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Beautiful Bastards Podcast

Beautiful Bastards Podcast

By griz and gerry
Welcome to Beautiful Bastards. A weekly podcast about everything. Subscribe and find interviews with industry pros, history topics, and episodes on culture, current events and more.

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#32 Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Beautiful Bastards Podcast

Kirk Nurmi: The Toll of Defending Jodi Arias
Kirk Nurmi was one of the court appointed attorneys on Jodi Arias’ defense team. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Jodi had one of the highest profile murder cases in America from 2008 to 2013. As her defense attorney, Kirk found out how high the price of justice can be when it almost derailed his entire life.
September 27, 2021
#46 Afghanistan with Chris blood: Based Biden or Botched Bailout?
Chris Blood is back again! This time we talk about about the recent decision for the U.S. military to pull out of Afghanistan. It’s a 20 year war with no clear path to an end, so President Biden decided to go with ripping the bandaid off quick. Was it the best choice, or will this haunt us for another 20 years?
September 20, 2021
#45 Deepfakes with Iike Demir
Iike Demir is a research data scientist specializing in deepfakes and AI. This week she tells us exactly what deepfakes are, how they effect us, and how we can identify them. Tune in to learn everything you need to know to start your journey down the rabbit hole of procedural generation, ai, and machine learning right here, on Beautiful Bastards!
September 13, 2021
#44 Chasing Elephants with Aaron young
Aaron Young is a lot of things. An Australian, a conservationist, a stand up guy, and cool as hell. This week we get to talk about his story going from Australia to Africa, and back and forth multiple times. In those travels he fought to protect wild animals from poachers, and accidentally became a conservationist. He Spent time in African prison...twice. He smuggled himself across boarders, and soooo much more. It's a wild tale from a wild man. You don't want to miss this one. 
September 6, 2021
#43 Bitcoin with Jimmy Song
Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He's an  open source contributor to many different Bitcoin projects and is the  author of Programming Bitcoin from O'Reilly, The Little Bitcoin Book and  Thank God for Bitcoin. Jimmy writes a weekly newsletter, Bitcoin Tech  Talk and has a podcast Bitcoin Fixes This.
August 30, 2021
#42 Jeff Le
A lot of people are just hearing about Asian hate for the first time lately because of covid. Is it new? Is it real? These are just a couple questions we've heard come up from people. Well Jeff Le is here this week to talk all about it. As the son of Asian immigrants in America, he knows a thing or two about Asian hate. He has a long history in politics doing what he can to improve the United States, and he also acts as a strong voice for underprivileged citizens of this country.
August 23, 2021
#41 Living In A Van Down By The River-Nick Natale
Nick lived in a 1986 Chevy Suburban for a full 3 years. In that time he paid off $60,000 in debt, survived a federal investigation, gained a  roommate, and improved his life. It's a story too weird to make up, and  you get to hear about it here!
August 16, 2021
#40 Hive Mind with Andy Norman
Andy Norman is a public philosopher and an award winning author of the book “Mental Immunity”. This week he introduces all of us to a new concept that can help us explain some of society’s recent serious issues. Fake News, conspiracy theories, and all around complete nonsense all have something in common. A lack of critical thinking. Listen to find out Andy Norman’s take on how we got here, and how we can get out of it.
August 9, 2021
#39 School's Out with Chris Brown
Christopher P. Brown is a former preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade teacher. He is also an award-winning researcher, teacher educator, and professor of early childhood education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Texas at Austin. This week he's on to talk about the good and the bad of public education, and how we can do better.
August 2, 2021
#38 Gerry's Hollywood Episode
This week is a little different from what you listeners are used to! We decided to record a special episode where we talk a bit about the show, what goes into making it, how we got here, and where we're going. We talk about most of our thoughts on the entertainment industry as a whole, and how we really feel about a lot of it. You might be surprised, but then again, there's always something surprising on this show! Check us out every Monday wherever you stream your podcasts from, and on YouTube!
July 26, 2021
#37 2034 with Elliot Ackerman
New York Times best selling author Elliot Ackerman is on this week to talk about his new book 2034: A Novel Of The Next World War. Tune in to find out what went into writing this great book. We talk about about the realities that shaped the idea for his novel, from cyber attacks like we experience now, to the potential ramifications of depending on technology the way we do now. We also recommend picking up Elliot's book anywhere you can buy good books!
July 19, 2021
#36 Building To Survive With George Siegal
George Siegel is the director and producer of the documentary “The Last House Standing”. Through the process of making the film, he discovered what we keep getting wrong about building homes to survive natural disasters. From fires to floods, we dove into the mistakes we keep making, and how to stop making terrible choices about our buildings. 
July 12, 2021
#35 Brimstone
Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children's book/video game hero. He's been called a Renaissance man by many, but more accurately described as a well seasoned entertainer and serial entertainment entrepreneur.
July 5, 2021
#34 Happy Time with Kara
Kara Fernstrom is usually on her own podcast, The Conquest of Bliss, but this week she's joining us on Beautiful Bastards to talk about....all kinds of things. Happiness, addiction, drug therapy, and a whole lot more. She brings a lot of what she's learned from experts on mental health to the show, and it's a lot of awesome stuff for you listeners!
June 28, 2021
#33 Scott Medlin on Modern Policing
Scott Medlin has worked as a Police Officer since 2007. Prior to that, he was in the United States Marine Corps. He also attended college. He was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2005. Find out what he has to say about modern day policing right here! Check him out on his YouTube channel 
June 21, 2021
#32 Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis
Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis is an activist, educator, sociologist and criminologist with a criminal justice background, trainer, evaluator, and researcher specializing in demographic-and-cultural variance, inclusion, and equity.
June 14, 2021
#31 Kinky sex and Relationships with Dr. Eli Sheff
Dr. Eli Sheff is an expert on polyamorous families, a college professor, an author and much more. She's on this weeks episode to tell us sooo many interesting things we never even considered. We talk about open relationships, shared relationships, BDSM and the implications involved with how it effects people and their families. Griz and Gerry learned more than they even thought to ask, so stop in and listen to find out what else is out there! Find out even more here Dr. Eli is a fantastic source of information so check it out!
June 7, 2021
#30 Keith Hutchings on Better Housing Choices
Keith Hutchings started what he calls "The Comfortable Home Project". His goal is to take the idea of passive solar homes, and smart housing solutions to the mainstream. Listen to find out why we need to get away from the bigger is better housing model. Thanks to Keith, we learn about the better way of doing the whole "house" thing. check out his work here
May 31, 2021
#29 Climate Change and Coffee with Cole the Science Dude
This week we talk to Cole the Science Dude about things that matter.  Decriminalizing scheduled drugs, climate change, and the holy grail of  coffee...NITRO COLD BREW! Stick around until the end to find out exactly how to make it, or check out the write up on the website.
May 24, 2021
#28 Lucid dreaming with E.S. Fein
Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? This week on the podcast we have sci-fi author, and lucid dreaming authority E.S. Fein. He’s here to talk about the incredible phenomenon of lucid dreaming, or being awake in your sleep. Like our very own Morpheus, he tells us how to know the difference between the dream world and the real world.
May 17, 2021
#27 John Davis: nunchuks and perseverance
What do bullwhips, nunchucks, and comedy shows have in common? Our guest, John Davis! No not the lead singer of Korn. We're talking about John Davis, the stuntman, fight director and comedian of the Inner Action Hero podcast. Check out this episode to hear his amazing story, and how he overcame a literal broken spine!
May 10, 2021
#26 Pushing Buttons with China
China has been in the news a lot lately, everybody is afraid of world war 3, and they think Taiwan vs China is the start. Well let's have a reasonable conversation about China in general with everyone's favorite guest, Chris Blood. What's driving the push for Taiwan? Is China a superpower? Is a global war even likely at all? Well, listen in to find out, and more importantly to put your mind at ease.
May 3, 2021
#25 Syphilis Will Make You Crazy! Pirate Style!
Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to the story of Captain Jack Sparrow? Well it turns out the answer is yes, and no. This week we take to the high seas on a peg legged adventure to find out the real story! Climb aboard and find out how pirates came to exist in the Caribbean sea, and all kinds of other pirate things you never knew you needed to know!
April 26, 2021
#24 Mental Health with Ben Edwards
On this week’s episode we talk to Ben Edwards. He’s an advocate for mental health awareness in the UK, as well as a counselor, and host of a mental health podcast called “A Positive Step”. Listen to follow along as he takes us through the modern mental health landscape in the developed world. 
April 19, 2021
#23 Enzo Ferrari pissed off the wrong man: Carrol Shelby
Who is Carroll Shelby? Funny you should ask, because this episode is all about the legend himself. From his extreme commitment to racing, to his international feud with Ferrari, we cover all the highlights of what made him such an automotive icon!
April 12, 2021
#22 The Size of California is Just too Damn Big!
On this week's episode, we have a special guest from a podcast called Contrarix. His name is Taylor, and he's an ambitious young conservative who also likes the idea of splitting up the huge states into much smaller states. So let's find out why. What happens if the states break up? Who wins, and who loses? Will splitting up help the economy, housing crisis, and massive income inequality? There may actually be hope after all of Gerry moving to California.
April 5, 2021
#21 Blue Pill or Red Pill? Inside the Devil's Triangle
This week on Beautiful Bastards we dive deep into the myths and science behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery. From flight 19 to the USS Cyclops, and from aliens to The Matrix, we look into some of the big cases, and some of the amazing theories. It's not all conspiracies and paranormal though because we also look at the science, and discoveries that just might tell us what's really happening out there in the middle of the Atlantic. Tune in to this weeks episode for a hell of a good time, and some after show updates just for you listeners!
March 29, 2021
#20 Hi Ben, I'm Dad with Ben Killoy.
This week‘s guest is Ben Killoy from the Military Veteran Dad Podcast. He knows a thing or two about being a good father, and we talk to him about what it takes to raise kids into functional adults. If being a good dad is something that matters to you, then you won’t want to miss this one. 
March 22, 2021
#19 The Trans-man Point of View with Tim Lipa
On this week's episode of Beautiful Bastards, We talk to Tim Lipa, a transgender man. We all see it in the news, but how much do we really understand about the situation? Instead of giving you political talking points like mainstream media does, we talk to someone who lives the life. 
March 15, 2021
#18 American Guns: We Got the Sheriff...Kyle Kaiser!
Guns are one of the first things that come to mind when someone wants to describe the United States. It's as ingrained in American culture as baseball, beer, and ballpark franks. It's also one of the most divisive topics in this country. So Gerry and Griz decided that since gun control is back in the news again, they better bring on a guest to talk about the whole situation! Unload that side arm, grab a cup of coffee, and listen up!
March 8, 2021
#17 Chernobyl: Ghouls and Gulag Glue
This week's episode is all about those wacky Russians again. This time it's not submarines, it's land based nuclear disaster. That's right! CHERNOBYL! We've all heard about it. A nuclear reactor had a meltdown in Russia causing death, destruction, global chaos, and Gerry's poorly built insides. But what really happened? How could everything go so horribly wrong? Well, check out the episode, and find out about the terrible engineering, and even worse management that lead to Chernobyl reactor number 4 exploding...twice!
March 1, 2021
#16 Big Trouble in Little Ireland
In this week's episode, we talk about a typically forgotten conflict called "The Troubles". It was a civil war in Ireland set from the 60s through the 90s, and who better to talk about it than a citizen who lived through it? Listen to find out what modern segregation and intolerance looks like through our guest Joe (Peppy) Thibodeau. He grew up in Ireland during the height of The Troubles, and he's on the show to tell us all about what it was like.
February 22, 2021
#15 Salem Witch Trials: 1692 just told 2020 to hold my beer.
On this weeks episode, we dive into the Salem witch trials. What exactly lead to the madness that consumed this small New England town for over a year? Well, it’s probably not what you thought it thought it was. Tune in to find out who, what, and how it all went bad.
February 15, 2021
#14 Modern energy:Frog Dicks and Typhoons
We all know climate change and fossil fuels are a problem, but what kind of energy solutions are coming to fix it? On this weeks episode, we talk all about what the future of energy production has in store for the people of Earth. From solar power technologies to wind power, and water turbines to nuclear reactors, we talk about whats been happening with future energy tech. What secret weapon do modern scientist plan to whip out just before the end game? Will we drive ourselves to extinction over corporate interests instead of global preservation? Check out the episode to find out. You might be surprised.
February 8, 2021
#13 Rohingya: A Modern Genocide
Have you ever heard of the Rohingya people? Neither had we until this weeks episode. As it turns out, in the country of Myanmar there’s a fight for survival going on right under our noses. Known as the most persecuted people in the world, The Rohingya people are a people without a country. Here at Beautiful Bastards we believe human rights violations should never go unseen, so we decided to put a spotlight on the issue on todays episode. Returning to help us do that is our favorite expert Christopher Blood. He actually lived in Myanmar for a few years when this situation was starting to reach its peak so we asked him to talk about why this is happening, and who’s responsible.
February 1, 2021
#12 Farming: Organic, Conventional, or Both?
Humans have been farming for almost as long as they've existed on earth, but why do we have a problem now after a million years of evolution? It all comes down to how we do business on farms in modern society. Like almost everything, World War 2 and the industrial age brought untold advancements to the world. Some good, and a lot bad. Farming was one of those things we changed. We needed to meet the needs of a growing population on the planet, so our scientists gave us the tools and chemicals to grow the crops we needed. Unfortunately, those tools and chemicals came with complications we never saw coming. Listen to this week's episode to learn about some of the major drawbacks of conventional farming, and how it compares to the new organic methods being adopted now. You just might be surprised by what you find out in this one. Check out the new webpage
January 25, 2021
#11 Fievel ain't got shit on me!
This week on beautiful bastards, we talk about mad scientist John B Calhoun.  Well maybe he's not mad, but this experiment was insane.  what would happen if we had unlimited resources, but no room to use them?  Well the results of this years long experiment might give us a clue. cannibalism, cuckolding, bad parenting and the thunderdome. then we drift off silently into extinction.
January 18, 2021
#10 Time travel and other stuff
Happy Monday you Beautiful Bastards! We hope your holidays and your new year went fantastic, and we have an easy episode for everyone to enjoy today. On today's episode, we talk about time travel... mostly. We get into time travel in movies, paradoxes, problematic teleportation morals, and whatever else we could fit in here. Enjoy!
January 11, 2021
#9 Snitches Get Stitches
Let's talk about whistelblowing you beautiful bastards! Today we go into the details on how people can rat out the U.S. Government for violating laws without going to jail themselves.....sometimes. As you'll find out, it doesn't always work out that way.  We cover famous whistleblowers, past and present. Big names like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Rebekah Jones, as well as people from long before any of us were around. We found out that safely blowing the whistle on the government seems like a mostly American and European phenomenon, and how we got to the point where that's true. Tune in now and learn how you too can be a tattle tale.
January 3, 2021
#8 Josh Posner on the Film Industry and Hollywood
On today's episode, we sit down with Josh Posner, a professional Hollywood screen writer. Together with Director George Gallo, Josh wrote the script for the upcoming movie "The Comeback Trail". It's a new movie due out in 2021 starring Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Zach Braff and plenty of other great actors. Listen now to hear all about how Josh made it to the level of a professional screen writer. Find out what it takes to make it in the film industry starting out, and in today's competitive environment. Are actors real people? Will Gerry ever move to California? Will Griz ever visit a movie theater again?... We have no idea, but Josh tells us all about everything you always wanted to know.
December 28, 2020
#7 Theodore Roosevelt The Bull Moose
On this week's episode we decided to take a little trip through history, because who doesn't love history class? The man is Theodore Roosevelt, and he has too much to his name to really cover in one episode, but we go over the big highlights. Possibly the first conservationist, Teddy Roosevelt did more for the American People Than almost any other person in history. From fighting corporate greed and corruption, to giving us the national parks we have today, he was more than just a series of political talking points of his time. We talk about Teddy the man in this one, not Teddy the historical figure, and a man he was. 
December 21, 2020
#6 Anti-vaxxers and Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine
In this episode, we go all in on debunking the "anti-vax" movement. We go from Autism to autoimmune disease, Costco to Keanu Reeves, and everything in between.  Moving on from there we dive into the new vaccines coming up to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. What's China and Russia getting up to? What do we have instead? Are we better off with our version of the vaccine? Find out all about these topics and more on this weeks episode of Beautiful Bastards! 
December 14, 2020
#5 The K-19 Disaster
In this atomic episode, Griz and Gerry go over the events leading up to, including, and following Russia's infamous K-19 nuclear submarine disaster. Originally destined to be Russia's response to American dominance at sea, everything went wrong when Russian submariners hit the open sea for the first time on their freshly completed boat. Tune in to find out what kind of face melting Russian shenanigans went on that led to the final voyage for a whole lot of this submarine crew. 
December 7, 2020
#4 The Election with Chris Blood
Chris Blood started out his political career in 2006 right out of college working on campaigns, and as a legislative aid in Massachusetts. Then after working overseas in Thailand and Myanmar for a number of years, he earned his masters degree in international economics with a focus on southeast Asia. He now works for a company that focuses on strategic advisory services for US companies investing overseas. So needless to say, Chris knows way more than we do and he's here to talk elections and politics. 
November 30, 2020
#3 Psychedelic Renaissance
In this psychedelic episode of Beautiful Bastards, Griz and Gerry talk about all things psychedelic. From the history of LSD, to the crazy stunts pulled by the CIA and everything in between. There are a lot of twists and turns in this episode so pay hold on for the ride. We learned a ton of crazy info this time around and you will too. We also upgraded our recording setup, so let us know what you think. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Are you lukewarm about it and didn't notice? No matter how you feel about it, this episode is going to be easier to absorb then a tab of acid at a Grateful Dead show!!
November 23, 2020
#2 Farts on Venus
Get ready for another episode of Beautiful Bastards Podcast. On this episode Griz teaches us all about farts on Venus, light speed space travel, and Russian ingenuity. So if you're like us and want to learn something new about the latest discoveries that hail from "where no man has gone before", ya, tune in to the latest episode, sit back, and buckle up as we jump into hyperspace. 
November 16, 2020
#1 Social Media and the Human Experiment
Hello to all you new listeners. This is our first episode of Beautiful Bastards Podcast with Griz and Gerry, and we hope you enjoy it. I know we sure did. We have a lot planned for the podcast coming up in the near future including technical upgrades, guest appearances, and crazy topics. In this episode we're discussing social media in all its technological glory! From the history of social media, to Mark Zuckerberg, to where its taking society in the future, and even a little bit of cancel culture, you don't want to miss this one.
November 13, 2020