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Battling Pickle Podcast

Battling Pickle Podcast

By Jon Westfall
A podcast by Dr. Jon Westfall that is used primarily for the student’s he’s currently teaching in class, but all are welcome to listen! Topics are broadly based in psychology and higher education. Show Notes available at Show Notes on my Blog
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BP 20: Being a Sage?
In this episode I talk about two groups that aren’t often discussed together: Older Adults and kids with exceptionalities!
June 13, 2022
BP 19: WWDC, Technology, and Making Connections
How does technology connect or disconnect us to the world?
June 06, 2022
BP 18: Seeing Mania for Good and Bad
Mania is something that, if we’re not careful, we may praise more than guard against!
June 01, 2022
BP 17: Stress!
Stress is the topic today! How it can actually help you.
May 31, 2022
BP 16: A Walk in the Rain
In this season to Opener, I talk about what is abnormal versus not abnormal. And admit to doing some thing a little bit crazy.
May 25, 2022
BP 15: Season 2 Teaser
Season 2 is coming up! Hear a bit about what you’ll be hearing about!
May 14, 2022
BP 14: On Testing
In this weeks episode I talk about testing in college classes!
August 30, 2021
BP 13: On Productivity
Being productive means being flexible. This week I talk about some of my best productivity tips! Show Notes
August 23, 2021
BP12: History if Psychology Thoughts
A shoutout to the Today in the History of Psychology website, and musings on religion and philosophy. Show Notes.
August 16, 2021
BP 11: Frequencies, Distributions, and The Middle
In this episode I talk about frequency distributions, the shape of data and where the middle of the data is.
August 02, 2021
BP 10: Statistics!
We hear about statistics a lot these days, so in this podcast episode I take some time to start unpacking the basics of them - from populations to samples, correlation not equaling causation, and measurement scales! Show Notes.
July 26, 2021
BP 9: On Resubmit and Late Work
I discuss the relative merits of resubmission and late work. Show Notes.
July 19, 2021
BP 8: Reactions to the Major Project
How did I feel about the major projects that I just graded? My feedback to the class and follow up to the concepts talked about in battling pickle podcast number four. Show Notes
June 24, 2021
This week I cover the difference between RTI and MTSS. I also talk about how responses to my Midterm Survey in Psychology of Learning changed my mind about a change I was planning on making to the class! Show Notes.
June 16, 2021
BP 6: Dealing with Trauma
How do you work with students who experienced trauma and what should your institution be doing? Show Notes
June 09, 2021
BP #5: Learner Survey and Pros of Standardized Testing
In this episode I discuss the themes from the learner survey I have out in Graduate Ed. Psych, and the pros of standardized testing! Show Notes (Including References to the Paper I discussed)
June 01, 2021
BP 4: What Is a Major Project?
The nebulous Major Project that I assign (and perhaps others do too!) - what is it, how can it be accomplished, and how can you think outside the box with it? Show Notes.
May 25, 2021
BP 3: The Problems with Punishment
Punish behaviors you don't want, Reinforce those you do. For any set of behaviors, you could choose either path - so why would you want to choose Reinforcement over Punishment? Because Punishment has problems, and I'll discuss those in this podcast! Show Notes
May 21, 2021
BP 2: Routine vs. Intentionality
Often we use different routines in classrooms in order to establish norms. But what happens when the intention behind that routine is no longer being served? Show Notes.
May 17, 2021
BP 1: The Disconnect Between the Classroom and the Real World
Join Dr. Jon Westfall as he discusses reasons why students may not connect what they’re learning in the classroom and their real world life experiences post-graduation. We’ll talk about the performance-goal mindset, methods to push students to apply material to different contexts, and how we as educators must be comfortable with many moving pieces at once! Show Notes
May 13, 2021