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Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast

Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast

By Gary A. Roth
Welcome to the Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast that is dedicated to doing everything better. We live and die by the mantra, "happiness is progress", and you are invited to join us as we endeavor to be our best in life, business and relationships.

Every episode is designed to bring you practical tips and perspectives that you can apply right away, no matter where you are are in life. Our goal is to help you be a better version of yourself every single day you wake up.

Join us on this journey and get ready to be better!
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Veterans Make Good Entrepreneurs

Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast

Episode 5: How To Get More Sales By Asking Better Questions
In this episode we're going to talk about how better questions will lead to better sales.  In an effort to move away from yes or no questions, we will talk about the structure of the question and how it will generate more conversation which will give the representative more information to leverage when it's time to seal the deal.  Knowing how to ask better questions will allow everyone involved to walk away feeling good about the transaction.  When people feel good about the transaction they tend to tell their friends and family which leads to more transactions! If you are in any way related to sales, marketing or recruiting, this episode is for you.  Take a few notes and think about how you can improve your questioning skills so that you can do a better job of matching the features and benefits of your offer to the discovered needs of the prospect.  When you do that, you will be much more successful.
November 20, 2020
Episode 4: How To Navigate Difficult Family Conversations This Holiday Season
Navigating difficult conversations this holiday season is no easy task.  When you think about all that has happened this year, you can certainly bet on the fact that somebody is going to talk about something that is particularly sensitive.  Throw in an election year and you have all of the recipes you need for a good old fashioned family explosion! But fear not!  Based on the recommendations of the American psychological association, I bring to you this podcast episode with some helpful advice on how to navigate the difficult family conversations that you are likely to experience during the holidays this year.  The key takeaways the fact that you should want to preserve your family relationships more than you should want to win an argument.  These days, people are not asking for advice but rather just displaying their position. Follow this advice and you can walk away from your holiday experience with a much more pleasant memory than you might expect.  It's important to remember that family is crucial and often needed, so don't do anything to ruin it even when you feel that you are right and justified.  Be patient and you'll reap the rewards of rich family memories for years to come.
November 14, 2020
Episode 3: Get On Social Media and Change Your Life!
It's the year 2020 and social media integration is literally everywhere.  Everyone you know has some sort of social media platform, even the ones who claim that they are not on social media.  Think about this, even your grandmother has a Facebook account!  With that being said, social media has proven itself to be one of the greatest opportunities for advancement in our generation.  Never before has an individual had the chance to be successful like this! In this episode we're gonna talk about just how powerful social media can be.  It has the ability to grow your business, or help you start one.  Social media can be leveraged to change the outcome of your life and the lives of your children if you have them.  In other words, you can go from rags to riches with the very device that you hold in your hand.  Unfortunately, millions of people will continue to go unrecognized because of the fear they have.  My hope is that I can inspire you to rise above your fear and use social media to carve out the life that you want.
November 7, 2020
Episode 2: Side Hustles on Top of Your Side Hustle
Creating a side hustle is not the easiest thing in the world, but if you're going to do it, wouldn't you want to get the most out of it that you possibly could?  In this episode we explore options that increase your return on investment for any side hustle that you might be involved with.  Social media presents unlimited opportunities to expand the income potential of your current side hustle.  Listen as we discover how easily it is to make this happen.  You may want to consider the following books: Crushing It 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job Social Media Marketing 2020 Mastery 4 Books Bundle
November 1, 2020
EP 1: Open Books Management
Jack Stack with Springfield Manufacturing Corporation championed the term "Open Book Management" when he took things over back in 1992 inside a re-furbishing division of International Harvester. Essentially, you open the books, share complete transparency, and help to build a trusting team. Many business experts believe it's a great strategy, yet it remains rare.  Would it work for your business? In this episode, I mention a few books: The 100 Best Business Books of all Time The Great Game of Business Open Book Management Managing by the Numbers Maverick I'd also love to connect with you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
October 30, 2020
Why Branding is Massively Important in 2020
If you have a business, you need to focus on your brand. If you are a talented individual, you need to focus on your personal brand. Brand will win every single time, and that has been proven throughout history. When you look back on the most successful businesses and celebrities, it's all about brand. In this episode, we will discuss a few points of building a brand and how to set your foundation. The Veteran Marketing Podcast is completely  dedicated to this wonderful world of persuasive information. Your host  is a Soldier in the Army who has been in the military for over 22 years  and founded the Blue Collar Consulting Group back in 2014. Join in and  learn what you need to know!
August 2, 2020
Episode 41: Are We Really Arguing About Masks?
New sponsor! Brought to you by Seek Style, a fresh online store bringing you the best products from all over the world at AMAZING prices :) The world seems to be losing its mind on the requirement to wear a mask during this pandemic.  Even after being on this planet for multiple decades, I still find it incredibly interesting, and somewhat disappointing, that people will fight over something so simple.  Perhaps it is the rise and diffusion of social media influence, but it may just be good old fashioned pride at work here.   In this episode were to talk about some logical approaches to the mask issue in hopes that we can hopefully find a way forward that encourages people to mask up in public settings without anyone feeling as though their individual rights had been trampled upon.   For me personally, I don't have a problem wearing a mask but I also respect the right of the individual to make that choice.  I also respect the rights and businesses to refuse service to anyone who doesn't comply with the requirement to do so.  We all need to make sure we understand what freedom really means and what a real threat to our constitution consists of.  If we fail to do that, we're just going to keep arguing about nonsense forever! So with all that being said, I hope that you enjoy the show and I hope that you will consider what I've said here and also offer your own thoughts.
July 11, 2020
Episode 40: Removal of the DA Photo from Army Selection Boards
The United States Army selects Soldiers for promotion several times per year. They assemble high ranking Sergeants Major to review records and make the difficult decision of who gets promoted. No, it's not easy, but the Army just made it even tougher. In an effort to combat selection bias, they have removed the requirement of an official photograph in the board selection process. As you might imagine, this is making the selection process even more difficult and will significantly weaken the leadership of the United States Army. Please share and help us get this fixed!
July 6, 2020
Episode 39: Masks & COVID19
All over the country, governments are requiring #masks to be worn. Also, there are people all over the country seemingly gathering on each side of the issue. Should I wear a mask? Should I try to make others wear a mask? Do they work?  Tune in and hear our thoughts on the matter so that you can be better equipped to navigate this tricky landscape.
June 30, 2020
Episode 38: Father's Day 2020
Thank you, Dads! Being a father is no easy task, but it certainly doesn't take a ton of effort. One of the best ways that men can be good dads is by simply being available and living a decent life. Sometimes a good example is all it takes, but it shouldn't stop there. In this episode we highlight some great dads and offer advice to those that might be struggling. Tune in and tell your dad thanks!
June 21, 2020
Episode 37: How to Handle Adversity
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you weren't crippled by every negative event that comes your way? What would your life be like if you could continue to be productive at your job even if you missed the promotion? What would it be like to continue to love your spouse even when they drive you crazy? In other words, how much better would your quality of life be if you were more resilient? Handling adversity is not an accident. In this episode we talk about how to properly frame adversity and, more importantly, now to thrive when things seem to be on fire all around. Here's a secret: you CAN do it.  Tune in and learn more.
June 17, 2020
Episode 36: The Blame Game
What you see in the news today is nothing more than centuries old game of blaming. This group is mad about what this person did and this other group is mad at the group that's mad at this other group. People are rioting in the streets, the mob is on the move and no one seems to know what to do about it.  Have we tried accepting responsibility? That seems to be the best first step as we work towards a resolution. In this episode we reference the psychology of blaming as we attempt to move forward into a much better future.
June 16, 2020
Episode 35: Suffering
"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering." - Friedrich Nietzsche Celebrated Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl (March 26, 1905–September 2, 1997) remains best-known for his indispensable 1946 psychological memoir Man’s Search for Meaning - a meditation on what the gruesome experience of Auschwitz taught him about the primary purpose of life: the quest for meaning, which sustained those who survived. For Frankl, meaning came from three possible sources: purposeful work, love, and courage in the face of difficulty. As I attempt to understand his writing, I offer this short podcast episode. My hope is that you can find purpose in your suffering so that you not only survive, but thrive in your current circumstance.
June 8, 2020
Episode 34: Accepting Criticism
Being able to accept criticism is absolutely essential to success. Tune in as we discuss how to properly accept criticism and turn it into an asset instead of a burden.
June 6, 2020
Episode 33: Ending Racism Today
This time in our history marks an unprecedented opportunity to end, or significantly reduce, the problem of racism in the United States. We need to end racism in our police work, in our businesses and in our life. I firmly believe that we can do it, because it starts with personal decisions. The government won't end racism, it's up to you and me to do it. I know we can!
June 4, 2020
Episode 32: The Death of George Floyd
The tragic death of George Floyd is horrible. It didn't have to happen.
May 29, 2020
Episode 31: Memorial Day 2020
Understanding the differences between Memorial Day and Veterans Day shows the fallen the respect they deserve. We hope to share with you why that is so important. Thank you for tuning in! Visit our website, too: for more podcasts and blog posts.
May 25, 2020
Episode 30: Discussing the Foundations of Leadership with United States Army Sergeant Major James Meade
In this episode, Sergeant Major Meade and I discuss a few foundations of leadership and their importance of early implementation. Full show notes are available on the podcast web page. Thanks for tuning in!
April 11, 2020
Episode 29: How To Reach Your Full Potential
Detailed show notes are available on this episode's web page. Reaching your full potential requires focus, but it also requires knowing yourself and taking action. Please enjoy this episode and feel free to reach out to us on Twitter!
April 6, 2020
Episode 28: How To Respond To The Coronavirus Hysteria
Full show notes are available on the podcast website here.
March 14, 2020
Episode 27: How To Survive A Breakup
Full show notes can be found on the episode website.
March 11, 2020
Episode 26: How To Be A Better Leader
Full show notes can be found on the episode website.
March 7, 2020
Episode 25: Having Integrity in Business, Humility, Self-Discipline and Avoiding Coronavirus
Find the full show notes on the episode web page right here.
February 27, 2020
Episode 24: The Numerous Benefits of Hypnosis
*Please excuse the audio cut outs of the host, but the guest (most importantly) comes through clearly.* See the podcast website for complete show notes.
February 15, 2020
Episode 23: Using Twitter
Complete show notes are available on the podcast website here.
February 9, 2020
Episode 22: Answerings Social Media Questions On Quora
Full show notes are available on the podcast website.
February 4, 2020
Episode 21: Dealing With Death On A Daily Basis
Full show notes are available on the podcast website.
January 29, 2020
Episode 20: Living in Freedom with Bill Owen
20th episode! Full show notes can be found on the website here.
January 26, 2020
Episode 19: Leadership & Innovation Thoughts With Travis Jacobs, The Engineer
Additional details about this episode can be found on the website.
January 22, 2020
Episode 18: Answering Dating Questions From Quora
Full episode notes will be available on the episode web page.
January 17, 2020
Episode 17: Interview with Joshua Spodek
Full show notes are available on the podcast website here.
January 4, 2020
Episode 16: Writing The Best Resume
Full show notes are available on the website.
December 23, 2019
Episode 15: The Most Basic Investment Advice
Full show notes are available on the podcast website!
December 20, 2019
Episode 14: Time Management Hacks
Full show notes are available on the Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast website. Please go there now!
December 16, 2019
Episode 13: $15 Federal Minimum Wage
This podcast episode discusses the impact of a rapid increase of the Federal minimum wage to $15.00.  Although it is a controversial issue, it should come as no surprise that a rapid increase of labor costs would have significant impacts on the country.  Many cities and states have already increased their minimum wages with mixed results.  A case study done in Seattle, Washington shows how dangerous a rapid increase in minimum wage can be. Department of Labor Website is here. CNBC article is here. Washington Post article is here. Hertiage Foundation article is here.  Please share this episode.
December 10, 2019
Episode 12: Interview with NewAir CEO, Luke Peters
Founder of NewAir, Luke Peters, comes on the show to talk about products, leadership and innovation. This is a great episode for anyone that is starting from scratch, just like Luke did! He has a great origin story that is inspirational and instructional. You will certainly enjoy it.
December 2, 2019
Episode 11: Interview with David Meerman Scott
David Meerman Scott is an entrepreneur, speaker, influencer and 3 time best selling author. His newest book, "Fanocracy" is due out next year and is sure to cause an uproar in business and marketing circles. In this episode, we talk about "fandom" and how to turn your customers into the kind of fans that will keep you in business for years to come! Learn more about David here, you won't regret it.
November 29, 2019
Episode 10: The Hustle Builds a Network with Romina
Full show notes can be found on our re-designed website. Come see us!
November 24, 2019
Episode 9: Debt Management with Financial Coach Jess
With the student loan crisis looming over millions in the United States, it is important to know how to avoid debt as much as possible or even control it if you already have it. That's where today's guest comes into play. Coach Jess has been helping people climb out of student loan debt and other obligations for several years. Her insights on debt management are incredible. Tune in and take notes! Jess's website:
November 22, 2019
Episode 8: Empathetic Leadership
Empathetic leadership is a vastly underrated business skill that is in high demand. In today's culture, you simply must do everything you can to understand the perspective of the other person. To fail to do so is disastrous! More than preventing failure, performance is greatly improved when leaders understand their most precious resource: their people. Listen to this episode and gain the skills needed to improve your empathy. Follow us on Twitter: @blue_leadership Let's connect on Instagram: @bluecollarconsulting
November 6, 2019
Episode 7: Holding Players Accountable
If you want to achieve any kind of success as a leader, you're going to have to hold your people accountable. No, this is not a pass for Micro-management, but rather a call to do right by your team. There are five points to hold your folks accountable and we talk about 'em all! The book:
October 30, 2019
Episode 6: Interview with Brandon Madison, Professional Barber
Brandon Madison is a Navy Veteran, Professional Barber and overall incredibly interesting dude. He's been my barber since I arrived in Birmingham and I just had to get him on the show. From going nowhere to being one of the best barbers in the city, he has quite the story. In this episode, we talk about ownership, quality of work and really just doing everything you can in the space you're in. It's a great talk! Find Brandon here:
October 7, 2019
Episode 5: The Antonio Brown Situation
The Antonio Brown situation clogged all the sports headlines over the weekend and for good reason. This NFL player essentially squandered over 40 million dollars because of his off field antics. Long time known as a diva, his decisions cost him a hefty contract in Oakland. Tune in for the full story and how it plays out to professionals all over the world. Twitter: @blue_leadership
September 9, 2019
Episode 4: Being Professional On Social Media
Internet trolls beware! On today's episode, we talk about the best practices for remaining professional on social media. It's really quite simple. All you have to do is ignore the haters, support your supporters, and continue to be consistent. Social media is not a place for settling disputes, winning a political argument or even lashing out at someone. If it's not nice, then it's not appropriate for social. If you want to be a troll, ignore all of my advice. I would love your connection on Instagram! @bluecollarconsulting
September 1, 2019
Episode 3: Storytelling For Success With Andrew Weiss
Storytelling has long been a part of human communication, but it has never been as important as it is today. Let's face it, the world is noisy! If you want to stand out, get ahead or even get noticed, you simply have to be an amazing communicator. Professional speaker Andrew Weiss called into the show and was incredibly helpful in making anyone a much better speaker. Tune in and learn from the best. Andrew's website is here and you can find him on Instagram here.
August 9, 2019
Episode 2: How To Handle Gossip In The Workplace
Gossip infiltrates every single work environment. It doesn't matter whether it's an elite Army unit or a human resources office. The spreading of juicy information seems to draw appeal from nearly every demographic. No one can resist! Unfortunately, however, gossip costs the company time, morale and potentially even safety. In this episode, we cover the top 10 ways to eliminate office gossip so that you can be the best. Remember, professionals don't gossip!
August 1, 2019
Episode 1: What It Means To Be A True Professional
What does it mean to be a professional?  A professional always gives the best performance, the maximum effort. A professional has great relationships, a high level of respect at home and at work while also being someone that is highly sought after. Professionals aren't just great at their place of employment, they are also great in the gym, on the field, at home and in the office. They command respect and give it just as easily. They are humble, yet proud. They learn and ask questions. They are bold and yet still find a way to rally those who are skeptical. They build trust and are reliable. In short, professionals are truly valuable people. Join us as we discover what it means to be a professional and learn how to become one!
July 30, 2019
Episode 62: Veteran Bargains
On today's show, we are joined by James Bower, the founder of, a company he started several years ago with the focus of bringing amazing deals to Veterans. On his website, you will find hundreds of discounts and special deals just for those among us who served. Not only that, there are also several bargains for first responders! He made a vow to add one new deal every day for as long as he can. In other words, the site is growing every single day! Know of a Veteran discount? Want to offer one from your business or service? Know of a good will story towards Veterans? Feel free to email James at and he will be happy to hear from you!
July 19, 2019
Episode 61: Managing Yourself - Second Career Options
In today's society, people are working longer and longer. However, it should be noted that very few work in the same career field they started in. How do you expect to manage this transition? Peter Drucker has some great tips! Tune in. Let's connect on Twitter! @blue_leadership
July 17, 2019
Episode 60: Managing Yourself Part 4 - Contribute
You have discovered your strengths, you know your values, but where will you contribute? Peter Drucker's famous letter on managing yourself will help you discover where you should contribute. Just imagine knowing exactly what to do! Tune in and you will learn. Follow us on Twitter: @blue_leadership Connect on Instagram: @bluecollarconsulting
July 13, 2019
Episode 59: Managing Yourself Part 3 - Values
Everyone has values, that cannot be debated. However, many people are working in organizations that directly challenge their personal and professional values. This conflict creates eroded performance, emotional exhaustion and a host of other problems. In today's episode we continue the thoughts of Peter Drucker and how values become more important in the work place. If you're on Twitter, please connect with us! Blue_Leadership is our handle. See you there.
July 8, 2019
Episode 58: Managing Yourself Part 2
Not only do you need to know who you are, you need to know what you are made of. How do you learn? How do you work best? Do you need structure? In today's episode, we talk about how important it is to ask the right questions to yourself. These periods of introspection are absolutely crucial and they deserve a lot of time. Please tune in and grow from the learning. Let's connect on Twitter: @blue_leadership
July 2, 2019
Episode 57: Managing Yourself Part 1
Peter Drucker is known as the creator of modern management. Even though his words were spoken decades ago, the truth rings more true today than ever. He was well known for discussing the need to focus on your strengths and go where you can make a real difference. Too many times we are concerned about compensating for our weakness, hoping for mediocrity at best. Listen in as we discuss the importance of a feedback strategy and why it makes sense to be strong! HBR Review Book Link:
June 27, 2019
Episode 56: 10 Keys To Effective Teams
Susan Wheelan wrote "Creating Effective Teams" and it revolutionized the business world. Today, we will discuss the ten keys to effective teams and what they mean for groups of people today. Those ten keys are: Goals Roles Interdependence Communication & Feedback Leadership Discussion, decision making and planning Implementation & evaluation Norms & individual differences Structure Cooperation & conflict management You can find Susan's book here: Find us on Twitter: @blue_leadership
June 16, 2019
Episode 55: Inspiration & Influence
An Army leader is anyone who by virtue of assumed role or assigned responsibility inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals. Army leaders motivate people both inside and outside the chain of command to pursue actions, focus thinking and shape decisions for the greater good of the organization.  You can apply these very same principles, no matter what kind of organization you're in. You can find more inspiration on Twitter and Instagram. Let's connect!
May 17, 2019
Leadership Challenges
Being a leader isn't easy, but it's also not impossible. On today's episode, we uncovered a 2012 article that contained the "12 biggest leadership challenges" and explored each one. Solutions were offered, but so where some additional challenges. Tune in and learn. Got a suggestion? Shoot me an email:
May 2, 2019
Leverage Social Media For Any Business
Let's face it, everyone is on social media. Yes, I know you know a few people that aren't, but are you really going to ignore these platforms because of a few people? I know for a fact you can grow your business, any business, by using social media in the way that I suggest in this episode. If you happen to be in the lawn care business, I would HIGHLY recommend that you listen in because you're my guinea pig this week. As always, big shout out to Gary Vaynerchuck for the inspiration. Follow me on Instagram for daily motivation: @bluecollarconsulting #leadership #marketing #entrepreneur
April 14, 2019
Ron Carucci Discusses Advanced Leadership
Talk about knowing your leadership! Ron Carucci is a seasoned consultant with more than 25 years of experience working with CEOs and senior executives of organizations ranging from Fortune 50s to start-ups in pursuit of transformational change. His consulting has taken him to more than 20 different countries on four continents. He has consulted to some of the world’s most influential CEOs and executives on issues ranging from strategy to organization to leadership. He has worked extensively in the health sciences, biotech, and healthcare provider sectors and in the technology, consumer products, and retail food and beverage industries. He has led work on several large-scale merger integrations and subsequent culture change initiatives and enterprise-level global organizational redesigns.  Navalent's website can be found here, along with all of their incredibly helpful resources. If you'd like to connect with Ron, you can find him on LinkedIn here and his Twitter account can be followed here.
April 3, 2019
You're Not Special (Explicit Language)
Mark Manson is the Author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" and it is life-changing. His principles on entitlement and embracing the negativity of life are truly counter-intuitive and might just be the best advice on the planet. I would HIGHLY encourage you to get this book and get it now. Borrow it, buy a used copy or steal it, I don't care. Get these words into your eyeballs RIGHT NOW! Listen to a roughly interpreted episode of his chapter 3 and you'll see what I'm talking about. Thanks for listening - go buy the book! Buy it here:
March 15, 2019
You Have The Authority To Succeed
You are not limited. The only thing stopping you is in your mind. No, that's not a cheerleader speech, it's the truth. The truth is that your phone gives you the gateway to every possible success you could ever think of. Stop dwelling on your disadvantages and start getting to work. Learn the trade and show off your talent. It's literally that simple. Get started, get started today. Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram:
March 10, 2019
Veterans Make Good Entrepreneurs
Rick Hogg of Warhogg Tactical and Mark Kelley of Kelley Defense came on the show to discuss the awesome power of entrepreneurship and the unique qualities that Veterans possess. This excellent overview of the entrepreneurship journey is a MUST for anyone thinking about starting a business, especially those who are leaving the military or considering something new after the service.  Too many times, Veterans are forced to try and pick a "job" instead of actually exploring their path as an entrepreneur. Part of the goal of the Blue Collar Consulting Group Podcast is to equip Veterans to explore this amazing world and give you the tools to be successful. Fortune favors the bold and those who are willing to take a chance on themselves have a massive opportunity to be successful. Listen, learn and grow! Rick's website is here. Marks' website is here. Make sure to follow Blue Collar Consulting Group on Instagram @bluecollarconsulting
March 2, 2019
Be Better Speaker With Andrew Weiss
Public speaking is more than just getting in front of an audience. You have to know your crowd, know your subject and even be able to adjust on the fly. Much like we do in content marketing, it is an ever changing landscape. If you want to learn how to truly present a great message, look no further than Andrew Weiss. On this episode, we talk about forming a message, delivering it and leaving your crowd in awe of your prowess. You don't want to miss it! Andrew's website: Andrew on Instagram: @andrewjweiss
February 24, 2019
Marketing & Content with Kristen Edens
Episode 46 brings us another incredible guest! Kristen Edens is a branding and marketing specialist that also happens to be an incredible writer. Her approach to entrepreneurship is refreshing and yet time tested. On the show, we talked about marketing concepts, social media and how to get started when you have absolutely nothing. Our discussion about LinkedIn as a business marketing platform is absolutely incredible! Please follow Kristen on Twitter: ScribblerKris
February 18, 2019
Using Video on Social Media
Video is here to stay and it's amazing. Every single social media platform has some type of video option, so you'd better start using it. Depending on your message, sometimes it is better to create CUSTOM content and directly upload it to the platform. It's always better to do custom work! Speak the native language! Tune in and hear the important of video and how you can be better at it. Follow on Instagram: @bluecollarconsulting
February 9, 2019
Storytelling For Marketing Success
Jason Hensley with McCosh Films ( stopped by to talk about the importance of story telling within the marketing world. His company produces masterful works of video art to do that very thing. If you're starting out in business or in branding, you don't necessarily need to hire an outside company, but you can learn to tell your story the right way. Tune in and find out. New Instagram Account: @bluecollarconsulting
January 29, 2019
How To Handle Public Relation Nightmares
CDY Fitness located in Troy, Missouri recently experienced a rather extensive public relations nightmare when they asked a member to refrain from wearing a Trump 2020 shirt. Doug Sauer, former owner of that gym and current host of the Smooth Swings Podcast stopped by to discuss this fiasco and how one would be able to better navigate sensitive situations in your business. If you've ever been in a sticky situation with your business, you should tune in!  I also recommend Doug's podcast! If you love #golf, you'll love his show. Simply do a search for the Smooth Swing Podcast (or click here) and you can hear his thoughts on the long drive, performance and motivation.
January 28, 2019
My Chat With Branding Master Ainsely Moir
Branding. It's a word that everyone like to throw around in business, but do you REALLY know what it is? More importantly, do you know how to properly brand your product, service or idea? If you're like most people, you think you might have an idea, but it rarely shows up in practice. The good news is that Ainsley Moir and I discuss the finer points of branding along with providing REAL and PRACTICAL examples of how to do it in your business. This is an episode you don't want to miss! Ainsley's Book: Ainsley's Website: I would love to connect with you on Twitter: @bccg_main  You can also follow me on Instagram for motivating graphics and stunning images: @bluecollarconsulting
January 24, 2019
Adversity Exposes Us For Who We Are
When you go through life, bad things happen. However, what most people don't realize is that these moments can be incredibly helpful to personal development. If you are strong enough to learn from the tough times, you can become a much more resilient person. Listen in as we discuss this powerful concept. Connect with me on my new Instagram: #resilience #motivation #power
January 21, 2019
Podcast With Best-Selling Author Scott Huesing
Scott A. Huesing is a proven combat leader. He is a retired United States Marine Corps Infantry Major with 24 years of honorable service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer. His career spanned 10 deployments to over 60 countries worldwide. Throughout his numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa he planned, led, and conducted hundreds of combat missions under some of the most austere and challenging conditions. You can buy his book here or copy and paste: Scott is a published author since 2005. His bestselling book, Echo in Ramadi, (Regnery, 2018) is a snapshot in time that changed the face of operations on the battlefield; a captivating story of Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines during the Second Battle of Ramadi in support of the Multi National Forces (MNF) Surge Strategy in 2006. His true-life account provides keen insights into what may be an unfamiliar world to readers, but very familiar to those, like Scott, who lived it and endured this historic fight. Echo in Ramadi was written to honor the sacrifices and spirit of his Marines and the families they supported. It not simply a war story—it is about the people and the power of human connection that speaks about leadership, team-building, and overcoming adversity under the toughest conditions. Scott is an expert contributor and has written articles, editorials, and scholarly pieces for USA Today, Fox News Channel, Entercom, The Marine Corps Gazette, Military Times, Townhall, and The Daily Signal. He has been an author for the U.S. Marine Corps doctrine shaping the future of training within the world’s most elite branch of service. He is the creative author for the standard operating procedures for Marine Expeditionary Units, America’s first response force, with The Lightning Press. It was awesome having Scott on the show! You can connect with him on Twitter and Instagram by looking for @echoinramadi and make sure to visit his website at:
January 14, 2019
How To Market In Facebook Groups
Do you want to know the best way to sell a product or service? Facebook groups! You can find targeted individuals and market directly to them for amazing results. However, you can't just go blasting your message in there right away. You simply have to go slowly! Take your time, build relationships and then you can make it happen. Listen in as we discuss the various strategies and tips. You won't regret it. Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 31, 2018
My Awesome Chat With Shinjini Das #gogetters
At twenty-six, Shinjini Das is the full-time CEO of her own media content production agency. Recently, she’s been helping aspiring Latina engineers become their own self-made success stories and has been destroying the barriers between all classes and divides. She graciously came on the show today and shared her energy, vision and tactics for future success. If you need empowerment, look no further!  Sinijini is REALLY active on Twitter:  Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect!  E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118  Website:  YouTube:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Pinterest:  LinkedIn:
December 20, 2018
Referral Marketing Tactics & Strategy For Any Business
Referral marketing is NOT a program! Referral marketing is a mindset and a massive strategy for increasing your business. It's not something you simply advertise and wait for, it requires you to be proactive! In this episode, I discuss how to improve referral marketing with ACTUAL examples of what to do. In addition to the practical, I also discuss overall strategy. This is a good one! Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 18, 2018
You Simply MUST Keep Your Profiles Current
When you are looking at someone online and they haven't updated their profile in three years, what do you think happens? Instant loss of credibility, that's what! You should be looking over your profile every month at a minimum! It is such an easy task, it amazes me that people still forget to do it. Well, here is your reminder! Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 13, 2018
The Importance Of Building Real Online Community
Social media is just that, social. Part of being in a real community is interaction and yet so many brands and companies miss out on this. You simply MUST interact with your fans and followers, no matter how big you get. No one can get everything, but you can at least get a few! Listen in as I describe how to build a real community and why it's important. Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 11, 2018
Keeping Your Cool On Social Media
Social media didn't change exposed us! In other words, social media is the true reflection of the people using it, not an inherently evil tool. Every single social media platform has filters and tools that allow you to have a custom tailored experience that builds you up instead of tearing you down. Instead of blaming the tool, learn it and create a better experience. We will show you how. Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 9, 2018
Veterans Make AMAZING Entrepreneurs
From problem solving skills to leadership attributes, veterans of the military are perfect candidates for entrepreneurship. So, why aren't more of them taking on the challenge of their own business? Usually, it is because no one introduces them to the idea, but instead are too busy helping them find a "job". Listen in, I'm going to open your mind to the possibility of turning your passion into a very profitable career. Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 6, 2018
Eliminate The Excuses!
Everywhere you look, people are blaming others. They blame the system, they blame the President, they blame the color of their skin. While these factors certainly play a role in the world, you simply cannot live on them. The market doesn't care! Instead, gather up your self-awareness and get busy on what you were meant to do and ignore the distractions! Let's go! Social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
December 5, 2018
Racing, Fighting & Golf with Doug Sauer
Doug Sauer is a successful entrepreneur. Not only has this guy fought professionally in K-1, he also opened a successful gym, done amazing custom automotive and motorcycle work, owned businesses, engineered sound and many other things. Now, his focus is on golf, performance and motivation. This incredibly interesting person is dedicated to motivating people and getting results, and his track record proves it. We are grateful to have him on his show as he embarks on his true passion. On the show we talk about his past success and how he plans to motivate the world, one golfer at a time. Listen in and get pumped up. We think you will love it. Find Doug on Instagram: @sauer.doug The social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Podcast - SoundCloud: @gary-allen-roth Podcast - iTunes:…ast/id1381226904 Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
November 24, 2018
Improve Automotive Sales With Social Media
How in the world could you possible get more automotive sales? By using social media to build those precious relationships that you're always talking about. Social media allows you to put your face, and the face of the dealership in front of thousands of potential buyers. Not only that, social media allows YOU to shape the narrative. Be creative and have fun by getting involved. Get those smart phones working for you instead of being a distraction. Listen, learn and grow. The social media is better when we're connected. Look me up and connect! E-mail: | Business Phone: 636.465.3118 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
November 15, 2018
Keeping Good Soldiers
Don't let the name of this episode fool you. Soldiers could mean teammates, workers, clerks or anything else. A good organization can hang on to its talent and this is something that a lot of people need to hear. The Army can teach everyone many valuable lessons, so don't miss out on this compelling episode! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
November 11, 2018
Personal Fitness, Coaching and Social Media With Josh Ganson
Founder of Concordia Fitness Academy, Josh Ganson, was on the show today to talk about fitness, motivation and social media. Josh and I originally connected on Twitter, but have since stayed in touch. The tips I shared with him nearly tripled his Twitter following and he is now using social media to grow his business in new and awesome ways. We talk about apps, twitter, facebook and expanding a business. This is a great episode, tune in! Josh on Twitter: I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
November 6, 2018
Email Marketing
The classic marketing tool of email marketing remains viable and effective even in 2018. Many marketing professionals will tell you that there seems to be a re-emergence of the tactic and the results are better than ever. Knowing the statistics of a particular email is valuable information that can shape future efforts. Understanding the effectiveness of every section remains critical. Listen in as we discuss the intricacies of email marketing. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
November 2, 2018
How Dating Applies in Business
You may not think of it, but how closely is dating related to business? If you think about it, you have to arrange a date, look good for the date and then follow up after the date. When you do things in business, don't you have to arrange things, conduct things and the follow up after those things are conducted? Listen in as we compare the rigors of dating to the network-centric world of business today in 2018. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
October 29, 2018
Family Lessons For Business
Being a good parent takes initiative, patience and time. Being good in business takes initiative, patience and time. Today, we discuss the parallels between family life and business life. If you're good at one, you can take those habits right over into the other one. It's not easy, but it's well worth it. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
October 26, 2018
8 Tips For Twitter Success
Twitter is still alive and well. Millions of people check their feed every single day, so do you want to miss out on all that attention? How do you get interaction? How do you build a bigger following? Answers to all of these questions are covered, along with some extra guidance on how to start the right way. Twitter is a great place to connect with influencers, spread information and make your brand very strong. Listen in and grow your Twitter following! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
October 21, 2018
Why You Should Wake Up EARLY
Waking up early makes sense for many reasons. Not only can you get a jump start on your day, you can also gain valuable momentum. Listen as I discuss my reasons for waking up early. You might gain some insight and start waking up a little earlier. Your day awaits! #dailymotivation I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! #YouTube - #Facebook - #Twitter - #Instagram - #Pinterest - #LinkedIn -
October 11, 2018
Naming Your Product Or Service
Having a good name for your blog, service or product is absolutely essential. We will discuss the components for a great name, so listen in! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
October 3, 2018
Gaining and Keeping Excellence
Success doesn't happen by accident and my guess is you want something more out of life. If you're okay with where you are at, don't listen to this #podcast. However, if you are like me and want more out of this thing called life, listen in and prepare to take ACTION! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
October 3, 2018
Starting a Business With Social Media
So you have your idea and want to make a business? Listen in as Gary describes the basic platforms that you need to use in order to be successful. Even if you are already in business, these strategies will help you as well. A quick listen, but packed with useful information. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
September 19, 2018
Chatting With Madhuri, An Indian Blogger
Madhuri is the author of the Silent Whispers Blog and she is nothing short of awesome. Her views on blogging, writing and communicating will capture your heart and her voice is smooth and pleasant. Our interview was incredible! We found the Anchor app incredibly easy to use and the audio was quite clear. Please listen in and see a different view of the world. Follow Madhuri on Twitter: I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
September 16, 2018
Amazing Customer Experiences
We've all been the victim of poor customer service and yet everyday businesses fail to make the customer service experience amazing. From the lobby to the way your call center handles calls, every opportunity exists to get your customers talking. Listen and learn how to get them telling the world how amazing you are. In this episode, we reference a book by Michael Hyatt called, "Platform". You can buy it here: I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
September 5, 2018
Being Consistent on Social Media
If you want to make any kind of presence online, you will have to be dedicated enough to make regular contributions. Much like financial investments, you constant online presence is the key to big returns. I hope you listen in and learn how to commit to regular and predictable content production. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
August 7, 2018
Getting Noticed Online
Getting noticed online could be the big difference in your career, regardless of your talent. However, not everyone makes it on the big internet stage. Listen in as we discuss the various concepts for getting noticed on the world's largest platform, the internet. I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
August 6, 2018
Care For Your Audience
When you speak or post, you have an audience. It is absolutely vital that you know who you are talking to and the fact that anyone can listen. No matter your status, always remember people are watching and listening. You can either destroy yourself or elevate yourself. Listen in! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
August 5, 2018
How To Get A Better Job
It is not hard to get the job that you want. With a balance of education, training and experience, you can set yourself apart from the other job seekers out there. Listen to this episode and we'll get you prepared to take a big jump in your career! I'm all over social media and I'd really love to connect with YOU! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn:
August 3, 2018
Leadership, Volume 3
There are many levels of leadership and today we discuss those various levels and how to succeed at each one. Valuable points come through as we learn how to empower our subordinates and inspire them to grow. All social media: @bccg_main
July 15, 2018
Leadership, Volume 2
Leadership is never an easy task. Ask anyone who has ever been in combat and they will tell you the stakes are much higher when life is on the line. However, the good news is that everyone can benefit from combat leadership lessons. Listen and discover why leadership under fire is the best to learn from. All social media: @bccg_main (follow)
June 16, 2018
Leadership, Volume 1
Discussing leadership from a military perspective, with application to nearly any industry. Foundational doctrine from 1999 version of Field Manual 22-100, Army Leadership, "Be, Know, Do". Thanks for allowing me to share this time with you. I'm all over social media and would LOVE to connect with you elsewhere! -------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: bccg_main Blog: YouTube: LinkedIn: Website:
June 3, 2018
Chatting With Himanshu From India
Himanshu Patel is a software programmer and web developer from India who has a story of hard work and persistence that is sure to inspire. In this episode we talk about overcoming barriers, working hard and putting it all on the line. You can find Himanshu on Twitter: @Ihackthings Thanks for listening and enjoy!
June 1, 2018
Roseanne Situation Teaches Us Social Media Etiquette
ABC Network basically fired Roseanne Barr today for her "racist" tweet in regards to Valerie Jarrett. This only goes to show that social media can easily get you into hot water. Watch this video and be your best behavior when online! Follow me on Twitter: @bccg_main Leave a comment and please subscribe!
May 30, 2018
Joining The Army? Listen To This.
Too many people are talking about what the recruiters are not telling you. Too many people are trashing the Army and those who serve it. Well, I got tired of it and decided to offer my thoughts on it. The United States Army changed my life and I love it. I will NEVER talk bad about it and neither should you! Follow me everywhere: @bccg_main
May 20, 2018
Prospecting is the foundation of sales. Without good prospecting, you don't get leads and you don't get customers. Unlike marketing, prospecting is a very active process that takes hard work and effort by you, the salesperson. Listen in and learn the various techniques for being the best. Follow me everywhere! @bccg_main
May 20, 2018
Go All In On Social
Too many people think that social media is just for entertainment. Another tragedy is when a business owner thinks they can just figure it out by dabbling in it for a few minutes per day. Going all in social is not only wise, it can also lead to incredible amounts of revenue. Listen in and see why.
May 15, 2018
Making Content For Content Marketing
When it comes to content marketing, more is usually better. But, how do I keep on making content day after day? Listen and I will show you.
May 12, 2018
How To Build A Twitter Following
Building a Twitter following is simple, but it's not easy. It takes discipline, knowledge and intention. You can build your following by listening to this podcast and doing what I suggest. Now go do it! #branding #socialmedia #twitter #following
May 6, 2018
Episode 3: Surround Yourself With Good People For Success In Life
People have always made the difference. You are the sum of the people you keep time with, so it's vital to be intentional about those you keep around you. Take the time to listen to this and make better choices about your friend and colleagues. Please follow us on Instagram: 
May 6, 2018
Episode 2: Take One More Step!
You have no idea how close you are. Look around you and see all those that made and look at their stories. They were close, just like you! The only difference is that they kept going. It doesn't matter if your 14, 44, or 84! Make those sacrifices, make those hard choices and do what you have to do. You're so close, let this motivation drive you to keep at it. Don't quit! More motivation on Instagram:  Leadership on Twitter: 
May 6, 2018
Episode 1: Make a Choice!
Grit, determination and toughness are attributes YOU need to strive for every single day. No one can choose your mindset, that power rests with you. Do everything you can to keep striving for that higher level. You CAN get there. Let's connect on Twitter:
May 6, 2018