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BREATHING FIRE 🔥⚔️ - Official BeastLIFE Brand Christian Success PodCast w/ Fired Up Phil

BREATHING FIRE 🔥⚔️ - Official BeastLIFE Brand Christian Success PodCast w/ Fired Up Phil

By Fired Up Phil
A NEW BREED Of Bad Ass Believers. Equipping KINGDOM ENTREPRENEURS, Sales People, Leaders and Game Changers to LIVE POWERFUL and RISE Up into the 🦁 LION’S TRIBE of Kings and Queens.

For TRUTH SEEKERS who are BREAKING CHAINS to Find their Purpose, Unlock their Potential, Build their KINGDOM and Live with IMPACT. And of course Rep The ROCK!


You were created for MORE? ..Upgrade Your Operating System to Intentional Living and Go from Victim to VICTOR! Lets GO!

Live with Fire 🔥 or Die with Regret
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Choppin It Up w KJ52 Christian Hip Hop Artist
Got the opportunity to sit and bust it down in a low key interview with Jonah Sorrentino aka KJ52.  Spit a little wisdom and talked about his new album.   And of course had some fun!  Check it out Now  Enjoy & Let me know what you thought  Connect with us across Social:  @BeastLifeBrand Visit:  
June 21, 2021
Why You've Failed at BALANCE in Your Life
A New Perspective on Balance and why many including myself had a difficult time with it.  
June 17, 2021
Dad's Parenting BOLDLY w/ Carl Alleyne
How To Emotionally Bond With Your Kids Without Ruining Relationship With Them... Even If You Believe / Think It's Hard To Navigate Being A Dad!
June 15, 2021
BLB Intro & Why Many Christians Are Stuck (w/ King Jeff 👑)
In this episode I got to chop it up with King Jeff and we discussed a variety of topics from why he chose BaestLIFE brand and also many things that are stopping kingdom entrepreneurs and leaders from excelling.  Spitting some 🔥..check it out and spread the love.  God Bless!  In Christ
June 5, 2021
Building People
You are a construction work in progress.
June 3, 2021
Rising Hip Hop Artist: Saint Jones 🎙 CHOPPIN IT UP 🔥
I had a BLAST sitting down with rising Hip Hop artist Rashaun Jones aka @The Saint Jones (on Social & Spotify) We got to chop it up and spit wisdom on a variety of topics most of them around the faith. Rashaun has a lot of word and spiritual insight inside. Saint Jones dropped lots of killer thoughts on living powerful and overcoming obstacles.  He even pulled out of me (about 3/4 through) something we teach to our coaching clients called "The Inner T-Stat" to give them breakthrough & awareness on being "Subconsciously Stuck" in certain areas of their lives! ..We all have this and we are typically blind to it! If you enjoy Hip Hop & Christian faith then ya surely don’t want to miss this!!
May 29, 2021
Intro to the BREATHING FIRE 🔥Podcast.. Celebrating Episode #1
What is breathing fire...And why should you care?  As we celebrate our first episode (well sorta lol you'll see) we take a deep dive into the introduction of the podcast. And set the tone for what it's about. A Podcast for a new breed of Christian believers and kingdom entrepreneurs.  ..Those that are ready to live the BeastLIFE!  
May 16, 2021
Old Episode 1 😂- left up for your laughing enjoyment
This is original BLB 1st podcast episode recorded 10/2018. Lets call it the 1st UN-official track. This was intentionally left up to show you that action is better than doing nothing. And you're gonna SUCK 💩 at things you do at first (like this podcast episode lol) and maybe even not be consistent. But eventually if you stick with it, thanks evolve and grow.  And on the next episode which is the OFFICIAL 1st track of Breathing Fire you'll hear me explain this further.    
October 18, 2018