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Finding Beautiful Questions

Finding Beautiful Questions

By Bryant Stratton
This podcast is here to feature change-makers, futurists, and the purpose that they serve! The impact your questions should have on the world is profound can grow here! We do this by better understanding what drives us and our approach to align that with what we do. Send us your questions and answers. Tune in for some brilliant guest speakers from the futurist, scenario building & disruptive spaces.
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Why are people bound to write according to a particular theme or an already existing genre?
Her question for us: Why not make your own genre or devise your own theme in life? Ria started her career at TCS Bangalore, where I was working in C# development. She realized her want to write and make content creation. She writes about society and social issues. Her dream is to have a platform for creative minds around the globe, and my goal in life is to be a successful creative head and a best-selling novelist. Ria shares with us her experiences in the writing field and what she is doing about the things she found. After working with a number of people that thought writing would be a simple or easy career she found that there was a problem in the entire space. Get ready for a great story and profound takeaways from our friend and crusader Ria Ghosh. Her thoughts that she wanted to add: I used to work in a pretty orthodox environment where creativity was never taken into consideration. I decided not to waste my creative energy on a project which failed to grasp my interest. I always wished to be in the creative team and writing paved the path for it. I used to win almost every writing competition in schools and this triggered my career change. I started writing for my brother's photographs and that helped me brush up my skills. I am a rebellious individual and when I saw that even people in the writing industry were not thinking out of the box, it just felt like the need of the hour. So I decided to build a place where I can have amazing people on board who have a passion for writing and a will to break the age-old molds. I am still a newbie and learning things, my journey till now has been very rocky and filled with uncertainties. A big career switch almost drained my savings and my parents were not sure of my choices. But I am happy and satisfied, I do not wake up stressed even if I have so much to do. There are a drive and a feeling of containment that I am finally able to do what I love. I took a massive risk by leaving my full-time comfortable job and it will pay off. I did not wish to wait because I am 23 at the moment and if I love something I need to grab it as soon as possible. A lot of people said that you should wait for a few years to understand the market and then start your own project but I want to start early. I will obviously fail at some decisions but it is okay. I will learn as I procced and develop the experience that everyone thinks is important to start anything. I believe to start anything you need to be excited about it and have that drive every morning, everything else will just fall in place. What questions or subjects broaden the subject that parallels what you are working on? Why do people think that writers need to have a degree in English? or Why is it so important to have a degree in creative writing. I can name 10 amazing authors with no creative writing degree. Some people just develop the fair of storytelling and it a beautiful gift. Obviously, everyone improves over time and a degree or not those who love to write will become successful. You can reach out to Ria and her awesomeness on: Medium -- LinkedIn --
December 2, 2020
How Can We Get Everyone Aligned On The Same Page?
If you want to focus on execution then look up Mark or feel free to build with us.  Mark, "The best way to frame that I'll go back to a couple of, assignments that I had and, and what got me really excited about the concept of alignment you know, my understanding of, you know, my role in the organization and, and you know, what I could do, I think most importantly for, for, other people that might not want to suffer all the brain damage that I have gone through, but, two, two key ones. One was Motels of America and what got me excited about that was we had about, 2,500 employees with 28 States, 108 properties. And it was made up of, I would say at least 10 different, small, motel chain. So we had a variety of systems and management policies and culture and whatnot, and, and the assignment was..." More stories and tangible application incoming! Cheers!
November 6, 2020
The Perspective to Succeed
Recent Interview with Guido Putignano
July 9, 2020
What it means to be human and how to focus in crisis
What does it mean to be human?  What we can do to prepare and what some people have done. How we can focus the energy we have in the world. The good news is the whole planet is with us. That's kind of an odd president or unprecedented. Rarely have we been in a situation where everybody was going through some version of this. Also that we are so highly communicative that we can actually connect with people. It was so cool seeing how quickly we mobilized. We are hopeful that, the amount of collaboration and focus that we have or the potential for greatness is something that people feel they can contribute to. A state where they can find exciting things for themselves in a struggle. In the time of suffering that we're all sharing in, look forward to how we can focus together and what it really can bring as far as value for people's lives. How they can make people's lives better, how we can make our. Existence together better. How does that sound? = Beautiful When the podcast ends "So I got goosebumps just hearing you say that"... This was one of the best talks I have had with my co-host, Maya Zuckerman. We cover... How are we focusing the energy in society and moreover ourselves? Brought Up & Some Addresses: What can you do to prepare? How can you drive decision making? How can we focus on the energy we are seeing? Where do morals conflict with intellectual property? How can sovereign bodies guide the nation they serve? What do you see as good? No matter the verdict, don't waste the time that you have. Its limit has always been there right with suffering. We don't mean that we could judge your usage of time to determine waste. It's more than the person in the mirror is the only one that has that conversation. It seems like a time!  As Maya has said, it's a time to look in that mirror and through the soul.
April 3, 2020
How can you use exponential technologies to effect your business?
Design thinking, Exponential growth, and affecting the lives of people for the better! Sign me up! Lance Peppler from Idea Strom is our guest today who is an exponential growth consultant who works with organizations like Open ExO. Lance also wrote a book called Introduction to Idea Management. His journey is fascinating as he took on this journey without realizing what it would take and he kept going through the tough times.  He is deeply involved in assisting businesses to support their customers who have three basic needs as he says. Its what he values in his own life! 1. Support themselves or their family 2. Provide Security 3. Maintain Humility He does this by using design thinking, the best bits from methodologies all over the globe, and following the various exponential technologies. Not sure what that is? Well check this link out and reach out to lance for a 1 on 1 as he has offered to our listeners to spend some time working on your business. You can reach him at
March 25, 2020
Sharing Wisdom and Resources to Accelerate Business
An interview with Dan Hendry on how to build people up through mentorship, masterminds, business techniques and more. So here we go and we hope you enjoy the episode. Thoughts from Maya Zuckerman and Bryant Stratton who are systems thinkers. They work with futurist focused organizations that collaborate to make the lives of people better like OpenExo. We tackle questions each week that we feel are relevant to the current landscape.  Casual Q&A format    🔎 Finding Beautiful Questions is excited about how people can find the most value-aligned wisdom and resources for life and business.  Find us on podcast @: Anchor Spotify Breaker Google Podcasts Pocket Casts RadioPublic  ✅ For tips and tricks on growing your perspective in life and business make sure to subscribe @ our Bluprnt channel
March 16, 2020
How you can adapt to working from home with COVID-19
So in this time of COVID-19, what does it mean that we all went home? 8 billion people were effectively told to go home. It's been a powerful couple of months for both of us with what we are working on. It's a really exciting time that we're working with organizations that are deeply thinking about how we can invest in what's really valuable for people. We have a critical time where a lot of that learning can really be put to the test on how to make people's lives better. So the question that we're thinking about as we watch a lot of societal effects happening is, What can you be investing in for your own adaptability? Kent refines this further... Kent: "So let's repeat it and let's make sure we've got it in our brains really well. What can we be investing in? And let's give it a base. So in this time of Corona, what does it mean that we all went home? Now I went home years ago. The last time I had a business with an office was in 2014 and 15. I closed that office down in 2015 and I moved into my garage. And I've been there in one form or another, more or less ever since. you know, and, and that was sort of me saying, I'm going to invest in being able to, to work from anywhere I want. And that's what I was thinking at the time... What's happening and, and part of this, maybe it's not my wake, but it's the wake of Corona, is that we are all being forced. Really fast, far faster than anybody's comfortable with, to effectively learning a new way of human interaction." So here we go and we hope you enjoy the episode. Thoughts from Kent Langley and Bryant Stratton who are systems thinkers. They work with futurist focused organizations that collaborate to make the lives of people better like OpenExo. We tackle questions each week that we feel are relevant to the current landscape. Casual Q&A format
March 15, 2020
Why is there not enough time, connection and security to build ideas in a lifetime?
How can we create a landscape of access to the opportunity where people have enough connection, trust, and security to be able to collaborate, to build things that they think have an element of their own design and design?  To me, it was defined well by an Errol Gerson comment, where he said that design is "making lives better, making the lives of people better."
March 10, 2020
How To be Faster, Collaborative and Prevent Ecological Disadvantage?
Owning the Question with Maya Zuckerman Maya is a regenerative entrepreneur, ecosystem thinker, and cultural hacker. She has worked as a strategist and executive for companies and is a fellow of the RSA. Navigating life is an incredible experience when you have the intention to learn. Along the way, if you are mindful, you will find beautiful questions in your life that drive you. They become the fields of interest that you pour effort into. The things that you serve bigger than yourself.  What is this to you? How does this drive you? Why did you start and finally, how are you going to pull it off? Finding Beautiful Questions is excited to understand what this is for you and to share that with others.  As hosts, we'll be talking about the reasons why people get out of bed, how that's impacting the world, and going through the process of what that is with our guests and the beautiful questions we have found. We will then get into the mix by broadening the subject, acknowledging the interlacing effects, and then winding it down with some tangible applications. Speaker Site:
March 3, 2020
How Do You Define a Beautiful Question?
This is our setup cast to layout out what we are thinking about as we start the series. This was done in an improv style and it turned out great with minor edits. This is how we intend to cast in the future. Transparent and in-flow just like life and the questions that drive you. Here is a semi-outline for the first episode. Some of the questions we covered and we will continue soon... In your mind, what is a beautiful question for you? Do you feel as though it's dependent on the question and the environment.? Is it a beautiful connection and less of a beautiful question? Can you speak more about your experience with a specific question? If you'd like to share with us... What was the specific question? What were the different times you asked that? How did people react? Why do people want to ask these beautiful questions? Why does someone like me, you feel, want to ask these kinds of questions to people? What is the power of two when exploring deep questions? The questions children ask... Why am I me? Why are you you? Why is the sky blue? How I can be selfish and at the same time have very mindful ripple effects or what economists call externalities? Is this selflessness? How do you ask beautiful questions mindfully? With regards to what we talked about, of the impact you could have on someone. Thank your everyone for your time
February 25, 2020
Lining up your values with the purposes you serve
Lining up your value with those around you is a powerful experience that we wish for anyone. With an understanding of yourself which is something anyone can have you’ll be able to align better with others. We additionally raise a number of questions that we’ll tackle soon!
February 18, 2020