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Battle Damage!

Battle Damage!

By Battle Damage Pod
Battle Damage! Podcast is a drifting podcast thru and thru. Hosted by two longtime friends with 30+ years of combined drifting love and experience. We take you on an automotive joy ride, TWICE A MONTH, and always true to the core and roots of the sport. A passion project dedicated to other fans of drifting. Pro, grassroots, and everything in between - we discuss it all!
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Ep. 6: The Drift Tax Episode - Featuring Adam Knio
On this episode we call out the drift tax bandits as well as discuss the future of drifting and if it can survive the rising cost. Doesn't sound fun enough? The Golden Mouthhole aka Adam Knio (@notAdamLZ) stops by to make some car noises, and give his thoughts on the drift tax phenomenon. Join us!
February 17, 2021
Ep. 5: The Recap
In this episode, Matthew and Ricky discuss Formula D rounds 7 and 8, Recap the season and discuss the final standings, and discuss their biggest pet peeves in the drifting scene!
December 14, 2020
Ep 4: Formula D(rama) part 2 ignites in Round 5 and 6
Formula D reaches it's penultimate destination for 2020 and another weekend is in the books but it isn't without major controversy. Matthew and Ricky break down what happened, analyze a few of the controversial runs together, and give updates and thoughts on the season heading into the final rounds at Irwindale. Ricky also discusses his first full drift event in his Mustang GT build, and we discuss what car(s) we think look best from Formula D's 2020 season. Come check us out!
November 20, 2020
USA drifting VS Japan Drifting (Part 1)
Japan, the birthplace of drifting, still influences the world when it comes to drifting professionally and grassroots. The USA however has made a surge into drifting dominance over the last decade and has also began to adapt a style and movement unique to itself as well. In this 2 part podcast, we will break down the differences between the 2 scenes, and the similarities and influences as well. In part 1, we discuss how D1GP scores professional drifting via GPS today and compare it to how Formula D still uses traditional judging. We also discuss which cars from the 2000-2010 decade could become popular drift cars, and talk about nostalgic drift media that hooked us into the scene many years ago! Join us for episode 3 of your dedicated drift podcast, BATTLE DAMAGE!
October 28, 2020
Episode 2: Formula D-rama
We discuss our dream drift car builds, Adam LZ gets his first PRO win, and what would Formula D be without drama? There was plenty of it in round 3 and 4 at Evergreen Speedway. Our thoughts on this, the impact on the overall season and a little bit of fun as well!
October 11, 2020
The Monthly E-Break: Episode 1; Intros, Formula D round 1/2, and more!
The dawning of a new podcast is upon us as the host Matthew and Ricky discuss their favorite favorite hobby, drifting, twice a month with YOU! 25+ combined years of drifting love and experience for these two friends combines to make this podcast unique and fun. This episode focuses mainly on introducing who Matthew and Ricky are, and of course the beginning of the Formula Drift pro season. Welcome!
October 9, 2020