Conversations with the Universe

Spiritual Awakening with Sarah Rose

An episode of Conversations with the Universe

By Becca Grabinski
Channeled conversations that are deep. Eye opening. Healing. Transformational.

A midwest girl on a mission to go down the rabbit hole and question everything with an open mind and an open heart.

Answers. Understanding. Resonance. On the deepest level. Interviews. Conversations. AND MORE!

Do you ever question...

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

Why is this happening to you?

You are awake. Or just started to wake up to the bigger picture. You FEEL it.

Waking up to WHO you are. The spiritual being that is experiencing life in a human body.


xo Becca

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More places to listen

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December 27, 2018
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We are all accidental psychics with Willow Bradner
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Everything you need is already within you.
You have questions and you search and search externally but somehow have forgotten the gift within of that 'gut' feeling. The one that says heck YES or absolutely NOT. Sometimes you feel it. Sometimes you honor it. Learn more about tapping in and living a more VIBRANT life! xo Becca Check out more at
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