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By Statehood Media
Beerlandia is a podcast from 1859 Oregon's Magazine. We believe there’s a story behind every brewery, every brewer and every Oregon beer that finds its way into your glass. We're on a mission to find those stories and bring them to you.

Beerlandia is a Statehood Media Production.
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In The Land of Yeast Ranchers with Wyeast Labs
Deep in the shadows of Mount Hood, along the shore of the Columbia, you’ll find the small town of Hood River. Despite its size, it’s well known the world over for windsurfing, fruit orchards, wine, and especially beer. But when brewers, wine and cider makers outside of Oregon hear the name Hood River, they think of yeast. Let me introduce you to Wyeast Labs.
March 5, 2020
Mega Malts with Mecca Grade Estate Malts
Better beer comes from farms, not factories, but how much do we really know about the farmers that grow better ingredients for our brews? When’s the last time you sat at a farm with a homegrown beer in your hand and connected it to a place? In this episode, we head to Mecca Grade Estate Malt to taste the new flavor of Oregon straight from the farm in Madras with craft malt grower, Seth Klann.
January 2, 2020
Blending an Experience with Cascade Brewing
Once upon a time, North West IPAs gained momentum and took over as the dominant beer style. Meanwhile, one brewery took a sharp turn away from the mainstream. In doing so, it created its own style of very special beer, the Pacific North West Sour.  In the fourth episode of 1859 Magazine's Beerlandia Podcast, from Statehood Media, we share the illustrious story of Cascade Brewing.  
December 2, 2019
Larry Sidor, The Wizard of the NW Beer Industry
In this episode, we chat with Larry Sidor, of Crux Fermentation Project, also known as the Godfather of the Northwest Beer Industry and the brewer who twice won the Best Beer in the World at the World Beer Awards in London. 
September 10, 2019
On The Farm With Wolves & People
Farmhouse beers are some of the most interesting beers in the world. But you don't have to travel to Belgium or France to find one.  Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery in Newberg serves up great beer and interesting stories.  
August 27, 2019
Welcome To Tiger Town
A small brewery in the very small western town of Mitchell, OR serves up craft beer hot wings and the unexpected to tourists from all over the world.  Welcome to Tiger Town.
August 14, 2019