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Burritos, Breaks, and Flies - A Fly Fishing Podcast

Burritos, Breaks, and Flies - A Fly Fishing Podcast

By BearFish Alliance
We mash up our two favorite topics:Fly Fishing and Food! Fly Fishing feeds our soul just as much as a fine burrito fuels our hunger. Our podcast connects with folks who make the sport great and we learn a little something about fly fishing (and epic burritos) along the way.
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Episode 51 - Myaderm and Colorado Fly Fishing with Eric Smart
Most of us go at it pretty hard when we go fly fishing. Whether its putting miles in while wading, rowing all day, or standing on a ladder at Pyramid Lake and chucking meat for hours on end. What does this result in? Pain, usually in the form of muscle soreness, joint fatigue, or even the aggravation of conditions like arthritis. Other items of discomfort include sunburns, bug bites, or even the occasional slip in fall resulting in soreness and inflammation….all of these subtract from a quality experience on the water. We sit down with Eric Smart, the CEO/Founder of Myaderm CBD products, to talk about his remedy for these ailments, and also his passion for the Colorado fly fishing. We also break down some of the best burritos from Orange County, Ca and Colorado….this is a podcast that you don’t want to miss! 20% OFF MYADERM PRODUCTS AT MYADERM.COM EXCLUSIVELY – USE CODE “BEARFISH”
June 22, 2022
Episode 49 - The Salmon Whisperer with Dillon Alegre
This is a truly fun and informative episode with the downstream project manager working on the Columbia Watershed/Willamette Valley in Oregon, Dillon Alegre. Dillon is a Nevada Native originally hailing from Fallon, Nevada (A hotbed of ridiculously awesome anglers) who has found his calling helping maintain and strengthen the Salmon/Steelhead populations in the Columbia River Area. We discuss what his job entails, what the fishery is looking like now and what they hope it can develop into, fishing for these anadromous beasts, and we tie that into his experiences growing up fishing in the outback of Nevada and the Eastern Sierra Nevada. We get into some chatter on similarities of the Salmon/Steelhead anadromous behavior and how it relates to our hometown giants in Pyramid Lake, Nevada…the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Dillon also leads us on a culinary adventure by describing a unique burrito establishment in Albany, Oregon called Tacos Al Machin that whipping up some super authentic burritos….serious business here folks! Tune in and enjoy!
June 17, 2022
Episode 48 - Reading Water (Including pressured waters) Podcast
We have an abundance of great waters to fish in the Eastern Sierra, however the challenge for many is knowing how to find fish effectively to make the most of the day. Another issue we face is the pressure the local waters get, so we discuss our methods to finding fish in rivers and we touch a bit on stillwaters as well that have been worked over and tromped on. We also chat a bit about our new supporter, Myaderm, an all around awesome CBD product and also dive into a descriptive analysis of the BBQ Tri Tip Tacos from Growlers Eatery in Bridgeport, CA. Bear with us on this podcast, we had a tad bit of bandwith issues, not to mention losing connection, fire alarms, etc...good times! Sit back and enjoy this podcast on reading water! 20% off at with code BEARFISH
June 12, 2022
Episode 47 - Golden Trout With Steve Schalla
The Sierra Nevada mountain range is a treasured trout haven, and is also home to the prized Golden Trout. We are joined by the one and only Sierra Fly Fishing guru, Steve Schalla, and he gives divulges some great info on the Golden Trout. Steve has spent many decades studying and pursuing the Golden's, and he also is the creator of one of the best Sierra Fly Fishing resources ( Join us as we learn about the Golden they got here, the conditions they have endured, and a bit of where they are currently and what it takes to chase them down. We also chat a bit about some Eastern Sierra Burrito locations, so don't miss out on that.
June 10, 2022
Episode 46 - Going Deep! Deep Water Fly Fishing Techniques
Going Deep! This is our first listener suggested topic, big thanks to Tristan for the request! We discuss our favorite methods of chasing Trout in the deep on regional stillwaters. Intermediate lines, Full sinking lines, naked sinking line midging/leeching, The Captain Ron technique, and why we prefer swivels over chipmunk jewelry (tippet rings). We do commit a level of blasphemy and turn to Tacos to feed us on the river, specifically Barramundi fish tacos with a Jalapeno/Cilantro/Garlic Crema sauce….we will post this on our website (  under the provisions section if you want to know what that is all about. Sit back and enjoy as we drop depth charges on the trout in our local stillwaters!
May 31, 2022
Episode 45 - HUSH! Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Preview (Bridgeport Area)
SHHH!! Don't talk about know, the Eastern Sierra. Well, we give you the 10,000 ft tour of the popular waters around the fabled Bridgeport area;  East Walker River, West Walker River, Bridgeport Reservoir, Twin Lakes, Upper Owens River, and Crowley Lake. We also introduce you to the BFEF/BTEP programs to enhance these fisheries and of course talk about our favorite Sierra chow...Growlers Eatery!
May 08, 2022
Episode 44 - Monic Whiz Leader with Jarvis of Monic FLy Lines
What's the best fly line leader on the market today? Easy...The Whiz Leader from Monic Fly Lines. This product has flown under the radar for some time, but we are here to bring it to light. We have put it to the test and it is hands down a champion. We talk about it with Jarvis at Monic and he breaks down what it is all about, his experiences with it at Pyramid Lake and on Colorado Waters, and what Monic is all about. Also he discloses to some degree his favorite Burrito locations in Colorado. Check this one out!
April 13, 2022
Episode 43- Interview With The Svend
Groundbreaking.Intriguing. Filled with revelations. Ardent is the appropriate atmosphere in this podcast if you are into the whole brevity thing, or if not just not we are plain stoked to have Svend Diesel join us in this podcast. Master of creativity in the streamer world, member of the Semper Fli pro team, feverish fly fisher of Utah waters, modern day Viking, and overlord of inter-mountain burrito consumption. Great interview with gotta listen.
April 09, 2022
Episode 42 - BBF Micro Tip Podcast: Loop Tackle Q Reel Review
We dive in head first on the Loop Q Reel and discuss our experience with it, primarily testing it against the predatory species of trout at Pyramid Lake, Nevada. We have put over 2 seasons on these reels and are pretty impressed with them…definitely a winner in our books. In a diabolical twist we add a new segment where we do a food pairing with the Q reel. Yes, a food pairing…a bold new concept that you will have to hear to understand, and it might even have you craving some “Fancy Dogs”. Hope you enjoy the review!
April 08, 2022
Episode 41 - MIDGES! With Phil Rowley and Brian Chan
In this powerhouse episode is everything midges (Chironomids).We are joined by the dynamic duo of stillwater fly fishing; Phil Rowley and Brian Chan!  We lean a bit heavy on the pupa stage, but get into the weeds a bit on size, color, presentations, life cycles, and all kinds of great stuff....including Mackarel burritos and Bison Burritos. So much to mention, but you just gotta listen!
March 25, 2022
Episode 40 - BBF Micro-Tip Podcast: WADERS!
Wader Review? Yes indeed. We discuss the Adamsbuilt line of waders with Denis Isbister of Wild Fish, Wild Places. We are avid fans of the Wader and boot system from Adamsbuilt, but having Denis on board brings a huge amount of intel on the waders as he has worn the AB brand on fishing adventures in Alaska, Russia, Jurassic Lake, and more. We cover all the finer points of waders and why selection is crucial to a productive day on the water (and a safe one), and why we believe the Adamsbuilt line is the best wader on the market. We also go in depth of all the hidden features on the waders (Burrito pouches, jet pack mounting brackets, etc) and we also discover strange facts about Denis’ “tight is right” fashion sense. This is a fun and informative podcast, we hope you enjoy it!
February 17, 2022
Episode 39 - Pyramid Inoculum
Here we have two Montana Anglers who took the journey to Tatooine,er, Pyramid Lake and share their experience with us. We were able to spend a few bone chilling days on the beach with these bubba's, and these guys had to work for it, but neither of them are strangers to putting in the hard work to wrangle fish and give 'em the onion. Hayden Buckmaster is a guide on the Beaverhead in Montana, and Koby Owens is an up and coming pro outdoor photographer (who caught some amazing images at the "Mid!) and we gather via Skype to discuss the experience and what it meant ot them. Please excuse my voice in this podcast, I was pretty under the weather!
January 23, 2022
Episode 38 - SCUDS! with Phil Rowley
We kick off Season 3 (3 years of BBF! Awesome!) with a 3rd visit from the always sensational Phil Rowley. In this episode we discuss the finer points of Scuds (Shrimp!) and the where, when, why, what and how aspects of them. We cover multiple perspectives, ranging from out home waters at Pyramid Lake, NV to Phils home waters in Canada, and we also tie in Lago Strobel, AKA Jurassic Lake. Scuds are a prominenet food source, but when do we use them? What Size? What color? How do we present them? All important questions that get answers! In Phil's words "Scuds are the Rodney Dangerfield of Fly Fishing, they get no respect". Enjoy this awesome podcast!
January 17, 2022
Episode 37 - What's in your Net? Adamsbuilt Net review with Denis Isbister
Nets. Usually overlooked, an afterthought, or left at home in your scurry to get out the door and onto the water. World renowned fish wrangler Denis Isbister and I dig into the finer points of why nets are so essential, what makes for a good net, and most importantly break down the greatest nets in the world for big game...The Adamsbuilt Salmon/Steelhead Net and Boat Net.
December 01, 2021
Episode 36 - Bobber Down! With Phil Rowley
The quintenssential authority of stillwater returns the BBF podcast to enlighten us on the finer points of indicator fishing. We welcome back the one and only Phil Rowley to shed light on the magical and mystical world of well, bobbers! Balanced leeches, chironomids, and more are on order in this great discussion. This is an especially important podcast to listen to if you plan on heading out to Pyramid Lake this season!
November 11, 2021
Episode 35 - The Lahontan Triangle with Hayden Buckmaster
This is our first official invesigation into paranormal activity. We venture deep into the Lahontan Triangle to unravel the mysterious occurences of multiple world class anglers being "developed" in this secret realm. Our primary focus in this particular case is Hayden Buckmaster. Hayden is currently practicing his ritual angling skills as a guide in Dillon, MT and we chat with him along with his triangle counterpart Taylor "The Prodigy" Brune to determine the root of this phenomenon. Hayden discusses his new home waters in Montana and we also discuss his Pyramid Lake adventures and try to determine which one is a slight debate over who has a better brown trout fishery. Also, we gather the exact coordinates of the best burrito joint in Fallon, NV. EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: WE MAKE MENTION OF EURO NYMPHERS.
November 06, 2021
Episode 34 - Gareth Bayliss of TroutHuntingNZ
We travel down across the equator into the South Pacific to the North Island of NZ to chat with the legendary Gareth Bayliss (Digitally travel, our budget sucks). Gareth has been creating awesome YouTube videos of his adventures across New Zealand pursuing Trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout, and let me tell you that these trout are incredibly huge! Gareth's ability to track down and find the biggest and baddest Salmonoids in the world is pretty much unmatched, and we are stoked to have him on this podcast...not to mention we have a pretty important discussion revolving around meat pies and burritos. 
November 03, 2021
Episode 33 - BBF Micro-Tip Podcast: The Brown Trout Spawn with Travis Hawks
We welcome back the undisputed king of the Nevada outdoors, Travis Hawks, to chat a bit about the Brown Trout spawn in Western Nevada. More specifically we narrrow down on the current spawn situation on the Truckee River in NV, and discuss all the Who, What, Where, When, and Why scenarios sorrounding it. This is a great informational podcast, be sure to tune in!
October 08, 2021
Episode 32- BBF Micro-Tip Podcast: Pyramid Lake Opening Day Podcast (It was 138!)
For those of you that are familiar with the Misfits "We are 138" you will know what is up here! Opening day was just plain spectacular, couldn't ask for a better day. We are joined by Bearfish team member Jeff Taylor in this episode as he gives a color commentary on an opener that will go down in history!
October 06, 2021
Episode 31 - BBF Micro-Tip Podcast: The Gear up for the 'Mid Event Preview
In this Burritos, breaks, and flies Micro tip podcast we are going to give you a preview of the gear up for the mid event on 28 Sep 6-9pm @ Battle Born Beer in Reno, NV. We are conducting this event in front of the highly anticipated season opener on Oct 1 in effort to rally the local and regional angling community, plus we will have gear displays, demo rods, custom flies from the Prodigy,  a roll casting competition, a raffle with an excellent prize in the form of a Loop Q series Switch rod and reel loaded with Monic Icicle Line, and a biologist from the USFWS to answer any questions about the LCT program….lets not forget that we will have Battle Born beer on tap and awesome street tacos for $5. We would like to thank all our sponsors that made this possible: Battle Born Beer (Venue), Loop Tackle, Adamsbuilt, Monic Fly Lines, Semper Fli, Smith Optics, and we will also be joined by Trout Creek Outfitters! So have a listen and we hope to see you at the event!
September 20, 2021
Episode 30 - BBF Micro Tip Podcast: Product Review of Monic Fly Lines "Henley Phantom Tip"
This Burritos, Breaks, and Flies Micro Tip podcast will be a product review of Monic Fly Lines! Henley Phantom Tip. We are joined by the one and only Denis Isbister of Wild Fish, Wild Places to hear his experience with the Phantom tip (as well as a few other Monic Lines) and I also share my experience with the phantom tip chasing smallmouth bass and spooky summertime brown trout. As always a thank you to our Bearfish Alliance Supporters : Loop Tackle, Adamsbuilt Fishing, Ochnser Insurance, and of course to Monic Fly Lines for affording the opportunity to experience their great fly line selection.  Thank you for tuning in and be sure to subscribe at , we have a frequent fish report and also have a cool new bespoke fly angling webstore with essential items for our local waters, as a matter of fact we have a preseason special going right on Bespoke Tailored Loop Tackle Switch rod combos  for pyramid lake so you may want to check that out. We hope you enjoy this Monic Fly Line Product Review Podcast!
August 14, 2021
Episode 29- The Stillwater Gospel According to Phil
In this Burritos, Breaks, and Flies podcast things get religious as we bring you the Stillwater Gospel according to Phil…Phil Rowley is a stillwater fly fishing legend and sensation, and we are honored and elated to have him onboard as a guest. We talk all things Stillwater, everything from the balanced leech,chironomids, indicator setups, and a plethora of other items that will definitely help all of us become a better Stillwater anglers. Phil also chats with us about some of his Nevada fly fishing adventures that include Crittendon and Pyramid, and we also shed some light on some other local stillwaters as well. One the most important topics we cover though is that of Phils favorite burrito, and we we even cover down on a bit of “Burrito 101” with Phil. This is a great episode and we think you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!
July 31, 2021
EPISODE 28 - BBF Micro Tip Podcast: Hot Weather Fly Fishing on the Truckee River With Matt Koles
In this episode of the Burritos, Breaks, and Flies Micro-Tip podcast we chat with local fly fishing legend and veteran guide Matt “Gilligan” Koles of Gilligans guide service about fishing for trout in the hot summer months on the Truckee River on both the California and Nevada side.  We cover all the essentials that will help sustain our wild trout fishery during the summer, such as best practices with correct tippet sizes, appropriate rod weights, time and temperature, and fish handling…all elements that are relevant to a trouts survivability.
July 01, 2021
Episode 27- Damon Booth of the Chukar Chasers
This weeks episode is coming from deep within the confines of the Pledge's Estate, nestled in the northern eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada's in a land referred to as Reno. We are both pleased and privileged to be joined by none other the President himself (of the Chukar Chasers), Mr. Damon Booth. In this crossover episode we align similarities between  upland bird hunting and fly fishing, and where we find common ground on many items we discover that we cannot agree on the single most important issue that seems to divide all of us, and that is of whom possesses the greatest burrito of them all. We also chat on the remarkable similarities between quail and rainbow trout, why Traegers are so great, fly fishing the outback section of the Truckee River, safe water temps for trout, and go into length on a topic that really affects us all as outdoorsman and that is land access issues.
June 25, 2021
Episode 26 - BBF Micro Tip Podcast: Pyramid Lake Guide Fees
The 2021-22 Pyramid Lake Guide Fees were recently published and we have a quick discussion on how this rate hike will affect both guides and clients hoping to travel to Pyramid this fall. 
May 28, 2021
Episode 25 - BBF Micro Tip Podcast: SAVE THE WALKER RIVER!
This Burritos, Breaks, and Flies Micro-Tip Podcast will be covering the East Walker River and the new regulations set forth by the CDFW. This change is of the upmost concern for this trophy fishery and if it remains unchanged it will certainly have a negative impact on the fishery as well as the town of Bridgeport.
May 27, 2021
EPISODE 24-The Pyramid Streamer Game
What you are about to hear in this podcast is a series of truths, no tales, about the streamer and strip game on Pyramid Lake. We join one of our favorite anglers, Anthony Gulisano, on a recap on his incredible run at the ‘Mid this season this late winter and spring. We will cover what was successful for Anthony as well as tips on how to up the stakes on your own personal streamer game. Lets not forget the food side of the house as well….no burritos this episode because Anthony went whole hog with a full on protein assault on the best damn ziti I have ever had. Might as well been a Unicorn Ziti….it was that good.
April 30, 2021
Episode 23 - Eric Olson "National Treasure"
Eric was our very first podcast guest and we welcome him with open arms and ears in this triumphant return to the burritos, breaks and flies podcast. Eric is the GM of the world renowned Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV but most importantly he is a passionate outdoorsman and fly fisherman that can really bring some sweet fish to the net.
April 15, 2021
Episode 22- Master and Commander: Alastair Peake with Twin Peakes Fly Fishing
Alastair operates Twin Peakes in Aberdeenshire, Scotland that targets Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Rainbow, and Brown Trout. Not only does Alastair teach single hand and double hand casting techniques along the River Dee, but he also has a hand in running one of the LOOP Tackles field centers where you get hands on with the latest in LOOP products and give them a cast on the River Dee. We chat with Alastair about Spey and Switch Fly Fishing, International hosted trips, and of course a bit about burritos and some awesome spit fired Argentine Lamb....with chimichurri of course! This is a great podcast with a lot of terrific information, you won't want to miss it!
February 27, 2021
Episode 21- The Return of The Prodigy (AKA "The Jimmy Kimmel Couldn't Make It" Podcast)
I'm gonna give you your dream shot, I still can't believe I’m doing this, I'm going to send you two up against the best, you two clowns are going top Top Gun – That’s Commander Jordan talking to Goose and Maverick in the classic movie Top Gun. This is what Ben and I hear in our heads every time we hit the water with todays guest, Taylor “The Prodigy” Brune. We feel like mere grasshoppers in this fly fishing masters presence, and we are stoked to have him join us again in this podcast covering high water techniques and some Pyramid Lake fly fishing basics. And yes, as much as we wanted to hear from Jimmy Kimmel on this podcast, we think that having the prodigy in his stead will leave you with a bit more knowledge on how to be successful on our local waters. Sit back and take in some lessons from the prodigy himself, Taylor Brune.
February 19, 2021
Episode 20 - On The Blue Side Of The Mountain With Travis Hawks
We are excited to have Travis Hawks, who is a Fisheries Biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and outdoor superstar joins us in this episode of Burritos, Breaks, and Flies. We will learn about what it is to be a fisheries biologist in the state of Nevada as well as all the exciting work Travis does on the daily to ensure we not only have a pleasurable experience out on the water, but also that future generations will as well. Travis will also tell us a bit about the many offerings to be found in Northern Nevada and he will also reveal his three favorite burrito joints in all of the land….so stay tuned for a trip into Nevada’s backcountry with Travis Hawks!
February 11, 2021
Episode 19 - Streamer Fly Fishing and Fish Handling with Anthony Gulisano
"Fishing is a discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish" - President Herbert Hoover In this episode of Burritos, Breaks, and Flies we shift that balance in favor of man as we revisit with local fly fishing ace and industry professional Anthony Gulisano to see what he has been up to since our last podcast in spring of 2020. Anthony will share his experience and wisdom as it pertains to one of his greatest fly fishing passions….and that is cruising and ripping streamers in our local waters and some of his favorite streamer patterns to tie. We also talk Pike, Trout, Pyramid Lake, and cover down on some fish handling faux paus we commonly observe and of course dive into a bit of chatter on some fine cuisine that includes Ducks and Geese. Sit back and enjoy!
February 04, 2021
Episode 18 - Two Handed Fly Fishing Techniques with Scotland's Finest: Wes Parke and David Mateer (AKA "The Don't Eat Goat in Kenya Podcast")
(Updated Podcast with all content) We visit with our fly fishing amigos in Scotland, Wes Parke, Owner and Operator of You Fish Scotland and David Mateer, 2x Gold Medal recipient and holder of the prestigious Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate. These two are Demi-Gods in the art of Spey and Switch fly fishing, and have offered up a bit of time to chat with us about the who, what, where, when and why aspects of two handed fishing. The conversation also includes bits about strategies on casting into the wind (handy bit of info for Pyramid Lake) and some great culinary tales…hence the title of the podcast!
February 02, 2021
Episode 17- Denis Isbister of Wild Fish, Wild Places
Denis Isbister is arguably one of the most well traveled and accomplished anglers in the world today, and hold no prejudice against any type of angling. We go beyond the Denis we know from the accomplished TV Series “Wild Fish, Wild Places” and dig down to get to see what makes this fishing icon tick. From fly fishing to spin casting Denis can really knock it out of the park, so join us on this adventure that blurs the lines between angling types, international culture, and most importantly Burritos (and maybe some Catfish head Soup….yep!). Sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy this conversation we have with a true Jedi of the fishing world.
January 22, 2021
EPISODE 16- "What's Your Mise En Place?" with Chef Dave Preston
Mise En Place is a French culinary term for "everything in its place", and in this podcast we shed light on this terminology. Our special guest is Chef Dave Preston who has many achievements to his name and those include things such as Food Judge at the Bocuse d'or (The FINEST food competition in the world), a fellow with the American Academy of Chefs, and of course host of the radio program "Weekend Magazine" on KKOH radio in Reno, Nevada.  Dave walks us through his culinary adventures and also leaves us with some simple yet elegant ways to prepare wild game his stories of eating different fish from around the world and dining in Michelin rated restaurants is something you will want to hear! Buon Appetito with the Guru of the Good Life! RECORDED LIVE AT BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT IN SOUTH RENO, NEVADA!
November 28, 2020
Episode 15 - The Pyramid Podcast
The iconic Pyramid Lake is open and the Bearfish Crew holds a round table to discuss the success of the opener and also the challenges that anglers are facing amidst the Covid-19 situation. We are stoked to have our own Executive Director of Operations, Jeff Taylor, join us as he tells a bit about himself and his fly fishing background and his variant of his favorite burrito! Other topics discussed are the Derby Dam fish gate, the future of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in the Truckee River, and even the prospect of our very own Ben "The Big Kahuna" King surfing the breaks at Pyramid. This is a fun podcast that you will be glad you listened too.  RECORDED LIVE AT BEARFISH HEADQUARTERS IN RENO, NV!
November 17, 2020
Episode 14 - Mont Adams of Adamsbuilt Fishing
We have been waiting to do this one for a while, and as luck would have it the stars aligned to make it happen! This is a rare glimpse of the man behind the Legendary Adamsbuilt Fishing Company. The Adamsbuilt foundation is built on a legacy that will never be duplicated, and Mont's passion for fly fishing is reflected in what he brings to the table with a great product line that all anglers can benefit from. Sit back and listen as we discuss international travel (Business and Fly Fishing!) and also hear about some pretty awesome international culinary experiences Mont has endured. This is a great one!
September 04, 2020
Episode 13 - An Expose into the Kiwi/Euro Scandal with Anthony Gulisano
We sit down with Fly Fishing Industry professional and Moonlight Madness Champion Anthony Gulisano and have a candid conversation about the current situation on our local river (and rivers abroad) and also discuss best practices about  how to best approach highly trafficked rivers, etiquette, and just basic courtesy. Oh, and of course we lighten it up with some culinary indulgence into the burrito culture of the eastern and western  United States....AND we talk mousing for big browns. This is a great listen! RECORDED AT THE HISTORIC LOUIS BASQUE CORNER IN RENO, NV!
August 13, 2020
Escape from Skunk Island
Strange things happen when out fly fishing, and this is a story of one such event. Normally we have a handful things to worry about on the Truckee River, things like Bears, Bums, or sometimes just falling a ton in the slick as snot rock sections. This one is different and quite unexpected and we are thankful we made it through this one!
June 18, 2020
Local Short Story - Warren and the Tow Truck Rainbow
Warren Langworthy tells a cool story about Davis Lake and getting a free tow from a Rainbow he caught while floating. 
May 30, 2020
Episode 11 - The Legend of Bodie Monroe
In this episode we unravel the mystery behind the Legendary Bodie Monroe. Bodie is a local Truckee River legend in his own right who has contributed heavily to the future of the Truckee River. From assuming an almost decade long leadership role with Trout Unlimited as well as to leading youth activities in the City of Reno, Bodie is always giving back and making our area a wonderful place to live, work and play. Not to mention his affinity for snacks in the field made me feel not so longer do I feel like I am the only one who loves devouring Kipper Snacks when on the river! 
May 14, 2020
Episode 10 - No Excuses with Rick Saez of The Outdoor Biz Podcast
Bishop, Ca Based Rick Saez of the Outdoor Biz Podcast has brought exceptional podcasts to the outdoor industry. On top of that he has been very helpful in helping us grow the BBF podcast, so in this episode we get to know the man that sits in the magic podcast studio deep within the realm of the Eastern Sierras! This is our first podcast during the COVID -19 Crisis, so we actually connected via shortwave radio to practice social distancing (not really, but our alternative means of communication doesn't detract from the awesomeness of this podcast!).
April 04, 2020
Matt Heron - Elevating the Global Fly Fishing Game
In this episode we sit down with Matt Heron of Matt Heron Fly Fishing. Matt is very well known on both local and international waters and has been a leader in promoting fly fishing as a passion, art, and means of promoting a better way of life for those less fortunate. You will hear everything ranging from his work with Cast Hope, his guiding outfit, and all the way to his infamous WWE takedown of a monster Brown Trout. This is a great podcast you will not want to miss! RECORDED AT THE CEDAR HOUSE SPORT HOTEL IN TRUCKEE, CA
March 12, 2020
You Fish Scotland with Wes & Jen
This is our first international podcast, and we are so excited that Wes and Jen of You Fish Scotland are a part of it. This is going to be a podcast that will bring you to the roots of fly fishing, and you will hear stories steeped in tradition and full of customs and courtesies that are for the most part absent in our Fly Fishing culture in the United States. Not to mention that the gamefish they are hooking into are legendary...Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Wild Brown's, Arctic Graylings and more, So set a fire in the camping ring or fireplace and get ready to sit back and take in this incredible podcast trip to Scotland! RECORDED LIVE AT THE HIVE IN RENO! 
March 07, 2020
Sam Sedillo of Trout Unlimited - Fly Fishing Jedi of the Sierra's
Meet Sam Sedillo of Trout Unlimited. Sam is TU's secret weapon in ensuring that Trout in California and Nevada have a safe and robust living conditions, and not to mention he is one heck of a Jedi with a fly rod. This is a great episode that will have you ready to jump up and help save your local river, stream, or watershed! Oh, and we dive into Burritos like we never have before....get ready for this one! RECORDED ON LOCATION AT THE FAMOUS LOUIS BASQUE CORNER IN RENO, NEVADA!
February 21, 2020
30,000 ft Above Reno with Anton Novak
In this episode we meet Anton Novak of Rounds Bakery. Anton is a pillar, icon, and leader in the Reno business scape, and his contribution to the growth of Reno is undeniable. Anton has a very rich and colorful past in Aviation that ultimately led him to Reno, and his formula for success is as he puts it "by not riding on the back of the community, but rather building WITH the community". Learn how he went from flying around the world to establishing the premier bakery and food service provider in Reno in this great episode. 
February 09, 2020
Taming the Truckee River with The Prodigy, Taylor Brune
In this episode we chat with Taylor Brune. Taylor has been fly fishing the Truckee River for many years, and his own terms. We also discuss the new eastern Truckee River regulations set in place by NDOW. If you have been wondering how to approach the Truckee and be successful, this is great listening experience!  Recorded outside and onsite at the McCarran Ranch Preserve Amphitheater, thank you to the Nature Conservancy of Nevada for the time and space at this wonderful location!
February 02, 2020
Bristol Bay to the Lahontan Sea - Meet Brennan Best
From running a Salmon fishing boat operation in Bristol Bay, AK to Director of Marketing for the Reno Local Food Group, local fly fisherman Brennan Best has tales to tell!
January 11, 2020
Casey Gipson of Infinity Fly Outfitters
We meet with Casey Gipson of the only Orvis endorsed guide outfit in the State of Nevada. Casey talks Trout on the Truckee River, Pyramid Lake, and a new secret burrito location.
January 09, 2020
The Truckee River Saga with Chris Sega
Chris Sega of The Nature Conservancy talks with us on Truckee River History, restoration, bear sized trout, and his ultimate outdoor burrito....recorded at the historic McCarran Ranch House.
January 04, 2020
Episode 1 - Eric Olsen @ Whitney Peak
Meet Eric Olsen, the GM of Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV. Fly fisherman, hunter, life long outdoorsman, and one heck of a pillar in the Reno business scene.
December 11, 2019