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BBQ Happy Hour

BBQ Happy Hour

By Big Dan & Messy Mike
Listen in as "Big Dan" Bosworth and "Messy Mike" Massiglia discuss their shared interest in the massive world of BBQ. Each episode introduces the audience to a different personality from the BBQ community through an informal, happy hour style conversation.
#9 - Matt Messer - Cotton Gin Smokers
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Matt Messer of Cotton Gin Smokers to talk about how he got started in the smoker building business, how his business has grown over the years, his catering business, their new fire pit and more. Cotton Gin Smokers Facebook @cottonginsmokers Instagram @cottonginsmokers
June 23, 2022
#8 - Jeff and Sunny Moody - Moodswing BBQ
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Jeff and Sunny Moody of Moodswing BBQ, to discuss how they got started in BBQ competitions, managing life with everything they have going on, healthy BBQ, family life, and more. Sunny Moody Facebook @Sunny Moody Instagram @sunny_moody_grilledfit Moodswing BBQ Facebook @Moodswing BBQ Instagram @moodswingbbq
June 16, 2022
#7 - Jess Pryles, The Hardcore Carnivore
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Jess Pryles, the Hardcore Carnivore,  to discuss all things meat; favorite cuts, favorite recipes, seasonings, cooking methods, as well as social media, recipe development, and more. Jess Pryles Facebook @jesspryles Instagram @jesspryles Hardcore Carnivore Facebook @hardcorecarnivore Instagram @hardcorecarnivore
June 08, 2022
#6 - Big Dan and Messy Mike Fly Solo
There was a mix up on the date with the guest, so Big Dan and Messy Mike fly solo this week. Listen in as they discuss both of their recent television experiences, behind the scenes of hosting an SCA cookoff, feedback on some previous episodes, chain store pizza, the day to day of operating a BBQ establishment, challenges with catering, BBQ sauces, and more. Messy Mike’s BBQ Facebook @messymikesbbq Instagram @messymikesbbq Messy Mike on WMUR NH Chronicle Big Dan’s BBQ Facebook @bigdansbbq Instagram @bigdanbbq Big Dan on WNEP Leckey Live
May 30, 2022
#5 - Jason Cottingham, Trauma Hogs BBQ & Supply
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Jason Cottingham from Trauma Hogs BBQ:  BBQ Food Trailer, BBQ Supply Store, and Competition Team.  We talk about the growth of his food trailer business, his time at Memphis in May, his upcoming projects, and more.  Also, we find out that everything BBQ related that you need is just a short drive from NE Arkansas! For more information: Trauma Hogs BBQ Food Trailer Facebook: @traumahogsbbq Instagram: @traumahogsbbq Trauma Hogs BBQ Supply Store Facebook: @traumahogsbbqsupply Instagram: @trauma_hogs_bbq_supply
May 23, 2022
Quick Update
With much of the BBQ community focused on Memphis in May last week, we decided to take a week off, but we look forward to being back on track next week with some more great guests!
May 16, 2022
#4 - Bob Trudnak, Time and Temperature Guru, and Mark Trudnak, MI BBQ Supply
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down brothers "BBQ Bob" Trudnak, the Time and Temperature Guru, and Mark Trudnak, owner of Michigan BBQ Supply to discuss everything from Mark's first competition experience, the origins of the BBQ Guru Controller, Bob's sauces and rubs, BBQ Classes, the growth of MI BBQ Supply, roller coasters, Tito's, and more.   For more information: Bob Trudnak Facebook: @bob.trudnak Instagram: @bbqbob11 Mark Trudnak Facebook: @mibbqsupply Instagram: @mibbqsupply
May 09, 2022
#3 - STRETCH, Grinders Restaurant in KC, Artist/Sculptor
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with STRETCH, Celebrity Chef/Sculptor/Owner of Grinders Pizza in Kansas City to discuss his latest art, how he got into the restaurant business, Philly cheesesteaks, his opinion on Big Dan's pig art, cooking for the troops and more! For more information: STRETCH Instagram @stretchartist Grinders Pizza Instagram @grinderskc
May 02, 2022
#2 - Junior Urias, Up In Smoke BBQ
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Junior Urias from Up In Smoke BBQ to discuss his new restaurant, the move to Early, the mountains of Texas, his new smoker design and more! For more information: Up In Smoke BBQ Facebook @junioruriasbbq Instagram @upinsmokebarbq
April 25, 2022
#1 - Kell Phelps, BBQ News/NBBQA
Big Dan and Messy Mike sit down with Kell Phelps to discuss changes with the NBBQA, Kell's first brisket, spicy ribs, high school BBQ competitions, pickles, and much more.  For more information: National BBQ & Grilling Association: Facebook @NBBQA Instagram @NBBQA BBQ News Magazine: Facebook @barbecuenews Instagram @bbqnewsmagazine   
April 18, 2022