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Battle Royale Podcast

Battle Royale Podcast

By Battle Royale Podcast
Elwood and Stephen (Asian Cinema Film Club) look at Kinji Fukasaku's cult classic "Battle Royale" one DVD Chapter at a time while also comparing it to the Manga and source novel.
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#6 - Memories
The games are finally afoot as our class enter the game for real but who will be the first to fall? We find out as our chapter by chapter analysis of Battle Royale continues. 
November 26, 2020
#5 - Life's A Game
Nick Rehak (French Toast Sunday) joins us as we continue our breakdown of Battle Royale one DVD chapter at a time.   On this episode it's time for the bags to be handed out, while we question the purpose of the games aswell as how the game could be played outside of the island.
November 3, 2020
#4 - The Necklace
Our Chapter by Chapter breakdown of cult favourite "Battle Royale" continues with a look at the must have fashion acessory for any Battle Royale participent as on this episode we are joined by Kim (Tranquil Dreams / Movies and Tea) to breakdown the chapter as the class find out the rules and we bid farewell to two of the class. Apoligies for the audio issues in part of the this episode due to our recording being insane.
October 15, 2020
#3 - Today's Lesson Is
Our Chapter by Chapter breakdown of Battle Royale this time sees our ill fated class waking up on the island as they are reunited with Kitano and introduced to two new members of thier class Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama. On this episode we explore the backstory of these two students aswell as how they differ from how they were potrayed in the novel and manga. We also look alittle deeper at Kitano and question his own motivation for joining the BR program and the possible hand he had in the class being chosen.
September 9, 2020
#2 - On The Bus
Continuing our chapter by chapter analysis of Battle Royale as on this episode we look at the ill fated school trip which will soon land the class on the island. We discuss the characters of Noriko and how she might actually be the only innocent in the game aswell as Shuya's best friend and human grenade nobu let alone a batch of all important cookies and further comparisions to the manga and novel plus much more!!
July 31, 2020
#1 - The BR Act
Elwood and Stephen of the Asian Cinema Film Club start thier chapter by chapter analysis of the cult classic "Battle Royale" not only looking at the film and the impact it had on Asian cinema ushering in alongside Audition and The Ring a revived intrest in Asian Cinema, but also comparing the film to the original novel and manga adaptation as they set out on the mother of all deep dives.  On this episode we look at Shuya Nanahara, the Battle Royale act and the youth uprising it was designed to squash plus much more!
July 20, 2020