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Beers and Steers

Beers and Steers

By Stuart McLaughlin
Two diehard Texas Longhorn fans give their weekly bantering opinions about the Horns football team and the total realm of College Football
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It's been real 2020. We recap everything that has happened in the world of Texas Football starting with the win of Colorado then getting into the firing of Thomas Herman as well as the hiring of Steve the Sarkisian. There is even some basketball talk at the end! Thank you to everyone that listens, we really do love it. Everyone enjoy your offseason!
January 7, 2021
Week 12 - 2020 Season : Kansas State
Well we suck again. The more things change the more they stay the same. As our favorite basketball announcer would say, "It's all one song". Texas falls to Iowa State and so does its B12 Title hopes. We talk about what we hated and what we really hated from the game. We also talk about Kansas State as well as the potential coaching candidates. I'll let you guess who that is
December 3, 2020
Week 11 - 2020 Season : Iowa Steak
Ok its Thanksgiving and I have had too much food. I feel gross. But the Horns play this week actually so lets get into it! The dudes breakdown the WVA game from last spring as well get into what to look for against Iowa State. We end with The Eyes of Texas are Upon U(rban) talk as well as what we are thankful for you. You, the listener, is what we are thankful for
November 27, 2020
Week 8 - 2020 Season : West Va
Weird things happen in Stillwater on Halloween and weird they were. Sam pulled another rabbit out for a scary trick as the Horns survive for another week. We get into the game against the Pokes as well as look ahead to the Blue Ridge Mountaineers this weekend. Buy a shirt!
November 6, 2020
Week 7 - 2020 Season : okie lite
Bear szn is over as we dive into the Horns beating down the Brazos Baptists. Cornfields and nothingness awaits Texas in Stillwater as they take on the #6 ranked Pokes. How do we feel about it? Not great Bob!
October 31, 2020
Week 6 - 2020 Season : Baylor
The Cotton Bowl is finally over and we get into what we liked and what we hated. Add in a side of coaching changes and Texas Football is back!
October 23, 2020
Week 4 - 2020 Season : o.u.
It's getting chilly...metaphorically that is. The Horns tried to pull one out against TCU but came up short. We get into what went wrong and what to expect this week against the Land Thieves from Oklahoma. School be out tomorrow if that cold front moves in....
October 8, 2020
Week 3 - 2020 Season : TCU
We were panhandlin and manhandlin in Lubbock but the Horns made it out alive! This week we get into what we disliked and what we hated against the game against Tech. We also dive into what to watch for against tcu. Call your yardmen and get your hats and your shirts back cause we ain't losing to a mock turtle neck!
October 2, 2020
Week 2 - 2020 Season : Texas Technical University *WARNING-BAD AUDIO*
THIS IS YOUR WARNING THAT WE KNOW THERE IS A BAD STATIC FOR THIS EPISODE. IT IS ALL STUART"S FAULT We survived and are 'Rona free after heading to DKR! We get into what we liked and did not like against UTEP as well as preview the Red Raider rashes. Big thank you to our sponsors! Go check out the Cookshack in Fort Worth, Freddy's in the Hill Country and Ole Miss University for subpar football scores!
September 25, 2020
Week 1 - 2020 Season : UTEP Miners
So back! The 'rones can't keep us away from recording because we love you guys. We get into what happened this offseason and predictions for the crazy year that is 2020. Leave us a voicemail! 802-487-6107
September 11, 2020
Week 15 - 2019 Season : Post-Tech and Coaching Changes
The dudes are back from wrecking Tech as we look into how well the game actually did or did not go. Coaching changes are in and Todd Orlando is out. Is Texas about to go full Air Raid? We answer this and more #TakeMeToOrlando #NotToddOrlando
December 6, 2019
Week 14 - 2019 Season : Texas Tech
B&S is back from the bs against Baylor. Why is our offense non-existent now? Who is going to get fired? What is John's favorite Thanksgiving food? All of these questions and more are answered. We also get into the Texas Tech Red Raiders and what to expect from them. And let us be the first to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! #BeatTech
November 27, 2019
Week 13 - 2019 Season : Baylor
We did not right the ship this week in Ames but we keep on sailing up the Brazos to the Baptists of Baylor. The guys get into our horrible offensive performance against the Cyclones. What were the offensive minds not seeing? Also, a preview for this upcoming weekend. There are only 2 things that Baptists don't recognize. . . #BeatBaylor
November 21, 2019
Week 12 - 2019 Season : Iowa State
B&S is back from the beatdown now in Austin against the purple wildcats. Now the Horns are heading up North to face off against the Iowa Steak Cyclones. We get deep into what went right against K-State and what to expect going forward. We also are joined by 2 of our good friends to give their opinion on how the season has gone so far. Follow us on insta #beatIowaState
November 14, 2019
Week 11 - 2019 Season : Kansas State
The return from the Fort was painful but the boys are healthy and ready to maul the Wildcats. Breaking down the debacle at purple baylor and then we get into the overall problems we have seen the past few games before previewing K-State. Only 4 games left, savor it #BeatKState
November 8, 2019
Week 9 - 2019 Season : tcu
Horns beat the Hatter...barely. A bad ugly win thanks to Dicker the Kicker but its still a win. B&S tells you why our offense is good and why our defense is worse than bad. Can we fix it? We also give a call to everyone's favorite Longhorn from Fort Worth! #beatTCU
October 25, 2019
Week 8 -2019 Season : Kansas
Corn dogs were eaten but as Jameis Winston would say, a 'W' was not. B&S breaks down the breakdown defense and offense from the Shootout. We also introduce a new segment featuring everyone's favorite West Campus legend. Kansas preview and games of the week as well! #beatKU #MadhatterinAustin 
October 17, 2019
Week 7 - 2019 Season : o.u.
Momma mountain takes us home from West Va with a big road win. We get into the Horns first true road game of the season and where things went right. As Hate Week hits, the opposing team for the Red River Shootout is broken down to see where Texas can possibly take advantage in this game. We give our predictions as well as our favorite memories from the Cotton Bowl Classic. The Cold Front Has Arrived, Hate Week Is Among Us #beatOU 
October 10, 2019
Week 6- 2019 Season : West Va
The long bye week is over, bring me home momma. Horns are traveling East this weekend as they take on the Mountaineers of moonshine country in West Va. We scout our opponent as well as get into what we saw against the big win over Oklahoma State. Keep the voicemails coming! Forecast is getting a little chilly in Dallas. . . #BeatWestVa 
October 2, 2019
Week 4 - 2019 Season : Okie Lite
B&S is back after an H-town kinda weekend where the Horns took care of the Rice mob. We sift through the game as a whole as well as look ahead to the start of B12 play with the Pokes in town. Also included in this weeks epi is an early breakdown of how the B12 looks after the Non-Conference games. Shoutout to the real ones who came to Beavers! Gimme that mullet #BeatOkState
September 18, 2019
Week 3 - 2019 Season : Rice
The pain hurts but pain makes it real. Beers and Steers jumps right back where we left off after the disappointing loss to LSU. We get into why the offense did good and the defense did bad. Check out the middle of the episode where we announce who won the T-shirt contest! See y'all down in Houston this week #beatRice
September 12, 2019
Week 2 - 2019 Season : LSeuaux
After 3 years we are finally 1-0! We get into everything we saw from both sides of the ball against La Tech as well as our thoughts on the overall gameday experience. The biggest game in 20 years at DKR is this weekend as the University of LSU comes to Austin for the College Gameday matchup. We break down the Tiger's gameplay as we get our minds right this weekend. There is also a nice surprise for all our devoted listeners. Save your corny dogs for the State Fair #beatLSU
September 6, 2019
Week 1 - 2019 Season: La Tech
Football is bacc! Come celebrate the best weekend of the year by plugging in for the first epi of the season. We break down what happened in the offseason while going through each position group. Predictions for the Big 12 and Playoff come in at the end just so you can laugh at us when we are so wrong at the end of the season. We also get into a couple voicemails from a few familiar fans. Only one thing on the mind this week: 1-0 #LaTech
August 29, 2019
Sugar Bowl and 2018 Season Recap
B&S survived the hurricane down in the Big Easy and came out with a big bowl win! We dive into how Texas beat the hell out of Georgia as well as our thoughts on the season as a whole. Thank you again for another great year to our loyal fans!
January 4, 2019
Bowl Season - 2018 Season
The whole team is back from the B12 championship and we still hate OU. We get into the game from Jerryworld as well as look ahead to the Bowl of Sugar down in the dirty swamp. Send pics of you in your B & S gear down in NOLA!
December 13, 2018
Week 14 - 2018 Season : OU Part 2-B12 Championship Edition
The Horns survived the depths of Lawrence, Kansas! We dive beak first into what happened on a weird Friday game before breaking down our opponent for the B12 Championship in the Oklahoma Land Thieves! Listen to hear our keys for the game and predictions #beatOUagain
November 29, 2018
Week 13- 2018 Season : Kansas
The Corn people are headed home with a big L as B & S is riding high again! We get into the weeds of the physical game from the Horns accompanied with some great voicemails. Only one thing left to do.... #BeatKansas
November 21, 2018
Week 12 - 2018 Season : Iowa State
B&S is back from the land of the Tortilla Throwing Crazies with another win and another episode! We breakdown the Battle of the Plains and look into our opponent this week from the land of corn. Make sure to follow us and Wild Acre Brewing on Instagram!
November 14, 2018
Week 11 - 2018 Season : Texas Tech
We are still alive even after the heartbreaker to the 'neers. The Horns are heading West to play the sand aggies this weekend in Lubbock so get ready for the game listening to the newest episode! Also go check out our friends at Wild Acre Brewing!
November 8, 2018
Week 10 - 2018 Season : West Va
The playoff is out of the picture but the B12 championship still looms! We get into the terrible game against the Mullet and what went wrong on defense this week. We also have our WVA preview and the big games for this week! Please follow on Instagram and Twitter dont forget to check out Wild Acre Brewing as well! #burningcouchesisntcool
November 1, 2018
Week 9 - 2018 Season : Oklahoma State
The long wait is over, the bye week is #done. Bring on Okie Lite and Mullet Gundy! We get into the bye week storylines and preview the Cowboys for this weekend. New shirts available as well!
October 25, 2018
Week 7 - 2018 Season : Baylor
Beers and Steers is back from a hate fueled and corny dog full weekend of getting Mike Stoops fired. We get right into the historical Red River Shootout from all angles with some help from the voicemails, as we look ahead to the rest of the season and the Baylor Bears this Saturday! Make sure you follow us on insta @beers_and_steers! #ArtBrilesKnew
October 11, 2018
Week 6 - 2018 Season : o.u.
Texas is home from the Little Apple and has lifted the curse of the Purple Wizard! We run it ba__ on what went wrong this Saturday and scout out the land thieves from oklahoma. Voicemails and hot taeks as always, plus some instructions for this weekend! #beatOU
October 3, 2018
Week 5 - 2018 Season : Kansas State
Texas is ba__ but dont actually say it even though we just forced ole Fat Gary to give up. We run through the ups and downs of the TCU game as well as look ahead to the Wizard of Manhattan, Kansas. Voicemails are always included and keep on buying shirts if you haven't already!
September 26, 2018
Week 4 - 2018 Season : TCU
John and Stu are ____ from the USC game as they breakdown what went right this week and look ahead to the Purple Baylor Horned Frogs from Funkytown. They also dive face first into some great listener voicemails!
September 21, 2018
Week 3 - 2018 Season : USC
Beers and Steers is back for another rant filled week after the uninspiring win against Tulsa. We go into what went wrong and injury updates for this weekend against USC #breaktheTrojans #beatUSC
September 14, 2018
Week 2 - 2018 Season : Tulsa
We are back and have yet to recover from 3 days in the Swamp of Trump. We break down what went wrong on Saturday and our outlook for the rest of the season #beatTulsa
September 7, 2018
Week 1 - 2018 Season : Maryland
Texas is bacc,, and so is Beers and Steers! We jump right into the offseason on the 40 Acres while getting into fall camp reports and our predictions for this season. #beatMaryland #DrainTheSwamp
August 30, 2018