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Bayonne Buzz Podcast

Bayonne Buzz Podcast

By Steve Plancey
The Bayonne Buzz Podcast is a weekly feature for everything happening in Bayonne from events, activities, sports, people, schools, community you name it! Everyone has a story and experiences. Lets use this platform to have heathy and entertaining conversations.
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Episode #17 "Wrestling is a humble experience"
On today's episode we sit and talk with BHS Head Wrestling Coach Jared Luciani. Coach Luciani stems from a pedigree of Head Coaches as it runs in his blood from his father, uncle, and many others. Coach Luciani has established a solid repoir and has built a strong camaraderie among the players of his wrestling program. You will hear his passion and love towards wrestling as well his drive for competition and to grow and develop our young student athletes.
January 18, 2021
Episode #16 "I am doing what I love"
Today we welcome Bayonne High School alumni Mark Johnson. Mark currently owns and operates Prime athletic Development right here in Bayonne. Mark brings with him energy and enthusiasm to a level we have not seen yet with some of our guests. I can assure you his devoted time and persistence will resonate with many listeners of the show. Today we will dive into his football career with the Bees as well as to his day to day operations of Prime and much more.
January 11, 2021
2021 NFL Playoff Preview Show
Today's episode is a special edition as we will be diving into the upcoming NFL Postseason. We will be getting into picks, predictions and much more. Today we welcome back some familiar faces from previous episodes as well as a brand new guest! Let's kick off our introductions with Bayonne Native, former Iowa Hawkeye standout as well as former member of the Kansas City Chiefs Danan Hughes. We have returning one of BHS best, lifelong Bayonne resident, and former Head Coach with the Bees Football team and a current Vice Principal here at BHS John Rickard. Last but not least, a first time guest but a very passionate football fan our own superintendent, John Niesz.
January 8, 2021
Episode #15 "I don't want you to be average, I want you to be above average!"
Today we have another excellent guest for you guys today. We welcome Hudson County legend and Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Coach Bob Hurley! Yes, I know he is from Jersey City, Are we going to talk about his 40 plus years at St. Anthonys...yes,... will we discuss his numerous State and National Championships….yes… will there be a lot of basketball talk...yes. But you are also going to hear Coach Hurley talk about his fond recollection towards the people and city of Bayonne.
January 4, 2021
Episode #14 "... Bayonne through and through..."
Today, we have one of the best out of Bayonne. He is very widely known and very well respected. Phil Baccarella. When you use “Legend” and “Bayonne” in the same sentence you immediately think of the name Phil Baccarella. His time in athletics, education and our community stretches over 50 years. Coach Baccarella brings with him a wealth of knowledge, quick wit and endless stories. His Hall of Fame inductions include, The Bayonne High School Hall of Fame, Montclair State University Hall of Fame, The Hudson County Hall of Fame and the New Jersey State Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame. Again… need I say more.
December 21, 2020
Episode #13 "I bleed maroon... I'm a Bayonne Bee for life!"
Our guest this week. Jerome Hayes! This was such an awesome episode because, Jerome, like many of our guests; He is just so well spoken and truly showed his passion and love towards Bayonne High School and the city of Bayonne. In today's episode you are gonna hear excellent stories from Coach Hayes talking about his time playing football and basketball with the BeeS, winning a State Championship and becoming an All-American as a Linebacker with the Bees Football team. We will dive into his Penn state days and of course now coaching on the sidelines with the West Orange Football team. I do not want to give it all away but this is certainly going to be a fun one! Please sit back and enjoy as I bring to you Jerome Hayes!
December 14, 2020
Episode #12 Hockey Players Roundtable with Gabe Morales & Nicko Konopka
Today's episode features Bayonne High School Hockey Players Gabe Morales and  Nicko Konopka. They join coaches Steve Plancey and Nick Brancatella in a "Hockey Players Roundtable"! During the course of the episode they will discuss - Hockey - Body Building Competitions - New Jobs - Ice cream flavors and much more!
December 9, 2020
Episode #11 Hockey Players Roundtable with Zach Taylor & Billy Mauer
Today's episode features Bayonne High School Hockey Players Zach Taylor and Billy Mauer. They join coaches Steve Plancey and Nick Brancatella in a "Hockey Players Roundtable"! During the course of the episode they will discuss - Hockey -Superheroes -School -Sports and much more!
December 7, 2020
Episode #10 Welcome to the Hive!
Today we introduce to you the newest member to the BHS Athletic Department. Our new Head Coach of the boys basketball team, Coach Ben Gamble. Coach Gamble comes to Bayonne High School with an impressive playing and coaching Resume. His previous Head coaching experience includes successful stops at the programs of Marist High School, Mater Dei Prep and Cardinal McCarick. At each of these schools, Coach Gamble was able to take prior struggling programs and turn them into instant winners! At all three programs his teams saw numerous top 20 State rankings, Divisional Championships and State Playoff appearances. Prior to his time becoming a Head Coach, Coach Gamble served as the top Assistant Coach for 15 seasons at his alma mater St. Anthony. Coach Gamble served under legendary Head coach and Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee Coach Bob Hurley winning multiple state and national championships during his time there. Coach Gamble’s proven record for success and the ability to turn floundering programs into competitive and championship caliber teams certainly does add to the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming season.
November 30, 2020
Episode #9 "#STINGERSUP #Thosewhostay"
Welcome back for another fantastic episode! Episode #9 here on the Bayonne Buzz Podcast. On today's episode we have our Bayonne High School Head Baseball Coach Dave Hoffmann. Coach Hoff is Bayonne through and through. You are going to hear a great story about being born and raised here in Bayonne and how everything has become full circle towards athletics and his career. Throughout the interview we will breakdown his influences, his keys to success and how the baseball program has consistently developed not just good Baseball players but also as stand up young men away from the field. I have learned that I have not met many people that have so much pride and passion for our school and community as much as Coach Hoffmann does.
November 23, 2020
Episode #8 "You don't play defense, you don't play!"
The Fall Sports Season is winding down and the Winter Sports season is soon to be heating up! Who better to kick off the next season then our Girls Head Basketball Coach at BHS, Coach James Turner. Coach Turner is going into his 14th season as the head of the helm with our Girls Basketball team replacing Hall of Fame Head Coach Jeff Stabile. Coach Turner is a wiley veteran with our Lady Bees. His creativity and ability to think for himself have allowed his program to consistently be one of the best in the state.
November 16, 2020
Episode #7 "Just a kid from 19th Street"
Hello my friends!! Welcome back for awesome Episode #7 here on the Bayonne Buzz Podcast. I bring to you the man,... the myth,... the legend Danan Hughes! On top of all of his achievements, Danan might be most proud of being a kid from Bayonne, his humble upbringing,  and his tireless work ethic not just in the game of sport but to aspects of everyday life. He always finds a way to come back and visit and give back to our community.
November 13, 2020
Episode #6 "Dropping the Hammer!"
It's here! Our final segment of our Special Feature… We have the Big Man himself… Darius Hamilton! His journey is quite unique compared with other young athletes. Darius grows up with his father Keith Hamilton who spent his whole 12 year playing career with the New York Giants! During the quick two months of our young season, Darius has demonstrated his passion and commitment to teaching the game to our players. His pedigree from his father and playing career under some great coaches have allowed him to become a new fine teacher in the game of football. His explicit description on the details of technique, body positioning and pure brute strength allow for our players to get a “pure hands on education” that maybe many student athletes might not be able to receive during their high school days.
November 9, 2020
Episode #5 "You can't tackle what you can't catch"
Guys we have another terrific episode for you today as I feel we always do. You are not gonna believe this, we have former Miami Dolphin Wide Receiver Leonte Carroo! Leonte is a very gifted and talented Wide Receiver whose football I. Q. is through the roof! He has taken his knowledge and experience and has shifted his career from the field to the sidelines with the Bees Football team under Head Coach Jason Acerra. He joined this season with friends and former teammates from Don Bosco and Rutgers Gary Nova and Darius Hamilton. Leonte’s passion, knowledge and love for the game of football have generated experiences and relationships that will forge a lifetime of friendships. In the short time I have gotten to know him I would describe him as being the ultimate teammate. No task or assignment has been too big or too small. His playing experience in the NFL is carried with him as he utilizes his tools of hard work, commitment and discipline to ensure our scheme and structure is performed at the highest level during game day.
November 2, 2020
Episode #4 “R.U. Ready!”
Today's guest needs no introduction. It's no surprise.  You all know who it is Gary Nova. We have a lot to talk about today as Gary shares his stories from playing High School football at Don Bosco Prep, to the Gridiron at Rutgers, now on the sidelines under Head coach Jason Accera, as Quarterback Coach with the Bayonne Bees along with high school and college teammates Darius Hamilton and Leonte Carroo. Gary’s success started early in his career during his high school days from winning multiple state championships and a national championship while playing at Don Bosco. Later on in the episode we will get into his playing days at Rutgers under both Head Coaches Greg Schiano and Kyle Flood. Then dive into his post playing days. 
October 26, 2020
Episode #3 “The Bees are Buzzzzin!!"
Mr. Rickard is the definition of Bayonne, a blue collar, hard working, honest family man. He has spent his whole life here and has raised his family here as well as all are BHS alumni. He wears many hats and has numerous jobs with sports, clubs and his administrative responsibilities. In my short time here in the high school he was one of the first to introduce himself to me. His passion and excitement for our school, students and community are embedded deep into his everyday life.
October 19, 2020
Episode #2 "Do you even lift Bro?!"
Coach Rob Kochanski’s  enthusiasm, sense of humor and quick wit is very infectious with our staff and students and certainly makes him a favorite among many here at the High School. Our friendship began like with many of my coworkers last year, just before the school year began. And where do most Bromances ignite???…. In the gym….. Duhhh! ...That's right no surprise…. as Rob and myself both share a passion for health and fitness. Coach Kochanski is another alumni here at BHS and was also a multi-sport athlete. Throughout our interview we will discuss how he got into working out, his influences and his responsibilities as the Strength and Conditioning Coach.
October 11, 2020
Episode #1 "The Go To Guy!"
On our first episode on the Bayonne Buzz Podcast is Nick Brancatella. Nick is my Assistant Coach with the BHS Hockey team as well as the Assistant coach with our schools Baseball team. He also teaches in our Physical Education Department. When I first came to teach and coach here at BHS, everyone from the Athletics department to our schools Administration told me, "any questions, ask Nick Brancatella." nIck brings with himself a wealth of experience in the classroom and in the game of hockey and baseball. Any questions I have or in need of help with anything, he is my " Go to guy"!  Nick's overall care  and passion for students and athletes is shown everyday.  Our shared and mirrored concepts of culture and doing the things the right way have allowed us to carry a lot of momentum during our first year together. In the short time Ive known him we have developed a great working relationship and friendship.
September 30, 2020