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LifeTalk by BeaversDen - General Media

LifeTalk by BeaversDen - General Media

By Glenn R Beaver Jr.
Socioeconomics in an online digital advertising and marketing setting. Key talking points are mental health and basic ramblings of an entrepreneur in a failing system.
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Deviants or Variants, whatever.
Observing how we interact with each other as a whole during a political farce and pandemic.
July 25, 2021
Major depressive disorder in socioeconomics
Living with major depressive disorder while trying to maintain a place in this world. Understanding and coping with the “art of suffering”. LifeTalk by BeaversDen is currently between podcast hosts. Migration of the show is back and forth. May end up starting over. Bear with me.
April 12, 2021
A general overview of future topics: politics, music, philosophy, health, daily living and coping mechanisms. LifeTalk
February 21, 2019