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Books, Bible, Beer, and Queer

Books, Bible, Beer, and Queer

By Joyce Hagen-McIntosh
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Interview with Kristen Becker
Comedian Kristen Becker is changing lives of LGBTQ+ youth one Summer of Sass at a time.
March 30, 2021
Interview with Producer Greta Hagen-Richardson
Joyce talks with film festival programmer and emerging producer Greta Hagen-Richardson about her recent projects, the importance of representation, and shows to watch this year.
March 30, 2021
Interview with Kenneth McIntosh
I discuss with Kenneth McIntosh his latest title, “Hope in an Age of Fear: Wisdom from the Book of Revelation” along with another 2020 release, “Soul of the Green Man.” Both books can be found, along with McIntosh’s other titles, at
February 28, 2021
Open & Affirming
In this episode I talk about the importance of local congregations officially becoming Open and Affirming. Included is a message I recently shared with my congregation in Southwest Michigan.
February 28, 2021