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BeauTEA Time

BeauTEA Time

By Riss & Kim
We are not only hairstylists, but we are all around beauty enthusiasts! Join us weekly as we laugh about inconvenient stuff that happens to us or others, and present to you life hacks, new hair and beauty products, salon stories and more! Think of us like the break room in the salon, where you say what you REALLY thought about that client. We are just two friends surviving the industry, and if we don’t laugh about it we might cry! This is our weekly vent session,

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, you shouldn’t either. Grab a snack it’s BeauTEA time!

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West coast meets East Coast
This week, two coasts collide with an exciting episode collaboration with 2 fellow hairdressers, Nicole and Karissa of “The Good The Bad & The Hair” podcast! Join us as we compare what’s been going on in our different states during quarantine, and discuss podcasting, hairstyling and client stories from behind the chair and much more! Double the hair dressers double the tea. You don’t want to miss this episode!
December 2, 2020
Hayley, Drew, Chemistry and Andy
This week, we discuss Kim’s recent salon insecurity, and a situation where we wonder what you would have done. We also discuss a celebrity who’s famous bright orange hair, turned into a color line, and another celebrity’s new set of hair tools. We also have custom hair care, revised and formulated by chemists from looking at your hair strand! and finally we discuss thanksgiving and our books leading up to our normal busy season. Join us! TIMESTAMPS- 3:22 what would you do 18:55 good dye young 38:32 flower by drew 47:16 strands hair care
November 25, 2020
Reverse and Rewind
A new product that rewinds aging hair, a new styling tool that reverses air, and a make up collab to bring you back to the 90s. Join us as we tell just what all of these things do, and if you need them, on this weeks episode of Beautea time!
November 18, 2020
Candy, Chaos, Color lines.. COOL at home tools!
Are we all tired of watching the news yet? This episode Kim lists all the words she never wants to hear again after this election. But this is not a political episode, so don’t worry! We have Riss’ first impression of a candy from Trader Joe’s, that you all need to go get. We also take a look at the details of brads new color line, and rounding everything out, we have 3 at home hair tools you or you clients need ASAP. Take a break from the chaos and grab a snack for this fun episode of Beautea time!
November 11, 2020
full face of 10 dollars and under beauty products! plus giveaway winner announcement!
Kim and Riss give a list of products for a full face of make up, 10 dollars and under! we also announce out first giveaway winner! the winner will need to claim their prize by midnight November 6Th, you must DM us on instagram to claim your prize! 
November 4, 2020
New “innovative” tools, products and trends!
We have an interesting assembly of products this week to discuss! A cryo therapy hair brush, lightener pods, glitter lipstick, and sapphire infused shampoo and conditioner ! We also go over some of the new trending hair colors we’ve been noticing and Kim talks about her experience with a stolen photo of her own work! Tune in this week for another packed episode! And don’t forget to enter our Instagram giveaway! Entries end 10/30/20
October 28, 2020
In honor of our one year podcast anniversary we have a special giveaway for our fellow hairstylists! (Don’t worry if you’re not a hairstylist we have something else for you at a later time) listen this week for details on how to enter, and check Instagram to see what’s in it! We also recap how our podcast has changed in the last year, and you can hear our very first episode attached to the back half of this episode! We are so excited! Join us and enter the giveaway!
October 23, 2020
BeauTEA Time Trailer
Just a glimpse into what you can expect from BeauTEA time!
October 23, 2020
90s and 2000s beauty trends and disasters
Come reminisce and unlock some memory’s buried in your head about hair tools, hair accessories,hair color, and some popular make up looks from the 90s and early 2000s, find out which trend Kim participated in that was a nightmare according to Riss! Join us for a fun episode of beauteatime!
October 14, 2020
Soulmate clients and Strong confident women.
This week, Kim lets you all in on which Xmondo products she’s trying out, her journey with trying to fire a problem client, and how she feels about soulmate clients..Riss joins in on the discussion about why having strong female relationships are important, and why we should fix each other’s crown. Join us!
October 14, 2020
Celebrity Beauty Brands
This week we dive into 40 celebrity make up brands according to women’, some may surprise you, some you may not know were even considered celebrity’s,some you already know, Riss also closes out the show with her lash lift and tint experience. Join us for this and more this week on Beautea time!
October 7, 2020
Product reviews and pyramid schemes
This week we give you information on how to make your own custom lipstick! Kim gives you a review on a target flat iron, Riss tells you about a micro-needling kit for your face and we discuss our thoughts on MLM company’s and shout out some fun tik tok creators!
September 30, 2020
Not a beauty school drop out
This week, we tell you our beauty school experiences, complete with state board stories and licensing issues. We also fill you all in on what we’ve been up to on our short break between seasons, and our current salon and personal lives!
September 23, 2020
Welcome to beautea time season 3! This week, Kim and Riss tell you all about their favorite salon products, tools and every day beauty favorites that they will use till the end of time! Join us and welcome back!
September 16, 2020
We went viral!
We have a short episode about our viral Tik Tok video and some important announcements! We will be back September 16th for season 3 of beautea time!
August 24, 2020
Color depositing conditioner, zero color foundation, and Anti-fungal purple “hair dye”
This week, Riss reviews overtone, Kim takes matters into her own hands and foils her own hair... was it a disaster? Moving right along we have a new make up/skin care review of a zero pigment foundation... we also discuss anti fungal treatment that a woman used to dye her hair purple?! Yes you read that right, join us for another fun filled discussion.. **if you’re here for the Becca zero review, fast forward to 31:07**
August 11, 2020
It should be illegal.
This week, Kim got blocked and Riss delt with a no masker...we get into at home vivid hair color that us stylists can never get out of the hair. UGH.. we also talk trends here in New York, and to end this packed episode,Riss explains why you should never buy a drink that is in a language you don’t understand.
August 3, 2020
Let’s take this outside
This week, we discuss outdoor hair salon guidelines and how we feel we would deal (or wouldn’t deal) with the circumstances... we also get into the petition going around California for salon suites. Riss also finally gives you her scalp product review, Kim gives you a brand new product of the week, and we discuss over toning conditioners, and a popular online hair color subscription service, how to get your colors to stick better and more! Join us!
July 27, 2020
Nail Products, and more!
This week, we have lots of nail products to discuss, Kim has one that will help you ladies with long nails get out your credit cards without struggling! We also talk about stylists getting COVID and how it effected their clients,we get into back to school plans, outdoor hair salons and the ... coin shortage? Tune in!
July 27, 2020
Conspiracy/Catch Up
Simple episode this week! We talk trending conspiracy theories, and Riss catches u up on her adventure back into the salon and we catch you up on post quarantine life. Join us!
July 14, 2020
Masks,Skincare and Trending Tea
This episode is (mostly) all about masks and your face! If you are struggling with acne from your masks this episode is for you, Riss gives some of her favorite skincare recommendations, Kim has 2 mask products one helps save your make up and the other is a loop-less mask. Kim also gives her Xmondo wave tech review and we touch on some trending topics like Britney, Kanye and Jeffree. Join us!
July 8, 2020
Non Toxic and Resilient
Welcome back! We discuss how proud we are of this industry despite the circumstances.We review our tinted paradise and get leighed orders. We discuss the toxic chemicals in our hair salons and in our products. Kim has a different kind of product of the week this week.. to make hair washing at home easier. Riss is now preparing to go back to work and shares a beautea tip where to get pretty masks. We also discuss a large nyc salon closure, and Kim discusses how she feels about her career. Join us!
June 24, 2020
Back at it!
Kim catches everyone up on her first day back at work, find out how she managed with a mask AND face shield how her clients were, and salon life going forward. We also talk about acclimating back into society as a whole.
June 17, 2020
Guidelines,but like. for life...and alittle for re-opening salons in NY.
Well the time is approaching for us to get back to work! Join us as we share the newly released New York reopening guidelines. We also keep the momentum going from last week, and we discuss some black owned beauty brands! The past week also highlighted some concerning behavior from a largely known matrix educator and a consumer with a concerning review in response to a company email which acknowledged the fight towards basic human rights! Kim ends the episode with her product of the week/drugstore shampoo adventure... and an update on her confetti cup. JOIN US! Skip around... Heres TIMESTAMPS for easy navigating 4:30-BLM Updates/natural hair discussion 23:01-educator scandal 45:03 -email backlash 51:11-NYS opening guidelines 1:10:43-black owned beauty brands 1:24:36-end-product of the week, drugstore brand storytime/ confetti cup update
June 10, 2020
Not a tea time, a coffee klatch
We have a fun episode this week with a special guest! Ever feel like clients tell you TOO much? Well you’re not alone! Our guest has dug up some funny stories to share with us from behind the chair, she also explains what her clients have taught her along the way, and gives us her perspective on how she as a fellow hair stylist is handling this bizarre situation. We also get into the barbicide reopening plan and our guest gives us bonus content by sharing the antimicrobial,antibacterial benefits of lemon peels? You don’t want to miss this episode! We wanted to bring a much lighter episode this week! Grab a lemon and listen to beautea time! TIMESTAMPS- 2:41-client contact issues,13:44-Stories behind the chair tmi 30:56-why we love red heads 39:30-reopening plan 51:12- how are we doing? 59:22-good business practices, stupid society and lemon peel benefits
June 1, 2020
Dumpster Fire Women
Well. This week, we explore why there is a trending challenge on tik tok that involves washing your hair with summers eve, “non damaging” dye removal at home. Khloes new face, quarantine hair loss, The most Karen thing to ever happen and we explore a new segment called “Dear Riss” where she gives advice when your relationship goes south and your significant other starts to view you as a witch... but literally...and last but not least, a reading from Riss, of a hilarious viral post, trending on Facebook and tik tok, featuring Helen and her broccoli casserole. You REALLY do not wanna miss this episode. Grab a drink. Have a seat. It’s beautea time! TIMESTAMPS-3:31 summers eve hair wash 12:33 no damage color removal at home 17:28 Kim’s starbucks cup dilemma 29:07 khloes new face 37:53 quarantine hair loss 43:42 The most Karen thing to ever happen 53:23 Dear Riss 1:19:38 Helens broccoli casserole drama 1:26:29 we are essential to the recovery process of the world
May 25, 2020
Get to know us!
This week, This is a coronavirus free zone! We talk about the phrases we never wanna hear again after this pandemic. We also continue our quarantine interview series by, interviewing each other! Get to know Kim and Riss! We also do a stressful round of “this or that” beauty questions” Then we round out this episode with Riss and her new panic buy of the week.
May 18, 2020
A real coronavirus experience
This week, discussion of a behind the chair post, an eco friendly hospital grade disinfectant, Riss make up product of the week, and a very special guest, who shares with us all his personal experience with covid 19, symptoms testing experience and more. We also ask him what he wants to see from his hair stylist when he gets back into the shop and we end up with his top 3 binge watch picks for quarantine! TIMESTAMPS 3:59-behind the chair 21-45: eco friendly disinfectant 32:07 Make up product of the week 38:32 COVID EXPERIENCE 1:19:18- what a client wants to see in a salon 1:45:23 binge watch picks
May 4, 2020
Non Essential Does NOT Mean Unimportant. Let’s make that clear.
We’d love if you joined us in the discussion about the new petition circling the internet about going back to work . We like to hear all sides to a point but we have our own thoughts,and we’d like you at least listen but,respect if you don’t agree. We have information to share about a reusable mask we think you’d be interested in for whenever we DO get back to the salon, and a disgruntled pandemic client, another at home hair cut men’s tutorial video and we throw in alittle drugstore purple shampoo?! Tune in for another more serious beautea time. TIMESTAMPS-1:42 back to work petition 25:52 disgruntled pandemic client 44:05 silicone reusable face mask 53:20 purple drugstore shampoo 56:43 men’s haircut tutorial
April 21, 2020
Box dyes, baby feet and mythic legendaries!
This week, we have a box root touch up kit to reccomend to your clients, because let’s face it we aren’t seeing them anytime soon, but it’s not a traditional box! Tune in and we will explain why we recommend, we also have 2 products of the week, want to emerge from quarantine with baby feet? We will tell you how, we also have a new bleach recovery shampoo. Kim has info from New York State about color kits, and another affiliate program to make some money, and best of all we have a very special guest this episode! Rich G from mythic legendaries podcast Is on with us, and we discuss his job in the service industry and how it’s going to be effected (if there is a service industry after this ) from the present to the future. We also hear his first hand experience with patrons behind a bar at the beginning of this pandemic and how serious (or not) the customers we taking it all. Join us for an informative episode of beautea time! TIME STAMPS 2:36 box dye root touch up(here me out) 15:30- Rich G mythic legendaries podcast 31:20- the service industry is ruined with Rich G 1:07:05-official statement on color kits 1:16:37-baby foot 1:20:59-bleach recovery 1:30:33-affiliate program
April 13, 2020
Barbicide,tiktok and tiger king
This week we tell you how to get barbicide certified, we go over some hair trends on tiktok, a new mascara and larger olaplex size, the dangers of home hair coloring and traveling stylists right now. Also talk about joe exotics beautiful mullet. We have a mix of fun and information this week. Bare with us as we navigating recording over the phone. TIMESTAMPS- start catching up with Kim and Riss 12:26 Riss mascara of the week 16:18- barbicide certification 36:00 travel hairstylist 42:05 at home hair disasters 47:37- purple shampoo challenge/tiktok 58:46- olaplex/tiger king
April 6, 2020
BeauTEA Time: Quarantine Edition
This week we are back and it’s a call in episode! We get into why at home color kits are controversial, and Kim’s products of the week are different brand root sprays and concealers you can offer to your clients to disguise their gray during their time without you. Riss is back with her product of the week with a cause! We also discuss a “cut your hair at home” video by a large YouTube hairstylist and catch up on the stresses and pressure we feel from clients at this time and how we are trying to keep it all together. Join us and tell a friend! We all need a friend right now. TIMESTAMPS- 3:56 Riss’ product with a cause..20:25-mean pandemic clients 44:53- Gray powder root cover up recommendations for clients 55:29- at home haircut video
March 30, 2020
We are practicing social distancing and recording separately this week! Kim has some tips on how to generate money while your salon is empty or closed because of this pandemic. She also has ideas for ways your clients can help you during this time, and ways you can help yourself create a new routine. Riss has a product of the week, and your favorite segment... client complaints! Bare with us for a socially distant episode of beautea time! TIMESTAMPS- 7:37 self isolation money and self care tips 39:19 Riss mask YouTube link 45:30-product of the week 51:20-client complaint
March 23, 2020
Everything is cancelled.
This week, there’s no getting around talking about the global pandemic we are all experiencing. We are stressed. We are at a financial loss. We want to know how your business has been affected,and will you close? We tell you how it’s going here in New York State, the state with the highest amount of cases in the us right now. We want to offer support and talk through our concerns and figure them out together. We are all struggling to close our books with confidence and also go to work with confidence. Join us for this discussion, maybe we can help each other though this. We also don’t have all heavy stuff this episode, we try to lighten the mood with a product of the week, and our usual banter. We also have Riss bringing a hand sanitizer recipe, and Kim has some salon sanitizing tips to help you all that are still open. Join the discussion and let’s all support one another during this stressful time. Grab a snack and join us for beautea time, cause you really should be home, so you have an hour and 20 mins to spare right??
March 16, 2020
Paper, NOT foil
This weeks episode is packed with some tea on the Devacurl scandal, and our thoughts on the subject, thanks in part to Brad Mondo’s video about it. We also have some tips to share with everyone on different products you can use in the salon, or methods to use, to make your salon more eco friendly. Ever think about how much waste we as stylists produce with foils alone? We found a possible reusable solution! Join us as we explore and discuss toxic and wasteful habits in our daily salon lives and even tiny ways to reduce and be mindful of what we are doing that contributes harm to ourselves as stylists and the planet. TIMESTAMPS Devacurl 6:08 Products of the week- 36:06 Eco friendly/ helpful tik tok- 1:06:17
March 2, 2020
Shadow roots,balayage, grey blending, wine.
Ever want to know what the secret to such beautiful blended balayage is? What’s everyone got that you don’t? Well Kim will tell you what you’re missing! We discuss a few tools that will make your life so much easier.Riss has a skin care secret to share with all of you, and is back with her weekly client complaint. Kim shares a lonely spa story and...Riss drinks too much wine.. You don’t want to miss this episode! TIMESTAMPS- 5:10-client complaint, 18:22- balayage hair tools, 43:38- Riss skin care 56:42- kims spa day 1:24:37 closing
February 25, 2020
Ethically sourced hair
This week we are back with a packed episode! Ever wonder where your hair extensions come from? Riss has some answers! Kim brings you another handy cordless product of the week, and If that doesn’t peak your interest, we also go into the difference of what a blonde wants you to know vs a brunette, our thoughts on wigs, and story of a bad balayage ... and a bad back? Welcome back to another episode of your favorite weekly vent session! TIMESTAMPS 3:31-Product of the week, 10:38- bad balayage complaint,24:53-hair sourcing, 36:43- Wigs, 42:23-a blonde and a brunette want you to know, 52:30- nurse Kim
February 18, 2020
This one is for you, curly girls
This week, we have a story about a woman and her bangs, or do we mean bungs? we bring you some make up products of the week,a curl subscription box , and a curly hair method helping curly girls everywhere.. we also talk about something going on in the YouTube world, where people are coloring their hair with sharpies?? But it’s not what you think! If you have curly hair, won’t want to miss this week! And if you don’t have curly hair, there’s still plenty for you. TIME STAMPS 2:54-bungs 18:46-products of the week,39:49-sharpie hair color..50:06-the curly girl method
February 4, 2020
Over toning, Over processing, and Overreacting...
We kick off this week with some Taco Bell hacks, because if you’ve been listening long enough, you know we love a good Taco Bell run. We tell the story of a over processed, inconsiderate Sue-Ann.. we also have another new product that’s a game changer for dark brunettes, and a soap that saves koalas. Then we round out this packed episode with a woman disgruntled enough to run over her sons barber?And a hairstylist seeking revenge on clients with voodoo?? but is it fake news? Tune in this week and find out! TIME STAMPS- 2:21-Taco Bell hacks 15:01-over processed sue-Ann 34:11-green shampoo and koala soap 50:51-barber/car incident and voodoo hairstylist
January 28, 2020
Crystal energy and bad juju
This week we talk about a brand new hair care product line, infused with crystals, is it worth it or just a gimmick? We also have some Starbucks hacks because we all know that’s how we survive the day. Then we have Riss with a story of how a woman lost her wallet but the universe brought it back to her?! and another woman tries to buy a product with hopes and dreams. TIME STAMPS-Starbucks hacks 2:34 Complaint 18:15 Crystal hair 29:03 Riss stories/ bad juju 51:41
January 21, 2020
50 shades of nude
This week, we discuss a cool lab to make your very own lipstick! Could it be in a major city near you? Kim also discusses a consumer hair tool that her very clientele told HER about, that’s changing their lives. Riss has another discussion about a yelp review, and we discuss a very upsetting YouTube influencers break up.TIME STAMPS:1:21-15:48-lipstick lab, 15:55-27:42 new hot tool discussion. 28:36-39:10 yelp review. 39:14-youtuber break up, nonsense and closing
January 14, 2020
What shade of orange would you like?
Welcome to our first episode of 2020! Today we talk about a new hair color, that’s plant based, and mixed with... hot water?! Yep we are skeptical too! We also have some gossip about a large platform stylist who’s now.. making music?! We have new stuff in store and are testing out a new format! And don’t worry we can hear Riss clear as day this time, while she introduces her new segment. Welcome back to another BeauTEA time!
January 7, 2020
Closing out this year, in true beautea time fashion, unorganized messes, gossiping about what’s to come in 2020 and how #blessed it’s going to be..or not. We have our usual weekly catch up complaints and discuss our New Years plans.
December 30, 2019
Happy holidays, here’s 2 hot dogs and chili for a family of 16.
This week, a beautea time holiday episode..we read some of the weirdest Christmas gifts stylists received from dogs, moonshine, special chocolate... and we discuss the kid in the class that’s trying to ruin Santa for your won’t want to miss this one! Have a laugh on the way home from the busy salon this holiday season. Sorry our audio sucks this episode, we were having too much fun we didn’t realize Riss wasn’t close enough to the mic 😤
December 23, 2019
I pet a chicken
This week, we express our gratitude....sorta...and we discuss how strong we are as hairdressers, how important it is to unite with one another, a healthy boundary reminder for this time of year...And, yes Kim pet a chicken.
December 16, 2019
PositiviTEA time... or not
This week, another bad yelp review, and we try some positivity and fail.. we can’t change who we are as people. We also discuss forced hangouts with coworkers aka: salon Christmas parties.
December 9, 2019
Holiday whiplash
This week, we discuss all of our holiday struggles, we also have burning questions like where do mall Santa’s come from? and why is Trader Joe’s soo stressful? This week we don’t have too much beau-Tea talk, just more holiday topics to kick off the busiest time of year.
December 3, 2019
A 6 year old perspective.
Today, we have our very first in studio guest! We have a fun interview with a young lady with a fresh set of eyes on life and the salon with a big imagination, you won’t want to miss this episode!
November 25, 2019
No, you should not get bangs.
Having a crisis? Do not get bangs, we will tell you why that’s NEVER a good idea,but we’ll make sure to say you’re welcome when you thank us, because we wouldn’t wanna be hypocrites. Another week, new complaints!
November 19, 2019
Oh how they shine bright like the moon
This week, we talk about the full moon and lunatics that come with it, we read a very poorly written yelp review and discuss business owner etiquette when resolving client issues, plus snow ball head grandmas ruining our self esteem, as if it already wasn’t ruined enough.
November 12, 2019
Social media zoo
Today on BeauTEA time, stupid sh*t clients say, (we’ve have all heard it ) the challenges we find with social media effecting things for us positively and negatively in the salon, plus a fun story about a celebrity encounter!
November 4, 2019
why we podcast
A quick summary of what our podcast is,and a clip of what to expect! Check out our new episodes every week! Two hairdressers surviving the industry, and if we don’t laugh about it, we might cry!
November 2, 2019
Who the f*** likes whoppers?!
BeauTEA Time Halloween edition! We got our tea in a cauldron this week,Our spooky episode includes a very abrupt wrong number text, a gymboree with scissors, a scary deer encounter, a dark unicorn, and a lonely sugar skull. Grab some candy, but not whoppers, (who the f*** actually likes whoppers?) its BeauTEA Time!
October 30, 2019
The "too red lady" / He spit in her face!
Style stories with Riss and Kim. This episode, we are speaking about some weird incidents in the salon, you won’t believe the things we’ve seen, heard and experienced! Grab some snacks and a seat, its BeauTEA time!
October 23, 2019