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Becoming an Antiracist- The Podcast

Becoming an Antiracist- The Podcast

By Becoming an Antiracist
Supporting you on your journey to becoming an antiracist. This podcast offers a space to listen, reflect, engage and learn.

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Episode 9: Britain, Race and the Importance of History.... In Conversation with Kehinde Andrews

Becoming an Antiracist- The Podcast

Episode 9: Britain, Race and the Importance of History.... In Conversation with Kehinde Andrews
In this episode i'm joined by Professor Kehinde Andrews. Professor Andrews is the UK's first Professor of Black Studies, at Birmingham City University, where he led the establishment of the first Black Studies programme in Europe, the Chair of the Harambee Organisation of Black Unity, and editor in chief of Make It Plain. He is the author of Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century. You can follow Kehinde on social media:  Twitter: @kehinde_andrews
April 1, 2021
Episode 8: Self- Care and Anti-racism work... In conversation with Myira Khan
In this episode i'm joined by Myira Khan, Accredited Counsellor, Coach and Supervisor. Myira delivers workshops and presentations internationally through her wellbeing coaching organisation Grow To Glow. This conversation highlights not only the importance of self- care in anti-racism work, but the complexity of self-care in practice.  Myira has kindly shared a reading list for those interested in exploring some of these ideas further:  Reading List  Whiteness and White Privilege in Psychotherapy by Andrea L. Dottolo & Ellyn Kaschak  Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad  White Privilege by Kalwant Bhopal  The Dynamics of Power in Counselling and Psychotherapy by Gillian Proctor  The Challenge of Racism on Therapeutic Practice by Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga  Biased by Jennifer L. Eberhardt  Sway (Unravelling Unconscious bias) by Pragya Agarwal  Transcultural Counselling by Zack Eleftheriadou  Difference and Diversity in Counselling by Sue Wheeler  Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process by Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga  Race, Culture and Counselling by Colin Lago  Racial Identity, White Counsellors and Therapists by Gill Tuckwell
February 9, 2021
Episode 7: De-colonizing the Curriculum.... In conversation with Pran Patel
In this episode i'm joined by Pran Patel, to discuss and de-mystify the 'de-colonizing the curriculum' movement.  Pran makes reference to lots of incredible scholars. For details on the references he makes as well as additional resources for further insight into the topic, please visit Pran's website: 
February 7, 2021
Episode 6: Unpacking racism in Early Years.... In conversation with Jamel Carly Campbell and Liz Pemberton
In this episode we have Early Years specialists Jamel Carly Campbell and Liz Pemberton joining us to discuss systemic racism in Early Years and what needs to happen to help us move forward.  You can follow Jamel and Liz on Twitter:  Liz: @lizpemtbnm Jamel: @JamelCarly
December 12, 2020
Episode 5: The 'N' word, curriculum & why Black Lives Still Matter... In conversation with Karl C. Pupé
In this episode i'm joined by Karl C. Pupé to discuss a debate that has emerged between educators on social media... whether or not teachers should be able to say the 'N' word out loud, if it is mentioned in the literature being explored (e.g. Of Mice and Men). This conversation is about the importance of understanding the racial trauma experienced in the school space and in particular, through the teacher/student dynamic.  You can follow Karl on Twitter : @actionheroteach 
November 28, 2020
Episode 4: Discussion.... How have schools failed Black girls?
In this episode we centre the voices of Black women and girls in the education system.... voices that are too often silenced. The stories shared by the young women in this episode highlight the lived reality of racism in the school system.  This was a live Zoom webinar, the video for which can be found on our 'Decolonising Education' YouTube Channel:
November 27, 2020
Episode 3: What is BME/BAME anyway?.... In conversation with Dr Javeria Shah
In this episode I'm joined by Dr Javeria Shah, a scholarly activist, academic at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, and founder of the Social Performance Network project which is a de-socialising activism project. In this episode we discuss the ever- changing language used to define/categorise racialised communities. Over the last decade the terms BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) have been used in the UK legislative and political context. In this episode Dr Shah and I critique the use restrictive and homogenising terms that fail to reflect lived realities and embodied identities.  You can follow Dr Shah on Twitter: @JS_Diaspora And the Social Performance Network: @SocialPerforma2
November 24, 2020
Episode 2: Discussion... How have schools failed Black boys?
In this episode we discuss systemic racism within the British education system and the long-term impact of racism on the lived experiences of young Black men.  This was a live Zoom webinar, the video for which can be found on our 'Decolonising Education' YouTube Channel:
October 22, 2020
Episode 1: How do we BECOME Antiracist?... In conversation with Bilal Harry Khan
In this episode, I am joined by Bilal Harry Khan to discuss what it means to engage meaningfully in antiracist practice.  Bilal is a Diversity and Inclusion facilitator, award winning podcaster and plantain advocate from NW London. Having worked across the world facilitating sessions with a wide range of staff in industries from education to charity to tech to law he believes in creating the space for uncomfortable conversations to drive meaningful change.  You can follow Bilal on Twitter: @TweetsByBilal
October 19, 2020
"The opposite of racist is not, not-racist.... it is antiracist"- Ibram X. Kendi
October 19, 2020