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They Had to Go Out - Beach Rescue Edition

They Had to Go Out - Beach Rescue Edition

By They Had to Go Out
Get ready to whiten those knuckles and hold fast as we talk the most dangerous, daring, and epic sea stories ever told with professional and volunteer ocean rescuers. Whether lifeguards rushing into the waves from their towers, police and fire boats pulling victims from beyond the surfline, or bystanders taking action to save another, those who go down to the sea enter the most challenging and dangerous environment on earth. Only here will you hear their stories and the lessons gained through their experience.
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Jacob Walding - Round 2 - Deputy Pillar Point Harbor Master - Big Wave Rescue
Deputy Pillar Point Harbor Master Jacob Walding (@jacwalding ) talks another incredibly daring PWC rescue in big surf off the northern California coast when a boat capsizes and throws six people into the water, making tough decisions on the order in which victims are recovered, the realities of behavior for those in true survival situations, and the reaction when we realize one of our own needs an assist. Support Jacob in raising funds for those fighting cancer @the24hmb and This episode was first released to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA as a member benefit to encourage their continued support of the museum when it was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consider supporting @marinersmuseum in these trying times to ensure their doors remain open to inspire future generations to go to sea.
June 07, 2020
Kelly Keefe - Ocean City Beach Patrol - Crew Chief - Surf Rescue Technician
Kelly Keefe, with a decade of service to Ocean City’s Beach Patrol, talks making decisions as an off duty crew chief to avert an early morning near miss in a strong rip current, running a quad to manage dozens of rescues on a single fall day in the wake of a passing storm when her team was severely understaffed, overcoming tragedy and loss with her team, how women can best prepare for service in Beach Rescue and why they should pursue the job, and becoming a national champion with the US Life Saving Association.
May 28, 2020
Bob Manners - City of Hampton Virginia - Aquatics Unit Manager
Aquatics Unit Manager Bob Manners talks a series of rescues during a period of severe weather at Chesapeake Bay’s Buckroe Beach, the selfless actions of a lifeguard to protect a survivor from injury on a dangerous breakwall, and how the City of Hampton develops and trains its lifeguards to transition from the pool to open water.
April 30, 2020
Jason Konyar - Sergeant - Ocean City MD Beach Patrol
Sergeant Jason Konyar of the Ocean City Maryland Beach Patrol talks battling rip currents to save lives on the state’s busiest beach, what it takes to join the patrol, and coping with tragedy when it occurs.
April 30, 2020
Jacob Walding - Pillar Point Assistant Harbor Master - Big Wave Rescue
Assistant Pillar Point Harbor Master Jacob Walding talks an incredibly daring and selfless PWC rescue in 15 foot seas off the northern California coast, how fitness corresponds to confidence and capability in the water, and how the possibility of saving a life warrants maximum effort.
April 30, 2020
AFRAS Special - Gary Thomas - Historian - Association for Rescue at Sea
Historian Gary Thomas of the Association for Rescue at Sea talks the nonprofit’s global mission, it’s awards, and its partnership with They Had to Go Out Podcast to bring you the most dangerous, daring, and epic sea stories of professional and volunteer ocean rescuers.
April 30, 2020