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By Chandra Brown
Educating entrepreneurs in simple online systems and strategies to improve your business into a 6 figure success and start aiming for those dreams today.

Accredited Hair and Beauty Trainer | Business coach

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Are email list redundant in 2022?
In this podcast episode we are going to talk through email marketing and if this is really some thing we need? Here is 3 reasons why I believe that email marketing will not be going anywhere anytime soon.
February 07, 2022
Surround yourself with like minded people
Do you feel like you sabotage your self and your business at times? We’ll have you ever thought it could be the company you hold which has a negative affect on you! In this episode we will discuss this a litter further and how you can change this to improve your business.
January 31, 2022
Welcome to the BeautyBoo podcast
Hello, thank you all for joining me! I am so excited to be here and bring you all the tips and tricks to succeed within your industry. Keep an ear out for new podcasts every Monday and do not forget to reach out if I can help you to succeed.
January 24, 2022