, review BTAS episode "read My Lips", and I answer 9 of the questions you sent in this week!
July 30, 2020
Tyler G Show #9
We took one week off and I'm one year older. In this episode we talk all the latest in plastic, the latest DC movie rumors (especially Batman Beyond), I review the Batman Animated Series episode "Fire from Olympus", Batman TAS fig review, and I announce the winner of this month's free print "Fan Art Raffle"!
July 09, 2020
Tyler G Show #7
In this episode we have a cornucopia to cover with the latest in the realm of plastic with a severed Deadpool head, Super7 Arnie Conan, SH Figuarts Dock Armor Spidey, Beskar Armored Mando, and more. We discuss the newsest Zack Snyder Justice League tease, Harley Quinn animated series, latest rumors from "The Batman" and the move from physical farm houses of people paying to be advertised to we get to experience San Diego Comic Con online and the DC Fandom and what I think we can expect to hear announced out of that. We dive into the second part of the Batman Animated Series review for "The Demon's Quest" followed by the latest iteration of the DCAU with reviews of #5 and #6 of Batman the Adventures Continue! A brief "How To" followed by "Fig of the Week" and Fan Art with only a week before a name is drawn for a free print!
June 19, 2020
Tyler G Show #6
In the newewest episode we hear about the newest pre order releases from McFarlanre DC Multiverse, NECA's newest pre-orders, the latest at stores, DC Direct animated figure releases, @dioramaprint latest in diorama products, we review the old BTAS/DC Direct Joker and Harleyquinn expression pack plus Batwing, and after that a review of "The Demon's Quest Prt. 1" plus Fantart, and figure of the week!
June 12, 2020
Tyler G. Show #5
In this episode of the Tyler G Show we have a lot to cover in the realm of plastic! we cover and discuss the latest Mattel Jurassic Park, Hiya Toys RoboCop, Diamond Select Negative Suit Spidey, Mafex Mando & Child, and more! I discuss my latest gets in the form of the McFarlane DC Multiverse Arkham Asylum Batman and Joker plus some diorama pieces from @toysnap.88 on Instagram. This week's Batman Animated Series wave review from the DC Collectibles/Direct line includes the "Mad Love" Joker/Harley 2-pack, TNBA Riddler, and BTAS Batgirl. Our Batman the Animated Series episode review is "Blind as a Bat" before I give you my "Fig-O-The Week" and we wrap up with a small "How-To" on staying creative with dios!
June 08, 2020
Tyler G Show #4
In this episode we have a ton to talk about. We go over all the latest toy news and pre-orders that are up at bigbadtoystore, McFarlane latest, Mezco Wonder Woman, Blitzway Inspector Gadget, Mafex WW84, and Mafex "Dream Team" Michael Jordan! We talk the latest Harley Quinn animated series, Stargirl, and more on Snyder cut Grail possibilities. I review the DC COllectibles/Direct Batman Beyond 3-pack, Christmas w/ the Joker pack, and TNBA Catwoman and give my rating on them. This weeks Batman the Animated Series review is on "Shadow of the Bat Part 2" and I also go over "Mentors Part 2" in the latest release of Batman the Adventure Continues digital comic. After that I give you my Fig-O-The Week, this weeks How-To with shadow play, and we wrap it up with this weeks fan art! Remember, if you tag me in fan art I not only shout you out on the video portion of the show, but you're entered to win a print of my work at the end of each month! Have a great week, till next time. 
May 29, 2020
Tyler G. Show #3
In this episode of The Tyler G Show we talk all the newest toy information, delays, what's coming out in time, what's popping up where, and recent gets. after that we discuss the FANTASTIC news that the Justice League Snyder cut is, indeed, real and happening! We talk more DC media with Harlequinn the Animated Series and the debut of Stargirl before reviewing the "Girls Night Out" @dcdirect 5 pack and "The Legends of the Dark Knight" 3 pack! then we delve into part one of "Shadow of the Bat" with the birth of Batgirl! we wrap up with reviewing the 3rd Batman Adventures Continue comic, Fig of the Week, and Fan Art!
May 21, 2020
Tyler G. Show #2
In this episode I immediately address the Robert Pattinson interview, we talk the latest toy news from all companies, we review the latest Batman Adventures Continue comic release, Harley Quinn the Animated Series, Mandalorian news, Batman animated series episode review of "Harley and Ivy", and a "Figure of the Week"! No toy photography "How To" this week due to in depth one next week.
May 15, 2020
Tyler G. #1 BTAS Review "The Mechanic"
In this episode I open by discussing the basics of what the show will be week to week before diving into it. We first cover all that's new both on shelves and online and what is the deal with the new Batman the Adventures Continue figures from @dcdirect ? Will they be released on time? We talk about the McFarlane Multiverse figures with one new Wonder Woman '84 figure in hand and one left on the shelf. There's been sightings of the Arkham game Joker and Batman too, so a hunt will be under way! I review the Batman Animated Series episode "The Mechanic" as well as the DC Collectible/Direct animated figure wave 7 and give my figure of the week! Then at the end I show you how ANYONE can try their hand at toy photography with some examples and a how to. Hope you enjoy! Look for episode 2 soon! On YouTube in video format as well!
May 08, 2020
Tyler G. Show Intro
In this episode you learn some horrifying news about DC Figures and Collectibles followed by what exactly led to that news! The Tyler G. show will be the new regular show and it will be a lot of the same but also have a lot of new stuff. It won't be strictly all figures all the time, but a nice healthy mix of whatever Tyler is feeling at the moment.
May 05, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 86
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler of @batmanfigs catch up on all things toys! Scott shows off some great new pick ups while talking about a few superb photos from the Weekend Theme he's doing with @thebatcollector . We discuss Tyler's BTAS shots before getting into reviewing and looking at the 6th wave from the DC COllectibles/Direct Animated figure line, and wrapping up with Fig of the Week! Hope you enjoy!
April 26, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 85 BTAS Ep. "Zatanna"
In this episode of DC Figures & Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler of @batmanfigs have another packed show! We talk our week in shots with Scott and Lewis of @thebatcollector 's Weekend Theme, as well as Tyler's BTAS episodic shots. After that we discuss the newest releases from McFarlane with the funky Wonder Women and their intriguing Metal Wave. DC Direct has a their Adventures Continue figures due to hit soon and we talk those as well as cover the first two issues of the digital comic! From there we review the Batman Animated series episode "Zatanna", we review the 5th wave of the DC Collectibles/Direct Animated series action figures, and conclude with our Figures of the Week! Over an hour and a half of content for you and we'll return Saturday with a full show and guest!
April 23, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles Ep. 84 ft. @letgo_n_lego
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs are joined by special guest and King of Lego himself @letgo_n_lego ! We talk his newest project, which is an undertaking no one should envy, ranking and beautifully capturing every Batman Animated Series Episode! So far its been a treat waking up to seeing what the next episode will be and we're lucky to have his talent behind the lens. If you're not following, what are you doing?
April 20, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 83 BTAS Review "Crime Doctor"
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs catch up after a string of brilliant guest! We discuss going out now to hunt for anything new on the shelves, we discuss new gets, new weekend themes from Scott and Lewis of @the.batcollector , daily BTAS shots from Tyler, upcoming releases, we review the Batman Animated Series episode "Crime Doctor" and the 4th DC Collectibles/Direct Batman Animated Series figure wave, and reveal our Fig of the Week! We hope you enjoyed the past few episodes as well as this! New one coming soon!
April 11, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 82 ft. @batmantheanimatedfan
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs have yet another big guest as they're joined by Simon of @batmantheanimatedfan ! If you're a Batman fan and you're on Instagram or the Internet in general its a good bet you've seen some of Simon's great Batman Animated Series works of art! He personally draws with his own take on the Animated Series whilst staying very true to the show's designs and he has done his own work from his concepts/ideas, he's drawn scenes from the show itself, and he even takes well known non-Animated covers and draws them in the BTAS fashion! He his super talented and even has some action figure photography if you scroll through his page! We all nerd out over the new release of "Batman: The Adventures Continue" with our theories of where the story is going, figures we would like to see, and our thoughts on the first chapter. We also talk DC Direct and what the latest is from them as well as the McFarlane Animated Series figures, the new Batman movie filming close to Simon, AND while we discuss all this we get the ABSOLUTE TREAT of seeing Simon work on a piece of art yet to be released! We hope you enjoy and we look forward to having Simon on again soon.
April 09, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 81 ft. @cultofthebatman
Yes, your eyes do not deceive you! Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs are joined in this episode by the legendary @cultofthebatman ! We learn a lot about Cult himself with the influences that played a major part in his love of Batman growing up, all the way to where he decided to create his now well known Instagram! We not only talk about action figures but we delve deep into all the different iterations of the Batman in media, we do our traditional questions, and just enjoy talking all things Batman in general. This was a genuine treat as Cult is not only knowledgeable in all things related to the Dark Knight but he"s truly a great human. Hope you enjoy!
April 07, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 80 ft. @mastersofthefigverse
In this episode of DC Figures & Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler of @batmanfigs get to chat with Giovanni of @mastersofthefigverse ! One of three contributers to the page. We learn about him, how he became interested in toy photography, starting the page, what family members and significant others think of the hobby, creating a style, running the page with close friends and much much more! We have another big guest coming on Tuesday so look for that as well!
April 03, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 79 ft @toysofarkham
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs touch base with friend of the show and former guest @toysofarkham ! He's a specialist when it comes to 1:6 scale and Hot Toys but also dabbles in the 1:12 scale, but regardless he's a great follow and great guy! We also touch on DC Movies with a deep dive into that for all you cinema fans. No spoilers just what we'd like to see. Hope you enjoy! Be safe!
April 02, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 78 BTAS Review "Mudslide"
Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler if @batmanfigs continue on during quarantine with another brand new episode! We go through our week in photos with Weekend themes from Scott and @thebatcollector , Batman ANimated episodic shots with Tyler, and we discuss new figure announcements like the SH Figuarts Batman 89! We move along into the Batman Animated Series Episode "Mudslide" before reviewing the third wave of Batman Animated Series DC Collectibles/Direct action figures! We hope you are all well! Be safe and smart out there. Until next episode!
March 29, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 77 BTAS Review "The Man Who Killed Batman"
In this episode of DC Figures & Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs on Instagram talk all things figure related as well as some Batman Animated Series for you! We first go through our week in shots including Weekend Themes & daily BTAS shots, we learn the theme for this weekend them from Scott & @thebatcollector , we review "The Man Who Killed Batman" animated series episode, as well as the 2nd wave from DC Collectibles/Directionless, & we wrap up with our picks for "Fig-o-the-week"! Hope you enjoy!  
March 23, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 76 BTAS Review "Off Balance"
In this episode of Dc Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs on Instagram have quite a bit to cover! We go through our week in photos, weekend themes, BTAS shots, and we review the Batman Animated Series episode "Off Balance". We also do the first of our newest figure comparison retrospect where we look at the first DC Collectibles (at the time, now DC Direct) Batman Animated Series wave consisting of TNBA Two-Face, TNBA Batman, TNBA Freeze and BTAS Catwoman. Hope you are safe and enjoy!
March 19, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 75
In this episode of DC Figures & Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler of @batmanfigs unpack a lot in this 2 hour show! First, we catch up with Scott and see how he finished his Superpower weekend theme from last we recorded, we hear this weekend's theme, see Scott and Tyler's week in photos, Tyler's Batman Animated Series themed photos, and new figures! We then transition into reviewing the Batman animated series episode "I Am the Night" and discussing what a beautifully under rated episode it is. After that we get into a question and answer segment with 24 of the best questions we got and we make sure to give a shout out to each person who sent in their inquiry! It was a lot of fun with a lot covered! Hope you enjoy this extra long episode and we'll be back with a new one soon!   
March 13, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 74 New York Toy Fair
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler @batmanfigs talk all about New York Toy Fair and we leave nothing on the table in terms of what we're happy with and what was lazy crap! We talk our week in photos, BTAS shots, weekend themes from Scott and @thebatcollector , we systematically go through each company's reveals from @mcfarlane_toys_official @necaofficial @mezco @dcdirect -tionless and more! We also discuss the laughable ploys of one using people's photos under the guise of a "toy community" page and how now he's switched it to a podcast after gaining followers off the backs of others, oh and charging you to listen! What a guy! Hope you enjoy!
February 29, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 73
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs talk all the new DC news that continues to drop, both figure wise as well as on the movie front. We first get into the new McFarlane DC Multiverse figures we've gotten and what we think so far, and we discuss the newly shown multiverse Wonder Woman in golden armor, plus new pick ups in general and figs of the week! We then discuss rumors and news from the set of The Batman before reviewing the Batman the Animated Series episode "What is Reality?". In the guest portion we get to talk to Cal & Liam the brother team behind the podcast DCAU Review! We learn all about them and we literally go through each iteration of the DCAU starting with Batman the Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited. We not only get to hear all about their favorite episodes (with deep cuts a plenty) but they do what they do best, expertly break the episode down and give us some stand out moments plus things you might of missed. It was an absolute joyous time getting to spend an hour with these gentlemen and we hope you enjoy as much as Scott and myself did Hope you enjoy!
February 21, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 72 ft. @toysgotme
In this episode of DC Figures & Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan & Tyler of @batmanfigs have a lot to catch up on! We discuss our week in photos, we talk Weekend Themes from Scott & Lewis of @thebatcollector , we talk the curious fast start and now slowing down of McFarlane's Multiverse figs, figure news, and what figs we've gotten. Then we have two reviews in one episode for you! Scott and I both give our detailed thoughts on Birds of Prey and break it down before getting into our Batman the Animated Series Review with an episode titled "Birds of a Feather" ironically enough. In the second half we find out our guest is Edward of @toysgotme ! He's a brilliant toy photographer that has a great variety of shots and figs to where you could never get bored. We learn all about him and what lead up to him deciding he wanted to be a toy photographer. This was a blast to record and we hope you enjoy it just as much! We are on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and much more!
February 12, 2020
DC Figures & Collectibles 71 ft. @toygeek88
In this episode it feels like its been January for 12 months already and we're still acquiring new DC figs, which is always welcome! Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs talk all the new plastic they've aquired with a Darwyn Cooke fig to a review on a few of DC Collectibles newset offerings! Scott walks us through this past weekends theme shots with Lewis (he's got a podcast starting up btw!) Scott also reveals this weekends theme! Tyler started BTAS episodic post up again, we touch on all the newest Birds of Prey rumors as well as The Batman set info! After that cornucopia of content we review a crown jewel in the Batman Animated mythos, "Almost Got 'Im"! We hope you mundane miscreants have a little drama in your soul for this one! In the guest portion we are joined by @toygeek88 on Instagram!
February 03, 2020
DCFN'C Ep. 69 ft. @photoyshop & BTAS "Day of the Samurai"
2020 has already been a lot of fun for any DC fan and this past week was no different! In the newest episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs cover it all! We even do 2 "Figs of the Week" since we forgot last week! We cover our week in photos, Weekend Themes with @the.batcollector , our recent buys or figs on the way, when to expect the McFarlane figs, Crisis Crossover cameos, Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn animated, Titans, and of course we review the Batman animated episode "Day of the Samurai". Then! we highlight and chat with Evan of @photoyshop on Instagram! We learn about his early life and early influences on what shaped his collection into what it is today and how he shoots! It was a lot of fun getting to know more about Mr. @photoyshop . We even learned he played in a band called "Hidden Amongst Us". @photoyshop and we highly recommend you check this interview! 
January 23, 2020
DCFNC Ep. 67 TOP GIFS 2019/ft @reinkecustoms
In this packed first episode of 2020 on DCFNC Scott @the.batfan and Tyler @batmanfigs are joined by Keven of @reinkecustoms who is a spectacular toy customizer and super fan of the DCAU. We catch up with the 3x guest of the show and see what he's working on and he joins Scott and Tyler in revealing their favorite toys from each major toy company of 2019 as well as their top 5 overall. We also don't forget to discuss new DC media with Titans dropping on Netflix in the UK and abroad as well as new "The Batman" movie news, and OF COURSE we don't hold back in our thoughts on the new McFarlane DC Multiverse images being released. Glad to be back in the saddle again, if 2020 is any thing like 2019 for DC Figures and Collectibles, we are in for a great one. Here's to 2020!
January 04, 2020
DCFN'C Ep. 66 BTAS "Moon of the Wolf"
In this brand new DC Figures and Collectibles Scott and Tyler have a ton to cover! Christmas is just around the corner but that didn't stop us from a few new pick ups! We talk Bullet head figures, Undone Watches, getting more and more mastery over the tool of the camera, Weekend theme past and this weekends theme with @thebatcollector, and we talk new animated Harley, Wonder Woman speculation and of course the BTAS Ep review, this one on "Moon of the Wolf"! We've actually got one more episode this year coming up, a year end ranking of this year in figures! Hope you enjoy!!
December 23, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 65 BTAS review "Tyger, Tyger"
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott @the.batfan and Tyler @batmanfigs discuss a ton of new news leading up to Christmas! We talk our partnership with Undone Watches and how you can help a great organization, new figures we have apprehended, new figures due out soon, and figures up for pre-order! We also talk the usual in terms of "Weekend Themes" by Scott and Lewis of @thebatcollector, BTAS shots transitioning to The New Batman Adventures, our week in photos, and we cover the Batman Animated Series episode "Tyger, Tyger"! No guest this week due to the holiday season and we ourselves will be taking a break but will be back soon! 
December 18, 2019
DCFN'C 64, BTAS Review "Joker's Wild"
In this latest episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs talk new plastic courtesy of Gamestop and DC Collectibles, new stuff we're expecting in post, we talk Undone Watches and our latest partnership with them and how their using their sales to help the less fortunate, we talk DC media with the new trailers and discuss our (at the time) upcoming appearance on the @stsguys podcast, and we wrap up discussing the Batman animated series episode "Joker's Wild", No guest this week due to the holidays and hectic schedules, howeverm a great one is on its his/her way! We are on YouTube and anywhere podcast are residing!
December 11, 2019
DCFN'C 63 ft. Jose of @my.plastic.universe
In the latest episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs talk a very busy Thanksgiving week where we discuss what it is like learning to use a real camera, new figures, new statues, snow, a trip to Medieval Times in order to learn video editing, the headache of editing videos, and figures or accessories we're hoping for this holiday season. In the second half we are joined by Jose of @my.plastic.universe joining us from Brazil! We learn all about him and what got him into the hobby, as well as get a visual tour of the dios he's created behind which we highly suggest you check out on our YouTube. We hope you enjoy this episode! BTAS review to resume nest time! Our podcast is on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and many others too!  
December 01, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 62
In this episode of DCF'NC Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss tons of new info with Mezco/NECA competition, price hikes in DC Collectibles animated figs, YouTube fiascos, Scott discusses his sabbatical as well as a one of a kind Batman figure from the Arkham game line. In the second half we discuss the Batman Animated Series episode "If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Rich". Next week we resume with normal length episodes with a guest! Thank you for the support and getting the word out on our new Instagram page after the hack! Really do appreciate it! For full episode visit our YouTube. Only on this episode due to being more visual in nature!
November 22, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 61 Ft. Joe @extreme_sets, BTAS review "Heart of Steel pt. 2"
In this packed episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler @batmanfigs talk weekend themes past and present from Scott & Lewis @thebatcollector , we talk lack of DC figures out as of late but that's why we transition to talking customs and old DC Universe figs on our radar, accessories and dios. We also talk about what's going on in general with Instagram's algorithm and much more. In the guest portion of the show we are joined by now 2 time guest and master mind behind the iconic Extreme Sets dioramas, Joe! He stops by to update us on new products, how he comes up with each piece, new products on the way, and much more. Joe was our most talked about interview from the past year and he's just as good again, hope you enjoy!
November 15, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 60 ft. Dan of @tinyepictoys , BTAS review "Heart of Steel prt. 1"
In the 60th episode of DCFN'C Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs delve into the latest news in all things plastic, new items we have received, new customs we've been doing as well as our new found respect for making customs. We get caught up on weekend themes from Scott and Lewis of @thebatcollector , we talk the latest 2-pack and how @dc_collectibles managed to get away with falsely advertising Alfred with a Superman mug in the latest Batman vs. TMNT 2-pack and we come up with Alfred's backstory on what he may have been doing as a seven footer before becoming a butler for Batman. We also review an episode that a lot of people love and it sets up an all time classic later down the line in the process, we discuss "Heart of Steel prt.1"! In the guest portion we are joined by Dan of @tinyepic toys and @withtoysinmind where we learn about early influences in his life, how his background in film helps in his toy photography, his project with @exclucollective and we pick his brain on how he's always looking to continue to improve in the craft (even though his work is stunning now)! We're honored he took the time to talk withus, it was a lot of fun and we know you will enjoy it too. THANK YOU! We are seeing continued spikes in our listener numbers and the feedback is very kind. We are on YouTube @DC Figures & Collectibles DCFNC as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many more!   
November 08, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 59 Story telling in Photography, "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne"
In this latest episode of DCFn'C Scott and Tyler of @the.batfan & @batmanfigs go into another week of newly acquired figs, new figure release news, weekend themes with Scott and Lewis of @thebatcollector , and we review the very fun, yet not quite upper echelon BTAS episode "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne". Our main discussion we go over however, is story telling in photography and how that should always be thought of when composing a shot. No guest this week due to Tyler's area of California being on fire everywhere and unreliable power there was no point trying to make it happen under those conditions. New episode with guest next week! Make sure to check out previous episodes with video format on YouTube as well as audio with guest from rappers, Netflix show runners, TV prop designers, Action figure reviewers, toy designers and more all on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and wherever  podcast are found.
November 02, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 58 ft. @son_of_martha with ?'s and answers
In this jam packed episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs have a lot to discuss in terms of new figures, figure accessories, new custom figures, staying creative with both indoor and our outdoor shots, weekend themes from Scott and @thebatcollector , and we answer YOUR QUESTIONS!! We got a lot and we answer a decent amount without going too crazy long but we hope you enjoy that! In the guest portion we are joined by a friend of the show and a one time guest already but now we have him in both video form and audio it's @son_of_martha! We catch up on how he's doing, hear about he is constantly improving upon his shots and how he's going about that, we ask how he was able to do a few of his recent fantastic pics, we also pick his brain on DC in media regarding Joker, Titans, CW Crisis, and what could of been with the DCEU and he has some great insights! We wrap up with more figure talk on recent reveals from the cons, what figures he hopes we get in the future, and we get hints at whats to come from his story post in the future! It's a full episode but a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy! Our show is not only on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more plus actual video on Youtube @DC Figures & Collectibles DCFNC
October 27, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 57 ft. Josh of @figuredepot on Instagram
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss the past week in action figures! We discuss newly acquired plastic, custom action figures, more Joker talk, Batman movie casting news, our new "Fig of the Week" segment, and we review the Batman Animated Series Episode "Cat Scratch Fever".  In the guest portion we are joined by Josh of @figuredepot on Instagram and YouTube! He is an extremely talented toy photographer, customizer, diorama builder, and even knows a thing or two about fitness! We get to learn about what influences shaped him from a young age in terms of super heroes and pop culture, first figures, how he got started on Instagram, and we learn about the adversity he's over come physically and how toy photography plays a role in that. It was a great time getting to talk to Josh and a fun episode overall! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!    
October 19, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 56 Scott P. & Tyler G. Joker Review
Another busy week in regard to new figure pick ups with the release of @dc_collectibles GameStop exclusive Batgirl and Donatello, custom Joker figures, weekend themes, New York Comic Con, Titans, our "Fig of the Week", and of course we discuss "Joker"! Video version on our Youtube link in bio with audio on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and many more. Enjoy!
October 13, 2019
DCFN'C Ep. 55 ft. Trevor Williams of @onesix_shooter
This is it! We finally have a video format to go with the dozens of audio versions we have for you! In this pre-show it's basically the Week of Weeks if you're a comic book fan with the Joker movie, Force Friday, and NY Comic Con! Scott P. of @the.batfan & Tyler G. of @batmanfigs talk our week in photos, weekend themes from Scott and @thebatcollector , BTAS shots, movie hype, Birds of Prey, and we show off our collections on our video format, which will make for some top shelf radio! In the guest portion we are honored to have someone that seems to take a figure and make it come alive, you can look at any picture on his page and its a masterpiece, the talented Trevor of @onesix_shooter ! We get to hear his story abiut what brought his imagination to life, the figures and things he was into growing up, as well as a tour of his collection, amazing photo tips, favorite figs both 1/6th scale 1/12, @tenacioustoys , @exclucollective , we discuss the always iffy DCEU, Joker hype and what he's looking forward to while being at New York Comic Con. A ton of fun getting to talk to and meet Trevor, we hope you enjoy! Our audio is on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and most other podcast providers with video on our Youtube, link in bio.  
October 03, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 54 ft. James of @darkmcknight_creations toy customizer/prop designer on "The Boys"
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler G. @batmanfigs catch up after a week between episodes! We discuss some great shots by Scott including a phenomenal Jack Nicholson head sculpt and he explains where he got it, we discuss weekend themes, daily BTAS Episodic shots, Joker hype and odd reactions, possible new Arkham game news and of course we review the BTAS Episode "Night of the Ninja"! In our guest portion we have James of @thedarkmcknight_creations whose beautiful customs have been featured on "The Boys" Amazon Prime original series and we learn he is a geek in the truest form! We learn more about him and his early comic influences, great 90's pop culture, first customs to what he's working on now! He's also been working in TV/Film for a while now so we ask him his thoughts on Batman the Animated Series, the DCEU, where he stands on the Joker movie, and The Boys season 2? Hope you enjoy as much as we did! Our show is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, anywhere you can listen to podcast as well as YouTube!
September 27, 2019
DCF'nC Ep. 53 ft. DJ of on Instagram
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs talk about the new Batman/Turtles Scott got as well as weekend themes with @thebatcollector, we talk the shots we've been doing recently, what we think of recent DC movie news, and more! In the second half we are joined by DJ of all the way from Ireland! He's relatively new to toyphotography so its a lot of fun talking to him, learning about what or who got him back into collecting and photography, we ask him what some of his favorite toy lines are as well as how he builds his custom dios. Hope you enjoy much as we did! Our show is on YouTube as well as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and many more!
September 19, 2019
DCF'nC Ep. 52 ft. Lee of @massivegeek on Instagram
In this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss the new finds and additions to the collection, new figures on the way, we discuss doing outside shots vs. indoor, staying creative and having fun with the hobby, we talk about the great reception the Joker film is getting and what company we'd like to see make a 6" version figure, and then we wrap up the second part of "Robin's Reckoning" as well! In the second half we are rejoined by one of our first guest, Lee of @massivegeek , who has not only one of the most impressive collections out there, but he takes beautifully done photos of any and all figures ranging from 1/4 NECA Turtles, Hot Toys, Terminator, to the animated DC Collectibles, on top of that he's able to have such a collection in Australia, which can make it tough on the hunt! We're honored to have him back on and catch up on him and the projects he's been up to. We are now on YouTube as well as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and anywhere podcast are available! Enjoy! 
September 12, 2019
DCF'nC Ep. 51 ft. guest @d__amazing ! with BTAS Ep. review "Robin's Reckoning prt. 1"
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs have a lot of new figures to discuss! Scott gets a well timed post delivery with the new DC Multiverse ultimate Alfred Pennyworth and we hear his thoughts, we the weekend themes past and upcoming, Tyler speaks on the new Batman vs. TMNT 2-packs, as well as what we're looking forward to! We touch on Joker reviews and what are stances are on knowing too much before a film, Titans dropping in a matter of hours and an episode review of "Robin's Reckoning part. 1" In the guest portion we are joined by a pillar in the toy community both on YouTube and Instagram and tons of us get his thoughts on a figure before investing in a pricey import or Mezco @d__amazing ! He drops by to not just drop huge amounts of knowledge figure wise, but much more. Truly an honor to have him return and we hope you get as much from it as we did!  
September 04, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 50 ft. Jerry of @astro_ender on Instagram!
Sorry its a little late but here's the audio for the interview Scott and Tyler had with Jerry of @astro_ender on Instagram! We learn about some of his first figures he collected, major influences growing up, and ultimately what led to him being a great toy photographer where if you're not folowing him your doing yourself a disservice! We have the pre-show up on @BatmanTASFigs on YouTube but we are making a podcast YouTube page by next episode so look forward to that! Next episode coming soon!
September 02, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 49 ft. Asoka of @asokathegeek on Instagram. BTAS review "Perchance to Dream"
In this episode Scott and Tyler discuss the new DC Collectibles Batcycle and Batman, the return of the usual weekend themes, new techniques Scott's been busting out, Tyler just ended the BTAS daily shots, we talk Joker, and staying motivated with toy photography. In the second half we are joined by a walking toy Wikipedia, Asoka of @asokathegeek, he's got toys you never knew existed but you need to see! We catch up with some big changes in his life both personal and toy hobby wise, talk new multiverse, McFarlane toys, shooting techniques, motivation and much more! Hope you enjoy!
August 23, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 48 Ft. Dan of @metaldriver89, ft. Episode review "Eternal Youth"
A plethora of fun in this episode with Scott and Tyler talking lots of new toys to discuss including the newest offering from DC Collectibles with Batman and Batcycle, news and runors on McFarlane toys, weekend theme breakdown, and of course toy photography talk. In the second half we are joined by Dan of @metaldriver89 who is an absolute great human and he kills it will all his photos whether it be Marvel, wrestling, custom capes, or his specialty of Batman.
August 17, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 47 Scott P. And Tyler G. w/ Batman TAS ep review "Dreams in Darkness"
In this episode Scott P. and Tyler G. have a cornucopia of content to converse over. New DC Multiverse figures, new DC show rumors, Titans talk, AND Scott has been doing some major detective work and has news on McFarlane toys! We then talk about andvbreak down an amazing Scarecrow Episode "Dreams in Darkness" that seems to have played a major factor in many main stream Batman franchises. Hope you enjoy!
August 09, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 46 ft Jason of @jnl_toys with BTAS EP. Review "Mad As A Hatter"
In this episode we have a lot to cover in terms of new product that was shown at Comic Con already hitting shelves heavy and hard, we talk about new figs, new products, weekend themes with @thebatcollector Lewis, as well as our usual BTAS review with the episode "Mad As A Hatter" who could the villain be?! Then in the second half we are joined by returning guest Jason of @jnl_toys ! The man has done almost everything when it comes to the production of toys, figures, statues and has worked with some of the biggest toy companies such as DC Collectibles and Mattel. We catch up with him, see what he's been up to, and get the inside scoop on the figures he helped design that were shown at SDCC! It's a great episode and we hope you have as much fun as we did!
August 03, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 45 Post Comic Con discussion with Scott P. & Tyler G.
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss, react, and break down what was revealed toy wise from each company like mafex, hot toys, shfigarts, Mattel, Mezco, Neca, Beast Kingdom, and more! We also react to and give our thoughts on the CW trailers we saw. Lots of passionate ranting! Hope you join us!
July 23, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 45 Ft. @batman_on_vacation !
In this episode of DCF'NC we get the honor of talking to Mike of @batman_on_vacation who has dios all around the world! We learn his story of what caught his interest in comic lore, collectibles, and how his wife got him on the gram creating his awesome post! Plus this guy knows his stuff and goes in depth on the DCEU as well as his top three BTAS and ranking the Arkham games! Hope you enjoy!
July 12, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 44 Pre-Show w/ Scott P. &Tyler G. BTAS episode review "Appointment in Crime Alley"
In this episode of DCF'NC Scott P. of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss a busy past week/weekend where there is plenty of new figures to talk about, Soap Studios Bank Robber Joker, McFarlane toy quality, DC Collectibles Batman TMNT reveals, big hype surrounding San Diego Comic Con, Stranger Things 3, Spider Man Far From Home (yes Scott saw it!), and of course we round it off with our review of "Appointment in Crime Alley". Big guest coming this Friday where even we don't where in the world he'll be joining us from as we snagged a Batman jet setting fan! Look forward to you joining us!
July 10, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 43 ft. Lewis of @thebatcollector
A special guest interview only episode featuring a toy photographer who is brilliantly talented already yet he continually grows and looks to improve daily. We talk to him about new figures, figures he's looking forward to getting, whether he likes sculpt over articulation, how much is too much Photoshop and the state of the toy community. We have an absolute blast in the time we have with @thebatcollector and we hope you enjoy it as well.
June 29, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 42 Pre SD Comic Con 2019 Coverage!
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs go through completely by company to discuss some of the items we know we'll be seeing, the things we hope we will be seeing, things we know we're buying right away and stuff we may hold off and see. Hope you enjoy as we start getting hyped for the big weekend!
June 26, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 41 ft. Blake of @mindmeldx and @steady_geekin. BTAS Ep review "The Clock King"
In this episode Scott P. of @the.batfan and Tyler G. of @batmanfigs talk a lot of plastic! Not just new toys, new dioramas, but what we prefer when it comes between articulation versus look and paint, and we also review the great BTAS episode "The Clock King". In the guest portion we are joined by a Swiss army knife of talent. He's an actor, an artist, a musician, and a talented toy photographer and knowledgeable in all things pop culture, Blake of @mindmeldx ! Absolutely a blast finally getting to chat with him and we hope you enjoy.
June 24, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 40 Scott P. & Tyler G. BTAS episode review "Fear of Victory"
In this episode of DCF'NC Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss all in the realm of toys!!! Action figures! Man dolls!!! Whatever you call them, we're discussing. We talk about DC Multiverse figs being available again finally, we talk upcoming releases, we review and give our opinions on @ready_setz playset/diorama pieces. Then before we get into the BTAS episode review we talk a BIG subject in toy collecting and toy photography...what do you prefer? Articulation or sculpt more? Look forward to seeing what you guys think and I hope you enjoy the show!
June 17, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 39 ft. @figurefan_nate of STS Guys! BTAS Ep. Review "VENDETTA"
In this jam, filled to the brim episode of DCF'NC Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss a cornucopia of DC related toy news and topics. We go into depth talking new finds and where great deals on figs can be hiding! We talk the Neca Street Dio, Extreme_sets, and Ready_setz! We discuss the Neca con exclusives, weekend theme updates from Scott and @thebatcollector! The new DC Multiverse Joker & Penguin! Plus we break down the classic Croc episode "Vendetta"! In the second half we are joined by good friend of the show Nate @figurefan_nate and congratulate him on big life events, new toys aquired, as well as his opinions on DC Signature series Penguin, he gives a great Dio have for the Neca street one and we discuss DC and....even a little bit of Endgame! Always a pleasure to get to spend time with Nate, hope you guys enjoy!
June 08, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 38 ft. @kingnamorious761 with BTAS review of "Joker's Favor"
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and Tyler of @batmanfigs discuss new DC Multiverse figs, new dio pieces, DC media and shows before we go over the classic BTAS episode "Joker's Favor"! We then talk to the very talented Duane of @kingnamorious761 where we learn a little about him, how he got into collecting and shooting Hot Toys and sharing his skills on Instagram. We also discuss comic movies, both DC and Marvel as well as the classic BTAS episode and Arkham games ranking questions! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!
May 30, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 37 ft. Chris of @empiretoyworks! BTAS episode review "Feat of Clay"
Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs have a fantastic time in this episode talking about new figs and dioramas we have on the way, new figures being released, toy photography, Instagram algorithms, and we review an all time classic BTAS episode titled "Feat of Clay". We are then joined by an absolute master (and that feels like an understatement) of all things toy related so he built a whole world. Join us as we visit Chris of @empiretoyworks live from Rot Gut city! We pick his brain, hear his story, and he drops tons of fantastic plastic knowledge! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!
May 23, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 36 ft. @reinkecustoms with BTAS EP. Review "Prophecy of Doom!"
Huge episode of DCF'NC where Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss, not only new figs, but the new Batwoman trailer, Justice League Animated Series reunion? Robert Pattinson as Batman, as well as a Batman animated series review "Prophecy of Doom" After that we are joined by an incredible talent in the custom world especially when it comes to all things DC Animated, the brilliant Keven of @reinkecustoms! A very fun time and a fun episodes! Enjoy!
May 18, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 35 ft. guest @andreig6694, BTAS ep. review "Beware the Gray Ghost!"
In this episode Scott P. of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss how we all can FINALLY go purchase new Batman animated series figs from DC Collectibles! Not only that, they're amazing and fan favorite characters from some of the most memorable original BTAS scenes! We review them in great detail and talk our favorites! We talk about the new Mattel signature figures being released now, and we discuss what some argue MAY be the best Batman episodes ever with a character/actor parallel of a story that tugs at emotions in multiple ways, the very meta "Beware the Gray Ghost!" Not only that we're joined by a true afficionado of the DC Animated Universe @andreig6694 !! He is not only a super fan but a great human being and it was a true true pleasure to get to talk things we love. We hope you enjoy!
May 11, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 34 ft. @same_old_x BTAS review episode "See No Evil"
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss brand new figures aquired, new figures coming out soon, as well as some that seem to be cancelled! We also review the Batman Animated Series episode "See No Evil". In the second half we talk to Xander from @same_old_x on Instagram! We discuss his new vintage toy page, new projects he has coming up, his thoughts on Mattel/McFarlane DC Multiverse, Star Wars vintage revival, and much more! Enjoy!
May 04, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 33 Ft @greg_rosenberger, BTAS review "The Cat and the Claw"
In this episode of DCF'NC Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs go over new figures, Gotham's last episode, I finally saw Justice League vs. Fatal Five, and our BTAS episode is The Cat and the Claw! In the second half we are joined by Greg of @greg_rosenberger where we learn about the start of his love for all things comic book related! It was a blast getting to talk with him and we hope you enjoy it too!
April 26, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 32 ft. @neronian_ on Instagram BTAS review "Heart of Ice"
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss new figures we got, the great news of the BTAS rogues on single card original packaging, and we review the classic BTAS episode "Heart of Ice". In the second half we are joined again by @neronian_ ! Jesse stops by to let us know how he's doing, we discuss his newest custom from the Justice League Mezco figure, the Onyx Batman, and much more! A great interview and fun time! Our episode on Thursday will be featuring @greg_rosenberger! Hope you enjoy!
April 23, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 31 feat. @jcmilone
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss new figures, upcoming figure releases, new figures we've obtained as well as go into the BTAS episode "I've Got Batman in my Basement!" In the second half we have the honor and pleasure of talking to Joe of @jcmilone where we cover an incredible amount in the 45 minutes we have him. Thank you for the continued support and messages you send! hope you enjoy!
April 18, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 30: Ft. @erikstuddard
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs discuss tons of new figs including a new preview of @soapstudios Harvey)Two Face! We discuss DC media as well reviewing Justice League vs. The Fatal Five as well as Shazam and our BTAS episode "It's Never Too Late" (which might be the kost adult &real of them all). In the second half we are honored to be joined by a man whose pictures ooze love and passion, not to mention atmosphere and beautiful lighting, Erik of @erikstuddard! Episode is packed so hope you enjoy!
April 14, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 29c. Ft. @davefranciosaart
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs have the honor of chatting with @davefranciosaart ! We learn about who he is and how he grew up loving all things comic book related to where he is now drawing his own style with a large following and his own shirt designs. We also hear his thoughts on Snyders "Batman kills" quotes and why it's crucial to Batman's character that he doesn't kill. We actually had 3 hours but the app only saved 2, hope you enjoy!!
April 06, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 29
In this episode Scott and I talk about latest figure finds as well as new shots and cover the BTAS episode "Two-Face". We then have an honest discussion where we talk about the importance of knowing what gets you in the creative state of mind which makes the hobby the absolute blast it is, and how we go about it as well as other examples. In terms of our guest @davefranciosaart he messaged me earlier this morning letting me know he was bed ridden and sick as a dog. We wish him a speedy comfortable recovery and hope he gives us a ring when hes willing to come on. A whole lot of Scott and I! Hope you enjoy!
April 01, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 28 ft. @batmantheanimatedfan
In this episode Scott and I go over a lot of new figures that hes aquired, new photos and set ups as well as look at the BTAS episode "Be a Clown". In the second half we are joined by a guest that we've desired to have on for a while now, Simon of @batmantheanimatedfan ! We get to hear about him and his kove for Batman before we completely dive into all things Batman. Its a fantastic and fun episode hope you enjoy!
March 27, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 27 Question & Answer
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I talk toys, news, photos, and the BTAS episode "The Forgotten" before getting into answering your questions! We get asked things such as most anticipated fugures, best batman actors, to even who we'd "snog, avoid, & marry" beyween a crazy trio. Thats just the surface! Hope you enjoy!
March 22, 2019
DCF'NC EP 26 Ft. Guest @amberever
This week is a good one with lots to unpack! Scott of @the.batfan goes over a new extreme sets he obtained as well as a pretty big arrival from Apokolips! We go on few rants as well! Then we discuss a great Batman animated episode P.O.V. In the second half we are joined by the incredibly kind and talented actress Amber of @amberever on Instagram. We learn about where her dream of acting started, the amount of work that goes into making it happen, and her campaigning to be our next Barbara/Batgirl (its crazy how much she sounds like her let alone look the part). Hope you enjoy!!!
March 19, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 25 ft. @eyeofuatu of Instagram
In this episode Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs talk about new extreme sets on the way as well as figures. We also go into depth on a very underated, bit looking back quite dark BTAS episode titled "The Underdwellers". In the second half we are joined by Tom of @eyeofuatu on Instagram! We learn about his start into the comic world as he learned to read with them all the way to his legendary 41,000 like almost looks like a painting, Stan Lee tribute shot. Very fun episode hope you enjoy!
March 15, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 24 ft. @swittpics on Instagram
In this episode Scott of @thebatfan and I catch up on new plastic merchandise aquired as well as diorama sets! We talk some contradicting reasons someone used to announce their retirement from toy photography! We the discuss in detail the classic BTAS episode "Pretty Poison". In the second half of the episode we get to meet Spencer of @swittpics and hear some of his background and story on getting into toy photography and much more! Hope you enjoy!!!
March 11, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 23 ft. @fearofbats of Instagram
On this episode of DCF'NC Scott and I discuss new figures on the horizon, the DC Essentials Joker figure, and look at the classic BTAS episode "The Last Laugh". In the second half we are joined by @fearofbats who just so happened to have one of the most shared photos of Batman and Catwoman in recent memories. If you take a look at his page you'll see why! Tons of talent snd a passion for Batman in particular. A fun episode for sure, we hope you enjoy!
March 07, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 22 Ft. @toysofarkham on Instagram
Scott of @the.batfan and I catch up and discuss in detail "Nothing to Fear" from Batman the Animated Series! In the second half we're joined by @toysofarkham from Ireland! We learn about him, his hot toy collection, and he highlights great things sbout the Nolan and Burton films we take for granted! Hope you enjoy!
March 04, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 21 prt. 2 Ft. Joe of @extreme_sets
If there was one episode you should listen to of DCF'NC, this should be the one. It was an extreme joy and pleasure to interview and learn anout Joe! The mastermind behind the continually growing business known as Extreme-Sets! We learn about who he is and how he gained the skills necessary to not only start Extreme-Sets, but to continually make them better and better. There's nothing quite like Extreme-Sets and when you hear the passion Joe has, theres not a question why. Phenomenal time, Scott and I were thrilled. Hope you enjoy!
March 01, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 21 ft. ?????
Scott and I discuss some of the more annoying things we see on Instagram more frequently then we'd like as well as new figures and such. We are later joined by a guest that will be in a part 2 realeased tomorrow, March 1st! Hope you enjoy!
March 01, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 20. ft. @reinkecutoms
Scott and I answer your questions sent in from Instagram!! And not one, or two, literally....every question...and we go in depth! We are then joined by a man who is himself pumping out the animated versions if characters we wish DC Collectibles would be taking notes from. Its an episode packed to the gills! Hopefully you enjoy as much aa we did!
February 25, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 19 Ft. Guest @blainerr of Instagram
Scott and I go over (in great detail) the releases shown at New York Toy Fair and of course catch up. We are then BLOWN away at our guest @blainerr on Instagram. Blaine tells us about his story growing up as a collector, a tremendous story about the love and support he experienced not from just the toy community but will bring you some faith in humanity. We also get inside scoops from what he got to experience as a DC Mattel Influencer! A fantastic show from start to finish, hope you enjoy!
February 22, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 18 Ft. @jrc_rose/@thetoypile on Instagram
In the first half of the episode Scott and I discuss how a wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf and how dressing up scalping is still scalping. In the second half we're joined by James of @jrc_rose/@thetoypile of Instagram! He's a fantastic person as well as fantastic photographer with a unique style and experience dabbling in a bit of everything. It was a treat having him come on and learning about him abd his photography journey we know you'll enjoy as well! Stay tuned for announcements on the next guest later this week!
February 17, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 17 Ft. Joe of @letgo_n_lego on Instagram
Scott of @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs catch up on toy news, new photos coming up, shooting figures that are outside your comfort zone and much more! We are then joined by an extremely popular lego collector/photographer, Joe of @letgo_n_lego! We pick his brain, learn a little more about him, and get tips a plenty on shooting lego mini figs! Hope you enjoy!
February 14, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 16 Ft. @yingkeet0675 of Instagram
In this episode Scott @the.batfan and I @batmanfigs catch up on toy news, new projects coming up and other DC media. We then have a discussion on overcoming creative droughts, and I share some of my secrets to staying creative. In the second half we're joined by a fantastic toy photographer from Malaysia, Tham Ying Keet of @yingkeet0675 on Instagram. He shares his story, how he got into toy photography and the struggle of finding figs where he is. Tons of fun from beginning to end, hope you enjoy!
February 10, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 15 Ft. Owner of @horizoncomics Roger!
Scott of @the.batfan and I (batmanfigs) catch up and discuss new figures plus much more! We are then joined by Roger who owns a comic shop called Horizon Comic (@horizoncomics) who not onlybtells us about what its like owning his own shop but gives us tons of info on great comic pick ups as well as great tips on how to survive San Diego comic con if its your furst go round! Thank you for your constant feedback and support!
February 07, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 14: Feat. @justin.kase_ from Instagram
Scott and I catch up and discuss a HUGE issue and problem going around on Instagram, and how even if you do this with the best of intentions, you could be doing harm. In the second half we're joined by Justin Kase a very popular account in the toy community! He shares his love for the toy community and just how much the hobby means to him. Hope you enjoy!!!
February 04, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 13 Ft. Music Legend, Kwamé
Scott and I catch up in the first half of this episode discussing toy news and naming our top episodes from the Timm-verse. In the second half we're joined by an absolute legend in the hip hop world and music in general, Kwamé the "Boy Genius" joins us to talk figures, collectibles and the importance of staying true to YOUR creative process and the need to stay growing. Words of wisdom are poised, so join Scott and I with the maker of good noise.
February 01, 2019
Ep. 12 DCF'nC: ft. @son_of_marth of Instagram
Scott and I catch up on the week discussing new figures, mezco, mattel, DC, we talk it all. We are joined later by a very popular man in the toy community... @son_of_martha!!!! For a blast of a time where he reminds us all just what Batman should be! Enjoy!!!
January 28, 2019
DCF'nC EP. 11: Feat. Special Guest Lee of @massivegeek on Instagram
Scott and U catch uo on new toy news and discuss something extremely annoying going on in the toy community.
January 25, 2019
Ep. 10 of DCF'NC: FT. Jason Langston, Toy Designer
Scott (@the.batfan) and Tyler (@batmanfigs) catch up on toy news bevore being joined by toy designer Jason Langston who has helped designed some of the best figures coming from DC Multiverse this year! What a blast to talk to! We're honored he joined us!!! Hooe you enjoy as much as we did!
January 22, 2019
DCF'NC Ep. 9: "Toys That Made Us" creator Brian Volk-Weiss
Scott and I catvh up and talk new toys, toy news and DC news in general! Then in the back end of the episode we're honored to be joined by Brian Volk-Weiss! He's produced many of todays comedy specials on Netflix and is the nan behind "The Toys That Made Us" which is finishing up season 3 now! Join us!
January 18, 2019
DCF'nC Ep. 8 Ft. @thebatcollector on Instagram
In the first half of DC Figures and Collectibles Scott and I discuss new toys and DC pop culture. Then in the 2nd half we are honored to be joined by Lewis of @thebatcollector on Instagram! It was a blast of the time and I hope you enjoy!
January 13, 2019
DCF'NC EP. 7 ft. Darlene MacIntyre
Scott and I catch up, discuss new figures purchased, nre figures soon to be released, and ones were looking at getting. Scott breaks down each animated Justice League figure from the DC Universe app and gives his thoughts. We are then joined by Darlene MacIntyre for a very special interview on her father in law who served in both WW1 & WWII and ultimately found peace in building dioramas. Join us!
January 10, 2019
Episode 6 DCF'nC: ft. @asokathegeek from Instagram
Scott and Tyler return for the first episode of 2019 with a wonderfully informative abd fun discussion with the collector of collectors himself! @asokathegeek of Instagram.
January 06, 2019
DCF'nC Ep. 5 ft. @figurefan_nate on Instagram
Scott (@the.batfan) and I (@batmanfigs) do a run down and "Year in Review" for 2019, literally through almost every company. Then we're joined by special guest Nate (@figurefan_nate) toy photographer and collector on Instagram for a absolute joy of a discussion, you dont want to miss this!
December 31, 2018
DCF'nC Ep. 4: Top 5 Figs of 2018/ Special guest @same_old_x / Xander
Scott and I discuss new pick ups as well as our favorite 5 figures of 2018, with a few gripes. We are then joined by a toy historian, toy photographer, diorama builder, and loved member of the toy community Xander aka @same_old_x
December 20, 2018
DCF'nC Episode 3: Special Guest @d__amazing on YouTube and Instagram
On this episode of DC Figures and Collectibles @the.batfan and I discuss our pages, upcoming figure releases and upcoming projects. Then we're joined by special guest @d__amazing from YouTube and Instagram he tells us a little about himself, toy photography beginnings, and we spotlight Soap Studios action figures and discuss why comparing lines is pointless. Really fun episode and honored to have such a great guest.
December 17, 2018
DCF'nC: 2. @neronian on Instagram
A FANTASTIC episode, we get to meet our new co-host from England, Scott of @the.batfan on Instagram, and learn about him. Then we get a visit from the beautiful human Mr. Jesse of @neronian_ on Instagram. Enjoy!
December 12, 2018
Joe Milone @jcmilone on Instagram
We talk to the great Joe Milone (@jcmilone) on Instagram and learn about him, toy photography beginnings and where the hobby is today.
December 10, 2018
Welcome to DC Figures and Collectibles
Hello from Tyler G. @batmanfigs on Instagram. This short initial podcast is simply an introduction/overview of what I hope this show is about. Grown men collecting plastic and taking photographic evidence of it. Looking forward to great fun!
December 07, 2018