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Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege
Rebekah Buege studied economics, philosophy, and marketing. Now she's got a bone to pick with the cultural systems benefiting from women's insecurity. This podcast unveils how capitalist culture creates insecurities and how to fight back - like a girl. The feminine approach to managing body image, ex boyfriends, and bosses is the same: self trust. In each episode, you’ll hear surprising facts, stories, and statistics validating why being confident feels so hard - and how to make it easy. Confidently She is an expert guide to stress-free femininity. Q's?
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Foundations: Having a Queen Mindset
The best way to develop a mindset of confidence is to emulate a figure who already has it. I couldn't think of a better way than to embody the energy of a Queen. Like, a legit Queen. It's not arrogant to see yourself as a Queen when you understand what that actually means. In this Foundations episode, I'm explaining why I chose this term and what it means when put into practice. Do you expect people to bow down to you in the street? Of course not...but I want you to be at a place where if it happened you wouldn't be uncomfortable or all that shocked. Seeing yourself as a Queen reminds you there's really no competition because you already got the crown, you just need to uphold it and enjoy it. Remember who you are, and listen to this episode.
May 2, 2021
Foundations: Qualities of Feminine Confidence
What's the difference between feminine confidence and masculine confidence? Isn't confidence just...confidence? No, it's not. Based on the context, you can respond from a place of masculine confidence or feminine confidence. In order to know how you want to respond, you have to understand the difference between these two things. Most of what we see in culture is masculine confidence traits, and of those traits - the ones we associate with confidence are unhealthy, boarder line toxic. Things like being forceful, controlling, doing "whatever it takes" to produce a certain outcome. That is predatory behavior, it's actually not confidence. Confidence is a grounded trust in yourself to handle situations as they change. It's actually not being in control (as much as we might think it is) listen for the full context of what confidence is and how masculine and feminine energies show up in a confident way.
April 2, 2021
Foundations: The Femininity Masterclass
Okay - here it is. I'm laying out my definition of femininity and what it looks like to be a confident, feminine woman. The easy way to act confident is to mimic what you see others doing. That's how we learn. But when you're in a male dominated industry or business function (or just around a lot of dudes) that tends to look like conforming to masculine confidence traits. That happened to me for years when I first started in corporate sales. I copied everything the most successful reps did (those happened to be men on my team) and it put me in my masculine energy. I had to actively seek out the women who were doing well and see what habits they employed and how I could create that in my approach. This works outside the business world, too. We often see "confident women" acting the exact same as men, which doesn't attract the masculine. So what do we do? Listen to the episode. I have the answer.
March 2, 2021
Foundations: Knowing Your Body Weight Equilibrium
Struggling to love your body? Obsessed with your weight? Blaming your coffee creamer for those extra 4 pounds? I've been there. Queens don't have time to stress about that. I've never been overweight, but those 3 numbers on the scale used to weigh heavily on my self worth and determine how worthy I felt one day to the next. Welcome to the Foundations series of Confidently She. These 5 episodes are designed to give you an inside scoop on my approach. Confidently She is the perspective you're missing to own your self worth, build solid self trust, and develop body confidence. So you can enjoy the incredible life you built for yourself, you talented BIH. This is only the beginning - the premium podcast & self coaching subscription gives you weekly, exclusive podcast episodes, coaching sessions, action steps, and tangible challenges to expand your enjoyment and feminine expression. Here's the thing, with all the voices telling you you're not enough (or too much) I'm here to point out the fact you have all the raw materials you need - and show you how to trust your intuition to turn them into a masterpiece life, unique to you.
February 2, 2021