EP19: A day in the life of an International Make up Artist with Alarna Bell of Kolorz & Klawz


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EP48: Gry Tomte HUD Skin + Body
After moving to Australia and experiencing acne and melasma at the age of 25, Gry decided to open HUD and help more clients like herself. HUD’s specialty treatments include using DMK skincare to help Age Management and Acne treatments that are provided in a relaxed, beautiful Nordic environment.  Gry’s story is one that will inspire you to work hard for your dreams and speak of the importance of taking your client on a journey. Find more about HUD here: This episode was brought to you by The Australian Dermal and Laser Institute
April 21, 2019
EP47: #calltimeonmelanoma
Lisa Patulny, the former editor for beauty and wellness website, is out guest today. Late 2018, Lisa ventured into blowing the whistle on melanoma mythology with a campaign titled #calltimeonmelanoma Now, a nation wide movement, #calltimeonmalanoma is A not-for-profit initiative for (sun) smart women, providing education and instagrammable content to take sun care seriously. I am sure you have all heard of the client who says she ‘doesn’t wear sunscreen because shes sitting at a desk all day, yet drives 45 minutes to and from work in pure daylight. That client who thinks applying make up containing an SPF15+ is enough to protect her throughout the day OR The client who has come in for a facial with a skin coloured bandage on her nose after getting a lesion removed from the face. Here are some alarming statistics for context of this episode: - Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.  - Melanoma is the third most common cancer diagnosed in Australian women and it kills more young people in our country than any other single cancer.  - 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70  It is our job as professional therapists to educate our clients because the time has come to #CallTimeOnMelanoma, 
April 14, 2019
EP46: Ignite, Fuel and Flourish with Lyndall Mitchell of Aurora Spa
 Our guest today is the Founder of Aurora Spas and Aurora Spa Rituals, Lyndall Mitchell.  Over the past 22 years, Lyndall has created a wellness ecosystem for her clients that enables them to realise the benefits of wellness in a way that is unique to them. Devoted to her clients and driven by their success, Lyndall has focused her efforts on creating a multi-functional business, that provides her clients with a selection of immersive experiences of the highest quality, to drive transformational change in their lives. This selection covers spa, products and coaching. · Through SPA – we see a nurturing environment & give permission to pause · The ASPAR range of products are inspired by nature that infiltrate & calm the senses · And the COACHING program which allows for personal support  Lyndall gives her coaching clients permission to pause & ignites the hope required to fuel transformational change. Through her innate ability to form trusting connections, Lyndall cuts through the chatter and distraction of life to help her clients identify what is important to them, create a clear future vision and guide them through the journey towards a fulfilled & happy life. Lyndall walks her client through a process of IGNITE, FUEL, FLOURISH. IGNITING hope for a new future vision and aligning your personal values.  FUELING vision with the tools to take responsibility for your well-being  Finally we move into the chapter of FLOURISHING by maintaining optimum engagement in life: physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally. Show notes: Find more about Lyndall here: Lyndalls books can be purchased here: The Essentialists: Recommendations by Lyndall: Podcast - Robin Sharma The Life Mastery Series - Book - Essentialism by Greg Mckeown - Events - The Boardroom Retreat - This episode was sponsored by The Australian Dermal and Laser Institute Your can find more about their courses at
April 7, 2019
EP45: The Skin Whisperer, Rebecca Miller of LaBella Medispa
With 25+ years in the beauty industry, Rebecca’s purpose is to ‘To empower women to feel confident & educate them to love the skin they're in’ which you will often see her doing through wellness workshops and personal development days.   Rebecca Miller, also known as, The Skin Whisperer, is the owner of La Bella Medispa which has three locations across NSW, where their tag line is to ‘make your visit unforgettable taking you on a journey of discovery’, which shows you the level of dedication Rebecca invests in her team for her clients. This episode was brought to you by Salon Growth Con. Head to to purchase tickets now!
March 31, 2019
EP44: Your legal questions answered with Courtney Bowie of Her Lawyer
 Courtney Bowie, Founder of Her Lawyer, a virtual law firm for ambitious women in business. Her lawyer partners with female entrepreneurs and small business owners across Australia to help them start, protect and grow successful businesses. Courtney’s brand resonated with me most as she understands that women looking for more than pages of jargon, hourly rates or off-the-shelf solutions from their legal advisors. Go to to book a free discovery call now. Mention this podcast or use the code BEAUTY10 for 10% off your first project. Find more about Courtney here. Additional helpful links: Hair and Beauty Award: Pay calculator: Employer’s guide to resolving workplace issues: Manager training for difficult conversations in the workplace: Employee training for difficult conversations in the workplace: Fair Work’s Small Business Showcase:
March 24, 2019
EP43: Treating fitzpatrick 3 skins and above with Chiza Westcarr from The Nutritional Skincare Academy
If you love skin and learning, then today’s guest is going to be the perfect episode for you! My guest today needs no introduction, as many of you probably know her as a household name in the industry, Chiza Westcarr.  Chiza has an incredible resume history and industry experience including completeing her Bachelor of Health Sciences – Clinical Dermal Therapies , Masters degree in Human Nutrition, Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine, as well as certificates across Health Coaching, Metabolic Balance® and becoming a GAPS Practitioner. Chiza is also a Dermal Clinician and Educator, a Health Coach and Founder of The Nutritional Skincare Academy who’s mission it is to empower skin specialists with vital and innovative tools to obtain outstanding and long-lasting results for their clients. I have been waiting to find the perfect conversation topic to feature Chiza on this podcast, and when I saw discussion around treating clients on the higher end of the fitzpatric scale on her blog, I knew this would be a fantastic episode to verbalise and create awareness around. Chiza shares with us how, precautions and advice on treating Fitzpatric 3 and above clients, which I am sure you are so going to love listening to. To find out more about the Nutritional Skincare Academy visit the following channels: Email. Facebook: Nutritional Skincare Academy  Instagram: @thenutritionalskincareacademy  
March 17, 2019
EP41: Retaining clients and boosting sales with Phorest Software
In todays day and age the traditional appointment book is out and we are being flooded with salon software programs, however as per recent conversation in our Beaute Industrie Facebook Community group, these programs are still not ticking our boxes and meeting our needs, which is where I introduce you to Phorest. Phorest has one mission and three values. Their mission is to “helps salon owners get their clients in more often, spending more.” Which is just one of the reasons why myself and Beaute Industrie have chosen to partner with the brand, over others on the market. Use this code to get 50% off the start up price of Phorest software! For a virtual tour of Phorest Salon Software, take a look at this pre-recorded vide:
March 10, 2019
Our 40th episode - knowing your value
Today is our 40th episode and I am so glad to be sharing it with you! Why celebrate the 40th and not the 50th episode you might ask? Why the bloody hell not!  I’ve learnt some valuable lessons over these 40 episodes and the Beaute Industrie brand has grown and elvolved and in this episode I am going to share that with you. It’s just me, Tamara here with you today, for our 40th episode celebration, thanking you for everything. I travel down the rabbit hole a little in today’s episode, giving you reasons as to how and why I need your support, some peronal development notes and learnings and also provide you a recap and insight into my recent travels through the world spa and wellness conference, awards and the professional beauty industry. Thank you for joining me for todays expansive episode, I would love you to listen with open ears and heart and make contact with me afterwards if anything sits with you.
March 3, 2019
EP39: The cosmetic world of injecting with Amy Wright of Eltham Cosmetic Clinic
Join Tamara and Amy, Cosmetic nurse and Director at Eltham Cosmetic Clinic as they dive into the world of cosmetic injectables, the industry and her passion for study and practice.
February 24, 2019
EP37: Overcoming sales objections with Katie Lowndes from Beauty Sale Mate
Ever heard these phrases from your clients; "can I have a sample?", "hrm, I'll have a think about it" or "I won't buy it today, i'll have a think about it.". If you answered yes, then you will love todays episode with Katie Lowndes of Beauty Sale Mate. Katie shares with us conversations around client objections and how we can overcome them to maximise the sale. Learn more about Katie and Beauty Sale Mate here:
February 12, 2019
EP36: Presence and the client connection with Stacey Burt from Little Company
Latest episode of BEAUTE INDUSTRIE
February 3, 2019
EP35: How to make the most out of your training sessions with Storm Watson The Skin Educator
Storm Watson is The Skin Educator, featuring on todays episode. Storm shares with us her insight into training sessions and how therapists can get the most out of their attendance. Visit storms website here: and take a look at her YouTube channel for more education here:
January 27, 2019
EP34: Life in plastic with Dr Jack Zoumaras from Artiste Plastic Surgery
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a plastic surgeon looked like? Find out in today's episode with Dr Jack Zoumaras, a passionate Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeon of the Face and is a Facelift expert who has worked with world leaders in Facelifts in New York and Paris, during his post fellowship training. An absolute wealth of knowledge, an expert is his field and a joy to speak with for our first episode on plastic surgery today. Show links: Facebook and Instagram: Artiste - @artisteplasticsurgery Dr Jack Zoumaras - @drjz_  Artsiste Medi Spa - @artistemedispa
January 20, 2019
EP33: Recognising nutrient deficiencies with Fiona Tuck of Vita-Sol
Fiona has over 25 years of experience in the skincare and wellness industry and is known in the media as the 'myth buster' of the nutrition world. Fiona is an accomplished Business Woman, Author, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert, Yoga Teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Fiona has a wealth of experience within the professional skincare industry which includes working as the International Training Manager for Dermalogica, Corporate Trainer for Aspect and Cosmedix and former Managing Director and co-owner of leading Australian skincare brand Skinstitut and founder of Vita-sol nutraceuticals. Tune in as we talk all things skin requiring nutrients and how to recognise it. Links: Facebook:  Fiona: Vita-sol: Instagram:  Fiona: Vita-sol: Twitter:  Fiona: Other:  Fiona: Vita-sol: Promo Code: BEAUTEINDUSTRIE for a FREE copy of Fiona's book The Forensic Nutritionist with your opening order.
January 13, 2019
EP32: 2018 Reflection and 2019 plans for Beaute Industrie with Tamara
In episode 32 we kick start 2019 with a question and answer segment with Tamara and her fiancé, Nathan Reid. Tamara answers questions submitted by community members about her career highlights and Beaute Industrie as a business.
January 6, 2019
EP31: PR, Collaborations and freelancing advice with Beauty By Neha Hobson
A wealth of experience over her journey combined with a Masters degree in Business, our guest now owns her own consulting business, helping business owners grow and manage their brand, gain online influence and boost sales, all via tailored strategies to help you meet and achieve your business goals. As if that isn’t enough, our guest has organically grown her own social media pages with an excess of 100k followers and now wants to help you do the same through hosting educational workshops in your business with collaborations and coaching. From Beauty by Neha, today we welcome Neha Hobson to the podcast. Show notes: -HER Mag Interview: -Womanprenrenuer Interview: -Link to Neha’s Instagram Guide: -Signing up to Neha’s blog (and get her top 10 PRO Instagram Tips as a gift!): Or simply over at -Blog / Product Reviews / Etc
December 16, 2018
EP30: How I landed my dream job as an industry magazine editor with Nadine Dilong from Spa + Clinic
Our guest today comes from an Industry magazine which you may be familiar with, Spa + Clinic. Nadine Dilong, Editor for the brand, has extensive experience in the cosmetic beauty industry. Having worked as beauty editor for several publications, as well as assistant manager for one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgery clinics, Nadine understands both sides of the industry and thrives on bringing her vision and fresh ideas to the SPA+CLINIC magazine. Latest episode of BEAUTE INDUSTRIE
December 9, 2018
EP29: Salon coaching and bot marketing with Billy Rickman from Billy Rickman Coaching
Billy Rickman is a business owner and coach for the beauty industry, famous for his no BS approach to running business and succeeding. Billy's strengths lie within messenger bots and kicking email marketing to the curb. How and why should you jump on board the messenger bot train, tune into Episode 28 to find out!
December 2, 2018
EP28: Does natural beauty provide results with Natural Beauty Expert, Belinda Hughes
Belinda is a professional beauty therapist who is an expert in natural beauty, toxic free health and wellbeing. Drawing on her extensive experience of 10 years in natural beauty and day spas, Belinda combines that experience with her passion for writing and training to educate the market and industry on what natural beauty means, tune into episode 28 to learn all things natural beauty.
November 30, 2018
BONUS episode* Christmas Tips
It's the 30th of November, how did that happen? Tamara shares with us her Christmas tips to maximise sales, boost festive vibes and stop your clients and staff from running late. Merry Christmas everyone!
November 29, 2018
EP27: The growth of beauty YouTube and influence with Madeleine Edwards
Maddie Edwards has 112k followers across her digital platforms, so we speak with Maddie about does she does it, what her standards are around becoming a brand influencer and how her inner beauty therapist thrives on camera.
November 19, 2018
EP26: Biochemistry and inflammation with Dr Donna-Lee Marcal of Dermatonics & Relievamed
Dr Donna Lee Marcal, a specialist in human Biochemistry with a doctorate from The University of Ottawa, conducting part of her ground-breaking research in Australia. Her work on inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign material, has been awarded several international research fellowships. Dr Donna Lee is now the driving force of the Dermatonics and Relievamed skincare brands and their advanced products. Listen in as we deep dive into biochemistry and the brands behind it.
November 11, 2018
EP25: Digital and social media marketing with Kayla Houlihan of Tribe Skincare
Tribe Skincare is a Melbourne based product range founded by Kayla Houlihan. Tribe hit the ground running when it propelled its brand awareness and following through social media influencers and partnerships. Find out how Kayla did it in episode 25!
November 4, 2018
EP24: Portable treatment rooms with Carla Preston of Beauty in a Box Co.
The highlight of this years Sydney Beauty Expo, Beauty in a box co is making home businesses that little bit more accessible. A fully functional, delivered to your back yard, treatment room equipt with spray tanning, waxing or day spa fit out. Game changer!
October 28, 2018
EP23: From the therapists mouth - Resident Therapist Contributor Brooke Harris
Beaute Industrie has hired its first employee and we are so excited to pick her brain as our Resident Therapist contributor. Brooke will be commenting and posting in the community from the therapists mouth and helping therapists going through struggles in the treatment room along her journey.
October 21, 2018
EP22: War on Waste with Rachel Roberts from Beauty of Arcadia
Rachel Roberts has a clean and waste free beauty salon, following the War on Waste trend. She recycles her products, uses biodegradable consumables and has a thriving business. How does she do it? Listen in to episode 22!
October 14, 2018
EP21: Industry breaking uniforms with The Uniform Stylist, Leesa Dawson
Leesa Dawson has worked with some of the fashion industry's most well known brands and has now turned her hand to create and style beauty industry uniforms.
October 7, 2018
EP20: Epigenetics with Danielle Hughes from SkinFaktor
Epigenetics, what influences them, does skincare conquer them and how to advise clients to protect against them with Danielle Hughes from SkinFaktor
September 30, 2018
EP19: A day in the life of an International Make up Artist with Alarna Bell of Kolorz & Klawz
International make up artist Alarna Bell tells returns from NYFW and tells us of her career highlights while providing some genuine advice to budding make up artists.
September 23, 2018
EP18: The reality of startup with Christine Alger of Infinity Wellness Centre
Christine Alger or Psych Chrissy as many people refer to her as, is the Owner of Infinity Wellness, a brand new start up salon in the beauty industry. Listen to Chrissy as she talks her truth about starting a business in the beauty industry.
September 16, 2018
EP17: Solving your recruitment problems with Jessica Mendez of The Therapist Co.
Jessica Mendez has created a revolutionary business, The Therapist Co. to help solve your staffing turnover issues. From full timers to temping staff, we talk to Jess about how her business can help your business grow.
September 9, 2018
EP16: Liptember & Womens mental health with Olivia Rogers
September celebrates raising awareness for womens mental health through Liptember, supporting charities such as the Royal Women's Hospital, Batyr, Lifelife, RUOK and The Pretty Foundation. We speak with Olivia Molly Rogers, Miss Universe Australia 2017 on her battle with mental health. This episode is bought to you by Dr Anne-Maries Dermal Care.
September 2, 2018
EP15: Creating a 5 star service with Sofie Gillard of Botanica Day Spa
Find out what exactly 5 star service is and how to achieve it with Sofie Gillard of Melbourne's Botanica Day Spa in the Intercontinental Hotel.
August 26, 2018
EP14: Retailing and Sales tips with Katie Lowndes of Beauty Sale Mate
Katie Lowndes from Beauty Sale Mate shares with us some tips and tricks of selling products and her online and consulting programs which teach the tricks of the trade.
August 19, 2018
EP13: Cosmetic Tattooing with Clare Martin from CMCosmetic Tattoo
The cosmetic tattooing industry is booming! We talking to Clare Martin of CMCosmetic Tattoo about her journey, hiring a cosmetic tattoo artist and her new school for budding tattooists.
August 12, 2018
EP12: What is corneotherapy with Robyn McAlpine from Skintifix
Robyn shares with us her insights into running a business, corneotherapy and community over competition. Instagram: @expert_skin_therapist
August 5, 2018
EP11: Creating a skincare range with Mel Driver of Embalm Skincare
In episode 11 we speak with Mel Driver, owner of Embalm skincare, a multiword winning and natural range which promotes cruelty free products for healthy skin.
July 29, 2018
EP10: Building a beauty empire with Kate Flammea of Press Play Cosmetics and Smart Skin Clinics
In episode 10 we speak with Kate Flammea, business owner and empire builder of Smart Skin Clinics and Press Play Cosmetics, a revolutionary smart phone sized make up capsule that is the first of it's kind worldwide!
July 22, 2018
EP9: A change for beauty education with Elise Birchall of ACTI Training
The Australian Capital Training Institute AKA ACTI is a brand new training school launching into the industry, based in Canberra. They are creating career ready students qualified through leadership, mangement, laser/IPL and many more skills which are so needed in todays busy clinic environment. Elise shares how ACTI differs from other education facilities and explains their tag line 'bold vision'.
July 15, 2018
EP8: Advancing your consultations with Donna Cummins Campbell of AWE Academy
Learn tools such as the 3 phase consultation, open ended questions and more in this episode with Donna Cummins-Campbell and the AWE Academy.
July 8, 2018
EP7: Internal health for external skin conditions with Naturopath, Emma McDonald
Episode 7 talks to guest Emma McDonald, Beauty therapist now Naturopath at Vitalita Detox and Wellness and Founder of SOS Organics Skincare, on internal health for external skin conditions.
July 1, 2018
EP6: The laser and skin industry with Nancy Abdou from The Australian Dermal and Laser Institute
Episode 6 features guest speaker Nancy Abdou from the Australian Dermal and Laser Institute on the advanced skincare industry and workshops associated. Nancy gives our audience a discount code for upcoming workshops available until June 30th 2018!
June 24, 2018
EP5: 5 tips for getting tax time ready with Founding Director of Beaute Industrie, Tamara Shaw
Join us for episode number 5, discussing 5 tips for getting you tax time ready before June 30th.
June 17, 2018
EP4: What your BDM can do for you with Shelly Leone
This week Beaute Industrie is joined by Business Development Manager Shelley Leone from a global skincare brand to discuss what your business development manager can do for your business.
June 11, 2018
EP3: The Power of Networking with Mel Yu from MCO Events
We talk with Mel Yu, founder of MCO events on The Power of Networking and have a very special announcement to make!
June 3, 2018
E2: Three ways to nail customer service with Founding Director of Beaute Industrie, Tamara Shaw
Is your business getting constant complaints about staff presentation or unprofessionalism within the treatment room? Let's talk customer service!
May 27, 2018
E1: Welcome
What is it that fuels you? For us, it’s the Beauty Industry. We love inspiring others, connecting through community, educating therapists and watching industry trends take flight. Passionate about industry experts, real conversations, light bulb moments and fruitful connections and we enjoy sharing that with our people. BEAUTE INDUSTRIE is a dedicated passion project gaining more and more traction each day through like minded industry connections. Browse, build and bridge the gap between the beauty industry with us.
May 20, 2018
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