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Sundays With Chrissy

Sundays With Chrissy

By Christina Hudson
Each & every Sundays with Chrissy have just gotten more real! If you follow my Facebook you know I love to discuss everyday life, love, family & entrepreneurship. Let’s talk about it! Leave me a voice message if you would love to join an episode
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Miscarriage & Stillborns | traumatizing
**warning** this episode may cause emotional pain for some. This episode I just gave a very open detail on my experiences with child birth child loss & the pain it still causes
October 19, 2020
Children living with a deceased parent | How are you taking it mom?
We dig in on the silent which is the youth being raised knowing their father was murdered and how are they coping and going forward and also the now single mother
September 7, 2020
Are black women protected? Why are black women not protected?
Giving my views and opinions on this topic that is dear to myself as well as the many black women I interact with daily. I would love to have a trans woman join me on this topic because black trans women are not protected also and it’s not fair! If you would like to be featured on an episode send a message to me on Instagram: @__thejanedoe__ or email at:
August 26, 2020
Relationships & Energies | Toxic Relationships | You need to cut them off |
It’s time to speak out relationships that need to be removed from your life! You need to get in tune with your spirit. To join me for an episode tune in to my twitter or instagram @__thejanedoe__ to find out the next coming topic. Each & every Sunday we will be dropping an episode. They will be recorded every Monday or Tuesday and release the next upcoming Sunday send a dm or email at
August 26, 2020
Fraudulent Charges & Disputes | Why Credit Matters |
I turn down orders a lot if you are a high risk customer! I don’t play about my money ok! I give advice on why credit matters & why as a small business owner every customer isn’t worth it
August 19, 2020
Energies | Are You In Tune? | Spiritual Guide
This episode I am speaking on why you should NOT allow negative energies in your life
August 10, 2020
Pandemic | Schools Reopening
Make it make sense People! How do you feel about sending your children back to school during this pandemic? Message or text me on WhatsApp: 302-287-1865 and let me know your thoughts on the topic
July 27, 2020