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Becoming A Great Dad

Becoming A Great Dad

By Chris Boudy
Imagine for a second, you’ve just been the most important job of your life. Everything you do, say, and feel will have a profound affect on another person for the rest of their lives. That’s right...You're a dad! Becoming A Great Dad is a podcast dedicated to fathers who want to go from being good too great. Dads who need practical strategies for raising kids in today world and advice on real world problems and situations that fathers face every day. Strap in because your dad skills will sky rocket, your kids will love you, and you'll grow into the dad you’ve always wanted to be.
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Loving Your Kids Unconditionally No Matter What (And What To Do When The No Matter What Arrives)
In our opening episode of season 2, I dive into a very personal experience that I have had to maneuver in my fatherhood journey: how to love your kids unconditionally no matter what happens.  No matter their decisions, what they say, or how they treat you.  We'll break down one of the oldest stories about fatherhood and talk about what it looks like to really love someone with no conditions.
October 18, 2021
Parental Burnout: How It Affects Us & Ways To Combat It
Parental burnout is exhaustion syndrome, characterized by feeling overwhelmed, physical and emotional exhaustion, emotional distancing from one's children, and a sense of being an ineffective parent.  According to a study from the University of Louvain in Belgium, it affects two thirds of them are women and one third are men.  In this episode, we talk about burnout and how it can affects us as parents and more importantly, ways to combat it so we can stay fresh and energized to give our kids the best parent we can be.
June 13, 2021
Improving Your Leadership Skills As A Dad
In episode 15, we talk about how to improve your leadership skills as a dad!  We talk about deciding what kind of leader you want to be, how to repair your leadership with your kids and family if it has soured, and the seven leadership styles that can make your parenting flexible and adaptable.
April 29, 2021
How To Foster Cohesion In A Blended Family
In episode 14th we talk about how to foster cohesion in a blended family or how to create "stickiness" as I like to call it.  We break down the challenges that most blended families face, define what cohesion means to our family, and learn a valuable skill: how to make people in a family bond in an organic way.  These skills are not just for blended families but for any type of family that carves a close bond with one another.
March 29, 2021
How To Establish A Culture Of Continuous Learning In Your Household
In episode 13, we explore ways that dads can create a culture of continuous learning in their household.  Learn how dads can use tactics like fun, expectation setting, and motivators to teach their kids valuable life skills and also promote learning about any topic through the year.  Bonus link, my financial literacy class that I talk about at the end of the podcast.
February 19, 2021
Co-Parenting When It's Messy
Co-parenting can be hard in itself.  But what happens when you have to co-parent through divorce or a breakup?  In episode 12, we'll explore how to effectively co-parent with someone when the relationship has gone sour.  And we'll cover some in depth strategies that you can use to help you navigate through the murky waters.
January 30, 2021
How To Be A Visionary Father: Vision Planning For Your Kids Lives
Welcome back!  The podcast is back for 2021 with a brand new episode about setting the vision for your family and your children.  In this episode, we'll talk about what vision really is, talking about why it's so important, and then discuss how you can help cultivate vision planning in your kids lives.  We also have two special announcements that you'll want to tune in for as well!
January 10, 2021
Helping Your Children Navigate Through Life’s Disappointments
In episode 10, we'll use the story of my oldest daughter car buying experience to talk about how you can help your children navigate through disappointing times in their lives.  From this story, I’m going to show you the following things (1) how the role of a father, even as your kids get older is extremely important, (2) how every moment can be a teaching opportunity (3) when lives throws curveballs and real disappointment, how you can help your kids navigate through trying times.  
November 19, 2020
How To Establish Rich Family Traditions
In episode 9, we talk about how to establish rich family traditions. The podcast is actually recorded on one of our annual family traditions: The Boudy Boys Camping Trip.  Every year I take my sons camping to connect, bond, and treat them life skills.  In this podcast, we break down what a tradition is, talking about why they are so important to families, and also how to create your own.  I will also let you know 3 types of traditions that every family should have.  And has a bonus, we'll travel back in time to Halloween 1992 so you can experience one of my families traditions.
October 28, 2020
The Importance of Family Meetings
In this episode, we'll talk about one of my favorite topics: family meetings.  We'll cover why have family meetings in the first place, along with how to structure a family meetings, with some Do's and Dont's.  Then I'll bring you into our family meeting so you can hear what is sounds like for us.
October 09, 2020
Understanding Your Child's Love Language
In this episode, we'll talk about understanding the 5 love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Gifts, and Quality Time and how it relates to your kids.  If you have multiple kids, we'll talk about some tips so that each one has their special "dad time" and you can also take the 5 love language quiz at
September 18, 2020
Protecting Our Kids From Racial Injustice
 In episode 6, we talk about how to protect our kids against racial injustice.  We'll talk about two big elements: (1) how we can prepare them to fight injustice and (2) talk about how to help your kids manage their emotions.
September 04, 2020
How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days
Episode 5 is a bonus show for parents who want to know the ins and outs of potty training.  We recently potty trained our 2 year old daughter and got a lot of questions on how we did it. In this episode, we'll cover how to know if your child is ready to be potty trained, ways you can prep them and what kind of learner they might be.  We'll give you insights to the gauntlet that we like to call "Potty Week" with nine great pieces of advice on how to be successful and end with some bonus material on becoming a potty guru.  Get ready to take a ride on the potty train!
August 21, 2020
Becoming A Great Dad Trailer
The trailer for the podcast: Becoming A Great Dad
August 20, 2020
Setting Your Kids Up For Success With Virtual Learning
With kids going back to school around they country, I thought it would be a good idea to pivot from our normal conversation and talking about things surrounding COVID, working from home, and virtual learning.  In episode 4, we'll give you 7 tips on how to setup your kids for success with virtual learning. 
August 19, 2020
How to Build the Culture Of Your Family
In episode 3, we'll talk about family culture.  Specifically, how you as a dad can be intentional about creating a positive family environment for your kids to flourish in.  We'll define what "family culture" really is, talk about how it can be created by design (or by default), and then work our way to the 3 pillars that you need for a strong culture.
August 03, 2020
Healing From Your Childhood To Be A Better Dad
Before we start our journey on the road to becoming a great dad, we have to first look within ourselves to heal some of the issues that our own fathers might have given us.  If you had a absent dad, a distant dad, or a father who struggled with his own issues, you'll learn how steps to help you identify your hurt, a process to start to heal, and how you can measure your healing.
July 05, 2020
5 Skills Every Great Dad Needs
In our first episode, I'll talk about why I wanted to start this podcast in the first place, who this is for, and what you'll get out of it.  We'll uncover the importance of becoming a great dad and talk about the five skills that every father should have in their dad toolbox.
June 20, 2020