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The Larry Sanders Show Podcast

The Larry Sanders Show Podcast

By Beachfront Vinny
Hey now, no flipping! It’s The Larry Sanders Show….podcast! Formerly entitled the, “Oh no! Not him again” podcast. It’s a podcast within a podcast much like the original Larry Sanders Show with Surf Asylum Records recording artist Beachfront Vinny and sidekick Mike “Tough Guy” McGhee from Long Island, NY (USA). Silly monologues, weird pop references, strange analyses, and original comedy together with commentary on each episode of “The Larry Sanders Show”.
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S1 EP13 The Hey Now Episode. Bob Saget death leak, Ray Combs’ suicide &🖕Prez Joe Biden 🇺🇸 on Kimmel😝
Hey Now, no more Hey Nows! It’s the season 1 finale podcast of the season 1 finale of The Larry Sanders Show starring the late not-so-great Bob Saget, T Bone Burnett, Earl Holliman, and Ray Combs. Did you know that Bob Saget took Brad Grey’s side against Garry Shandling in real life? Did you also know that Earl Holliman offered to neuter Hank and is still alive today? And I BET YOU DIDNT KNOW that Ray Combs isn’t! The then host of Family Feud would commit suicide later in ‘96 which might have been incorporated into Hank’s character in later episodes! Thanks for listening to the podcast. Please find Beachfront Vinny on Facebook.
June 13, 2022
S1 EP12 A brush with the elbow of greatness (Joe Rogan ❤️ auto-fellatio 👅 Lebron James says🖕to fans!)
Hey now, no swallowing! Joe Rogan drops poisonous magic mushrooms, copious amounts of alcohol, and his own penis and yet won’t take the vaccine! Lebron James curses at two fans he had ejected for obscenities and Larry Sanders reluctantly apologizes to Carol Biederman, the woman he “mauled” at the supermarket. Hank battles Jim Varney, known as Ernest P. Worrell, for the “Chicken in a Minute” spokesperson position while Larry’s afraid the world will find out his special nick name for his penis. Fred Savage’s voice is changing and Tony Danza pushes “Bad Luck Kitty”, a new sitcom written by Jerry and Phil, the writers. Special guest appearance by David Paymer.
November 25, 2021
S1 EP11 The Warmth Episode (Billy Joel hates Eric Clapton’s anti-vax 💉stance🖕) with Richard Simmons!
Hey now, no liking! Billy Joel 🎹 doesn’t like Eric Clapton’s 🎸 anti-vax 💉 platform and is shocked….especially considering all those embarrassing Babyface Edmonds songs! 🤮 Speaking of embarrassments, investigators 👮 admit to mistaking Brian Laundrie for his mother 😘 after tailing her at local nail salons, dry cleaners, and mah jong tournaments. Not-so-likable Larry laments about his likability after learning likeness lessons from a lame-ass focus group of losers who think Minneapolis is in Canada. 🇨🇦 Newly Christened Canadian Larry teases Hank Kingsley who is down to 198.5 pounds and then congratulated by the tank topped ultra short-short wearing diet/fitness guru, Richard Simmons, who annoys Larry throughout the entire episode. 😂 I hope they have salads! 🥗Speaking of watching 👀 his weight, Larry does a 180 for the focus group and decides to congratulate - not tease - Hank for his weight loss. Unfortunately, one nostril is just too bigger than the other for these “Baywatch” loving focus groupers.
October 28, 2021
S1 EP10 The Party 🎉 Alec Baldwin 🖕🏾should be charged with ⚰️ murder? 🔫With special guest Martin Mull 😝
Hey now, no parties! Intensely private Larry doesn’t want the entire staff to be invited over for a dinner party. He’s too worried that his wife will tell them about how they first met; how he wanted to have sex on the first date; how they wound up just “dry humping on the couch” that night; or how Larry might be ending the Sanders show to retire to Montana. Enter real life Shandling neighbor Martin Mull who invites himself to the party and hits on Hank’s date. To pour more lemon juice into his open wounds, Jeanne Sanders tries to get Hank to switch his call from “hey now” to “come here.” Larry tries to watch his alcohol intake and clears out his medicine cabinet so the staff will not find out about what a huge fiend he is. And, what about the real Garry Shandling? Was he “maybe high the entire time” as referenced in The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling? And what’s with Alec Baldwin and photogs? Can he keep his hands to himself or will he be charged with murder? Find out on the all new “Only Murders in the Building” episode of The Larry Sanders Show.
October 23, 2021
S1 EP9 The Talk Show 📺 with Catherine O’Hara & 🤦🏻Billy Crystal 🖕 angrily refuses to be interviewed 😜
Hey now, no interviewing! A bearded and thin 1992 version of Billy Crystal gets pissed off at Larry for falling asleep at the wheel during the live to tape talk show segment by asking “old” questions about how Jack Palance from “City Slickers” was doing and if he could do the old SNL “Fernando” voice instead of plugging his latest movie “Mr. Saturday Night”. Billy Crystal senses that Larry is off and he’s right about that - Larry was fighting with his wife just before the show - and Billy thinks Larry is drunk because all he wanted to do was to just plug his new movie, “Mr. Saturday Night.” Speaking of plugs, Catherine O’Hara badmouths the McAllisters from “Home Alone 2” for bad parenting after stumbling onto Larry’s marital rift backstage with Jeanne Sanders who wants to leave Larry because she can’t take it anymore. Speaking about beef, Billy Crystal didn’t seem too excited to appear on today’s Podcast, even as we learn, for the first time in the series, that Larry Sanders won 3 Emmys and 1 People’s Choice Award.
October 17, 2021
S1 EP8 Out of The Loop 🔁 with Peter Falk 👨 who calls Vinny an &$$H0L£ during the live podcast! 😂
Hey now, no cursing! It’s a seriously profane Peter Falk who starts with Artie during a live on tape talkshow segment and they almost come to fisticuffs during the commercial break. Also, Mr. Falk appears on the podcast! First time we’ve ever had a real life original Larry Sanders Show guest star on The Larry Sanders Show Podcast! Peter Falk is…not a fan…let’s just say. And he’s pissed! Speaking of anger, Artie is doubly pissed at Jerry the head writer played by Jermey Piven, for his public sexual encounters with Sally the new show-runner. We learn that Larry once almost got fired for dating a secretary while working for Norm Crosby as a comedy writer. Hank Kingsley confessed a predilection for Shirley Jones in mini-skirts before commentating on the specifics of a specific sexual act Jerry had engaged in with Sally in the parking lot, in a letter to his fan club in a mass mailing! Larry recommends that Paula put her 53 year old fit as a fiddle mother in an old age nursing home. Don’t worry, Artie calls Lorne Michales and gets SNL to lure Sally away to New York so that Jerry’s suck monologue writing can get better!
October 12, 2021
S1 EP7 Hank’s Contract with Robin Williams 😂 George Foreman 🥊 Jimmy Fallon/Madonna’s thong gimmick 🤮
Hey now, no flashing! Monologue jokes about Madonna’s scary revelations on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Dog The Bounty Hunter’s quest to find Gabby Petitto’s suspected killer, Brian Laundrie. Robin Williams appears on the show and inadvertently calls Larry Sanders…Garry! Boxing legend George Foreman challenges Hank to be his next opponent. Oh yeah, Hank’s contract is up for negotiations with the Network. This leads to more bloopers including a stripper who’s apparently had intimate relations with the show’s odious bald overweight sidekick. We learn that Wynonna Judd still came out on a previous Larry Sanders Show despite being introduced by Hank Kingsley as “The Judd” and that Hank had been openly mocked around the office for chipping his back molar on the urinal. We also learn that Larry falsely used “being offered the after Nightline gig” during his negotiations. Curiously, Larry steps it up for “Hey Now” Hank Kingsley with the Network.
October 09, 2021
S1 EP6 The Flirt 💋 w/Mimi Rogers, Michael Richards, Mindy Sterling, & racist Gabby Petito coverage
The Flirt originally aired on HBO September 19, 1992. Written by Garry Shandling and Fred Barron. Guest starring Mimi Rogers and Michael Richards. Some key points: We learn that Larry is faithful to his 3rd wife Jeanne but, through comments made by “Hey Now” Hank Kingsley, was not faithful to his previous wife (skip to 9:45 in the podcast to hear the commentary on it) Mimi Rogers becomes the first person to ever be invited two nights in a row as a guest on The Larry Sanders Show (skip to 4:45 in the podcast) Plus Mindy Sterling from Austin Powers (“Scott!”) and The Goldbergs appears as a writer! What were your favorite parts from this episode?
September 22, 2021
S1 EP5 The New Producer 🎬 with Robert Morton, Ian Buchanan, Jeff Cesario, &😆Joe Rogan’s politics🤮
Beachfront Vinny goes political after being Joe Rogan’ed in the ratings. A woman who does a podcast on the Catskills is beating out The Larry Sanders Show Podcast in streams and downloads! Lol! Speaking of lol, the US Civil War almost breaks out when English accent producer Jonathan Litman, played by Ian Buchanan, makes a move on The Larry Sanders Show while Artie is out sick. Where are Larry’s loyalties? The Black Crowes are announced and do not appear. Angelica Houston is announced and does not appear. Robert “Morty”Morton” (“The Late Show with David Letterman”) makes a special and important cameo.
August 20, 2021
S1 EP4 Guest Host with Dana Carvey 😂, Hervé Villechaize✈️, & Trevor Noah’s 🌈❤️Cuomosexuality 👨🏿‍❤️‍👨🏼 ❤️
Larry Sanders encounters a bitter rivalry with Dana Carvey when the latter is offered a competing late night talk show. Unlike Larry, Dana Carvey was funny with Herve Villechaize without being condescending and mean. And what’s this? Will Dana Carvey be accepting the 11:30 slot on a rival network? How can Larry allow his potential rival to be his guest host? Also, Larry Sanders Podcast superfans reaction to Governor Cuomo’s resignation; to Trevor Noah of The Daily Show declaring himself a “Cumosexual”, and to Joe Rogan for his medical advice not to be vaccinated. With Hervé Villechaize.
August 15, 2021
S1 EP3 The Spiders 🕷 Episode w/Carol Burnett, Jon Lovitz, Steve Duchesne, & Kimmel’s low 📺 ratings!
Yikes, it’s the spiders episode! Larry's fear of spiders poses a huuuuuuge problem for the show when he and Artie trick Hank into a venomous situation. With special guest Carol Burnett and a not-so-great tarantula expert. Also featuring special guest appeared as by Jon Lovitz (“SNL”) and hockey legend Steve Duschesne.
August 10, 2021
S1 EP2 The Promise with William Shatner 🚀 David Spade ♠️ Dana Delany🔥 & Biden’s COVID-19 conspiracy
Dana Delany (“China Beach”, “Exit To Eden” with future Larry Sanders Show guest Rosie O’Donnell) and David Spade (“SNL”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Dickie Roberts”) appear as guest stars. David Spade, having been discovered by Larry Sanders, angers Larry by not telling him about an upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show. Both Artie and Larry want to kick David Spade off of The Larry Sanders Show as a result. With special guest William Shatner who appears via telephone and whines about the proposed “Star Trek” skit for The Larry Sanders Show. But when Joe Pesci (“Goodfellas”, “Casino”) cancels last minute, Larry and Artie are forced to swallow their pride!
August 07, 2021
S1 EP1 The Garden Weasel 🪴 🌳 starring Garry Shandling 😂 and guest starring Robert Hayes ✈️
This is the first episode of The Larry Sanders Podcast: A show about a podcast within a podcast in the same vein as the original show. Commentary on episode 1 include observations about Robert Hayes (“Airplane”), Rip Torn, Penny Johnson, Billy Crystal, Jeffery Tambor, Jeanne Garofalo, Deborah May, James Karen, and Garry Shandling. Also mentioned: “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling”and “700 Sundays”. The hosts are Surf Asylum Recording artist Vincent Daverino, also known as “Beachfront Vinny”, and his sidekick Mike “Tough Guy” McGhee. This is a “show-within-a-show” much in the style of the original program. In this first episode, Beachfront Vinny discusses Judd Apatow’s “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” as being the main source of inspiration for doing this podcast. Vinny delves into the show’s unique style and discusses the episode’s content including Larry’s reluctance to do a live on-the-air commercial for the Garden Weasel. The episode was written by Peter Tolan and guest stars Robert Hayes of “Airplane” and “Airplane II” fame.
August 05, 2021